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HD surveillance camera systemHD surveillance camera systemHD surveillance camera systemHD surveillance camera systemHD surveillance camera system

HD surveillance camera system


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720p HD DVR systems
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8  Channels

2  Cameras

1TB  Hard Drive

720p  Resolution

130FT  Night Vision

FLIR Cloud

Play Video

View your World in HD

Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This 720p HD security camera system records high definition video in real-time. Lorex LHV08C02 is Ideal substitution for older analog security camera systems, as it uses the same standard BNC cabling to transmit stunning HD images. The package includes 2 fully-loaded megapixel security cameras and 8 channel digital video recorder. Maintain vigilance with best-in-class image quality and view your world with new eyes.

LHV1000 series compatibility chart

Remote camera monitoring

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service that allows to connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

High definition security cameras

720p HD security cameraThe HD DVR is bundled with 720p HD security cameras that provide superb surveillance footage both day and night. The cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, with a fully weatherproof, polycarbonate housing that stands up against intruders and the elements. See it all, day and night, with best-in-class low light clarity, close up recognition in the dark with Smart IR, and an impressive night vision range of up to 130ft (40m).

Designed to perform 24/7

Reliable video recordingRecord in real-time 30 frames per second to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 720p HD (1280x720) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Hassle free upgrade

upgrade security cameraFor those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 720p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Easy to use

security camera monitorConnect the HD DVR to a TV or a computer monitor and enjoy the HD surveillance footage. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

Image resolution comparison

HD security system

  720p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Recording 720p HD (1280x720) Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Full 1080p HD (1920x1080)
Platform 720p HD DVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD NVR systems
Video Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection
Power Standard DC power Standard DC power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Installation Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN

Model no.: LHV08C02

HDTV Ready

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

Recommended Accessory
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19 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Frederick, MD
Date : March 27, 2015

I purchased this system because I couldn't beat the price for HD with 1 TB of storage. With only 2 cameras running, I can record constantly with no problems. The system set up was super easy. I'm running the video through a HD 720 monitor and the picture looks great night or day. The app was really easy to configure and works well on my android phone. It's only been running for a day but as far as the product goes, I love it and would definitely recommend it!

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Location: Las Vegas
Date : March 26, 2015

This system is awesome. I"ve got it connected using a powerline network system and can view it using my home computer, iPad, and android phones. The picture quality is great. You can easily read license plates in front of your home (my driveway is about 25 feet long or so to the road). I took a few pictures and saved them to send to some neighbors. All of my neighbors are now interested in this system. If you have the money, definitely go to a 1080p system for further definition. I was worried that the included 60 foot cables weren't going to be long enough to run them to where I wanted the DVR to sit, but I have a whole lot of leftover cable. Very impressed.

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Location: Manitoba, Canada
Date : January 14, 2015

This is the same second system I bought in the past month. Everything works as expected. I like the fact that the wired cameras are able to withstand the -30's degree Celsius cold temperature here in Manitoba in the past few weeks. All in all, a great security system. I would recommend it especially to people living in cold weather like myself.

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Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date : December 29, 2014

Great product. Easy to set up and works great.

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Location: Manitoba
Date : December 28, 2014

Great value and set up within half an hour. Working as expected so far. Tried FLIR app for android and it worked with no problem. Bought another identical system while the sale was on.

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Location: connecticut
Date : November 17, 2014

Great value for a pretty easy plug n play system. 720p is great for surveillance and general monitoring. If you need clearer picture like for license plate numbers go with the 1080p. All the scheduling was already set up well, didn't need any fiddling from me.

Weird problem with the flir cloud mac application is that it doesn't recognize the password - even though the iphone app works fine with the same credentials.

Either way the free DDNS option is great so you can view it anywhere - this requires a little setup on the system itself but its not that difficult. I will say when contacting support definitely pick the callback option.

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Location: missouri
Date : October 12, 2014

This is a wonderful system in all aspects except one, i had questions on the program that is down loaded from the site. I am still having problems with them and changing passwords on the box program and i cannot get through on the phone to any one. other than than it is a sharp picture, easy to install and quick shipping

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Location: winnipeg canada
Date : September 7, 2014

what a great system. purchased this to catch the burglars that have been around my cottage too many times, video clarity is outstanding and I don`t know how to use all the features yet but for the 1 week I have had this in operation I couldn`t be happier thank you lorex

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Location: Sacramento
Date : July 9, 2014

I had a cheap unit prior to this that had extremely poor resolution. I recently had my car window broken and the video was too poor for police to use. After browsing I found this unit at Costco's website. Its amazing how clear it is. Its a pain to run the wires, but since I already had 4 ran, I only needed 2 more and the hdmi cable. The Flir was a breeze, I used a wireless ethernet box originally for my Xbox and it hooked up flawlessly. When accessing the app abroad, there is maybe a 3-4 second delay and if on your own wifi there is zero delay (less than one second). I highly recommend this unit for the sub $600 price; I could not be happier. Customer service is real, and nice.

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Location: winston-salem, NC, United States
Date : July 8, 2014

The camera clarity is great. It is my first system so take that for what it is. The interface is easy to use. Flir cloud is easy to setup with my device. Lost a star because the connection is hit or miss. Sometimes I try to connect and it says timed out. Im sure its an app thing not a system issue though. Overall even if I cant check the app Reviewing old footage is great. The motion indicator on saved video makes it very easy.

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Location: San Diego, CA
Date : July 6, 2014

I bought this product off the shelf at Costco after doing some research and liking what I was reading. I am pleased with the purchase and would rate this product with 5 stars, but I am having issues/problems with a single camera only 4 days after purchase. If the support team comes through, then I will be updating this review with more stars.

The initial install was easy and the setup was fairly straight forward. The box did not have the full manual in it, only the quick install pictures. However, the full manual in PDF is available in the download section on the website. I highly recommend getting this PDF and using it. The quick install papers got me up and running, but the manual made setting up the LAN and external monitoring easier as well as explaining some of the settings on the menu. The QR code setup worked for my android tablet, but not the Iphones. I ended up using the IP to identify the system and setup the Iphones. I am using almost all of the features available and have the system setup for viewing from multiple sources. The only thing that would have made this easier is if the system had WiFi capability. Can only be LAN setup with hardwire CAT5 to the hub. The LAN setup was actually very easy once I had the cable run.

The menu and user interface takes some getting used too. The usage of right and left clicks didn?t make sense at first, but once I started using it, became easier. The user interface menus look and navigation could use a little work and be more GUI friendly, but they are functional and once I realized where to look for things it became easier to locate items. The playback menu is based on time and could use a slider to move across the video, but the recordings are all there and can be transferred as needed using the USB.

Having used a 700TVL system, this camera image quality and record quality are incredible. The night vision is much better and doesn?t white out like other systems I have seen.

I am having a problem with one of the cameras not staying in night vision mode. I have submitted a ticket and will wait for a response. As long as the customer support helps with that issue, then I will have no complaints about this system.

At this point, I would recommend this system, even with the one camera issue. For the price, the quality of picture can?t be beat.

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Location: Myrlte Beach, SC
Date : July 1, 2014

Pros: high resolution cameras night vision capable, 1 tb dvr records about 4 1/2 days x 8 hd cameras, footage remotely accessible, dvr is easy to use with motion designators

Cons: none identified as of yet

Model Number: LHD818

"Bought this product at Costco after one of my neighbors was burglarized. After I installed it, I realized that if I'd had it when it happened, I would have been able to read the license plate four houses down the alley. The picture is that sharp.

The package is pretty complete, if you don't have a long run between a camera and the DVR. I have a long, narrow home, so I had to order a 120 ft cable for the front street camera to reach the DVR, but the 60 ft cables were sufficient for the rest of the house, inside and out.

HD picture quality is outstanding, including night vision acuity. The DVR software is very user friendly, and with a little playing around, is easy to navigate.

With 8 HD cameras, the 1 TB DVR is good for about 4 1/2 days, and if there is an incident that needs to be reviewed, the motion sensor designator in the footage makes it easy to find and download (no sitting through hours of footage to find what you're looking for). The fast and slow motion features make it even quicker to find what you're looking for.

The system is remotely accessible though the internet, so you can monitor and/or download footage as necessary if you are away from home.

Wish I had had this installed when my neighbor was burlarized. It would have assisted the local law enforcement in determining vehicle traffic and identification, number and description of perpetrators (and quite possibly identities), and given them leads on resolving the case and recovering their possessions."

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Location: Hercules, CA
Date : June 30, 2014

I just picked up the LHD818 a day ago. At first I was blown away by the size of the cameras and the weight of each one. The plastic feel did not seem as solid but I am sure its been tested to be sturdy. Hardware setup was a breeze and upon boot, I noticed the system came up right away. The first few cameras stood out and started to notice some imperfections on each camera. Some cameras were blurry and some sharp. I noticed one camera was completely out of focus and camera lens was probably no adjusted. I wrote an email to tech support and hopefully get an answer on the repair. The software seems to have limitations such as only being able to see 4 channels on playback at once. All 8 could not be pulled up at once. FFWD and RWD is not fast to process. Digital Zoom is a bit difficult to use. Not yet tested the mobile or remote access. It's terrible that no other camera can be connected to this DVR as well as the 720P camera cannot be connected to another DVR. So the system is completely proprietary. Scary if something were to fail especially with a 1yr MFG warranty. Today I received an email indicating if I write a review I can recieve a 2nd yr FREE warranty which is a plus. Still they need to correct the bugs mentioned including the limited hardware replacements. I looked up the 720P cameras and I see them sold in pairs but no price. I found them on ebay for $238 for 4 and $89 for 1. Overall with a day and 1/2 of playing with it I am impressed with the quality, playback, easy setup, small/lightweight cameras and its distance is fairly good. Night mode will be tested shortly. So far if there are any lights around it seems to make areas darker in non-illuminated areas. I will need to test placement.

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Location: Las Vegas
Date : June 26, 2014

I purchased this system from our local store after reading a lot about the new 720p over analog cameras and the bang for buck! I found the installation of the system (other than crawling around in my attic) to be extremely simple. Lorex has taken the guess work out of connecting to your system remotely and "even a caveman can do it". We have ours connected via our Android phones, our iPads and even from our home PC. We installed the system in a secure closet and rarely even login at the dvr, almost always remotely. If I was able to make one change it would be the option to add a second hdd. Not just for more recording time, but if one failed, it would be nice to have a backup hdd just incase.

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Location: Missouri (Misery)
Date : June 24, 2014

Picked this up from Costco. Setup was easy. The BNC connections are difficult to connect due to not enough spacing between the plugs. Camera resolution is very good. I like the zoom capability. Haven't had it long but I think it is a keeper. The FLIR download for the Mac doesn't work and there is no documentation on the website. I called and was informed that I need to upgrade my OS to download and extract the program. Never had any issue downloading and extracting programs even if it won't execute. Website needs to provide Mac compatibility and instructions.

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HD surveillance camera system
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