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LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP CamerasLNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras

LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras


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8  Channels

4  Cameras

2TB  Hard Drive

1080p  Resolution

150/100ft  Night Vision




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LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras

Imagine awareness technology so lifelike that it rivals reality. The Lorex LNR300 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings surveillance recordings to life in HD. Record video in real-time (30 frames per second) on up to 8 channels with full 1080p resolution. Don't miss a single detail with the ultimate in recording resolution and picture quality in your corner.

Say goodbye to port forwarding and complex networking issues. The LNR300 Series is the first NVR with Lorex's quick-and-easy Stratus Connectivity - a cloud-based service that sets up a remote connection to your smartphone or tablet in minutes. Simply download the free app, scan the NVR's QR code and start monitoring your property in full HD. The exclusive app has a number of advanced features, such as playback mode and multi-camera viewing straight to your mobile device.

This NVR comes with a 100% duty cycle surveillance-grade hard drive to ensure you can monitor your property 24/7. Expand your storage space by up to 8TB (maximum of two 4TB hard drives) to suit your needs.

The LNR300 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required. The LNR300 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required.

Compatibility Notice
High definition IP camera This NVR is compatible with Lorex IP cameras that use PoE for power and data transmission over Ethernet cables. This HD NVR is not compatible with analog, HD-SDI, HD-CVI or third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

The NVR is packaged with high-performance 1080p IP cameras to bring a heightened level of detail and clarity to your home or business surveillance needs. The end result of stunning high definition video of your home or business provides you with that crucial peace-of-mind you need. The cameras feature advanced Digital Noise Reduction combined with Spatial Noise Reduction, delivering a cleaner, more accurate image, with better clarity, sharpness, greater disc space for storage, and improved motion detection. High-powered Infrared LED's deliver outstanding night vision range up to 150ft away in ambient lighting and up to 100ft away in total darkness, ensuring extremely clear HD viewing in all low-light conditions.

The Lorex LNR300 Series NVR paired with 1080p IP cameras combine the fluidity of real-time recording with stunning HD picture quality for a surveillance experience more lifelike than ever before. Stay forever present no matter where life takes you to, confident that your world is being watched over by an especially keen eye.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Model no.: LNR300-Series

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

HDTV Ready

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Recommended Accessory
IP cameras for netHD security NVR (2-pack)

IP cameras for netHD security NVR (2-pack)

Model no.:LNB2153B-2PK

High definition cameras with advanced image sensor and night vision. For use with Lorex netHD NVR.

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249 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Surrey, BC
Date : October 26, 2014

Picture quality is fantastic and superb, I will give 5 star for the excellent picture quality. Although they have mention that these cams are plug and play but out of 9 cameras my nvr detects only 5 as soon as I plug it in (within 1-2 min) but for rest of the cameras to show I have to reboot my system. I couln't figure out what the problem was. Also stratus connecftivity on my iphone is quick and simple. After downloading the app I got the connection at once. But for the ddns setup I have to call the customer service and they helped me setup the ddns connection. I'll give 4 star to customer service as well although to get hold of the technicians I have to wait 35 min on the phone.
I'll give 3 stars to the nvr pragramming/softwares side bec its not wriiten well for the bnc output and even after spending couple of hours with the technician on phone and giving her access to use my pc to fix this issue. IN the end I figure it out after doing internet search and talking to diff local technicians that the prob is not well written for the bnc output side . I had not prob if I use hdmi output but when I use bnc output my screen got divided into 16 channels even if I had 8 cameras turned on . It displays 8 cameras on top of my monitor and leave blank space for another 8 at the bottom For some reason the bnc output setting thinks that I am using all 16 cameras even though I had 8 used thats why its dividing my whole screen into 16 equal segments. I don't know anyone else had this prob. So i hope the pragrammers will release an update to this to fix this problem.

So overall I'll give 4 star for this wonderful product with few glitches which needs to be fixed.

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Location: Calgary
Date : October 26, 2014

Night vision is not very good. I tried talking and writing to technical support and all they want to do is exchange the product, even though there is nothing wrong with it. I think it is just the way this camera works, not a very good night vision. During the day the picture is good, but as soon as it switches to IR the difference is huge. NVR is quite noisy. It took me a few days to completely finish the installation. Of course you can finish it in 15 minutes if you want your cables to hang around the house. When I received the package it did not have HDMI cable at all. When I am viewing the playback on my home network the speed is good, but as soon as you connect to the DDNS site outside your network the playback is very slow, pretty much unusable. Android app is good but it crashes most of the time.

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Location: Toronto
Date : October 20, 2014

Good product. I searched for a while, but this one came out on top. Good features, good value and perfect for my purpose. I recommended this to a lot of my friends.

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Location: Kitchener Ontario
Date : October 19, 2014

We got the unit at Costco and the price was right. We needed PoE as we were doing our per-wired building student residence. We found out after that the PoE terminals were miss wired - one end as an "A" type and the other as a "B" - when we plugged the cameras in the unit found it anyway and worked fine. Remarkable! - Initial set up was very easy out of the box. We put it together first before connecting it to the building and we had it working in a few minutes. Remote viewing set up is a bit of a challenge. (Note it doesn't run on WIN XP) - you need to know what the buzz words are. I'm an old world technician and even I had trouble following the manual. It would be nice if there was a video on this. Somehow our passwords got lost - it might have been me but now I need to go to the site and reset them on the phone with tech support with my laptop - on line support text was good - withing 24 hours - I tried once to figure out from the manual how to capture or even view a recording for an hour on yesterday's number three camera between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. - I still haven't done it - This is another place a video would be nice - The resolution is OK but off site the streaming and the changing of settings is extremely slow - and I have a very fast computer. Overall though I highly recommend this unit. You just need a little patience with the remote set up and settings.

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Location: Michigan
Date : October 16, 2014

Love this product. I looked at almost every brand out there and decided Lorex because of ease of installation and customer support I received even before I bought the product. Connecting to computer and Smartphone a little harder than directions indicate but tech support was fantastic. They walked me through a couple steps and every works as advertised. I would and have recommended this product to several friend.

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Location: Waldport, Oregon
Date : October 14, 2014

First, I need to say that I am not the most computer savvy person, elderly (70+) but I can read & follow instructions fairly well. After quite a lot of on-line researching I chose the 16 channel full HD NVR system from Costco. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Installation, set up for local & viewing from my android Smartphone has been pretty easy, have not had to call tech support. The system seems to work well, great images day & night. I am very pleased with this product.

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Location: Markham ON Canada
Date : October 14, 2014

Product was very easy to install and the video quality is excellent. Searching for items in storage is easy. My internet connection is too slow to allow me to use the client server to observe the cammeras from my main computor but once I upgrade that should be OK.

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Location: Long Island, NY
Date : October 12, 2014

Camera resolution is excellent. Generally, set up was pretty straightforward. No problems setting up viewing on local network, but had difficulty setting up internet viewing outside local network. Had to spend a lot of time with tech support to figure things out, but have now done so, and am pretty satisfied.

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Location: South Orange
Date : October 11, 2014

Bought from Costco. Excellent picture quality. We have Dropcams for inside the house and the Lorex system for outdoors. The Lorex mobile app leaves something to be desired. The web portal is better, as is the PC software. The software here needs to catch up with Dropcam, though -- Dropcam is at least a generation ahead in terms of ease of use. I'd gladly pay a monthly fee for that type of ease.

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Location: San Francisco
Date : October 9, 2014

EASY! Purchased from Costco, jJust power it on and plug in the cameras and it defaults to start recording just the way you'd want it. The "Stratus" feature allows super easy remote monitoring (from iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac)

No port forwarding and stuff. The cameras appear to be very well made and give you excellent image quality (day/night)

The cameras do not need separate power - just the Ethernet cable - it gets its power over the ethernet cable (POE). Very easy to mount, but you'll have to figure out how to run/hide the cables

The image quality is better than my other wireless cameras. The recorder itself is also very easy to use - can connect to a monitor with: VGA, HDMI, DVI. It also accommodates a mouse which makes setting things up easily.

I put the recorder in a hidden location in my house and ran a 100 ft long USB extension (which actually runs over a cat5 cable) and a 100 ft long HDMI cable to the TV in my family room. There are multiple settings, which will take time to learn and set up - if you choose to (like privacy screens, email alerts, motion detection recording only, etc.) - it really is very powerful and the Android app works just as you would expect (limited only by your data speed).

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Location: Fort Worth, TX
Date : October 9, 2014

This is the third security system we have tried. Our office is equipped with all Macs and getting systems to work properly has been a real pain. Even after changing to static IPs, setting the correct port forwarding, etc., the other systems were inconsistent at best, dropping signal often and needing frequent resets. This system worked right out of the box. Take a few minutes to review the quick start guide and you should have online live views in 15 minutes or less. After going through the set up wizard, we were good to go. It took a little while to configure the system the way we wanted (email alerts, motion fields, etc.) but it's quite powerful. The mapping is great to show the Police the camera placements on the property. The system is solid and the images, superb. We're really impressed with this system.

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Location: Roseville CA
Date : October 9, 2014

Good value for money. The product is easy to install and the 1080P picture quality is excellent. Connecting to my iPhone and iPad were straightforward and only took a few minutes to set up. I did have an issue sending email notifications from the DVR but resolved the problem after calling technical support. Need to download manual online to get detailed instructions for set-up and operation.

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Location: Kern, CA
Date : October 7, 2014

Bought it from Costco NVR/2TB/6cameras. Bought additional 2 cameras from Costco. Swapped the hard drive with 4TB WD purple and put one more 4TB WD purple in the extra bay. Need to have some knowledge of networking if you want to install by yourself. Dome camera has limited motion compared to bullet camera. Software should be more polished. Overall it is a good camera system with a high quality to price ratio.

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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Date : October 4, 2014

The only thing hard about setting the system up is the running of cat5 cables. I like the fact is uses POE so there is less cabling to worry about. Cameras were easy to mount and adjust. I used my galaxy 3 to see the live view while adjusting. Cameras have worked good over the last couple of weeks but bugs are triggering a lot of motion events. I may have some adjusting to do yet to correct this. It will be interesting to see how the cameras will operate over the winter given their specified operating temperature range. Overall a good experience so far.

I would recommend this system.

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Location: Incline Village, Nevada
Date : October 3, 2014

I actually purchased a LNR360 awhile back for one of our businesses. We have found the LNR300 series (we also have one ate another location) to be pretty simple to hook up and get running. The hardest part is mounting the cameras and installing the Cat5.
With the software provided, camera networking is a breeze, and we can monitor our two locations from home, phone, or either one of the businesses.
Picture quality is great. License plate viewing is so good, getting plate numbers for the sheriff is very easy. (Yup, vandalism).
I would recommend this system to anyone. I do think having some computer knowledge is helpful, but not really required.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 249
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LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras
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