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Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
  • Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
  • Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
  • Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
  • Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
  • Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
3.5 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
8 hour battery life
Night Vision
Remote Pan/Tilt
Play Video

The latest addition to our technological family: the innovative CARE ‘N’ SHARE Video Monitor. With enhanced, user-friendly features, it is now easier than ever to keep a close eye on your little one from afar. Purchase CARE ‘N’ SHARE to experience firsthand the countless benefits built into Lorex Baby’s ground-breaking surveillance system. This unit is fully equipped with Two-Way Talk, Sleep & Soothe Sounds, and Crystal Clear Night Vision to help you look after your darling newborn from a distance as he or she sleeps soundly - and securely - in the nursery. What’s more, our state-of-the-art SNAP ‘N’ SHARE technology enables parents to digitally photograph their bundles of joy at any precious moment, night or day.

Model no.: BB3525

Pan tilt baby camera with monitor


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68 Reviews & Ratings
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Wendy Moody "wendyrashelle"

Location: Arlington, TX USA
Date : October 30, 2011

Worth the Money!

For the first year we used the Sony Baby Call Baby Monitor - 900MHZ which worked well but decided to upgrade to a video monitor when we learned we were having our second baby. We've been using this Lorex video monitor for a couple of months now and we love it. It leaves nothing to the imagination. You know exactly how your child is sleeping. The video is very crisp in daytime and the night view is impressively detailed considering its subtle non-intrusive red lights. We use a cool mist humidifier as noise maker in our daughters room and it does not cause noticeable interference. The set up was pretty simple and everything connected without any hassles. We haven't tried connecting to the monitor via the internet yet. Overall I love this product after buying it the very first day it became available. I am planning on buying more cameras to take advantage of the 4 channel availability.

UPDATE: Jan 2013

We have been using this for over a year now and we still love it. The battery is sufficient to carry around during the day and leave on the charger by our bed at night. We don't use the talk back feature hardly at all but it works well. The signal is strong enough to go outside and do yard work without any problem.

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Location: NY
Date : November 9, 2011

So much more than a "baby" monitor!!!

I don't even have a baby -- what I do have is a teen and a tween. I also have a finished basement where my kids hang out and I like to monitor what goes on down there. I can clearly hear and view from 3 floors up! The clarity is superb, the features are great. As the description states, you can hook this up to skype so you can even see what's going on if you are not even home. So when my teen is babysitting, I can see what's going on from my iphone via skype! How cool is that?! There is also a "talk" button so if you choose, you can use it as an intercom system. I have been playing around with it and so far, I'm super impressed with what this can do. If you have any place in your home you want to monitor, this is the item. This is not just a "baby monitor", it's an in-home surveillance system and can even give you peace of mind when you aren't home. I would think this would be a great item to keep an eye on a puppy as well. Highly recommend. It is expensive but the quality and features make it worth the price.

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Lauae Cox "lulu"

Location: Houston, Texas
Date : November 29, 2011

Best for the price

Highly reccomend this monitor for toddlers! We have been using it a week now, and can talk to the kids from down in our room. It also just beeps when they make noise, so we can check the monitor at night. For the price, it's the best monitor we've used yet. The kids love talking to us through it, and if we ever figure it out, we can even have family skype with the device to talk with the kids, lol.

Really wish that you could adjust the camera right or left. It's static placement is the only issue I really wish was different. For the price, though, it's not a huge deal.

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Sarah Lizzy "onedizzylizzy"

Date : December 21, 2011

Fantastic Baby Monitor, Especially For More Than One Kid!

I am SO glad that we decided on this monitor after some back and forth between a similar Motorola model. It was super-simple to set-up, comes with software to setup Skype for remote viewing, and is high quality audio and video. The ability to connect up to 4 cameras is extremely helpful if you are monitoring more than one child in more than one room. The lullabyes included are soothing and easy to start or stop. You can also press a button to talk to your child and reassure them without going right in, which is a helpful feature with a toddler. Finally, you can also set it up to record video. It really has all the features we could possibly want

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date : December 27, 2011

Excellent Baby Monitor!

We bought this camera bc we are expecting baby #2 and the video monitor we currently have is horrible. When I saw this on amazon with the option of having 4 cameras hooked up and it was ON SALE, my husband and I jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. We installed it with ease (have yet to use it with skype) and love the clearness the screen offers and how great this monitor is. We are purchasing another camera this week and once baby #2 arrives we will write another review on how well the monitor works with two cameras hooked up to it.

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A. Hudson "bisou bisou"

Location: GSO
Date : January 3, 2012

I bought this after reading all the glowing reviews and also was looking for a great monitor for my daughter. The first one I received came with two rather larger scratches on the front screen, but Amazon, as usual with their fast replacement service, sent another one right out. The replacement unit was perfect!

I previously owned a mediocre Motorola monitor. I did not think I needed much. After all, my daughter and I cohabitate in the same room. She is 14 months now and my house is not too big. The Motorola though would not hold a charge and the picture was so grainy. After a few weeks, the battery on the Motorola completely stopped charging. I just needed something to see and hear her after I put her down and I was up in the living room or doing housework. I had my eye on this and when the price dropped, I picked it up.

I consider myself a picky person, I own a lot of gadgets but this device is impressive! I have a lot of wifi devices in my home along with Bluetooth and I do not have any inference with the monitor and camera. Setting it up was so simple. I like that you can charge the handheld simply by plugging it in at the back or there is a cradle you can lay it in and the cradle charges it (of course the cradle has to be plugged in but is so much easier). The first night I used it I was able to see my daughter was stirring in her crib and was able to go in and calm her down before she woke up screaming. I like that I can see her so well on the monitor. It is in color and whether it is day or night, the picture is excellent! The fact that it comes with a micro card, 16, really impressed me as well. The monitor also has a kickstand in the back which I use a lot to place on a table or counter to watch my daughter. The sound is great too. I can hear her and again, no interference.

I liked it so much I purchased the additional camera Lorex LW2401AC1 Add-on Wireless Color Camera for Lorex LW241 & LW2401 . You can have up to 4 cameras on the handheld. With the additional camera I am able to watch my house and neighbors. I also move it, they are easy to move around, and you just need an outlet for the camera. I like that I can hit the record button if needed and capture footage.

Another feature that sold me was the Skype feature. I will admit I do not like Skype. I used it years ago and it was a resource hog and also poor customer service. When I bought this camera I wanted one compatible with Apple devices but then remembered I can install Skype on my iPod touches. What you will need to do is set up your own account, and then set up an account for the camera. Install the software and plug in the device through the USB port to set it up, and you are all set! I LOVE that I can check in on my cameras through the Skype application on my Touches. I can also log into the PC to check. Just make sure you name the camera something like and then add yourself as a friend. It is very simple.

If there is a con to this device, I have yet to find one. I am so impressed by how much it can do. Also, something I read that was helpful, if the temperature seems a bit off, just pull the `thingy' in the back of the camera out/back a little. It might be too close to the unit where it is reading the heat from the camera and not the room. Since doing so, mine is very accurate.

I love this monitor/camera system. I finally found all the features I wanted and it did not cost too much. But then again, you can't put a price on protecting your family or your home.

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A. Hudson "bisou bisou"

Location: GSO
Date : January 20, 2012

I bought the Lorex LW241 LIVE sense Wireless Video Home Monitor as a baby monitor and love it! My mother was so impressed with it when she stopped by. I wanted to add a camera, so added it to my wish list. My mother bought it when it dropped price wise under a hundred.

Pairing additional cameras to the main unit is so simple! I love the whole device and hope to add the two more cameras in the future. Right now I have two. I like that with the click of one button on the side, I can view both cameras separately that fill the whole screen, or have both camera on the screen. I am now a Lorex fan and love their stuff. I highly recommend buying additional cameras if you own the main unit.

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need this

Date : February 2, 2012

Great Baby Monitor!

It arrived on time and as expected. I was going to purchase the Infant Optics because it was the cheapest price I found online with excellent reviews. However, it didn't have the Skype capabilities. This baby monitor does for just $50 more (sale price). I decided to get this instead. It`s awesome because now my baby`s great grandmother and other relatives from outside the country can view him. It came with a 1GB microSD, how I wish it`s bigger than that... like maybe 4 or 8 at least so I don`t have to get another one.


1. Portability. Very light. Awesome flat screen monitor

2. Ability to control the music from the monitor

3. SKYPE feature! Just connect the monitor through the included USB cable to a computer, login on Skype on the same computer where the monitor is connected to. Setup the Skype to auto authorize the viewing of the video when people request it to, oh and change the video settings on Skype options to use this video and NOT the computers video camera...Voila! People can now see your baby as well!!

4. 2-way talk: Ability to talk to my baby through the monitor.

5. Alarm settings when it hears unusual sounds (like when the baby cries) or when the temperature is too low or high. You can adjust the Sensitivity settings on the video.

6. Ability to record videos just by clicking a button on the monitor.

7. The video stays on for as long as you do not turn it off. It sounds silly but I heard some monitors auto shuts off the viewing on the monitor if it does not hear any sounds. Well, that defeats the purpose of having a baby monitor. I want to view my baby at all times!!

8. Excellent night vision: In the evening, I turn off all the lights in the bedroom so my baby can sleep better. Even when the lights are off, I can still see my baby very clear!!

ONE MAJOR PROBLEM (not with the product). When I was recycling boxes, I threw away the box for this product. It later occurred to me that I put the USB cable back in the box. Needless to say, I need another USB cable so I can do Skype with it again. Please help. Where can I buy the USB cable for this? Or what kind of USB does it use so I can just order a generic one.

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S. Spore

Date : February 7, 2012

Love This Product!

I have tried 3 different Lorex video monitors. The LW 2002, the Live Snap LW2003 and this LW 241 Live sense. The pros and cons of the Live Sense are this:

It works great if you use white noise so does the LW 2002 but not the Live Snap! You can put the monitor to sleep you so don't listen to white noise all night and it will alert you when the baby cry's you can also do this with the LW 2002 but you CANNOT with the Live Snap. It has great video quality and sound same as the LW 2002 but not the Live Snap. The monitor is large and bright and user-friendly much better than the other two. You can speak to the baby and play lullaby's (I sometimes use this feature. The range is phenomenal!!! Our home is over 3,000 sq ft. we never lose signal even if I walk out the check the mail (we live on over an acre) I still do not lose signal (the other 2 not even close!) Also, it has an incredible battery life!

The only cons are that the camera does not pan or zoom but this was not a deal breaker for us. I am very satisfied and I love this camera!!!

I strongly recommend this camera or the LW 2002 (for smaller spaces) but I would stay away from the Live Snap LW 2003 - terrible quality!

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Date : February 27, 2012

I got it to use for the play room since it's kind of far off from the living room and kitchen but since it's so easy to move I've moved it around to both my kids rooms too. I love that it's so easy to move around and the picture is good. I can even see very clear at night, which I wasn't sure if it had night vision or not when I got it but it does!

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Date : April 29, 2012

Works great. Having video is quite useful. No major complaints


1. Video including night vision. Very clear.

2. Audio is very good (Also see Cons). It is nice to have a light that indicates the level of sound. Even if you don't hear it, you can see the light level go up.

3. Range is very good (make sure you have the antenna up on the receiver. Works really well in a two level home even without the antenna up.

4. Two way communication. Not just to talk to the baby but great to send the husband up to take care of the baby and tell him exactly what needs to be done (Also see Cons)

5. Ability to add more cameras and monitor all using one receiver.

6. Remotely play lullaby music, although we prefer to have classical music in the background as opposed to the one in the that comes with the unit

7. Ability to record. We don't really use it mainly because the resolution is very poor. You can't play it back in any of the flat screen tvs of today (see below for more on this)

8. Skype (Also see cons)

6. 7. and 8. to us is not very useful, but nice to have in case you want to use them.


1. Audio, there is some static noise in the back ground which can be annoying if there is no other sound in the room you are in. It can be reduced by lowering sensitivity on the camera and lowering volume on the receiver, but that also reduces the ability to pick up sounds of the baby on the receiver.

2. Two way communication. There is a few seconds time lab after you press the talk button before the receiver transmits what you are saying. Be sure to wait a few seconds after you press the talk button and then talk for two way communication.

3. Skype. The camera has to be connected to a computer all the time. I am not sure if the computer will "wake up" if in sleep mode when you call using skype, but it works and the camera resolution for skype is pretty good.

I would have given it 4 stars for some of the minor issues I mentioned above, but gave a five to make up for some of the 1 stars given by people who got defective units. A good unit works really well and I would highly recommend this product to everyone who needs a baby monitor.

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B. Woodworth "lots-o-gadgets, no $"

Location: San Diego, CA
Date : May 3, 2012

Feature Rich Baby Monitor

The LW2451 unit just arrived this afternoon, but since there are no reviews as of yet, I thought I would post one so people would have some initial idea of how the system performs.

The setup only took a few minutes. It started beeping right away. It turns out that it was the alert that the child is making noise. The loudness of that alert is configurable. It stopped once I stopped touching the camera.

The camera is small, about 4 inches tall. It pans and tilts, no zoom. The resolution of the image seems fine. I did see some noticeable color shifts (hue). I will try it again in daylight and see if that is still true. Given how far it tilts, it strikes me that it would work well with a wall mount (bracket not included.) I placed it on a tall dresser right next to the bed. Because of that, and my unwillingness to move the bed or dresser, I had to put a small box under the rear to get the 20 degrees I needed. Someone setting it on a lower table or one just a little further from the bed would not have any issue at all getting a full view of the crib/bed. The camera has an on/off switch, volume for two-way talk and a sensitivity control for how loud the child must be to set off alerts on the monitor. The IR LEDs are visible as very dim red lights. My daughter noticed it, but it did not keep her up. They are barely visible.

The monitor is a convenient size, about the size of a smart phone. It has dedicated volume buttons. Button placement seems well thought out. There is a mini-joystick for pan/tilt/menu nav, press to accept. The power adapter can be plugged into the cradle or the monitor directly, which appeals to me. There is a great deal of leeway when setting it in the cradle... Placement doe not have to be exact for it to charge. There is a stand so the monitor can sit upright without the cradle. There is a swing out antenna which does add a bar of reception, but I have not needed it yet.

It seems to be playing well with my wireless router, but I would not want to guarantee there is no interference at all until I run a few more speed tests.

The camera and monitor are made of the same white plastic that most nursery products are. It is lighter than it looks, which I know does not alway convey a sense of quality, but it seems solid enough and I would not want them to add weight just for that.


System performs out of the box as advertised.

Has features of systems costing a lot more.

Night vision works well

Sound is clear

Cradle and charging well thought out

Temperature is always visible on monitor and is proving to be accurate.

Menus are simple and easy to navigate with thumb controller

Reception is great

Volume can be turned all the way of if desired.

Video can be turned off if desired.

Lots of buttons and functions


Operating pan/tilt or moving through the menus causes beep which may wake spouse

Sensitivity control for alert that says child is making noise is on the camera, not monitor.

Would benefit from a few more configuration options such as turning button beep off.

My voice sets off the noise alert when using the two-way talk feature, so I have to wait for the 3 beeps to end before I can hear the person on the other end. That meeans I miss the first word or two of the reply.

No zoom - other units that offer this supposedly get very graining, so I do not care for it.

The monitor has been runing for over 4 hours, so the battery performance seems quite good.

My experience so far has been excellent.

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Date : December 26, 2012

Great Camera to watch baby/toddler in action or...

This is a great wireless camera. It has volume control, link to Skype to watch while away, night vision is very clear, can record scenes if wanted and it has 2 way talk. Having this really gives me piece of mind. I would recommend this to anyone, not just ones with kids...can monitor the door, backyard, anything. Needed to set the camera up high but not drill holes so had to create a wedge for placement because the down tilt wasn't quite enough for our viewing set up, once that was added this camera has been fantastic!

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Date : February 1, 2013

Works great for watch baby during sleep. I use this more to watch kids in play room. I could just use talk button when I see them start fighting over the toys.

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Jennifer Anderson "Mousie Soshie"

Location: Meridian, ID United States
Date : February 1, 2013

Make sure you read the instructions on pairing up extra cameras, I tried to be a know it all and tried to do it without them but then I realized there was a bit more to it than just hitting the pairing button. However, aside from that - this security system really is great and I'll probably upgrade with more cameras down the road, aside from the two I already have in place. No price can be placed on having peace of mind - especially when you have a severly disabled child who requires constant monitoring because of his health.

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Pan tilt baby camera with monitor
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