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Home wireless video security systemHome wireless video security systemHome wireless video security systemHome wireless video security systemHome wireless video security system

Home wireless video security system


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4  Channels

2  Cameras

9"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision



Play Video

Wireless video security system with 9" monitor

Lorex SD+ is a quick and easy way to add video security to your house or business. Advanced digital wireless technology eliminates the need of the video cable allowing hassle free installation. All you need to do is to plug in the LW2932 receiver and the cameras it to the nearest electrical outlet and the system will be up and running in a few seconds. Never miss a thing - Lorex SD+ features dual motion detection, SD card recording and remote viewing via Skype™. Designed with the consumer in mind, this surveillance camera system is a user friendly and reliable solution for your security needs.

home security monitor

Video security made easy

  • Complete wireless video security system
  • All-In-One Monitor And Recorder
  • View Remotely Via Skype
  • Dual Motion Detection Technology
  • Secure Long Range Wireless Signal
  • Picture frame mode for discreet monitoring
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Digital Zoom


Protect what matters

Set up the security camera near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on. Protect your home, family or business with ease using the Lorex LIVE SD+ digital wireless video security system.

How it works:

remote monitoring

Model no.: LW2932

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Wi-Fi Friendly

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Recommended Accessory
Add on camera for home camera system Live SD+

Add on camera for home camera system Live SD+

Model no.:LW2731AC1

Add on camera for home camera system LIVE SD+

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130 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Seattle, WA
Date : December 27, 2010

Lorex LIVE SD9 LW2902 Wireless Digital Security System

So far I am pleased with my purchase. All the parts were included, also there was a quick start guide that was very clear and helped me set up the cameras. Everything seems to be working fine so far. It was very easy to set up.

This set was bought to monitor the area around my garage in the back yard and both cameras are able to transmit the distances that were advertised. One of the cameras is a good 350-400 feet away and the signal is still coming in strong to a room at the other side of our home.

A bonus was the audio portion of this camera system. (My other half might not think so). While we were deciding where we would point the camera I was able to watch the monitor inside the house where it would be set up and could direct him to raise, lower or turn the camera one way or the other for the best view. We will also be able to contact each other via the intercom system in the future should we need to.

We were looking at the cheaper model that did not transmit a live picture but this set went on sale during the holidays for just a little more money and we were able to get free shipping too. I like that we can use a SD card because with an older system that we had it was difficult to download and make a copy of a video that captured someone roaming around in our back yard one evening. With the SD card I can print out the best shot on my printer to show the neighbours and the police.

Barring any problems down the road and any difficulties with customer service like the other reviewer made comment about I would recommend this system to my friends. 

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Location: Riverside, CA. USA
Date : January 15, 2011


We purchased this unit to replace an old camera and monitor for our foaling barn (where horses have their babies). It went up real easy, started work instantly when plugged in. My husband turned off the lights at barn that night and the night vision was great. The barn is metal, but cameras do not have to send signal through any metal walls, just the walls/windows of our house, there is a pretty clear shot to the monitor in my house, about 100' away. I did have the video feed through my TV for a while just to see if I could do it, but the monitor is good. I just have it rotate from one camera position to the other. Once in awhile it says looking for signal, but generally pops right back on. Worth the money. Also I can hear what is going on in the barn. 

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Lori B. Hodder

Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan United States
Date : February 11, 2011

Lorex Live SD9- Amazing Product

The cost was budget friendly and the Security system works Great. The cameras work really well even in the pitch dark. We live out in the country with not too many lights and you can see perfectly with the night vision. The Monitor is very clear. You can see all four cameras at once if you want and you can record only when there is motion. I highly recommend this Security System it’s an Amazing Value- Great Price . Great Product. 

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Date : February 16, 2011

Very pleased with Lorex!

I received my system last week and installed it this past weekend. It is the weatherproof system for outdoors. The cameras are wireless but they do have a power cord so be prepared to install near a power supply. The night vision feature is awesome. You can clearly see and hear on your monitor what the camera is picking up. I am very pleased with this camera system. I will be ordering an extra camera and a dome for my front porch today. Very easy to install. The manual is a breeze to follow and I was looking through the footage files easily by the end of the first day. 

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D. Robinson "Knight"

Location: USA
Date : March 7, 2011

It does just what you expect

This product has stood up to my expectations. All items came in the box packed nicely and sealed in plastic. The cameras came programed already to connect wirelessly to the monitor, I didn't need to sync them, which saved on a lot of time and possible headache. The power cord that comes with the cameras is about 4-5 feet, and it needs to be plugged in for the cameras to work, so keep that in mind (an outlet needs to be close). The remote is simple, nothing special about it.

The monitor is really sleek and functional. You can view each camera on the whole screen or you can have the screen slit into four boxes that allows you to see all of the cameras. The picture quality is pretty good, for this product. Don't get me wrong, it's not HD or some crisp digital display, but is clear enough for you to know what you're looking at without second guessing. Also you can turn the volume up on the monitor, if you want to hear what's going on. The sound came through really good, and it was not choppy.

The night vision on the cameras is great, although at night time the camera appears to have a red glow around it. At first I though it was the IR, but then I recalled the IR is invisible to the naked eye. It's nothing to complain about, but something to just know, in case you're looking for stealth. The cameras are stationary and can't move electronically, but you can move it around manually. They come with the screws you need to mount them, and the install is pretty simple. Probably took me half hour to get everything up and running.

I recommend this for residential homes, and small businesses. 

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Location: Calgary NE,AB
Date : April 16, 2011

Excellent product for price

Pros: motion recording feature, 9 inches LCD, sleek design

Cons: talk button should be on front of screen, should provide some extension wires for camera/LCD

I tried other brand first. None of them have features like this ( Specially Memory card recording and motion recording) . Very sleek design of cameras . Liked 9 inches screen.  Very easy to install . No any issue with interference . Very useful product for home security.

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Date : November 8, 2011



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Chuck "Vinceri"

Location: Bronx NY
Date : December 26, 2011

Works perfect

Was an easy install, works perfectly, could not ask for a better system, took very little time, and worth the money


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Date : January 31, 2012


Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Date : February 1, 2012

Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System - LW2902,

The shipping was fast!

The cameras are excellent!

all sealed in its box again!

the alcanse of the cameras is 100 meters!

I recommend these cameras for your home or business local!

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Guy Clark

Location: California
Date : February 7, 2012

Works for me!

I did the research, read the reviews and took a chance. I am pleased with the unit. It is very easy to setup and just as easy to operate. Camera quality is good enough to give me updates on the animals and barn that I was concerned about. Night vision works well, as does the motion detect. One camera is 350' away behind a barn wall and I still get signal to the unit. I had to put the unit up higher to achieve that, but that was no problem. Two months of 24/7 operation and the only failure was the memory chip which I wanted to upgrade anyway. For the cost and ease of setup I would recommend this unit.

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Date : February 15, 2012

Wireless Digital Security System-LW2902

I am enjoying my wireless security system. I made a very good selection.It is fun to be able to move my monitor to any room in my home and watch my home.

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Date : March 26, 2012

Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless DIgital Security System- LW2902

I bought this camera to monitor the front and back of my house. Easy set up, easy recording,good picture quality, day and night. I like the fact it goes to a SD card and not to a DVD. Easy to review and format. It does only record one camera at a time, but so far that has been more than adequate. Others have mentioned the remote is a bit flimsy, but I have had no problem with it. It would have been nice to have one a bit sturdier, but it works well. For the price it it the best deal that I have found... you will not be disappointed.

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Location: Columbus
Date : April 4, 2012

Works perfectly

What's great about it: Easy to use and set up

What's not so great: Cameras are big and bulky

This item was very easy to set up and use. It comes complete with a digital photo frame so that you can watch the video seperatly while working on your computer. It comes with a 2 GB SIM card but you may need a larger one if you plan on recording the video.

I would recommend this to a friend!


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Location: Florence, SC
Date : April 4, 2012

Great Home Security System

What's great about it: Ease of installation

What's not so great: Signal interference

Easy to install and works very good. Hardest thing is getting power to the cameras.

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Pittsburgh
Date : April 5, 2012

Great product

What's great about it: Great picture/love the small screen for I do not have to login to a computer to view. Love this product.

Cannot wait for the product to go on sale again. I will buy it again.

I would recommend this to a friend!

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EJs Review

Location: MA/NH
Date : April 5, 2012

What's great about it: Screen monitoring, night vision, motion sensor

What's not so great: Long distance clarity

I bought this for home security/surveillance. It was easy to set up and is easy to use. The record with motion feature works very well, and there's an audible alarm (with volume control) at the monitoring screen to let you know that something triggered the sensor. The monitor can be used in quad mode or it will flip between camera views. The monitor can also be turned off, while the system remains functional. (I find this nice because I keep the monitor in the bedroom and don't want it flickering all night, but can turn it on with the remote control if I need to see something.) The monitor also has a "new video" indicator to let you know if something recorded since your last check. The night vision clarity is great. If I had to state any negatives, it would be that the camera's clarity at a distance could be better. But if you need it to just cover entryways, and short distances, it would be an excellent choice. Overall, I'm very happy with it.

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Florida
Date : April 5, 2012

5 stars

I love this item! It is easy to use. It has great sound and picture. I would definitely buy this again!

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Claudette Williams

Date : April 13, 2012


Digital security system,

This system works very good, it has a very clear video pictures from both cameras I wood recommend to anyone for the quality of this system for the price.

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Date : February 16, 2013

Great Product!! The lorex wireless Video monitioring system works great and is very easy to use and a great price.

Thank you

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David K Ichinose

Date : February 16, 2013


I was looking for a wireless, color unit when I found this system. I didn't want to run cables all around the place and this fit the bill. The only thing to be aware of is that the cameras have to be reasonably near an outlet. It works so well that I purchased two more cameras on ebay.

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Location: Rossland, B.C. Canada
Date : March 26, 2013

Lorex Model LW2902 Wireless

I purchased this camera Sept02/12 and received it Sept.18/12. This camera is excellent for monitoring my home, so easy to set up and program. I can only say a larger monitor would be nice but for my application the 9 inch is just fine. Two friends of mine where impressed with my camera and just last week they both ordered the wireless four camera system that Lorex had on for just under $600.00. I also own a Lorex Sport Camera and it to is perfect for my needs. Thanks Lorex

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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date : March 26, 2013


I bought both the LW2702 and LW2902 - both products set up quickly and easily - the colours, infared cut off, resolution and zoom features are excellent - the two way sound is very good in both directions. The mounting was very simple. Everything about this system is well thought out and we are getting good signals from our basement to the top of our multi level house. The cameras are interchangeable between systems when you pair them again. My only original concern was the short recording time on the SD card included but that is easily fixed by buying a 16 gig card which gives you many more hours of recording time. I would buy both these systems again and have had good experiences contacting Lorex support during business hours

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Location: Angels Camp, CA.
Date : March 28, 2013

The product worked great. I have not had one problem with the performance of this unit and hook up was very easy and simple.

I purchase this unit to use with my vacation trailer at the location that it is parked. I can not see who drives up or who is at the door when I receive a knock at night. The unit worked great and the night vision worked very well and very clear and I really like the alarm and automatic recording. The alarm worked great when I was doing something and someone would walked in the camera range and comes to the door day or night.

It works so well, I'm going to buy a another camera to cover more of a area around my trailer and property.

Thanks for a great product and service.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date : April 3, 2013

I have bought both this unit LW2902 and the LW2702. They are very similar design and the cameras are interchangeable. This system is very easy to both setup and use and after two weeks use I am extremely pleased with it's capabilitys. It does not interfere with my wifi at all and is very user friendly. The design is extremely well thought out.

I have only one suggestion for improvement on future similar models. The intercom switch is one of three buttons on the back and is slightly awkward to find and use. If the button was placed in the same place on the front of the unit it would be easier to see and use it. This is a minor thing and would not stop me from buying either of these systems again,

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Location: Fabens, Texas
Date : April 4, 2013

I bought this cameras so that I can see my ederly mother, she had fallen before and I could not kept an eye on her from my home. At first I could not get the reception because it was from one home to another, so I bought the antenna. The reception is very clear and now I can stay at my house and see her from there. Another thing I liked was the alarm, at night if she is getting up the camera will alert me and I can just run over and help her. This was the best thing I have invested in. I would recommend this to anyone.

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Location: Bradenton, Florida
Date : April 8, 2013

I installed my system this past weekend. It is the in-door/out-door system (LW292 Series). The cameras are wireless, and they do have a power cord, but I was able to add a 2-outlet lamp socket to my existing light in the attic. This made it so easy without adding an additional power source.The night vision feature works well and you can clearly see and hear on the receiver. The intercom option is great!
So far, I am very happy with this camera system. The system is very easy to install and the manual is easy to follow. I highly recommend this Security System... it?s an Amazing Value- Great Price .

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Location: Louisiana
Date : April 27, 2013

I purchased the 9" screen unit with two cameras. I purchased an additional camera. The system worked right out of the box. No problems. The wireless network is just what I needed. All I had to do was mount the camera and provide power. I am totally impressed with the unit. The third camera paired with the unit on first attempt. I would certainly recomend this system to others. I already have recommend to two friends.

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marie b

Location: queens, new york
Date : April 28, 2013

I am very happy with the 9" screen unit. this is not my first unit. I lost my older unit to hurricane sandy and replaced it as soon as i could. the monitor gives a clear picture of shots from both cameras. The cost was reasonable and the cameras are easily installed. I definitely would recommend this brand. In fact, my brother was going to buy a uniden and I talked him into buying the same as mine and he is overjoyed with it.

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marie b

Location: queens new york
Date : April 30, 2013

I already wrote a review and you posted it. The system I bought replaced my original system which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. One of the cameras survived and I am trying to get an AC adapter so I can hook it up to my new system. I need a LW292 series AC adapter AK06G, input 100-240 volts, 50/60 hz., output 9 volt 06A. I cannot find it in your list of accessorites on the website. Would very much like to use the 3rd camera if you can provide me with the AC adapter.

thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.

Marie B.

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Natalio Vazquez

Location: Kissimmee, FL
Date : June 1, 2013

Hello Friends,

My experience with your lorex surveillance product is amazing.
I love everything about it, I'm still in the learning mode, but
this is an extra ordinary product. Thank You, so much.
One word to describe this product is, ( Amazing ).
I would surely recommend this product to anybody out there.

Sincerely; Natalio Vazquez Jr.

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Location: Williamsport , MD
Date : June 25, 2013

So far am very pleased with purchase. Everything needed was included in box ( except wire to run power to cameras of course).Very simple install with a quick start guide. System has been up and running about 2 weeks now and has been working fine. 1 camera is about 150 feet away from monitor and has to go thru 4 walls with outside wall being brick and it still gives good signal. Night vision works really great. Highly recommend this system.

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Michael B

Location: Los Angeles
Date : July 29, 2013

This is my second Lorex wireless surveillance system. This system was easy to set up and provided great coverage for the views we wanted. Many good, useful features. Very happy with this product.

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Richard from Jupiter FL

Location: Jupiter FL
Date : July 29, 2013

Works like a charm

This was my first security system. I had a near break in about 6 months ago which prompted this effort. After some research on line and in stores I decided on this Lorex LW2932. All I had to do was place each camera near where I wanted to monitor (two doors)and each close to an electrical outlet. Secure each camera and point, then set up the screen and "WHA-LA" I'm watching both doors and recording any activity night and day 24/7 even when were away. Little "chirps" let you know the camera's see activity!!! Perfect!!! Could not be any simpler faster, and convenient! I plan to add two more camera just because I can now, with out any issues. BTW with some wire-mold and paint from Home Depot all my cords are hidden and looks real professional. This system does so much more then I expected, like recording any activity on this small video card (no DVR necessary) and keeps rolling over. See's perfectly at night and the audio works great. What can you say, quality simplicity, priced right!!! BTW best price was Amazon!!

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Location: California, USA
Date : July 31, 2013


Excellente camera easy to install very satisfied ......i use it outside of the house great reception and i could install one more but a little later

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Location: Covington, WA
Date : August 18, 2013

Just installed my first camera. It works very nice. Tomorrow I'll set up the other one. If it works as expected, I'll buy another one.

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Location: Duluth Mn
Date : September 23, 2013

What can I say. Had the lw2932 model and is happier then I expected to be. Great unit comes in great. I'd recommend it to everyone I know looking for a home security unit. I may be purchasing extra cams too.

Only drawback is I think I could be gettin better reception with an external antenna.Looking in to it now.

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Location: Duluth Mn
Date : September 23, 2013

Hope my review came through. Great unit I got comes in clear . Only things is the antenna could pick up better I may have to be an external antenna. Skype works great not having any problems seeing remote.

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Location: Houston
Date : October 21, 2013

We have experienced some crime in our neighborhood in the last several weeks. I was robbed at gun point, our car had the tires punctured two weeks ago and so we knew we needed some type of home protection but didn't want to shell out cash every month to ADT or even Comcast. My Dad purchased this set and my only complaint was he didn't by the four camera set! Installation was SO easy all that needed to be done was screw in the cameras where we wanted them to face and also run the electrical cords. If you have extra cash to have an electrician run new outlets then I would say it wouldn't be a bad idea.

We live on a corner lot and the manual says that the motion detection picks up movement about 25 feet from the camera but I can say that it picks up movement FAR further than that. It successfully recorded my truck being broken into last night and I was able to easily download the video from the SD card provided to a USB flash stick and give it to the police. The night vision is awesome and I got a really good shot of the person who broke into my truck. The video during the day is also super! I don't have any complaints!

If you are looking for a home security system you have found a great one. My only suggestion is to go with more cameras than we did because now we are going to be buying more.

Thanks Lorex!

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Location: Columbus, OH
Date : October 30, 2013

One of the cameras was DOA out of the box. An e-mail and phone call to customer support resulted in a replacement camera arriving within a few days.

Works as advertised. I like the PIR motion record feature and two way voice (which could be improved by relocating the talk button to the front if the DVR).

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Location: fl
Date : November 2, 2013

great people and company to buy from products work fine and service is great will be using more of your products and telling family and friends

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Location: Oklahoma City
Date : November 25, 2013

I installed this system about a week ago. The system was very easy to install, and only took about an hour to install 3 cameras and the monitor. The monitor is very user friendly, and the cameras are very clear both day and night. So far I would recommend this system to others.

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Location: Taunton
Date : December 19, 2013

This was easy to set up. Video quality is pretty good, both day and night. Tried monitoring remotely and didn't have any problems going through Skype. The intercom feature was great. The microphone is pretty sensitive and picks up faint sounds too. Only had it for a couple weeks, but happy with my purchase. Great buy!

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Location: Gadsden AL
Date : December 27, 2013

We love the 2932 system. It is great. Picture clear and sound remarkable. Would highly recommed it to customer. Night vision excellent. Range is also remarkable.

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Location: Gadsden, AL
Date : December 29, 2013

The system was very easy to install. After using it for five days, we continue to like it very much. The reception is very good and the night vision is very clear. I recommended it to my daughter and she has already purchased a system. The monitor is easy to operate.

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Location: Canada
Date : January 11, 2014

an update:

Tech support gave a timely reply in my inbox. I was told to use the receiver to FORMAT the SD card provided, then AUTORUN program would show up. Now I have it displaying photos as screen-saver. It will switch to view camara the moment motion is detected. Quite happy about that.

I wished the 9" monitor had better resolution than what it has now. With better resolution, it would be more valuable as both a 9" photo and security monitor. I feel as if the $100 extra on the 9" as opposed to the 7" is not worth that much. On the other hand, the photos do look ok from far away, and importantly it has more display of the camera view.

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Location: Gadsden, AL
Date : January 20, 2014

We purchased the LW2932 system with two cameras and have purchased an additional camera to go with it. We live on a dead end street and like to monitor the traffic in additional to the security of the home. The range is good enough to pick up yard monitoring along with street traffic. We plan on getting one more camera later to complete our system. We recommend this system. We haven't had any problems yet and love the reception from all cameras. We were surprised by the night reception, didn't think it would be that good. You can't go wrong with this model.

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Paul Ricketson

Date : January 22, 2014

The camera syncs up nicely to the display. The motion sensor and night vision work well but motion sensor is limited in range. I used the camera to keep an eye on my house because the neighbor kid was causing problems.

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Date : January 27, 2014

An awesome product! It cost more to have it installed than the unit itself which is a compliment. The system has motion sensor recording capability, audible alert when recording, if you desire and its scalable. I installed it after my teenager friends had "rolled" our front trees for the fifth time in five weeks and it was not funny anymore. The sixth time the system recorded the juveniles at 2:00AM and with enought clarity to identify each of them. The next morning after calling their parents guess who was over removing the TP. Great system well worth the money!

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Location: Gadsden, AL
Date : January 27, 2014

We just connected our fourth camera to the LW2932. We didn't have any problem pairing this camera and the reception is good. We have a minor problem with camera three, but hope the problem can be resolved. Otherwise, everything else works just great. We bought the system to monitor the yard area and street traffic and we are very pleased with the results. We recommend this model. You can't go wrong with the cameras and monitor.

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Location: Bomont, WV.
Date : March 3, 2014

Very fast personal delivery by UPS. Very easy setup. The very minimal problems I had with using the proper location for my two wireless cameras of the LW2930 were readily solved by the extremely knowledgeable staff at Technical Support.
I am now interested in the DDNS 1 Terrabyte recorder to access my recordings in the cloud from anywhere.
A nice 9" receiver screen fed by two wireless cameras. I would recommend this unit to anybody that needs surveillance of their property.

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Carlos Ulate U.

Date : April 28, 2014

This camera really function

I can see all my yard and be sure that all is fine

Amzaing function with the movement sensor

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Location: East Falmouth, MA
Date : May 11, 2014

What's great about it: Easy to use and a very clear picture and sound!

What's not so great: No complaints!

I would recommend this product to anyone, easy to use and lots of cool features!

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Date : May 13, 2014

What's great about it: EASE OF USE


I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: NW Ohio
Date : May 21, 2014

So far I am very happy with this security system! It was super-easy to hook-up, truly "plug & play". I would even agree with the brochure's estimate of 20 minute installation IF you planned to mount the cameras indoors, into simple drywall. Unfortunately, my installation was into brick, not a simple task! But, after the holes were FINALLY drilled, reception through walls to where I wanted the receiver, in by bedroom, was no issue at all! It's great that the sensitivity can be adjusted, for example, I didn't want the movement of the water in the lake to be picked-up since I want it to record only when motion is detected and some other adjustments are really nice too. You can decide how long a duration you want the system to record, when it does as well as overwrite the memory card, if you want. I was especially amazed at how strong a system I got for less than $400! Before I research, I would have guessed about $1000 to get a system that provides what the Lorex does!

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Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Date : May 31, 2014

What's great about it: Easy to work with.

What's not so great: Not real clear picture.

I was hoping for a clearer picture. But for now it fits my needs.

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Québec
Date : June 11, 2014

J'ai acheté sur le web. Livraison très rapide (5 jours ouvrables). Très facile d'installation. Jusqu'à présent, le fonctionnement est sans faille (acheté à la fin de mai).

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C. M. Mitchell

Date : June 18, 2014

Works well and functions as intended. Easy to install if you follow the directions. View is not HD nor was it supposed to be. Cams installed well with in the range capability that is not an issue. Motion detection seems ok maybe a little too much delay from detection to start recording but it is what it is. Installing at such a point that you allow for that small 2 sec or so delay, will then give good ID on the subject as it approaches the area to be secured ie. detect movement as subject approaches front door......long before subject is at the door, frontal approach view rather than side or across view works best

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Location: Studio City
Date : July 3, 2014

I purchased the 4-camera LW2734B (7" screen) and the 2-camera LW2932 (9" screen) for my home. I paired four cameras to the 9" screen and 2 cameras to the 7" screen. I installed four cameras outside and two cameras inside to provide execellent coverage.

The system works exactly as described. It was very easy to install, set up and operate (though you do need to read the manuals thoroughly).

The only comment I would have is that the range of the wireless cameras is limited by the stucco outside walls and plaster inside walls of my 1952 house. However, the range was adequate since I bought two receivers/recorders.

I purchased the systems as an additional deterrent to my standard ADT security system and would recommend them highly.

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Location: LA
Date : July 15, 2014

Purchased system, easy to install, Manual well written and as they said, just plug and play. Glad i purchased this and would definately recommend to a friend

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Location: Delaware
Date : July 23, 2014

I purchased this system after much research. I have a Night Guard system that I purchased and had installed about four years ago. I wanted to add a camera and I was not able to find one anywhere. I am very happy with the NG100, that's why I wanted to add to it. When I gave up the hunt, I decided on the Lorex. The order process was easy and I received the system in less than a week. I haven't had the cameras installed as yet, but I will in a week or so. It's a matter of getting someone out to do it as I don't do ladders. Once that's done, it looks like the set up is easy enough. I feel that I got a very good system that suites my needs and is not difficult to operate.

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Location: New York, NY
Date : August 1, 2014

this product is wonderful, cool design and good function, easy and flexible to install, also I really like to use skype software, remote monitor my house. definatly will recomend to my friends.

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Location: NEW YORK, NY
Date : August 1, 2014

I just spend 5 minuites to install the cameres, now working find, will purchase 2 additional camere to connect the machine.

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Mr. J

Location: USA, New Mexico
Date : August 14, 2014

The camera's arrived in time as expected. So far I haven't had any issues, I have it setup for motion detection and seems to be capturing even the wind, but it's not a problem. At night they record black and white and if the light is turn on it will switch to color. I am satisfied and will recommend this surveillance system.

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Location: No.Va.
Date : August 22, 2014

Absolutely a fantastic system - this could be described as a "plug and play" security unit b/c user interface is minimal. I'm very impressed also with the number of features that it has, I really like the portability and the fact I can carry the monitor from room to room as it boots up in under 30 secs. From motion detection recording, camera zoom capabilities, audio, many nice features, that make this a really good value from some of the other units out there. I hope it remains reliable - time will tell.

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Location: ne
Date : August 29, 2014

great product I love it.!!!!!

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Location: Nederland, Texas
Date : September 3, 2014

I am very pleased with this product. Very easy to install. Especially like the intercom feature and night vision. The picture is very clear.

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louro ny

Location: brooklyn new york
Date : September 11, 2014

have the system up for a feel days now working really nice, super ease to install and set up have one camera in the front of the house and one in by the garage nice clear picture.
little concern about no been fully weather proof but we see how that go.

would recommend to a friend

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Location: Georgia
Date : September 23, 2014

I love this system. Was really easy to set-up and install and give me vivid external viewing around my home both day and night. I am a big fan of Lorex products. I own rental homes have have bought several home security systems over the last five years. Each model is better than the last and the durability and dependability is first rate. My first cameras which are four generations earlier than this model are still operational today. I have full confidence in Lorex products. Shipping is also extremely quick and the discounts are always a plus. Thanks Lorex Technologies.

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Mrs. A

Location: Virginia
Date : September 28, 2014

I purchased this item and received it within three days, as promised. It was very easy to setup and my husband and I are extremely pleased with it. This system works better than a previous system that we purchased for approximately $5K, and it was larger!

It is just the right size for us. We were about to purchase a different camera system that uses a separate DVR until our research led us to this product. The night vision is quite clear, which is surprising, based on the size of the camera. We plan to purchase two additional cameras.

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Location: Stockton, CA
Date : September 29, 2014

I've had the 2 camera system installed and been feeling much more aware of what's going on around my house. My master bedroom is to the rear of my house and just being able to see and hear what's going on in the front yard and in front of the garage allows me to rest much easier than before. I haven't set it up to view via Skype but plan on in this weekend. I'll be sure to write another review once I have it set up. I'm definitely going to buy 2 more cameras.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date : September 30, 2014

I am very pleased with the product so far, I got Model # 2960H, however I ordered LW491HD, So I have to work with customer service whats going with that. It was easy to install offcourse. Its almost a week unit is working flawlessly and speacially the Lorex SD Pro app. I know some people were complaining about the app that its crashing, If the change of wireless connection from home to office its failed, so what you have to do exit out of the application and relaunch it again.
I really like the motion dection feature, its a bit slow but work fine.

I would really recommend this product to my friend and family members.

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Location: sc
Date : October 12, 2014

Only been up and working for about a week. So far i have been happy with pic quality and how easy setup was.Purchased the 2 camera system but i will purchase 2 more to add on.

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Location: Texas
Date : October 23, 2014

This is my second wireless product from Lorex. My first one is working perfectly well. Why then buy a second one? I intend to install my newly acquired LW 2932 in my vacation home and also be able to monitor it remotely while away.
Very easy to install.

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Location: cdga,n.y.
Date : October 27, 2014

great product,easy to install,teck. support needs to call their number to fix it.

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Location: North Carolina
Date : November 10, 2014

We have had this product LW2932 for about three weeks. Installation was pretty easy if you have electrical outlets ready for the cameras. The cameras have been up and working for the past two weeks. It took a few times to get the cameras adjusted to their full potential. First we had the cameras aimed to far and to high. After we got a feel of their limits, we learned how to get the full benefits of the system. Overall, I am very satisfied and am in the process of getting additional cameras added to the current system which can handle 4 cameras but comes with 2 cameras. I like being able to manage the cameras from the monitor.

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Location: Texas
Date : November 12, 2014

We are very pleased with our LW2932 system. Being a mechanically challenged person, I was unsure if I could install our system. However, I was able to do so with no problems using the guidance provided in the User's Guide, It certainly has enhanced our feelings of being more secure. We are already discussing purchasing an additional camera.

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Location: Newark
Date : November 29, 2014

I Love these cameras. Perfect for me because I never have to open my front door to unknown and unannounced visitors. Also, I never miss my packages being delivered to me because I can speak to the delivery man from the monitors and ask him to wait till I can retrieve my package(s).

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Location: florida
Date : December 10, 2014

this camera is wild..i live on 5 acres put the camera 500 feet from my house and picture and sound is perfect.i can hear birds the sound is so good.its 20 feet from my gate and i can hear a car pull up and talk to the person from behind the gates..i was worried it would screw up my wireless internet,,not at least 2 cameras wont.not sure about any more then 2..i give this a happy i could cry

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Location: Québec
Date : December 16, 2014

Great product !

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Location: VA
Date : December 26, 2014

All four cameras working great so far. I was pleased that one camera signal was full strength once installed in the detached garage. Easy to install and the camera pairing is too easy!!

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Cattle Lady

Location: Kansas
Date : January 6, 2015

I am very pleased with my LW2932. I originally ordered the LW82 and what a nice surprise to be upgraded to the LW2932. I use this is the barn with I have a cow that is ready to calve. It saves time when I don't have to get all my heavy clothes on to go check her in the middle of the night when it's cold. The barn is approximately 180 feet from that house and now I can watch her all night long. The intercom is nice in that I can hear the cow and the calf. I wish I had found this product several years ago. The picture quality is wonderful and the night vision makes it look like the light is on.. I would recommend this to others and there wasn't anything difficult to install.

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Location: Portland Oregon
Date : February 11, 2015

First off after owning other systems in the past and finally finding Lorex a few years ago i had but one company that i could trust and that is Lorex. I have a total of three systems for different business's and now this one for my home. Just as the other two systems the set-up, installation and operating is so easy to use and the quality is Outstanding in may ways. The daytime views are incredible with the high resolution and supreme quality and when viewing in night mode you could see everything perfectly. Another quality system from Lorex and another satisfied customer. Thank you guys, keep up the good work, Johnny Vegas

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Location: Pahrump Nevada
Date : February 11, 2015

I really like this system. It sets up in just a few minutes and the pictures are very clear. The best part is that the video screen can be put in use anywhere there is an ac outlet. Thus you can move it from room to room, or where you want to watch it .

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Location: Missouri
Date : March 2, 2015

This is exactly what we thought it would be and is perfect for what we wanted. The cameras connected immediately right out of the box, the controls on the monitor were easy to understand and navigate. We are very pleased with the system and highly recommend this for a home monitoring system. We will be purchasing additional cameras to add to the system.

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Location: Ontario
Date : December 11, 2011

Pros: Easy set up, reliable

Cons: Faster trigger time would be nice

Purchased one set and liked it so much we bought a second set. We have used them outdoors for one year. They have lasted through all 4 seasons. Only trouble we've had is with one that we placed poorly with no protection from weather. One is placed between 300 - 400 ft away from the base to view wildlife. We are running it off a car battery and inverter for power where there is no plug.

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Location: Mississauga, ON
Date : February 19, 2012

Excellent purchase

Pros: price and ease of installation

Cons: Costco does not carry just additional cameras

I researched a number of products and selected this one for price and the two way audio.

It was very easy to install and to set up.

The picture quality is quite okay, be it day or night.

I use it to monitor the exterior front and side entrance of our house. It is working very well.

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