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Wireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitorWireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitorWireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitorWireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitorWireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitor

Wireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitor


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4  Channels

2  Cameras

7"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision

Two-Way Talk


Play Video

Digital wireless security system with LCD picture frame monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD7 Wireless home camera system has the best digital wireless cameras with a wireless range of 450FT, and 40FT of night vision. The wireless receiver is built-in to a 7inch LCD screen that records what the wireless camera captures to a SD card.

Model no.: LW2702

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.



Automatically scan through camera channels.

Recommended Accessory
Wireless range extender antenna

Wireless range extender antenna

Model no.:ACCANTD9

2.4GHz Directional Wireless Panel Antenna Range Extender

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Reg.  $79.99


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51 Reviews & Ratings
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Andrea' Porter

Location: Texas
Date : July 8, 2014

Love love love this camera system. I will be getting 2 more cameras. Clear pictures, records like a dream, easy set up. Love the intercom option. That is a handy features and it's great for when you need unwanted visitors to leave. I like that it is not bulky and the sleekness makes it hard to detect. I'm also going to get the DVR.

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Location: Topeka Kansas
Date : January 30, 2014

Great little system on the video end but the 2 way audio portion needs some work. I cannot crank up the volume enough on the monitor to easily carry on a conversation with someone at the door without holding the speaker right up to my ear. Engineering needs to figure out how to double the present maximum volume level on the monitor.

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Location: NY
Date : January 19, 2014

Easy set up. Works flawlessly. Provides peace of mind.

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Location: San Clemente
Date : January 9, 2014

Opened the package and tried to pair the cameras to a different channel. The receiver could not pair the cameras. Called Tech support for help, after 25 minutes on hold the tech from Lorex said I had a bad receiver and that customer service would email me for return shipping. Waited two days for that email that never came. Called back Lorex customer service and waited 35 minutes, till the system said that they were now closed 2pm (pst).

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Location: California
Date : January 5, 2014

Great Value. Easy to read manual. I especially like the 2 way communication capability.

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Location: Phoenix,Arizona
Date : December 14, 2013

This camera system works great it's very user freindly and can be moved or relocated at any time without any hassel with the two-way audio I can fend off the soliciters at the front door when im in the office working. it's night vison is exellent one of my cameras is on one end of my backyard and the IR LEDS light up the whole backyard like daytime( a good 40-50 ft) for the money it was a very good buy.

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Location: Mississippi
Date : November 30, 2013

We purchased this system, the LW2702, earlier this year, I guess it's better late than never in writing a review. This system has very little work to install, gives great pictures, sound and alarms. For the price, you can't beat it, in fact we have just purchased an 8 channel DVR security system with 8 cameras, Model no: LH388 today. We will a review on the LH388 after we have it up and running and sooner than we did with this one.

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Location: San Jose, CA
Date : November 15, 2013

I previously purchased a Lorex SD9 and four cameras and have been happy with the performance of it. Takes very good video during the day, OK at night. I needed two extra cameras for more coverage and had already maxed out this system.

So, I purchased a Lorex L2700 which includes a 7" LCD Touch panel and 2 cameras. The touch panel is improved over the 9" old one. Video seems brighter and clearer even in quad mode. Cameras seem shorter in length and mounting them is the same, drill 3 holes, put in a wall plug and tighten screws. They still have intercom and day/ night functionality.

Picture quality seems improved over the previous cameras and it does the job that I need them to. Its also nice that the system supports upto 32MB SDHC card vs 16MB in the previous ones. I would buy this again, quality is good, and setup is a breeze, no real WiFi config needed, just plug and play. Did not try the Skype functionality as you need to hook up to a PC or Mac and leave it plugged in and computer turned on.

I just put a Foscam WiFi IP cam infront of the LCD panels, that way I can see whats going on when I am away from home

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Location: Texas
Date : October 19, 2013

I wanted something fairly easy to setup and understand, so I got the basic setup. It was easy to setup and then I had to force myself to read the manual. It wasn't so bad, I'm just lazy at that at times.

Now I check to see what was recorded if motion was detected. It's fast to check and easy to erase the videos that I no longer want.

My wife feels more secure having it and we can see who is at our front door without ever leaving our chairs because we just look at the monitor. And, who is ever at our front door is being recorded because they set off the motion detector on the camera. And, it also records sounds and conversations.

Both cameras are not in the direct weather. We hope our system keeps on working for a long time because we see the benefit of such security.

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Location: Mint Hill NC
Date : October 19, 2013

Am pleased the the products - I bought systems - one for home & one for farm house - they are doing great - love the night vison on cameras

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Location: california
Date : October 6, 2013

We bought the Lorex for home security and were very impressed with the nightime quality, with only natural light we have a clear view of the entire side yard.

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Location: alberta
Date : September 30, 2013

Beenusing the system in a retail situation for nearly 2 years and now upgraded to 2 more cameras. very happy with the system and its features.
thank you for an affordable solution to my needs!

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Location: Canada
Date : May 5, 2013

Do not buy. Remote is cheap and won't work with new batteries.
You need the remote because it has the only record button on it.
The LCD screen stopped working just after the warranty was up.
Never buying Lorex again!

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the marine

Location: southern california
Date : May 1, 2013

I set up my 2 camera 7 inch monitor system on my garage corner to cover my driveway and approach to the front door. Easy to set up, only had to punch two holes in garage wall for camera power. The monitor now sits on my desk and using split screen I can see any one approaching front of house. You can not hear the audio alarm outside but is loud enough to alert us in the house. My neighbor has the same system and was able to trap a car thief a few weeks ago. We feel a lot safer since I installed system.

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Location: Woodmere , ny
Date : April 24, 2013

Good product. Easy set up with in minutes. Camera is clear as a bell , 7 inch monitor is great. Product works as described .

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 51
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Wireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitor
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