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24 channel security surveillance system24 channel security surveillance system24 channel security surveillance system24 channel security surveillance system24 channel security surveillance system

24 channel security surveillance system


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24  Channels

24  Cameras

3TB  Hard Drive

660  TVL

100FT  Night Vision

Stratus Connectivity

ECO6 Series Real-time Security System

The Lorex LH24C24 is a fully-loaded security camera system that is ideal for retail, office, or warehouse security projects, delivering impressive performance at a moderate cost. With the innovative Eco 6 DVR at its core, the security camera system is capable of real-time 960H resolution recording on all channels and is suitable for 24/7 video surveillance. The 24-channel security DVR is complemented with 24 weatherproof cameras with outstanding night vision to ensure you never miss out on important details, day or night. Lorex security camera systems include all key components required for hassle free installation and setup.

LH140 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Recommended Accessory
In wall security camera cable - 60FT video BNC and power, fire rated Siamese cable

In wall security camera cable - 60FT video BNC and power, fire rated Siamese cable

Model no.:CBLB60U

BNC-RCA and power camera extension cable. 60ft.

In Stock

Reg.  $59.99


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34 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Midvale, Utah
Date : May 26, 2010

Great Security System

"It is easy to use and gives great pictures from all 8 cameras. I can monitor them from any computer anywhere. It is easy to review prevfious days activities in the past week."

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Location: Temecula, California
Date : May 26, 2010

Excellent product......

"Easy installation and excellent customer service; Your cameras could transmit a higher quality picture--any suggestions?"

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Location: Honolulu,HI
Date : May 27, 2010

Good buy!

"I purchased the LH 400 Link Series a couple month ago. I found the instalation to be straight forward and simple. The set up of the DVR for the network and IPhone was a little more challenging. The instructions that Lorex supplied was extreamly helpful in my sucessful setup. Great product! I expect this product to last many years to help protect my house."

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Location: Keller, TX
Date : May 28, 2010

Great remote video viewed on any device!

"I purchased this product specifically because I was looking for a means to monitor my home on my BlackBerry 8320 Curve. This product meets my needs and more. For starters, the set-up was easy and straight-forward. No trouble at all. After testing my setup, I registered with the free Lorex DDNS service and found remote viewing and control to be easy and effortless. Whether using my laptop, desktop or BlackBerry, the system is a breeze to monitor and control. The included client software makes the remote setup very easy. Since the DVR is a server, for those of you who are network geeks out there, you can access it directly through a firewall with no client software needed if you know how to set it up.....yes, all the info is in the manual.

This system is an upgrade for me. My old security cameras were X10-based and used separate motion sensors. With the Lorex, the motion detection is built into each camera. Genius! The video quality is very, very good and works day (color) and night (B&W with infra-red LEDs in each cam). The setup also has 8 external alarm inputs so that you can wire up a door or window contact to elicit an email message upon triggering. Emails can be sent to as many as 5 addresses.

I highly recommend this product.


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Location: Surveillance Contractor_Northern New Jersey
Date : August 9, 2010

Excelent price and quality

"Researched various DVR's and found the Lorex Link to have all necessary features for surveillance and monitoring that others did not offer.

Price was extremely competitive compared to other brands offering the same or less in quality and/ or features.

Cameras however are low resolution, but for certain conditions, do the job excellently. For more detailed display, higher resolution cameras can be purchased separately.

I highly recommend this product."


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Location: San Jose, CA.
Date : September 1, 2010

Great security DVR with 10 Star Customer Service

"Rated 1 to 5:

Ease of use: 5

Picture Clarity Day: 5

Picture Clarity Night::5

500 GB Hard Drive gives ample video storage

Easy backup, video recording and picture snapshots, make this the DVR to have iin home or office.

I presently have this at home and will be installing it in our company office and covering the grounds.

This company's customer service is above and beyond comparison.

Thank you Lorex Technology!


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Date : September 30, 2010

"It works really good I can view it on my I phoone and my PC at home and its clear I like it !"


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Location: Anacortes washington
Date : October 9, 2010

Excellent Security System

"This was a great buy, everything works perfect and seems to be a solid system."

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Location: Boulder, CO
Date : February 20, 2011

Edge 300 series with full Mac compatibility

"I was originally interested in Lorex systems because they are the only company that makes a Mac compatible DVR. It is truly Mac friendly and works wonderfully, with local access and remote access using Safari. But also as a general surveillance system, I can't imagine it working more smoothly.


Fully Mac compatible.

Even as a non-tech person, the set up was relatively easy.

The night-time resolution of the daytime/night time camera is excellent, wired and wireless.

iPhone app works perfectly as long as you are WiFi connected. (understandably the 3G speed is too slow to allow real viewing)

Customer service is excellent and the higher executives really care about their products and customer satisfaction. Personal follow up was a pleasant surprise!


Tech support is either excellent or incompetent depending on who answers the phone

The cameras work really well, but if your goal is their lack of visibility, there are certain situations where this is impossible, especially at night with the IR light. The solution can be found elsewhere, but it would be great if Lorex provided more camera style choices."

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Location: Red Bluff, CA
Date : February 24, 2011

Worked Right Out Of The Box - Great Product

Model Number: Lorex 8 Channel EDGE

"I had never purchased or used a security system before, so I was concerned about how complex they might be to install and setup. I took the Lorex out of the box and plugged in all the connectors, and IT WORKED. I played with the system for a few days learning how to set it up for motion only recording, and all the other options. The operating system is surprisingly simple and easy to understand. I installed the system and had no issues other than figuring how to run the wires in some tight places. It's been running now for 30 days with no problems."


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Location: Hemet, CA
Date : July 27, 2011

Fantastic protection!

"This is my third camera security system. I wish I had installed it first. Not only does State Farm give me a nice security discount, but I now have real peace of mind when we go away for the weekend or vacation. I can check eight important locations any time I want to on the internet."

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Location: Meridian, Idaho
Date : July 28, 2011

Reliable, Reliable, Reliable.

"Purchased this unit to replace a 4-camera Lorex system to get better coverage and picture resolution. When unit arrived the DVR malfunctioned and was replaced by Lorex after two days working by phone with tech support (used phone because first email was unanswered for a week).

In 11 months of full-time use, there have been no problems with the cameras or the DVR. Resolution is very good both day and night. Set-up was simple, but the back of the DVR is so crowded that it's very difficult to manage the eight BNC connections. That's the price you have to pay for such a compact unit.

Fairly easy to backup the DVR (copy video segments) with a USB memory device, but the format is .MOV which I have to convert to .WAV or .AVI.

Cannot comment on touch screen, internet connectivity, or remote operation. I operate it only with the mouse because I don't feel the need to use the touch screen o the remote control.

For me, the strongest feature is the reliability of the unit. It replaced another Lorex product which was also 100% dependable. I would give this product a very positive recommendation based on reliability alone, but I am also pleased with all of the other features which I use."

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Location: San Bernardino, CA
Date : October 14, 2011

Good system

"Crisp, clear images, intuitive operation. Fan in DVR is audible, so consider that in placement of system. But I'm happy when a product meets my expectations, and this certainly did."


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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date : October 18, 2011

This one won me over

"I feel great now that I use this DVR setup. It's simple and easy to use, real compact but great looking and sharp imagegry, this one is worth every penny"


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Location: November 3, 2011
Date : November 3, 2011

Best security system

"Love the system and camera quality and at great price. Two thumbs up to Lorex!"


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