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Video surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security system

Video surveillance system - 2 camera security system


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8  Channels

2  Cameras

500GB  Hard Drive

VGA  Resolution

140FT  Night Vision

Internet Setup Wizard

Play Video

Wireless surveillance camera system

Maintain vigilance and experience true peace of mind with the Lorex LW482 surveillance solution. You don't have to be a wiz to set it this product. Internet setup wizard, and dedicated Apps give you the peace of mind at the tip of your fingers. The system includes two wireless security cameras that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With easy installation, place the cameras in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the wireless camera and receiver and you’re ready to go.

A built-in signal warning alerts you if the camera is out of range from the receiver. Capable of plugging directly into a DVR, or TV, or RCA monitor, and with features such as FHSS Digital Wireless Technology providing excellent VGA image quality, a built-in microphone for listen-in audio, and long range night vision of up to 140ft, this advanced weatherproof wireless camera is ideal for the home or business security. The LW2277B digital wireless security camera, the wireless way to stay aware.

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world delivering true peace of mind with the LH020 ECO Blackbox 2. Featuring Stratus Connectivity our innovative hassle-free cloud connection, allows you to quickly and easily remotely connect to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Lorex Stratus solution
Introducing the Stratus solution - an innovative hassle-free cloud connection. Download free App, scan QR code and start viewing your world securely online! The ECO 4 DVR allows you to connect & view your system on any device no matter where you are. Complete setup with your smartphone or tablet, no PC required.

Wireless security cameras
View your world with the wireless freedom of the LW2277B digital outdoor wireless camera. With easy installation, place the camera in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the wireless camera and receiver and you're ready to go.

Security certified hard drive
Record all channels in real-time to the specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at VGA (640x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Model no.: LW482W

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Recommended Accessory
Wireless security surveillance camera

Wireless security surveillance camera

Model no.:LW2231

Wireless camera for security surveillance featuring real time wireless video and extended bandwidth

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168 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Montreal, Quebec
Date : January 6, 2014

Installation is simple and easy to follow. The picture quality is excellent.
I can not view remotely not sure what the issue is but has nothing to do with the system itself
I will contact the support for this and will get it right

Thanks for a great product

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Location: COLORADO
Date : January 21, 2014

Great product

The cameras were very simple to install, DVR is user friendly with more options than I will ever use. I would highly recommend this system.

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Location: Upstate New York
Date : January 26, 2014

I bought this system to use as a barn camera, and was not optimistic it would work. My barn is about 450 feet from the house. I set the camera up, plugged the receiver into the tv, and had immediate coverage. The extended range antenna made it even better.

The best part of the system is the Lorex internet service.

All told, we are immensely pleased with this system. The image is clear and bright, the infrared system works in the barn in the darkest of nights, and it was truly plug-and-play.

Now - no more getting up every two hours during lambing season to go to the barn. We can just check the ewes on our iPad.

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Rita Lau

Location: Toronto
Date : January 27, 2014

I just bought this Eco stratus LH150 series on Jan 23. It was an easy installation and the pictures are much clearer. The recording and viewing of the camera through my smart phone is great. I would definitely recommend this model.


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Location: Ohio
Date : February 2, 2014

This product was easy to install (my hubby did it). The price was in our spending range which helped immensely with the great sale that was offered by Lorex. When watching live the screen is very clear especially during the daylight hours. Even in the evening these cameras have night vision. When the floodlights are turned on the picture is pretty decent. We feel pretty good about having a couple cameras around our house. We are looking forward to purchasing more to install inside as well.

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Location: Minot nd
Date : March 9, 2014

I installed the system this week and it has already saved one calf. It was very easy to set up and get running. I give this system a BIG THUMBS UP!!!

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Location: Winchester va area
Date : March 10, 2014

I purchased the two camera wireless system and have been very pleased of the simple installation that it was. I wanted a system that was both practical and innexpensive. I got wxactly what I wanted. I am now looking at getting a few more cameras since I already had a few from a prior vendor this would make my property protected and besides I love watching all the wild game

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Location: Tampa FL
Date : March 11, 2014

I recently purchased this system. I am pleased with the system even though it requires the acquisition of a monitor. But at this reduced price, it is a great deal. I wanted a wireless system so there would not be a lot of installation work. However, each camera requires an external power source when located outdoors. I did find that the wireless system is greatly affected by structural obstacles such as concrete walls. The location of the DVR is more critical due to this. But after a little trial and error, I found a location that affords me great reception from each camera location. I would recommend this system to my friends.

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Location: Parkville, MD.
Date : March 12, 2014

The system is great and very easy to set up. I've set up a number of different types of electronics but never a security system. I had it up and running in 15 to 20 minutes with the cameras just setting on my floor. It naturally took awhile to install the cameras under my homes overhangs but that is dependent on what you are trying to do. I would recommend the system to anyone looking at security cameras. I think the price was fair for two wireless cameras and the DVR. I have one and maybe two more areas I would like to see so I'm looking at adding more cameras. The range of the wireless cameras is very good, I've almost always have the full amount of bars showing. The only disappointment I have is when I purchased the system the web site had white cameras in the add but they came black. As most homes have white under the overhang they would blend better. Seeing how appearance is not a part of rating the product I still give the system five stars.

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Location: NJ
Date : March 16, 2014

I went through many weeks of different specifications of companies & equipment & decided on Lorex. I have not been disappointed. I ordered with 2 additional cameras. I am using this DVR with 4 other wireless cameras that I already had. So far, all 8 wireless cameras & the DVR are working well.
Set up was a breeze, all cameras are working as I wanted & I can watch them with My Iphone anywhere. Didn't need customer service, so I can't comment on them.
Picture quality is good, even in nite vision.

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Location: South Fork,PA.
Date : March 17, 2014

Installation of system was easy, moved cameras to all round the house to see how they worked at different locations , only have had system for 4 days now, so far everything works great,when weather gets warmer will hook up cameras permanently, pleased with unit..

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Jay Bee

Location: NY
Date : March 18, 2014

easy step by step instructions. Had a good signal reception even with the receiver in my basement. Camera housing is very visible making it a very good deterrent for would be burglars. Plus, setting up remote viewing was a breeze, if only I can control the DVR remotely, this system is perfect! If you want a system without the hassle of running cables through walls, this is it!

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Location: Rideau Ferry, Ontario , Canada
Date : March 23, 2014

We really like our surveillance camera. Just going to take some time to get it all figured out.
Great help is available and no complaints.

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Location: brampton ontario
Date : April 1, 2014

it is very convenient easy to install and worth buying product

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Location: middletown, oh
Date : April 6, 2014

I needed the system right away however I am unable to install outside for a few weeks until a friend can help me do it. I went away and got it working and am using it by projecting through a window for now. It works great with great video even while taping through glass.

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sort by :  Results: 16-30 of 168
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Video surveillance system - 2 camera security system
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