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Video surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security systemVideo surveillance system - 2 camera security system

Video surveillance system - 2 camera security system


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8  Channels

2  Cameras

500GB  Hard Drive

VGA  Resolution

140FT  Night Vision

Internet Setup Wizard

Play Video

Wireless surveillance camera system

Maintain vigilance and experience true peace of mind with the Lorex LW482 surveillance solution. You don't have to be a wiz to set it this product. Internet setup wizard, and dedicated Apps give you the peace of mind at the tip of your fingers. The system includes two wireless security cameras that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With easy installation, place the cameras in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the wireless camera and receiver and you’re ready to go.

A built-in signal warning alerts you if the camera is out of range from the receiver. Capable of plugging directly into a DVR, or TV, or RCA monitor, and with features such as FHSS Digital Wireless Technology providing excellent VGA image quality, a built-in microphone for listen-in audio, and long range night vision of up to 140ft, this advanced weatherproof wireless camera is ideal for the home or business security. The LW2277B digital wireless security camera, the wireless way to stay aware.

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world delivering true peace of mind with the LH020 ECO Blackbox 2. Featuring Stratus Connectivity our innovative hassle-free cloud connection, allows you to quickly and easily remotely connect to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Lorex Stratus solution
Introducing the Stratus solution - an innovative hassle-free cloud connection. Download free App, scan QR code and start viewing your world securely online! The ECO 4 DVR allows you to connect & view your system on any device no matter where you are. Complete setup with your smartphone or tablet, no PC required.

Wireless security cameras
View your world with the wireless freedom of the LW2277B digital outdoor wireless camera. With easy installation, place the camera in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the wireless camera and receiver and you're ready to go.

Security certified hard drive
Record all channels in real-time to the specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at VGA (640x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Model no.: LW482W

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

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Wireless security surveillance camera

Wireless security surveillance camera

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Wireless camera for security surveillance featuring real time wireless video and extended bandwidth

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168 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: MI
Date : January 22, 2015

My dad asked me to find him a wireless security system & this one seemed great for him. We wanted something that could hook up to his television instead of a little screen. We installed them and immediately liked the picture & sound quality! The only issue we had was that there is not a manual to the DVR. Lorex said it's available online but dad doesn't have computer or internet. They did tell me that they would request one be sent to him, hopefully he does get one. Highly recommend this system.

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Location: PA
Date : January 26, 2015

This is an excellent system for the price I paid. I got it on sale for 349.99, plus an extra 10% off and free shipping. Shipping was pretty fast, I ordered it on a Monday and received it that Friday. It was well packaged. I received an upgraded DVR that has a 1 TB hard drive instead of the 500 GB that was listed on the website. The system was easy to initially setup with the included quick setup guide. It doesn’t come with a printed user manual, you need to download it from the Lorex website. You will need this manual when you get into the more detail setup of this system. The manual explains things pretty good so the detail setup was not bad at all. The feature to copy settings from one camera to the rest of the cameras is very nice. The image quality of the cameras is very good. The night vision is excellent. The range of these wireless cameras is great. I have one camera about 20 feet away that goes through one interior wall and one exterior stucco wall with the reception always at 3 to 4 bars. The second camera is about 50 feet away but goes through one interior wall, 2 exterior stucco walls and an insulated steel garage door with the reception at 2 to 4 bars. It has never loss reception and usually stays at 3 bars. I am very happy with this because with my previous system from a different company the camera in the same location would be 1 to 2 bars and would totally lose reception over 50% of the time. I think the cameras probably have the stated 165 feet of unobstructed range. Connecting to the internet was very easy. I connected the included LAN cable to the DVR and my router, and it automatically connected to the internet. I downloaded and installed the free APP for the IPhone and after logging in with my password, I was able to view the cameras remotely with no additional setting up. I do have one very minor issue. The cameras use a very very small Allen head set screw that you need to loosen and tighten when you adjust the position of the cameras. This made it a little more difficult and time consuming to adjust the positioning of the cameras. On my previous system and on some other Lorex cameras they have wing nuts which makes it a lot easier. I consider this a minor issue because I hope that once the cameras are positioned, I will not have to re-adjust them. I am very happy with this system for the price I paid. Even with this minor issue, I give this system 5 stars!!

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Location: Washington State
Date : January 27, 2015

This system is nice. It meets my needs of security for viewing my outside areas. It is easy to setup and monitor with my home computer. Mac... and room to expand. I have spoken with the support team and they are right on it. And at a price that beats most anyone. Hats off to Lorex.

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Location: Glendale, AZ
Date : January 27, 2015

I purchased my system about 7 months ago. Very easy to set up to say the least plus easy access with the iPhone app which allows me to view my home remotely. One of my cameras did short out, but Lorex was very helpful in issuing a new replacement camera free of charge and shipped free to my house. I will continue to use and recommend Lorex in my future.

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Location: St Marys, PA
Date : February 24, 2015

This system was very easy to setup from start to finish. I am amazed at the detailed information on the instructions. There was no questions. It has a detailed picture and was very clear. The system itself was worth the amount we paid to have the feeling of security.

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Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date : March 2, 2015

i found the system easy to set up with very good picture quality and range. I did need to use the manual from the website to do the fine tuning of the system but it was no problem to get done. The only difficulty was after down loading the app on my mobile device was to get the system to send email alerts. I called technical support and they were very helpful and were able to get the system functioning properly.

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Location: Louisiana
Date : March 8, 2015

I am very happy with the purchase of my lorex surveillance system. I had no problem setting up the wireless camera system. I did need customer service to help with configuring my program parameters. Customer service was extremely helpful and friendly. If you want a basic surveillance system that shows you who is coming and going from your premises, this is an extremely economical and functional option. I will and have recommended the system to friends and family.

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shoe person

Location: richmond, va
Date : March 9, 2015

I purchased this system for a 2nd home for security when I wasn'there. I have installed the two cameras, one at the front door and one at the rear door.The back door was not sheltered so I used Lorex's suggestion of a plastic bucket to creat a sheltered cover for the camera. Installation was fairly easy, but to get the views on my Ipad and TV, I did get help from Lorex tech support. The were very helpful and easy to work with. The next step is to get the DVR to record when motion is detected and then to be able to review activity on my computer and Ipad. Good product at a reasonble price.

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Location: Kansas
Date : March 12, 2015

This is the second set I purchased. The previous set was very good and this one is even better. We use this at our second home which is in a rural area and feel more secure with it in place. It was easy to set up. We are very satisfied with this system.

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Location: NY
Date : March 12, 2015

Good product. We are very happy with the purchase of our Lorex surveillance system!

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Location: Washington State
Date : March 23, 2015

Easy setup and it works well for my needs. Video quality is adequate and I'm thinking about adding a couple more cameras. I wish the smartphone app was a little better, but it works most of the time.

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Bill K

Location: USA
Date : March 6, 2011

Up and running in short order

Cameras work well. Mine are outside and connect nicely through the brick walls. Not super high definition and daylight is clearer than night. The unit installs effortlessly. The menus are not very initiative to navigate but I do get live and recorded views on my iPhone which is a very nice feature.

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James Guilford

Location: USA
Date : April 29, 2011

Very good home system but not elegant


I purchased this system to monitor a home entryway that has recently become a trouble spot. Installation and configuration of the DVR was easy. Configuration of remote access was not so simple but, once accomplished, effective and reliable. What was not clear, owing to simplified product illustration, is that each wireless camera requires a corresponding wireless receiver module connected to the DVR. The manufacturer recommends that each receiver be separated from its neighbors at the back of the DVR. So if you have two cameras, there will be two receivers connected with two cables each: one for a power supply module, the other to the video input at the back of the DVR -- so two cameras means four cables, four cameras means eight cables, etc. Hiding the DVR in a drawer (depicted by the mfg.) is a visual myth unless the cameras are directly-wired to the DVR and not wireless. The DVR end of the installation is not at all elegant. I still don't know what to do with all those power cords, video cables, and receivers! Each wireless camera has a short power pigtail with a fat connector attached. Passing that through a wall required a hole (about half-inch) drilled through. The camera's power connector mates with the end of the cord leading from a power supply module that plugs into an AC outlet. As to performance, the cameras deliver very good image quality --equivalent to very good Web cams-- that provide enough detail to see what is happening and identify individuals. Nighttime infrared (IR) imaging is automatic and good as well though, as might be expected, is monochrome. Remote access allows viewing of near-realtime video from each camera or easy viewing of recorded video from times the user sets, all through an Internet Explorer browser window. The system performs as advertised and seems reasonably priced, just don't expect a neat installation!

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Location: Hawkesbury, Ontario
Date : May 14, 2013

Very nice system. Good and professional appearance in any environment. Easy camera installation with very clear pictures. I especially love the fact that I can access my system, view live and receive movement alerts from anywhere once the system is setup. The free technical support staff is very helpfull and curtious to assist with the initial setup of he system. I would not hesitate to recommend this Lorex product to anyone. Our neighborhood has been seeing many breakins over the past couple of years and knowing I have this surveillance system installed, really helps us feel more secure and protected. The only improvement would be to add the zoom feature on the cameras but this option is available on other cameras from Lorex. I purchased the 4 channel system. My only regret is that I should have taken the 8 channel system for futur expantion needs.

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Location: Sudbury, ON
Date : May 16, 2013

Easy to order; package came quickly and easy to set-up. Now let's see how well it picks up sounds.

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sort by :  Results: 76-90 of 168
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Video surveillance system - 2 camera security system
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