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SD9+ wireless video monitoring systemSD9+ wireless video monitoring systemSD9+ wireless video monitoring systemSD9+ wireless video monitoring systemSD9+ wireless video monitoring system

SD9+ wireless video monitoring system

SD9+ Series

4.3 ( 259 reviews )
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4  Channels

2  Cameras

9"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision



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SD9+ wireless video monitoring system with 9" LCD monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD+ Series is a wireless home camera system with SD card recording. This is a fast and easy way to add video security to your home or small business providing video signal that is clear, secure, and interference-free. The digital wireless micro-receiver easily plugs directly into your TV, DVR or surveillance monitor. Set up the security camera near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on. No need to run video cables between the cameras and the receiver. With the LIVE SD+ digital wireless technology, installation is made easy! Just connect the camera and receiver to a nearby power outlet and you're all set. Protect your home, family or business with ease using the Lorex LIVE SD+ digital wireless video security system.

Model no.: SD9+ Series

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Netwok

Secured Netwok

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Wi-Fi Friendly

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

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Add on camera for home camera system Live SD+

Add on camera for home camera system Live SD+

Model no.:LW2731AC1

Add on camera for home camera system LIVE SD+

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259 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: ga
Date : October 27, 2014

About this particular system? I am relatively new to actual security systems even though ive had security cams since 2006! I had it plugged into a old vcr & mostly just watched via the TV! I actually ordered a lesser known brand at 1st but due to the inability to get far signals i returned it & thats when i purchased lorex! Theirs plus"s & minuses about the system! The biggest being having to purchase add on cameras at $100 a piece! Lorex offers cheaper cameras but none work with this particular unit! My thoughts is this? Why not make a little transmitter to purchase that goes with this unit & let ppl purchase it so they can use existing cameras with? Since the system has to lock itself to the system? The button could be placed on the transmitter just like the wireless camera! Those transmitters should also be fairly priced since one would be needed per camera! The high price of the cameras is a turn off to me! Just because the camera is pricey doesnt nessicerily mean durabilty neather? I purchased an add on & the 1st rain storm took it out! Had to return it for a refund! Ive had my $26 dollar walmart cam since 06 & it still works! Its just you have to hook it to a vcr or dvr cause its a wired model!

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Location: Chicago
Date : October 23, 2014

This was just what I needed. This wireless 2932 Lorex was very easy to install. Mounted and plugged the monitor and the cameras in an electric outlet in range. No mess, no extra wires and no hassle. The 9" monitor shows a very clear picture in daylight, at night with a light near by it shows good otherwise at night its ok. So far the only problem I had was after 6 months it stopped sequencing. I sent it back for repair last week, waiting for the return. I also purchased two cameras later, for some reason I had to turn the monitor off and back ON before they would pair. It didn't mention that in the pairing directions. I also ordered a second Lorex for a family member because she liked this one so much. Great system.

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Location: San Bruno
Date : October 23, 2014

This is the worst, I want my money back.

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Location: Morristown, Tn
Date : October 22, 2014

Have used the SD9+ wireless video monitoring system for almost a month and have found it to be a great product. Very easy to install and set up. Had a problem with one of the extra cameras I purchased but the tech department helped me solve the problem. The quality of the daytime and nighttime is very good. I really like the ability to hear and talk to someone outside from each camera. I installed a 32g card and leave the system on when we are gone. Great to be able to see and hear what kinds of critters (two legged and four legged) are around while we are not at home.
I would recommend this product on the basis of price, ease of installation and how the product functions.

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Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Date : October 13, 2014

The cameras are very good and the color daytime quality is excellent. At night the picture is a little grainy. The monitor is small but very sophisticated. The plug and play set up is fast and easy to install. The instruction booklet is clear and concise. I wish the outside cord to the cameras was at least twice as long or more. I recommend this system for the price. Unfortunately my monitor is missing a plastic part on the joy stick at the back and needs to be sent back. So far the person at technical support has been very agreeable and helpful.

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Location: Florida
Date : October 7, 2014

The cameras are great, nice picture and sound. The 2 way communication woks awesome and is perfect for the main entry doors and back doors. Monitor is kind of low end quality but video is ok. Get a new SD card because the one that comes with the camera it does not wok right after a few days, shows error, bought a new 16 gig Scan disk card and problem solve.

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Match Point

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Date : October 6, 2014

I purchased the LW 2732 system with 4 cameras as a second video surveillance system for one of my businesses. While it basically works OK, the video quality lacks clarity/definition. Compared to the other system I have- which is 7 years old- the video quality is mediocre at best. I was also disappointed that the only way you can view this remotely is via Skye, and that you can only view whatever camera is paired to camera 1.
Technical support was extremely frustrating. I filled out a support ticket with a question and it was immediately filed as completed- absolutely no follow up. The links on the site and the CD that came with the unit didn't work to download proper drivers for my computer (Windows 7 Professional). I tried calling the support number several times- the first time was over a 45 minute wait, the second time I got through to a technician after 20 minutes and he was able to remotely install the USB driver I needed.
I was going to buy two more of these for several other businesses I have but, given the mediocre quality of this system, I will look for something else.

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Location: Brampton ontario
Date : October 6, 2014

first off.. the customer service bad..

2nd - technical support..they don't know anything about their products.. very stupid

3rd - trying to call them and you have to wait for a very long time before u get a hold of a rep..

( i was on hold for 1hr n 4min..) b4 i got a hold of someone..

don't get me wrong the product is great n works good..but the customer service is VERY bad..

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Location: nebreaska
Date : October 5, 2014

had the unit for 1 week now and love the features on the iphone application for remote access. I would say the phone support is lacking and setting up the ipnone for remote conection was a little confusing. Too early to tell over time if the unit holds up, but for now love it for what I was trying to accomplish.

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Location: Temple, TX
Date : October 1, 2014

The camera system is great. It's plug and play and easy to operate. HOWEVER, I have found
that customer service is lacking. It is very difficult to reach anyone by phone. Additionally, My email to them have gone unanswered as of this writing. I left my number 3 times and they called back once while I was not in my office. Returned their call left my cell number this time, still waiting. I am requesting customer service to rectify a duplicate order. (I ordered two more cameras for a total of 4 on my system).
I called 0831 EST and already the phone lines were so busy, after 10 minutes on hold, I left my number. (they open at 0830)
As much as I like the system, I am beginning to regret buying the system from Lorex. IF customer service is difficult, what about tech support? How difficult will it be to speak to them?
If anything changes, I'll update my review.

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Location: Tracy, CA
Date : September 24, 2014

I bought this system to protect my home while im away. The system was very easy to install and put to immediate use! However I am having issues with mobile monitoring; but the support unit contacted me immediately to help.


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Location: philly. Pa
Date : September 19, 2014

Very happy with ease of set up and display quality. Added on with extra camera already.
Have told friends about this set up and they have also bought same set up.
Very glad made this choice!

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Location: cochran,georgia
Date : September 17, 2014

very easy to set up I have had it in operation for only a few day
I saw that the night vido recorded a lot of buds frying around at night
I think I will like it a lot once I learn how it work

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Location: Florida
Date : September 16, 2014

I have had the system up and running for over a month now, for the most part it does what it says it should, the night recording is in black and white and you can see the person fairly well, recording in quad mode set at 5 seconds saves about a 1M file, not bad since I put a 32G SD card in, ran for weeks before overwriting the first files, the daylight pictures are very good, don't really use the 2 way speaker part but it does work, would be nice if you used at the front door to ask who they are and what they want without going to the door, I would recommend to a friend if they were looking for an affordable system, this is not one of those high-end system but neither is the price. I plan to add another camera, maybe 2 in the next couple of months, as long as the system keeps working as it has been.

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Location: MA
Date : September 15, 2014

Too soon to tell really, I have only had the system in operation a few days...

Initial impression upon purchase was "Wow - sounds like it does a lot for the money!"

And it does, but during my short experience with this system, I have had several issues, but they all have mysteriously disappeared!

First the unit went from recording to not recording back to recording again...

Second, several video files would not open - for me to review. Guess what - that too, just resolved itself!!!!

Third - I do not know if the night vision works yet, because I opted to put the camera inside the house, looking out and behind the picture window..... When it gets dark, the infrared lights in the camera contribute to a wild reflection off of the glass window, and the unit will not record at all.....

As time goes by, and I tweak changes to the set-up here and there - I believe the overall system operation will improve.....


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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 259
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