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Wireless camera with audioWireless camera with audioWireless camera with audioWireless camera with audioWireless camera with audio

Wireless camera with audio


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VGA  Resolution

100FT  Night Vision


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Long range wireless camera with audio and 100ft night vision

View your world with the wireless freedom of the LW2275 digital outdoor wireless camera. With easy installation, place the camera in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the camera and receiver and you’re ready to go.

A built-in signal warning alerts you if the camera is out of range from the receiver. Capable of plugging directly into a DVR, or TV, or RCA monitor, and with features such as; FHSS Digital Wireless Technology providing excellent VGA image quality, a built-in microphone for listen-in audio, and long range night vision of up to 100ft, this advanced weatherproof wireless security camera is ideal for the home or business. The LW2275 wireless digital security camera, the wireless way to stay aware.


Camera compatibility


Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
ECO Series
Edge Series
Blackbox Series
D1 & 960H DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LHV1000 Series
720p HD DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR200 Series
LNR300 Series
1080p netHD NVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR100 Series
LNR400 Series
1080p HD NVRs

Model no.: LW2275

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Wireless Range

Wireless Range

Wireless operating cameras, no video cable required.

Audio Function

Audio Function

Audio capabilities due to the built-in microphone.

Recommended Accessory
Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna

Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna

Model no.:ACCANTO8

2.4GHz Omni-Directional Wireless Range Extender Antenna

In Stock

Reg.  $99.99


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48 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Rochester ny
Date : February 18, 2015

excellent camera very easy to hook up lf I can do it anybody can do it l will buy more

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Location: California
Date : February 8, 2015

I decided to purchase a camera system after making significant upgrades to my home. I first purchased 4 cameras, then realized that 2 more were needed due to the configuration of my buildings. A later patio addition again necessitated still 2 additional cameras. All worked well except for one of the first ones which had a connection problem. I contacted Lorex and the problem unit was replaced. No hassel, no problems. Though I fully understand that only a minimum number of wireless units are recommended per system, mine all work fine. Excellent daytime pictures; good night views. But you do have to keep the spider webs away from the lenses.

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Location: Temperance, Michigan
Date : February 1, 2015

Camera worked with ease & as described. Day & night both work very well. There tech support is very good.

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Doug E

Location: Minitonas Manitoba Canada
Date : November 8, 2014

I have had two cameras for a year and did have issues (LED lights) with one of them that was replaced recently...Last winter we had lots of -30C to -40C temperatures with -50'sC with windchill and they never missed a beat .However,i did wrap a thin layer of insulation around them covered with a cut off sleeve of a sock so it seemed to work...Both had issues with the LED lights but daytime pics were good...Hope the replacement keep working

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Location: Bonita, CA
Date : September 28, 2014

Within a year this cameria started having to be reset every morning. Called support India was no help. Purchased a new camera, I will try again because I have the receiver and other Lorex cameras. The picture on the new camera is much clearer than tho year old cameras.

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Denice B

Location: WA state, USA
Date : August 28, 2014

We purchased 2 of these cameras, and were so happy with them that we now have four. The setup is very easy. We have 3 of the cameras out in or near the barn and pastures, which are quite a distance from the house. If I want to ride and no one else is home, it is great to be able to call my daughter who lives 45 minutes away, and she can watch me ride and ensure that I am safe. It is quite amazing what critters we can see at night. We did have one camera fail, but Lorex immediately replaced it. Good customer service.

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Location: florida
Date : August 24, 2014

bought a system with 4 of these cameras before a year was up had to replace 3 of them.after installing them 1 more went bad and was replaced.Now the system has gone out of warranty and 1 more has gone bad.They replaced one of theLW2275 cameras with a LW2281 which is working fine.I be leave that they have a big problem with the LW2275 series and that is why they sent the LW2281.I have a bad taste in my mouth from these lore products and don't recommend any of them.The customer service is horrible!!!!

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Location: Austin, TX
Date : August 9, 2014

These worked perfect for my home. I had to make sure the DVR was in a central location but have had no major problems. Occasionally I will loose connection, but it is because none of cameras are in the actual line of sight and with masonry walls. I may get an range extender if it becomes an issue. The daytime vision is sharp as a tack. The night time vision is pretty good, especially for the money. I know there are better and more expensive systems out there, but for my house these cameras work perfectly. Easier to install than hard wired, however, you need a power source. Two of my power sources are going directly into the garage and that makes it pretty simple. The other two were a little tricky but ended up working out well. I have a backup camera in case one goes out but so far so good.

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Location: Austin, TX
Date : August 5, 2014

So far so good. Almost a year of solid performance. I have 4 installed total and I really like the quality of the cameras. Sure there are better more expensive options out there but for a simple home covering the four corners of the house these work pretty well for the price. I leave the audio on so I can hear what is going on outside and hear someone approaching the door or the meter readers waling between the houses. It is a great piece of mind and I have a central location s all the cameras get pretty good good reception for wireless. In a 2200 sq ft home I can record without interruption and these work great for my needs and it was one hell of a deal for good piece of mind.

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Location: Roanoke VA
Date : July 13, 2014

I own two of these cameras . They perform well at the price point although, they are prone to moisture fogging when mounted in the open. Recommend mounting in sheltered areas out of dew and frost areas.Internal condensation due to temperature swings seems to be the cause. If they are mounted in a shelter environment they perform as well as one could expect without paying a greater price. Signal strength is good and picture quality is fine to excellent if you keep lens glass free of dirt and spider webs.

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Location: Washington state
Date : May 21, 2014

Excellent resolution day and night, if signal strength is good. Easy installation at all angles. Only concern is limited range if walls are a factor; had to relocate several cameras closer to maintain signal reception.

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Copter Cowboy

Location: Texas
Date : March 21, 2014

This camera is great. Easy set up, Rugged case, good picture.

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Location: Canada
Date : March 17, 2014

It is an excellent wireless system ,The sound quality is good, easy installation, I recommend this system.


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Location: Florida
Date : March 12, 2014

I purchase the LW2275 wireless with audio a few weeks ago and mounted on one of the columns of my front gate 250 feet from the house and as soon as I plugged in the unit started transmitting.
The image and sound are very clear, the wireless receiver is connected to a 32 inch HD LCD television.

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Location: COLORADO
Date : March 2, 2014

Bought this to replace a much older model which went dark during the very below zero recent weather. Resolution on the new camera is just great. Very easy to set up the wireless.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 48
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Wireless camera with audio
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