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Security surveillance camera systemSecurity surveillance camera systemSecurity surveillance camera systemSecurity surveillance camera systemSecurity surveillance camera system

Security surveillance camera system


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16  Channels

8  Cameras

500GB  Hard Drive

660  TVL

100ft  Night Vision

19"  Monitor

Internet setup wizard

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Security camera system with DVR, monitor and 8 cameras

The Lorex LH168M security camera system provides peace of mind and dependability without breaking the bank. Record in real-time on every channel and view on three monitors at the same time. With internet and remote connectivity to today's major mobile devices, the included security DVR ensures you are always aware of what's going on in your world.

The security camera system includes eight, Super+ resolution, 660TVL security cameras with a superior video sensor that delivers clear video both during the day and at night. This security camera is ideal for home surveillance, office, retail or commercial security. The included security cameras can be used for both indoor and outdoor video monitoring.

LH110 series compatibility chart

Model no.: LH168M

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Night Vision

Night Vision

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Recommended Accessory
In wall security camera cable - 60FT video BNC and power, fire rated Siamese cable

In wall security camera cable - 60FT video BNC and power, fire rated Siamese cable

Model no.:CBLB60U

BNC-RCA and power camera extension cable. 60ft.

In Stock

Reg.  $59.99


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26 Reviews & Ratings
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Date : January 24, 2013

I have been impressed with this system. It came with everything I needed to install it. I don't really use it for security as much as an easy way to see who is at the door or when visitors arrive (in my house you can't see the driveway or front porch from the living areas). There are several things to know before buying it.

1. you have to run wires from the DVR to each camera. Make sure you have a way to get them from one location to another (attic, basement, etc). This was the most challenging part of installing it.

2. It takes a while to find the right adjustment for motion detection/recording. I had a hard time finding a balance where it didn't record constantly, but would record when someone walked by. Read the manual...

3. It takes some knowledge to get it set up to allow you to access it via the internet. If you google "port forwarding" and don't undersand anything you read, then get a geek friend to help.

4. I saw lots of frustration on the message boards about getting it to work with smart phones. Many people get an invalid login message. You have to go to the settings on your DVR and set up both a regular login (which works from the DVR and from your laptop) and a separate login for your smartphone. I don't think they ever figured out to do the second part. Again, read the manual.

5. The picture is not really high def. It is what you would expect when you put 4 pictures on a 13inch screen. I have no complaints about the picture quality. If you want really high resolution/detail you will need to spend lots more money.

6. The night vision is pretty cool. It is not perfect, but you can see well.

If I think of more I'll update later. In general this is a good basic system that is reasonably easy to install and set up if you are good with both computers and home repair/maintenance.

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The showman

Location: New York
Date : March 26, 2013

Best purchase ever

Lorex sales and support staff is very customer friendly very inportant for customers feel that someone is their to help with the product Yes I would recommend lorex

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Tay Cartier

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date : March 26, 2013

Great Product, I love IT!

This is a great product. Economical and easy to use. Highly recommended to small business owners who wants the ability to watch their business from anywhere in the world. I can also hear with this system! It's saved me ten-fold in from reduced theft!

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Location: San Diego
Date : March 26, 2013

Great Product

I am enjoying my Lorex cameras. I am able to check on my house when I'm away 24/7. It is very reassuring to know that my home is protected.

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Location: Puerto Rico
Date : March 26, 2013

The Lorex EcoGreat product,for home easy instalation.i strongly recommend this product.

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Location: Dallas, TX
Date : March 26, 2013

I am very pleased with this product. The quality and ease of use are certainly noteworthy.

I love the ability to remotely access the system from my iPhone!

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Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii
Date : March 30, 2013

Just works

Simple set camera came with a problem but customer service shipped out a new one right away. Mine came with 4 wireless cameras as well they are great to use in places where running cables is an issue. Overall I have been satisfied with the product, customer service wait times can be long, but they do eventually take care of you

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Date : March 30, 2013

Great system, loads of features at a reasonable price. Love that the camera wires are not exposed and at risk of tampering. Best system we found for our needs.

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grey man

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date : March 30, 2013

Out standing reolution and color

One of the best investments of my life. Easy installation and set up. The resolution and color are outstanding and the remote access through my I phone is unbelievable, even when I zoom in. This for sure is a 5 star rated product and I would reccomend iit for any household or business, as I have two systems in both places.

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Home secure

Location: Fresno
Date : March 30, 2013

A much needed product 40974680

After several break ins in my area of the city i purchased this video security system. It was easily installed, exceptional picture clarity, and adds a new sense of safety for not only myself but for my neighbors. I not only cover my own property but as an added value i am able to see 5 other front yards across the street and next door. I am very pleased with the purchase of the 8 camera ECO2 system.

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Location: Monterey Peninsula, CA
Date : March 30, 2013

Caught a burglar the first month!

I bought my Lorex system and had it professionally installed. My installer had a very difficult time communicating with Lorex Tech Support to get the ports open in my wireless system so I could view my security cameras from remote locations. He spent many, many, many hours on hold and this should be improved. Just a few weeks after I installed my system, my home was burglarized. As soon as I realized several power tools were missing, I reviewed my DVR recordings and within about an hour, I saw the burglar! The cameras captured him driving into my property, parking, walking into my home, loading my belongings into his car and driving away. I recognized the criminal as someone who had done work at my home 8 months before. Within 4 hours I was able to get a positive ID from his employer, and learned the burglar's name, address, phone number, social security number and birthday, which I was able to turn over to the police. But the best part was handing a thumb drive to the detective, with the entire crime on video. She then had probable cause to arrest the burglar and search his home for my belongings, and those he had stolen from other people. It was so satisfying to actually solve a crime! Without my security cameras, I would have been left wondering who had violated my home, and my feeling of safety would have been destroyed.

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Location: estacada, Oregon
Date : March 31, 2013

great value

I needed a system that wasn't to costly and I found these at Costco.They are very easy to mount and to get set up on your computer.The only problem I had was getting it set upon my smartphone.It took two calls to their help line but everything is up and running .Yes I would do it again.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date : April 1, 2013

I am happy to recommend Lorex for more than a few reasons. To begin, I did have a problem with my original DVR, but with a few emails and a phone conversation, Lorex quickly replaced it at no cost to me. Perhaps more importantly, the act of putting my cameras on the internet was the easiest I ever experienced because of the software provided and the extremely easy directions to create my external IP address. I have been using cameras since 2000 and this was my best experience. BTW I don't always use my cameras for security. Having owned a restaurant and coffee shop, I installed cameras on a another building and my customers could sit in the coffee shop and see the buses coming from 7 blocks away rather than having 7 seconds from when the bus turned the corner. Additionally I now have a consignment shop and I will be using these cameras to display my products for sale, changing them on a daily basis. In both cases I allow the neighbors/customers to see the IP address so they can either see the buses coming or what I have to sell in my shop

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Alarm Installer

Location: Ontario
Date : April 23, 2013

Best Value Out there for Surveillance System!

This system has the best value out there I have seen for what you get. I had my system installed and up in running in no time with no extra hardware needed! Hard to find a system out there that's this complete. The tech support was very friendly and I was able to view my cameras online in 1/2 with their help!

Great Affordable system!

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Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Date : December 11, 2013

I have colleagues, friends and relatives that purchased this system in the past and I was astonished at the dollar value vs. the product quality. It's a great system and I would recommend it.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 26
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Security surveillance camera system
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