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Live Sense Series video baby monitors
  • Live Sense Series video baby monitors
  • Live Sense Series video baby monitors
  • Live Sense Series video baby monitors
  • Live Sense Series video baby monitors
3.5 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
4 hour battery life
Skype™ Connectivity
Temperature monitor
Play Video

Why not turn a task into something fun? Lorex Baby's LIVE Sense Wireless video baby monitor lets caregivers keep an eye on the baby and capture adorable moments that last a lifetime. Our cutting edge monitoring tool is compact and interactive, allowing mom and dad to engage with their little one with a simple click of a button. Hear your baby and sooth your precious angel to sleep using our portable LCD video monitor. Check the temperature in the nursery from anywhere in the house. Keep tabs on the baby at night thanks to our product's high-tech night vision (included in both cameras). These are just some of the many features at your disposal.

Model no.: Live-Sense-Series

Expandable Solution

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Built-in lullabies

Built-in lullabies

Soothe baby remotely with built-in lullabies

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

View video from anywhere in the world using Skype™

Live Sense Series video baby monitors


4.3 ( 80 reviews )
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80 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Dacula, GA
Date : August 30, 2011

Best Baby Monitor!

What's great about it: Has everything!!

What's not so great: My husband likes to play with all it's features!

First let me say that I very rarely write any reviews. I'm always the sceptic. This Lorex camera is hands down the best camera on the market. It is my 4th monitor in 3 years. This has every feature you could want and more. I am a very light sleeper so I had problems with other cameras being too sensitive or not turning the volume down low enough. Some of the features I love are the adjustable sensitivity, built in night light, built in pre recorded lullabies, two way communication, automatic record upon movement, the temp gauge, etc. The battery works very well - I leave the base upstairs and charge it at night. During the day I just carry the handheld unit downstairs while the kids nap. Signal strength is awesome too! My last 2 monitors got terrible reception, but this one doesn't interfere with all my husbands "gadgets". Save yourself some headache and get this one!

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Chino hills, CA
Date : September 16, 2011

Great Monitor

What's great about it: Great features

We purchased this monitor after one of our twins escaped from her crib one night. It has many great features. I love the movement sensor, you don't have to be watching the monitor constantly to know that one of them is in action it just beeps and I know to look, Also the picture is very sharp and clear even at night. I can finally sleep again without worrying. And the modern design is a plus. I am really loving this monitor !!

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Montreal,Qc
Date : December 14, 2011


Pros: great features, price, very clear picture

Cons: no belt clip for monitor (the stand is just fine)

Wonderful features night light, room temperature, able to talk to you child through the monitor, can turn on or off music from the monitor. GREAT PICTURE and much more!

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Location: Martensville, Sask
Date : January 1, 2012

Great buy!

This monitor is great it is so clear and it's actually affordable. Buying from Costco is easy cause you can return it so easily so you doesn't have to worry if you don't like it. But you won't have to cause this thing is so great. It automatically switches over to night vision when you turn the lights off! Totally great product !

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Location: New Minas, NS
Date : January 14, 2012

Excellent Product!

We bought this product to monitor our 21 month old as he becomes more active in his crib. It's wonderful! The picture is great, we can see what he is doing in the dark, and can hear him clearly. Now we don't need to worry if he is trying to climb out of his crib, we can see if he is!

I am also excited to try a second camera for our newborn who will be here any day.

I would definitely recommend this product.

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Location: Oshawa, ON
Date : January 22, 2012

Glad we got this one

Pros: price, clear audio and video, talk back (clear connection), no interference, easy to use

Cons: difficulties finding additional camera in Canada

We received another brand video monitor as a gift, but had to return it due to a lot of interference in the camera's speaker (even when we weren't speaking through it). We were worried that all the systems out there would have the same issue, and were thinking we might not be able to have a video monitor, or at least not one with the talkback feature.

We found this one on the site, and for the price it was the best featured system we'd seen. Couple that with the great return policy with Costco, we decided to take another chance.

We are so glad we did - we've been trying it out in our toddlers room, and are looking to purchase another camera for our nursery (the original reason we wanted the system in the first place!), This is the only thing we can say is lacking, as we are having difficulties finding the camera in Canada - buying from the manufacturer site ends up being more than an entire new system from Costco!

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Location: Vancouver, BC
Date : January 26, 2012

Excellent Baby Monitor

Pros: excellent clarity, close up view of your baby

Cons: difficult to find extra cameras to add on

I had previously bought another brand that was reviewed as great and it was until last month when it stopped working properly. This monitor was the same price and reviewed very well. I am here to say that it is all true! This monitor is fantastic. The fact that you can use your other electronic devices to see your baby is great! It has all the perks of talking to your baby, playing music and the night vision clarity is exceptional.

Our baby is 5 months old and I feel confident leaving him in his room alone with the monitor on.

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Location: Markham, ON
Date : February 2, 2012

Great Baby Monitor

Pros: easy to use, able to record video, able to talk / play preset tune on camera

Cons: additional cameras are expensive

We are very satisfied with this purchase. The picture and sound quality is pretty clear and like the night vision capability as well as being able to talk to the monitor, or send a pre-programmed tune to help distract the baby when it is stirring. The only other nice to have for this camera would be a zoom option

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Location: Vancouver, BC
Date : February 16, 2012

Great video monitor

Excellent product! I feel so safe and comfortable with this monitor. We use it for our baby and we love it. Night vision quality was exceptional.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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Location: San Antonio, TX
Date : February 18, 2012

Great Purchase

The picture is so clear! Great sound. We have had numerous cameras over the years and this one is by far the best!!

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Location: Fremont,MI
Date : February 22, 2012

A GREAT Monitor!

I bought this a few months after it came out on the market and I am VERY pleased with it. I wish the camera could pan...that is the only major drawback to me. One feature that I absolutely LOVE about this monitor is that I can turn the "scan" feature on and during the night the monitor will be on but will be completely black and silent so it doesn't bother us while we sleep. Then, if my son cries or makes a loud noise in the room, the monitor will pop on and the sound will come on and then go off again. GREAT feature!! The main reason we chose this monitor over others is that we are adding baby number 2 to the family in June and we wanted a monitor that would allow us to watch both babies at the same time. Lorex is the only monitor on the market that has the sequence "quad" mode that allows you to view up to four cameras on the screen at once! Or you can choose to have it automatically scan through the cameras one at a time. We love this monitor!

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Location: levittown
Date : March 7, 2012

The search is over

We went from a regular monitor to a video monitor and I was psyched but it was a second hand video monitor that was sketchy and older so we decided to get a new one. After a week of reasurching we finally found this one. Normally I wouldn't have looked twice considering the price but we actually got it from amazon for 179.00 and paid 3.99 ship to have it the very next day and ere were tons of reviews on there. This monitor works great. U can play music in the room by pushing a button on the part the parent holds it comes with easy instructions, a DVD and wall mountings. There is volume control, u can skype to see it on ur laptop or iPad and u can even hold a button n talk into it like n intercom, and it comes with a memory card to record well at least the one from amazon did. Hope this helps!

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Location: Edmonton, AB
Date : March 20, 2012

Very happy

Pros: great features

Cons: battery life is a little short recharge daily

We are very happy with the unit. Video and sound quality is great with our unit. We have it really close to our baby. Perhaps distance is an issue as it looks like the mic is pretty tiny. We have already recorded some very precious videos that we couldn't have gotten any other way.

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Date : March 23, 2012

Works for us!

We use this for monitoring our baby and it has not failed us yet. Love the songs you can play remotely as it puts him back to sleep after a startle. The recording video quality is grainy but the picture and sound are great!

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Date : April 3, 2012

A Must Have!

My husband and I have been on an aggressive search for the perfect Baby Video Monitor that suits the needs of our growing family. After reading countless product reviews, purchasing and returning 4 other systems, we started to think that what we wanted did not exist - and then we tried the Lorex LW 2401 Live Video Monitor System - it seems to have everything we want!


* Expandable - Supports up to 4 cameras

* VOX (Voice Activation) - Lorex calls this feature "Scan". The video AND sound go into a power saving mode, the cameras scan

the rooms for noises and if there is a noise detected, the video and audio is activated. This is a huge feature for my family

and was the reason why we returned all of the other systems we tried. In all other systems we tried the VOX feature could only

work on one camera / baby at a time. Which was just silly to us - we wanted to hear either baby if one of them made a noise,

not just one!

* Mute! This is a huge plus for me. I am such a light sleeper that on other systems the lowest setting is still too loud for me

* Noise Indicator light (on the left side) - key for when the unit is on mute

* Low battery indicator flashes on the screen! It’s not an annoying beep

* Monitor has a stand (this model has a stand AND a docking station for charging - an extra bonus)


* Multiple options for viewing your little ones:

-Single camera, sequence (rotates between cameras every 6 seconds), Quad mode (views all cameras at the same time)

-Video and sound on at all times

-Video screen off, but sound on

-Video screen on and sounds off (Auto mute)

* Auto Mute - after a period with no noise, auto mute is activated to eliminate white noise

* Sleek design

* Large screen (3.5")

* Volume buttons are on the front of the monitor unit (not in a menu)

* Two way talk feature

* Temperature gauge

* Date and time on screen


* "Video" button turns on / off once pressed, but doesn't seem to work in Scan mode. Not sure why that would be

* Doesn't tilt, pan, zoom like some other units in the price range but not a deal breaker for me because it has so much of

everything else we need

Features I have not tried and probably won't use:

* Capture, store & share with micro SD recording

* Remotely view from anywhere through Skype

* Alerts

* Alarms

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Live Sense Series video baby monitors
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