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High Definition surveillance camera systemHigh Definition surveillance camera systemHigh Definition surveillance camera systemHigh Definition surveillance camera systemHigh Definition surveillance camera system

High Definition surveillance camera system


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4  HD-SDI Channels

2  HD Cameras

2TB  Hard Drive

1080p  Resolution

155FT  Night Vision


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High definition surveillance camera kit

Protect your property with this easy to install and reliable security surveillance system. This complete, Do-It-Yourself LHD142 security bundle boasts full 1080p HD viewing and recording capabilities. Optimize your playback with Smart search and the advanced Panorama & Multi-time search options, providing fast review of motion events, sequenced clips before and after an incident, and viewing the same camera channel at different times.

1080p recordingThe High Definition Security Camera System includes 2 indoor/outdoor HD surveillance cameras with a 2 Megapixel image sensor. The HD security cameras are equipped with an Infrared Cut Filter that ensures true and accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions. The 24 infrared LEDs and Digital Noise Reduction technology provides clear night vision of up to 80ft away in total darkness, and up to 120ft away in typical ambient lighting.

HDMI includedThe digital video recorder includes an HDMI cable allowing you to watch over your property in a high resolution on your own TV. The HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder is capable of recording video in 1080p resolution for each of your HD security cameras. Outstanding high definition video can be digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode, so you can capture every important detail.

remote viewing appYou can review the recording and watch live video while you are away. Connect to your system via remote access on a secure and password protected network via the internet on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and watch over your property on the free downloadable apps & client software. The dual streaming feature of the HD-SDI security DVR allows for efficient bandwidth usage for remote viewing to your mobile device or computer while it still records HD video.

LHD100 series compatibility chart

Model no.: LHD142

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

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22 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: la quinta, CA
Date : February 12, 2014

Too noisy, you could hear the DVR from 49 feet away. I like their product, easy to use. Great customer service, they refunded my money without any hassles.

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Location: Buffalo Co. Wi
Date : February 10, 2014

I pruchased this product to monitor the deer coming into our small food plot behind the cabin. It runs 24hrs a day. We have 3 monitors hooked up to the DVR to feed the video into the cabin. Great day time & night time video. I am not a tech guy, I had the system set up and ready to go within 2 hrs. As always with technology there was way to many options for what I was looking for. Overall a perfect fit for our hunting club

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Location: New Orleans, LA
Date : January 29, 2014

I bought this surveillance system to replace the analog system that I had for 4 years. At first I was a little hesitated about the cost of this system compare to what I paid for the analog. After researching and reading the reviews I went ahead and purchased the system. So far, I been really impress with this system. Pros: installation and setup straight forward, excellent video quality (during the day and night), a lot of support documents on the website Cons: DVR a little noisy, easy connect wizard software is buggy, can't reuse existing cables unless it is coaxial.

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Location: VA
Date : January 10, 2014

Very good system, Once we got it all setup and got help from customer support everything has worked very well just as expected, Picture quality is very good and the system is very versatile with many options -Great Product

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Location: san jose, ca
Date : January 6, 2014

network set up instructions require additional detail for managing in subnetwork. disappointed that can not save files as other formats needed to provide to law enforcement.

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Location: IL
Date : December 23, 2013

Good product so far. Very easy setup with the Stratus cloud. Still tinkering with the features.

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Location: Dearborn, MI
Date : December 14, 2013

This is a preliminary review.
Am having a lot of trouble with tech support and setting up this very complex system.
Will give my final feedback when/if the company values it's customers.

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Location: Vancouver Canada
Date : November 29, 2013

Very easy to install and setup. More than enough wire, in 1 case way too much cameras work fantastic, easy to go back and view events. Tip: add a second sata drive. Monitoring from a remote location or your phone is super simple to set up.

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Location: Arizona
Date : November 22, 2013

the Lorex unit was easy to configure for remote viewing. It's worth the extra cost for 1080p.

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Location: Long Beach, CA
Date : November 19, 2013

We upgraded to the Lorex EcoHD because we were told that the quality of the picture was much better than our older system. We were immediately impressed with the quality - everything is crystal clear including the night bugs that cross the path of our cameras. What is even more impressive is how quickly it was to load the program onto our computer and there is an App to view the cameras as well on my IPhone which I especially love. I have peace of mind every time I hear something weird outside of our home or our dog starts barking to be able to view all my cameras from my IPhone in the middle of the night instead of getting up out of bed to go to our computer. Absolutely love the Lorex brand and most definitely recommend it!

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Location: brooklyn, ny
Date : November 6, 2013

Very nice system. Picture is very clear. Easy installation. Recommend to everyone who wants to feel secured.

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Location: Mississauga
Date : November 3, 2013

Wonderful product, amazing quality , no problem at all

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Location: Toronto
Date : September 7, 2013

The security camera system work very well now. Excellent.

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Location: Toronto
Date : August 30, 2013

This system does not work properly. Do not waste any money on this product. Email notification pictures does not work. I called the technical expert and they could not fix this problem.

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Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Date : August 27, 2013

This is my follow up review on the LHD142 system. I finally received the DVR portion of my order and was able to test and install the system at my house. The install process for the cameras is very straight forward. One thing I did that really helped, was I hooked up one camera and ran several tests for the placement of the cameras. I wanted to get the best locations for the four cameras I have (I ordered 2 extra). This process took a little extra time, but I believe it was well worth it. I climbed a ladder at different spots around the outside of the house and would point the camera for different views. I used my Ipad and the Lorex app to see what the shot looked like before I just started installing cameras just anywhere and then trying to get the right angle after the fact. Once I had the locations and the directions for the cameras, I installed them and got everything hooked up to the DVR. The high def 1080p picture quality is outstanding. I installed my system to use my 60" plasma TV as my monitor. The DVR fits perfectly in the rack with the rest of my home theater equipment. This works well as it's inside an inclosed cabinet, so I don't hear the fan noise that was mentioned in the earlier review. The DVR menus ate easy to navigate and I even did the firmware update that was available from the Lorex website. The set up for the remote viewing on your devices can be a bit tricky, but once you have figured that part out, everything is working very well.
Overall, I'm very please with the system and would recommend it for any home or business.

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High Definition surveillance camera system
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