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LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras

LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras


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8  Channels

4  Cameras

2TB  Hard Drive

1080p  Resolution

150/100ft  Night Vision




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LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras

Imagine awareness technology so lifelike that it rivals reality. The Lorex LNR300 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings surveillance recordings to life in HD. Record video in real-time (30 frames per second) on up to 8 channels with full 1080p resolution. Don't miss a single detail with the ultimate in recording resolution and picture quality in your corner.

Say goodbye to port forwarding and complex networking issues. The LNR300 Series is the first NVR with Lorex's quick-and-easy Stratus Connectivity - a cloud-based service that sets up a remote connection to your smartphone or tablet in minutes. Simply download the free app, scan the NVR's QR code and start monitoring your property in full HD. The exclusive app has a number of advanced features, such as playback mode and multi-camera viewing straight to your mobile device.

This NVR comes with a 100% duty cycle surveillance-grade hard drive to ensure you can monitor your property 24/7. Expand your storage space by up to 8TB (maximum of two 4TB hard drives) to suit your needs.

The LNR300 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required. The LNR300 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required.

Compatibility Notice
High definition IP camera This NVR is compatible with Lorex IP cameras that use PoE for power and data transmission over Ethernet cables. This HD NVR is not compatible with analog, HD-SDI, HD-CVI or third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

The NVR is packaged with high-performance 1080p IP cameras to bring a heightened level of detail and clarity to your home or business surveillance needs. The end result of stunning high definition video of your home or business provides you with that crucial peace-of-mind you need. The cameras feature advanced Digital Noise Reduction combined with Spatial Noise Reduction, delivering a cleaner, more accurate image, with better clarity, sharpness, greater disc space for storage, and improved motion detection. High-powered Infrared LED's deliver outstanding night vision range up to 150ft away in ambient lighting and up to 100ft away in total darkness, ensuring extremely clear HD viewing in all low-light conditions.

The Lorex LNR300 Series NVR paired with 1080p IP cameras combine the fluidity of real-time recording with stunning HD picture quality for a surveillance experience more lifelike than ever before. Stay forever present no matter where life takes you to, confident that your world is being watched over by an especially keen eye.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Model no.: LNR300-Series

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

HDTV Ready

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Recommended Accessory
IP cameras for netHD security NVR (2-pack)

IP cameras for netHD security NVR (2-pack)

Model no.:LNB2153B-2PK

High definition cameras with advanced image sensor and night vision. For use with Lorex netHD NVR.

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Reg.  $599.99


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300 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: westminster co
Date : January 26, 2015

product is easy to install, works great.

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Location: Haliburton
Date : January 26, 2015

Great Product - great support- easy hook up - the video quality is awesome!

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Location: Saint Augustin QC
Date : January 25, 2015

I installed my LNR300 NVR with 4 Cameras 2 weeks ago at first had problem with 1 camera had a black screen had to reset camera 4 times 1 week was cold temp -20 to -30 temp warmed up 2nd week no problems talk to tech support he said may have something with low temp he said see what happens when temp drops again other 3 cameras worked fine beside that very happy with system...

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Location: Langley, BC
Date : January 23, 2015

Easy to set up, good night vision; we do have good night lighting though.
Records as represented. Portable devices work well on Apple and Android.
Would recommend buying to any home or small business like mine.

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Location: Burbank, California, USA
Date : January 21, 2015

I am an Engineer for WB. I understand all kinds of electronics but I didn't know anything about security cameras. I did some quick research and decided to buy a Lorex HD camera system. I love the bar code reader to setup NVR and I love the on-board POE switch as well as the auto camera finder. The things I don't like are the fact that Lorex doesn't keep current with firmware. My Lorex NVR is actually made by Hikvision. The audio is not enabled, I cant use 3rd party cameras, etc...I really like Lorex but they need to loosen up a bit.

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Location: nw ohio
Date : January 21, 2015

Bought the LNR382 from and have been very happy with the build, the ease of install and the performance. Picture quality can not be beat for a surveillance system day or night. Only regret was not buying sooner.

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Location: Central PA
Date : January 12, 2015

I bought this system for my wife to have peace of mind. We had some problems with a neighbor dumping yard waste on our land. We put up a fence but that didn't solve the problem. The clarity from these cameras is incredible! We showed a couple of other neighbors the picture from the cameras and they were amazed too. Word got out about our system and we haven't had any more dumping issues on our property. The saying about good fences making good neighbors may be outdated. Our security system makes better neighbors. My only complaint is that the system is not user-friendly so we haven't been able to use all of the features. We can view our property remotely from our phones and tablets but that is the only feature we have been able to use. I would still recommend this system though.

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Das Bull

Location: Central florida
Date : January 11, 2015

Installed 8 cameras myself. Was very easy to install and setup. I love the fact that I can use Flir Cloud anytime to see my cameras when I'm on the go. Best investment I've ever made. Truly clear pictures and simple system to operate.

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Location: Montreal
Date : January 10, 2015

The cameras make a much sharper image than my old cameras. By cons, we must make a hole 1 inch 1/4 to get the connector ... there is room for improvement on that side.
The "Lorex Stratus Connectivity" does not work in my office because of "firewall". I'll test the DDNS.
With POE, less wiring and no need for external transformer.

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Location: Nyc
Date : January 9, 2015

Not a bad system at all. Clear pics and great customer service!!

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Location: NC
Date : January 8, 2015

I have had my Lorex LNR360 for 10 months now and have had no major problems. I have called tech support several times and have had knowledgeable and helpful service. Find information on product support is challenging and you have to be determined to find it, but all in all it has been a good experience.

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Location: Sacramento, CA
Date : January 6, 2015

I have not been able to use the Lorex LNR380 DVR. The mouse does not function properly. The remote control does not work at all. After 2 1/2 hours, 2 of your Techs could not help make the DVR work. I have sent the DVR to Indianapolis for repair. The cost is $85.18 for shipping one way.

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Location: Texas
Date : January 3, 2015

Got my system in early Dec. 2014, installed mid Dec. System works great the clarity on the HD cameras is amazing. System setup was a breeze, I have a Mac and its little more work to access the DVR from it, get a the monitor that comes with it or use any monitor for that matter a lot more user friendly than the Mac. The mobile device setup is like a three step setup. Had a little issue with the Mac communicating with the DVR, called customer support and had the issue resolved quickly. Over all the system works great and I highly recommend it.

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Location: Long Beach
Date : January 2, 2015

Hardware - NVR and HD cameras excellent!
POE setup - simple plug and play
Software - OK but much easier to navigate and configure through web access.
Setup and Configuration - as I'm an IT professional everything was pretty easy and straight forward.

I have a static Internet IP so opening and forwarding the required ports was simple. I opted for using a web browser instead of the monitoring software/cloud services for remote access as it's much faster. I also used my static IP with the Android software for best performance as the Lorex provided cloud service locks up and isnt very fast. If you do not have a static Internet IP be sure to setup and use the DDNS service.

Camera and software configuration including email alerts, motion detection/monitoring, holiday scheduling, playback and capture are amazing. Many other great configurable options.

Set the NVR with an internal static IP and forward the required ports in your router.
Use the DDNS service (or static IP if you have one) for remote web access and Android/Apple instead the Lorex cloud service as it's much faster.
Internet Explorer was the fastest browser I tested (IE Firefox and Chrome). Be sure to add your IP/DDNS site to the Compatibility View settings and get the plugin loaded.

Awesome product and would highly recommend!!

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Location: LA
Date : January 1, 2015

Got my LNR382C4B system before Thanksgiving. So far the system is running great. I know a lot of people like me don't like to run a long cable from the outside all the way to the NVR which should be close to the router. But this NVR has a good option which you don't have to connect all cameras directly into the back of the NVR. The option allows you to connect camera to the LAN and the NVR will recognized the camera. What I did is run all the camera cables into one room in my 2nd floor and from there are two ways you can connect to the NVR. One way is using a router in a bridge mode to connect all your camera to the main router which your NVR is connected too. Off course you need a POE switch to connect all cables together before feed into this bridge or the bridge already has POE available. There you save lots of cable running and not drill tons of holes in your home. The 2nd approach is what I eventually used is instead of going through the bridge router, I connect the POE switch which has 4 cameras connected and connect the 5the Ethernet port, my POE switch has 8 Ethernet ports, directly into my phone line. Here you need to modify your phone socket to a RJ45 and an phone jack. My house use cat5 cable to for the phone, so basically the phone use only 1 pair of the 4 pairs line and the Ethernet use only 2 pairs or 3 pairs if POE is needed. Thus I can connect all my 4 camera from 2nd floor all the way down to 1st floor inside the wall and come out form the phone jack on 1st floor that is close to my router and NVR, of course your need to modify this into a RJ45 and phone jack to use both function.

These two potions seems all durable for my cases and when I add more camera I might use the bridge router mode which the place might not have phone line available to convert into Ethernet. All this can be done thanks the NVR's capability of recognized the camera from the LAN.

One more tip is one of my camera starts to white out or restart every time the motion detection was triggered. Called the tech support and they are going to replace a new one for me. Lorex seems to know what is going on with their product.

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