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Wireless video monitoring system for homeWireless video monitoring system for homeWireless video monitoring system for homeWireless video monitoring system for homeWireless video monitoring system for home

Wireless video monitoring system for home


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4  Channels

2  Cameras

7"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision


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Wireless monitoring system with 7" LCD monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD+ Series is a wireless home camera system with SD card recording. This is a fast and easy way to add video security to your home or small business providing video signal that is clear, secure, and interference-free. The digital wireless micro-receiver easily plugs directly into your TV, DVR or surveillance monitor. Set up the security camera near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on. No need to run video cables between the cameras and the receiver. With the LIVE SD+ digital wireless technology, installation is made easy! Just connect the camera and receiver to a nearby power outlet and you're all set. Protect your home, family or business with ease using the Lorex LIVE SD+ digital wireless video security system.

Model no.: LW2732

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Wi-Fi Friendly

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Secured Netwok

Secured Netwok

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Recommended Accessory
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Add on camera for home camera system Live SD+

Model no.:LW2731AC1

Add on camera for home camera system LIVE SD+

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36 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date : January 31, 2013

I tried this wireless camera security system, even though I didn't have a specific need for a security camera. But sometimes I am in the back of my house and someone rings the bell, and I would like to know who it is without running half a football field. Also, when we go out, it would be nice to know who came to the door in our absence. So I decided to try it. Initial setup was easy, making the wireless connection was not too difficult, and having the compact flatscreen monitor as part of the package is great. So that's the good news. The bad is that it will take some effort to permanently mount the camera on the outside. Yes, they provide the mounting bracket which is wonderful, but the camera requires AC power, and that means figuring out a good place in which to drill a hole through the outside of my house, to a point inside, then to an AC outlet. I wish the camera was battery powered! But other than that, it's a pretty good system. And from what I can tell (in other words, what the instructions say) 4 cameras can be hooked up at one time. (I will only use the 1 for now, however.) So if you need a security system, it seems really good.

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Timothy Lovett

Location: Boston, MA
Date : March 17, 2013

I've been using the Lorex LW2731 camera and monitor for the past few weeks as a security camera for watching my dogs when I'm out and away from my apartment. My dogs have a tendency to destroy things when they get bored but since I have two of them it's hard to really tell who is doing the behavior so we can train them to stop. So far they haven't done anything yet but we'll keep monitoring to see if anything happens!

It's a cool little device and wasn't hard to get up and running. I definitely think it's worth getting if you have the money to invest and have something worth watching. The device feels a bit pricey and additional cameras would likely add up so you may end up paying quite a bit to get full coverage.

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Location: Long Beach, CA
Date : April 16, 2013

I know this is overkill, but I've been using this as a baby monitor and it is better than excellent for that purpose. My daughter is an on call nurse with a new born. She only lives a couple blocks away, so when she's called into work, she drops my granddaughter by and my hubby Dub and I gladly watch her. She has her own nursery at our house and Dub has set the camera in this security system up facing her crib.

Again, I know this is overkill to the max for this product and that there are a lot of options out there to monitor an infant for a lot less money, but they'd be hard put to match the quality of this excellent screen. And yes, the camera looks a bit strange in a nursery, but I'm used to it now. If you want to use this system for the purpose it was intended, I'm sure it would do an excellent job, because the quality of this unit is first rate. Simply put, this is a wonderful unit.

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Location: Sacramento, CA
Date : May 18, 2013

The system works wonderfully. I have a camera on my front porch and I really don't even need he door bell. Soon as someone steps near the porch the system beeps to annonce a visitor has arrived and takes their picture. I can talk with the visitor without being near the front door. I can turn sales folks away with a simple "I'm not interested in your productus, but thank you anyway" and never even open the door. It's muc safer and much more convienent. Plus, I really feel the camera is an additional deterent to thieves. It takes a very good picutrue, and it's stored on the card. Being wireless, it's pretty difficult to figure out just where the receiver might be. I love it!!

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Location: FORTLAUDERDALE, FL 33315
Date : December 8, 2013


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Location: Long Island , N.Y.
Date : December 11, 2013

This is a very easy system to get up and run . I ran 2 camera wires threw the corner of my windows no big deal . The garage I put one on the left side and wanted one on the front but I had no over hang . Took a 1 gallon plastic bottle and cut off the handle end and mounted the camera inside , in the spring I will install it in a bird house . So far all is good after a week with heavy rain and some snow . I had a few questions and was answered the next day . I tried 2 other companys and this is the best one for the money .

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Amy Gob

Location: Lebanon OH
Date : January 5, 2014

I had the old model 2701 for the last 3 years. One of my cameras stopped working and when I went to order a replacement, the single camera was more expensive than a whole new 2-camera system with a color monitor. The previous model was black and white. After I got an incredible deal on a new system, I realized the old system didn't have a broken camera, just a bad plug adapter! What a cheap fix. The cameras are quality cameras because I have them installed outside under covered porches, but in a high wind environment and they have lasted this long! But I happily gave the old system to a family member and installed the new system in my preexisting locations.

My favorite thing about them is being able to talk to people outside my front door and not even have to be there to open it. I can tell them to go around to the back or sorry, not interested. Ha! I feel very secure as a single gal because the SD card records all motion detected. It was very easy to set up once I got the holes drilled into the brick to hang the cameras. You do have to plan depending on where you have electrical hookups. But getting an electrician in if need be is totally worth it for the protection and security these systems offer at such an affordable price.

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Location: Florida
Date : January 8, 2014

This product is all that is says it is and more. I was pleased to find it extremely easy to set up and have in functioning within minutes! All you basically need to do is plug it in and you are done. The hardest decision you will have to make is where to mount your camera.

I plan on purchasing 2 more cameras for my system

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Location: Elyria, Ohio
Date : January 12, 2014

I have the four camera system with a 9" monitor. I've had it for almost a year. One of the cameras was having problems with the IR and I had to send it in. Not wanting to be without a camera, I purchased this system.
It's pretty much the same except the monitor is smaller. I use these outdoors to protect my property. They are under the house overhang and have been through all kinds of weather. The night vision is a bit blurry but will do.
What I like is the easy installation and the SD card. I was told I couldn't run the two monitors close together. I have them both on the same table and I have no problem with interference.
Really a great system or I wouldn't have bought another.

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Horse Farm

Location: Texas
Date : January 13, 2014

Purchased the LW2732 system to monitor our stables. I didn't expect the quality to be as good as more expensive systems sold locally. I was really impressed once I installed the cameras and set up the monitor.

Our home and stables are brick so I had some issues with the signal dropping off but after installing the ACCANTD9 antenna solved the problem. I like the ability to set up a scheduled recording time to catch whats going on during the night.

Picture quality during the day is vivid color and the night time black and white is very clear! For the price there isn't anything better than these cameras!

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Location: Calgary
Date : April 22, 2014

I have been looking for a home security camera for along time, but none of the cameras I bought fit my needs. Not until, I bought this camera. It's like a package deal and everything that I needed were on it. Easy to install and set up, has a motion sensor that records automatically depends on the setting you choose, night vision, intercom, clear pictures, comes with lcd screen and most of all it's wireless. I installed one in the front and one in my back yard. Now, I have peace of mind from neighbors who used to dump their junks in my property. Ordered 3rd camera on the way and planning to order camera number 4 later...

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Location: New York
Date : July 22, 2014

Like the product, clarity, and security

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date : January 13, 2013

This home/small business security system is a brilliant systems engineering concept and it is well executed. Setup with the enclosed instructions is simple, and the video is viewable on the wireless screen unit or remotely via Skype (from anywhere in the world). There are two caveats that the purchaser of this fine and well executed system should be aware of first as packaged with a single camera the system can only monitor a relatively small area. Secondly, unlike conventional burglar/intrusion alarm systems there is no easy provision for having someone else do the monitoring for you--you bear the ultimate responsibility of monitoring your own property.

I see two principal use cases for the system as configured: 1. Frequent travelers will be able to look in on their property via Skype from wherever they are situated in the world (excellent for a consultant, or salesperson). 2. With the single camera as provided those who have a small single entrance such as a row home, professional office, or store front can monitor their property. Otherwise users of this system will find a real need to expand their purchase to additional cameras and accesories.

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Location: NJ
Date : January 14, 2013

This is a pretty impressive setup and is so simple to get up and working. It has tons of features and extras, more than you'd expect. Upon opening the box you will have everything you need to get up and running fast. Depending if you are mounting it indoors or outdoors will add to the time it takes to be running. I had my system working in 10 minutes literally. I didn't mount the cam to anything but have it in a windowsill. The only thing I needed to hook up was the mounting swivel base, the power adapter for both the cam and the LCD. Everything was paired and already configured so for me it was plug and play.

The instructions are well done in both explanations and descriptions/photos/troubleshooting. They included a fast setup guide which was simple too. They did show that you need to attach the antenna's but they were already done so those steps weren't needed. Less to worry about, although i made sure they were tightened.

When you turn on the unit, there are lots of touch screen buttons including: menu, recording, volume, split screen and intercom. There are way more features than expected like the 2 way audio intercom. So there is a speaker and mic in both the cam and the lcd base unit. You hit a little button on the lcd screen and you can talk to someone close to the cam. This feature is great if you have it setup outside as a door monitor.

There's an SD slot in the back to put memory cards in to record video weather manually or if you setup a specific time to record as well as setting it to record any motion. A 2gb card is included which will record about 3:52 of footage. You can use up to a 32gb card which will record around 63 hours. This is for a single camera only, if you add more then of course it lessens the more cams you have hooked up.

There's a screen saver mode which also lets you use it as a digital frame but your images are stored on the same card for recording so be aware that it will use memory and lessen your record time. When in screen saver mode you can have it activate back to the regular live screen when the cam senses motion (to upload photos you have to use a pc, mac isn't compatible with the software but there may be a work around, I haven't tried it). You can also set it to just go blank (which I do) and it will turn back on if there is motion detected. There's also a beep feature to alert you with audio if you aren't looking at the cam to see that it has detected motion.

If you have 4 cams you can have the screen split so you can see all 4 live cams at once or you can set it to rotate each cam in full screen. One thing I read in the instructions and makes sense is that the motion detection might be less accurate when the surrounding temperature of the cam is more than 98.7 (body heat temp) as it detects heat, so if its super hot where you have the cam mounted like outside, then it may not register movement as well but, it also mentions that it tracks motion with another sensor so to me this is a backup if the heat is too much. There is a way to increase and decrease sensitivity settings which i'm sure would fix any issues.

You can view your recordings right on the LCD screen (7inch) in addition to having picture-in-picture of the live cam feed. Or you can just remove the SD card and put it in your computer and watch them that way. There are two setting for video quality high and low one is 640x480 and 360x240.

If this system had a true wireless cam (battery powered, I would have rated it 5 stars and would be great. If they ever release a cam compatible with this system that is battery powered i'm for sure buying it. I so wanted to mount the cam outside but i have no place to plug the cam into outside. I'd have to run an extension cord to it which would defeat the purpose of surveillance where anyone could simply unplug it.

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Bradley J. Brisco "Brad Brisco"

Location: Kansas City
Date : February 21, 2013

Thus security system is very east to use, if you have an electrical outlet where you want to install the camera. There is no battery option for the camera, you must have electricity to the camera. Otherwise, you simply plug in the camera, plug in the monitor, turn it on and you are set to go. As described in the product information there is only one camera with this purchase which of course limits the range of use, but it will take up to four cameras, but be prepared to spend another $100 to $150 per for additional cameras. I am using it to see who comes to the front door. The most helpful use is to keep an "eye" on the many deliveries that are left at our front door throughout the week. While we haven't lost a package yet, there have been several reports in the neighborhood of people talking packages that have been dropped off at the front door. With this camera we will have a good view of anyone attempting to take anything off our front porch.

Overall I think this is a good first step in home security, it is reasonably priced and has good night vision quality. There are three recording modes: manual, motion, or schedule. The digital video recorder supports up to 32GB SD. The recording is also stamped with both time and date. If you would benefit from a single camera perspective from around your home or business this product would be a good place to start.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 36
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