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Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
  • Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
  • Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
  • Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
  • Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
  • Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
2.4 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
5 hour battery life
Night Vision
Play Video

The LW2003 is a completely portable digital video baby monitor solution with a slim and compact design and built-in 'snapshot' recording. The pocket-sized video monitor with 2.4-inch super-bright LCD screen and camera both feature built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for true portability around your home.Take the system with you when you visit relatives, friends, or go on vacation. Capture those unforgettable moments instantly with touch-button snapshot recording to a built-in microSD card recorder. Snap and save up to 4000 pictures on the included microSD card. “Talk with Baby” feature lets you talk to and soothe your baby when you are not in the same room. See your baby at all times with Automatic Night Vision. The 100% digital technology ensures the signal is secure, interference-free and has a wireless range of up to 450 feet. The LIVE snap grows with your family because you can add cameras to view up to 4 rooms.

free upgrade

Free upgrade

Order today and get a free upgrade to our new BB2411 "Sweet Peek" video baby monitor. New model features nightlight, soothing lullabies and 8 hour battery life.
* BB2411 does not support snapshot recording

Model no.: LW2003



Take snapshot pictures of important moments and events.

Secure wireless connection

Secure wireless connection

100% digital technology ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor.

Expandable Solution

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera


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61 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Dallas, TX
Date : May 24, 2011

Great Purchase

Model Number: LW2003PK2

I was skeptical when I saw this online. Received it in record time setup & getting used to it was a breeze. This system with two cameras is really great, good color and almost seems like video. Highly recommended for one or more babies!!

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Location: Victorville,ca
Date : June 1, 2011

Outstanding product

This my second Lorex I bought the first one when we had our son and now we need another to watch our baby girl. a new set is cheaper than two individuals cameras. so we have 4 cameras and 2 monitors. they are great nice picture, the cameras are rechargeable, i love the 4 cameras at one time, the speak feature calms our son when he cries, great reception compared to others i have had. you won't be disappointed with this purchase

Cons: each camera can only be linked to 1 monitor

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Location: California USA
Date : June 2, 2011


Lorex LIVE Love it - Great Camera

This is a great camera. I love it. It's clear during the day, and clear during the evening. It does what I want it to do. I didn't have any problems hooking it up. You can talk with your loved one and they can talk with you too. I wish I could pan and zoom - but the camera frame is wide enough, with clarity that it becomes a non-issue.

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Date : July 6, 2011


This is the best purchase I've made in some time. The cameras are detailed, you can connect up to four (would love to have more), can listen to what is happening, and can tell them to stop what they are doing if needed.

It has saved me many trips down the stairs to check on them when they are playing alone. The BEST feature is being able to press a button and tell them something when needed. Much better than paying a babysitter to sit there and do practically nothing when you are still in the house.

Pros: picture quality, wireless (other than plugging it in to the outlet), four color cameras,digital for privacy

Cons: battery life for cameras

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Location: Denver, CO
Date : July 27, 2011


Wonderful Monitor

We had a Mobi monitor but it interfered with our wireless so much so that we had no internet if we had the camera turned on. It was a horrible monitor so we bought the Lorex and we are very impressed. It has amazing clarity both day and night, we love that it also has 2 way communication. Only somewhat drawback is that the battery drains quickly unless you have it in VOX mode which works well for us anyways. We have had the monitor for 3 weeks now and we really do love it.

Pros: doesn't interfere with wifi, great picture

Cons: doesn't have a stand

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Chris D

Location: Hamilton, NJ
Date : May 3, 2012

Great Video Monitor

This baby monitor is great. It is low cost in comparison to the brands sold at the big box baby stores and even higher quality. The camera resolution is crisp and the sound quality is excellent. The monitor is light and easy to carry around the house. Both the camera and monitor can operate on battery and AC power and travel easily. Nightvision mode offers a great picture as well. It even has the abilty to snap a photo of your baby. The monitor is also expandable to four cameras, so if you have multiple kids that require monitoring it is perfect.

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Location: from Montréal, QC
Date : May 3, 2012

Does what you expect

This was the perfect video monitor for our needs. Well priced and just the right feature set.

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Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Date : May 3, 2012

Works perfectly

For people who say it turns off after a few seconds or minutes, turn off power save and VOX and everything works perfectly. The battery lasts several hours even when you have it constantly on. A perfect baby monitor for us.

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Wallace Point Fjords

Location: Belmont, NS
Date : May 3, 2012

Not just for human babies

We use this monitor to observ our mares who are about to foal. Easy to use, portable unit that has saved us many middle of the night trips to the barn. Thanks!

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Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date : May 3, 2012

Great Monitor

Love this monitor system. Video portion is great, actually much better than i expected. The sound is decent not great, but may have to do with the fact that I am placing this farther away than i would a normal monitor. I bought this for the 2 year old tranitioning to the big boy bed. like the 2 way talk for that. I am eager to try adding another camera for the new baby.

The only con i can find is that the battery doesn't last real long, but there is a power save mode and we keep it in the craddle all night.

The price may look steep to some, but i thought it was cheap for what you get.

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Location: Salvador, Brazil
Date : May 3, 2012


It works just perfect. Altough when there are many walls the signal fails. A great thing is that both camera and receiver have batteries, so even if there is a energy fail you can keep it working! I'm very satisfied.

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Location: Mission Viejo, CA
Date : May 3, 2012

Portability is awesome

I love this baby monitor. Sure, its probably not perfect, but it does its job. Reading the reviews everywhere, it tends to get bad reviews cause the actual image isn't so good, especially for snapping pictures of your baby.

But, this is just a baby monitor!

I love how portable this unit is, that both the camera and hand unit are rechargable and you can put it anywhere. So no matter where the baby takes a nap, I can move the camera to watch him and be in a total different part of the house. Good image and I love that I can push a buttom and then talk thru the camera.

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Mom of busy baby

Location: Milton, ON
Date : May 3, 2012

Works Great

we love this baby monitor. We had an audio only monitor which had a lot of interference and we kept going into the nursery to check on the baby to make sure she was ok. Now we just look at the monitor and no more guessing. We also like the fact that we can expand up to 4 cameras when we decide to expand our family.

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Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date : May 3, 2012

Simple and essential

Very very useful for recent married.

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DrMom "DrMom"

Location: Chicago il
Date : February 20, 2013

Excellent monitor & great value, definitely recommend

We purchased this monitor with an extra camera about 18 months ago and have been extremely happy with it. We have used it in our previous and current homes, both 2 stories, without any difficulties. We have 2 cameras, one in each of our children's rooms, and love the portability of the handset. The picture quality and night vision are excellent. We LOVE the walkie-talkie feature and use it often to quiet our older child when he wakes up from a bad dream or to find out if he really needs our help with something before we debate whose turn it is to go. The whole system is so easy to use and portable that we've taken it with us on several vacations and used it to let our younger child nap while we sit & chat, etc. in an adjoining room. We took on a lake cabin vacation last summer and found that it worked as far away as our relatives' cabin about 50 yards from ours. The handset appears a little flimsy but it has withstood lots of hard use by us and shown no signs of giving in. I'd absolutely recommend this monitor to anyone!

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 61
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Discontinued - Digital video baby monitor with camera
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