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Wireless IP camerasWireless IP camerasWireless IP camerasWireless IP camerasWireless IP cameras

Wireless IP cameras


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30FT  Night Vision

VGA  Resolution

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3-Pack of wireless IP cameras for home monitoring

The LNC104 Lorex LIVE Ping Wireless Network Cameras allow users to remotely monitor their home or business through a secure, password protected connection that requires no networking knowledge. Simply connect the ip camera into a router, run the installation CD and users are on their way to see, hear and protect what matters to them most. View on your PC, Mac or compatible smartphone.

ip camera with iPhone iPad Mac android and PC connectivity

Configure your camera on any device - no PC required.

ip camera set-up in 3 easy stepsWith a quick & easy 3 Step Set-Up with no PC required, all you have to do to activate your camera is plug it into power, connect to the internet with the press of a button, then simply scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your smartphone or tablet using the free downloadable Ping App.  Never before has it been such a breeze to set-up a wireless network camera.  The QR code acts as the camera’s ID, and once you scan it, voila you’re instantly viewing live video right from your mobile device without the need of a PC!

Easy connection to home network with Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

ip camera easily connects to Wi-FiVersatile and advanced the Ping is capable of connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi with WPS. Connect over Wi-Fi with no hardwired connection to the router necessary, so there’s no need for an Ethernet cable as long as your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function.  The camera can detect and connect to your Wi-Fi network and start streaming video right away.

Simple microSD and snapshot recording.

ip camera for recordingConveniently choose to either record straight to your camera on a microSD card using the built-in video recorder, or record directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with the free remote viewing applications for mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.  Using H.264 video compression technology to maximize recording space and conserve Internet bandwidth, enabling you to playback that captured footage on your device straight away.

Night vision & unique Dual Lens design  

IP camera with night visionThis camera was built with a dual lens to deliver enhanced day imagery and excellent night vision observation.  One lens is used specifically for day time operation providing a clean and colourful picture.  While the other lens is solely used during low light conditions, with the image automatically switching to a crisp and clear black & white night vision.  The camera features a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 30ft away in total darkness.  Be in the know at all times no matter what time of day or night.

Dual motion detection technology with instant alerts to your phone

IP camera with motion detectionFeaturing dual motion detection technology with both Passive Infra-Red (PIR) and smart video motion detection.  Alert accuracy is drastically improved, providing superior motion sensing that ensures more precise motion-activated recordings, push notifications and email alerts with snapshot attachments of the event sent directly to your device. The built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor tracks heat from moving objects such as people or animals, while the video motion detection with customizable sensitivity levels catches all the motion that doesn’t generate heat and is also outside of the PIR sensor’s 20ft range. Instantly know if anything happens at your home, small business or vacation properties all at once!

Listen-in audio with push/email audio alerts.

IP camera with audio alertsFeaturing a powerful built-in microphone that lets you hear what’s happening around the camera straight to your mobile device or computer.  The LIVE Ping also supports a two-way talk feature by connecting an accessory speaker (sold separately) to the audio jack, helping bridge the gap between the camera and the end user.  Being able to talk to your camera from anywhere in the world is a great function to have. Whether you’re just upstairs in the house or traveling across the globe, you can calm your frantic pet or communicate with family members in the house with the press of a button!

Model no.: LNC104-3PK

Expandable System

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.

Two-Way Audio

Two-Way Audio

The IP camera supports two-way voice communication over the Internet. External speakers are required.

Secured Netwok

Secured Netwok

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Recommended Accessory
IP camera software

IP camera software

Model no.:L-View-116

This software allows you to record and review up to 16 cameras simultaneously.

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206 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: New York
Date : November 14, 2014

The Lorex LNC204 camera is an amazing camera. Other than some clarity issues with the microphone, everything else is spot on. Even in the darkness of night, it produces clear video. The setup was amazingly easy and I was impressed enough to buy another one.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date : November 13, 2014

I like the LNC204 wireless cameras. I purchased two LNC204 from Costco and received it two days ago. Out of the box the setup was pretty simple. I did exactly what the video demo do and both cameras are on the local network and the internet just like that.

The video quality is pretty good but a little bit oversaturated for a bright room - even set it to indoor-sunlight and put the brightness to 1. But everything else is good.

I like the alarm/scheduling feature. I should be able to get an instant snapshot emailed to me before the would be intruder cut off my camera. I ordered micro sd cards to do additional recording.

I like them so much that we decided to order two more to cover all the first floor of our room.

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Paul S.

Location: Arkansas
Date : October 18, 2014

I purchased the LNC204 HD wireless cameras. They provide the best reception, color, and quality at a reasonable price. The set-up for remote viewing on my laptop, tablet, and cell phone was super easy. The reception is clear and perfect.

I really like the built in speaker and microphone which my old cameras did not have. That was one of the major reasons for purchasing this camera set.

Now I can watch my property when out of town, get e-mail alerts, and feel quite safe that everything will be exactly the way I left it.

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Location: OH
Date : October 7, 2014

I'm not very tech savvy; however, even with that disadvantage, I was able to set up the cameras and receive email notifications. We have the 200 series and the cameras are working great and we love the system (so far).

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Al S.

Location: Plymouth NH
Date : September 14, 2014

We now have 7 of these LNC 100 Series IP cameras in use in our (2) homes. They are great for keeping an eye on what's happening 3000 miles away in the house we are not occupying. If you have a wireless router with WPS function, setup is extremely simple and you can be operational in less than 5 minutes per camera.

We have the Lorex software on our Macs, iPads and I-phones and they all work great. E-mail notification function works well.

My only regret is not buying the 200 series cameras which have built-in temperature readouts.

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Spa City Technology

Location: Hot Springs, AR USA
Date : September 8, 2014

After having owned 2 of these cameras for about 2 years now I can honestly say that these are some the best " BANG FOR YOUR BUCK" security cameras on the market. They are easy to setup, work wired or wireless, run off of virtually any USB power supply, portable and easy to place in plain view or hidden. The ability to replicate security video from micro SD cards, to a PC on the network, a NAS or a cloud drive gives me a LOT of piece of mind! Access from mobile Android phone is great, bandwidth dependant of course. The ability to allow 2-way audio just sets it in a whole different bracket from comparably priced cameras. On the business side I can actually give virtual private lessons for martial arts,tactical firearms or computers and networking. On the fun side it is HILARIOUS watching and hearing my miniature dachshunds try to figure out where I'm hiding when I "call" them from my The only improvement I would suggest is a range extender and battery pack for remote locations. However, I'm not entirely sure they haven't already done that and any battery pack for a mobile phone should work fine, as long as it has a usb connection. I have seen better quality and features, but no where near this price! As the owner of several companies that are centered around technology and security I absolutely love and recommend these cameras.

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Location: Florida
Date : August 22, 2014

We bought two LNC-116 cameras, and they work fine - simple setup, clear images, and amazing low-light capability.
However, the playback software )L-Play), is very buggy. It's almost impossible to proceed to a specific time in a recording. Tech Support tells me that my only recourse is to return the product, they won't have a fix until the next release of the software, and they don't know when that will be.
To complicate that issue, the software is supposed to check for updates when it is launched, but it doesn't, even though there is an update available. By the way, the available update (v1.0.10), which I found with the help of Tech Support, is even bugier than the original (v 1.0.0)

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Location: Naples FL
Date : August 15, 2014

This camera is perfect for keeping an eye on my house when I am away. I had some difficulty setting it up, but the support person was a great help and did it remotely on my computer.

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Debbie G.

Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Date : August 13, 2014

I purchased the LNC104-3PK and love them. The cameras were fairly easy to set up. There were some differences between the instructions on the iPhone app and the hard copy manual, but I was able to install easy enough. They have been working great. I did a fair amount of research and these seemed to have the best 'bang for the buck'. The picture quality is good and the sound too. I purchased them to make sure my 85 yr old mother is doing ok in her home with her caretaker. I monitor using my phone and on my PC during work. I highly recommend them.

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Location: NY
Date : July 24, 2014

Very easy to set-up, picture is good too

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Location: California
Date : July 22, 2014

I got my camera a few days ago and I am very happy with my decision. I was a little confused about the set up, but the tech support worked with me every step of the way. What's nice is that right out of the box it is really ready to go with very little effort and no technical background. Just connect to the router, install the app on your phone, and you're ready to stream remotely. I thought it would be harder but it was not. Impressive tech at an affordable price. I got it for about 120 at Home Depot.

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Location: WA
Date : July 3, 2014

Great product! Easy to setup. Just works. Fine image quality. Easy to setup remote monitoring.

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Location: Virginia
Date : June 15, 2014

Although I had to get help to set up the camera, I got very helpful and courteous service and I am very pleased with the images I am able to view from the camera. Now I can keep an eye on the house when I am away from home or check on the situation from different parts of the house.

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Claude Paquet

Location: Kaufman, TX
Date : June 11, 2014

I originally purchased two LNC 104 cameras sand installed those without any problems using the WSP feature. I had cameras before but those that you have to set up with port forwarding etc. They work but a lot harder to install and keep going. No problems with the IP cams the have been running for about five months without a glitch. I have since purchased two additional, the LNC 204. from the time I took them out of the box, install the Lorex PING app and used the WPS on the router, both cameras were running in less than ten minutes. They are great and the picture is perfectly clear on all four. If you need cams to watch inside your house or business, I definitely recommend any of those two models.

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Adam B.

Location: Austin, TX
Date : June 3, 2014

The cameras were not difficult to set up, and start using. I have been using the mobile app on my Android phone, and it seems to work well. I have had to reset the cameras via my phone from time to time due to the cameras not responding/handshaking.

The quality is ok, typically 1024x768, and the night vision may need some tuning based on location/lighting. Normally the fps remain between 8~15 regardless of any connection.

All in all, these were a good buy when compared to some of those terrible baby monitor sets that have awful features and UI. The lorex cameras can be used for home security, baby monitoring, etc...based on what you need.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 206
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