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Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)

Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)


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3  Cameras

iOS, Android

720p  Resolution

Wi-Fi / WPS

30FT  Night Vision

4 Channel Software

Play Video

Wireless HD IP camera with night vision and motion detection for home monitoring

Building on the successful LNC100 series, the LNC200 cameras come with all the highlights from the original and much more. Exciting new and improved features include a temperature sensor, two-way audio using an internal microphone and speaker, advanced motion/audio sensors, and best of all: the unique wireless cameras now offer 720 HD real-time recording and viewing.

ip camera with iPhone iPad Mac android and PC connectivity

Configure your camera on any device - no PC required.

ip camera set-up in 3 easy steps Thanks to the free Lorex Ping app, setting up remote connectivity to your mobile device is extremely straightforward. Simply download the app and scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet to get started. Compatible with IOS™ and Android™.

Dual Lens Technology.

Dual Lens The LNC200 series is ideal for homeowners who want to stay aware of their property 24/7. It comes with a dual lens; one is devoted to daytime viewing, providing pristine and colorful video. The other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions, offering you authentic footage around the clock. The cameras boast a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 30ft away in total darkness.

Packed with amazing features!

Instant e-mail alerts with snapshots You can stay aware of your household at all times with PIR motion sensors, smart video motion detection and sound activated alerts. In addition, email alerts with snap shot attachments help you stay informed. Record straight to your mobile device or to the camera (microSD card sold separately). Keep track of your world from anywhere in the world.

Model no.: LNC201 and LNC204

Two-Way Audio

Two-Way Audio

The IP camera supports two-way voice communication over the Internet. This camera has a built-in speaker.

SD recording

SD recording

microSD recording & playback supported

Secured Netwok

Secured Netwok

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Recommended Accessory
High definition IP camera for home

High definition IP camera for home

Model no.:LNC204

Easy to use home IP camera for security surveillance, features high definition video, night vision and motion detection

In Stock

Reg.  $249.99


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39 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: home
Date : October 28, 2013

We now have a smart phone. We were able to quickly hook it up with our cameras. The picture on the smartphone is excellent. Having a temperature reading on the camera is also a real plus. There are lots of applications for these cameras other than security,and we will recommend them to our friends. If you have a situation where you'd like to keep track of an older person, children, or a pet these would be an easy set up.The cameras can be placed anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Even though they are not outdoor cameras you can point them toward a window and get a good picture during the day. We are very happy with our purchase at this point. The only issue now is reliability, but Lorex does have a good warranty to back their product

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Location: Sheep Ranch California
Date : December 14, 2013

Great product and really easy to install. I had 2 cameras running within 20 minutes after I received the shipment. I was impressed by the quality of the video under all light conditions. So far my only minor complaint is the inability to suppress the power light on the I can with the status LED. I never would have considered the temperature reading to be an important feature but now I'm really finding it handy. I'm already considering other uses and contemplating the order of additional cameras.

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Location: Fullerton CA
Date : December 26, 2013

Excellent Camera! I can view my home from anywhere using my smartphone or my PC. The set up was very easy and very functional. I am happy with the picture quality as well. The product meets my need perfectly.

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Location: Rancho Cordova, CA
Date : December 28, 2013

Ordered four LNC204 cameras from Costco. Super easy to set up....under an hour. At this point, I have all the basic functions tested and all is well. These are now my interior cameras. I recently moved the LW2232 wireless cameras to the exterior of the house working off of a Blackbox 2 DVR. The IP cameras pulls up extremely fast on all my devices....iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 computer. No bandwidth lost. Alarm, microphone and speakers are all working great. Looking forward to programing the cameras to record to my computer's hard drive soon. These are great HD cameras. I highly recommend!

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Location: Martha's Vineyard
Date : January 3, 2014

Bought the LNC204 LIVE Ping wireless cameras from COSTCO at a great price. With my iPhone I used the Lorex Ping App to set them up. Very easy and quick. I loaded the LOREX L-View software that came with the product on CD on my laptop and it found the cameras and provided another way to configure and view the imagery. I wouldn't view the cameras away from my home network so I went on their support page (FAQ). I downloaded the router config tool from the support section to get the port forwarding to work. Easy to load and once I added all the info the tool needed (outer model, admin user ID and password for router, IP address of the camera, etc..) the tool ran flawlessly. I disconnected from the home network and could access the cameras from Verizon cell service. So far these are great cameras with lots of features. The motion detection, temperature alerts and night vision are perfect for keeping track of things at our summer house. Looking at getting a pair of outdoor cameras next. John

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Location: Oakdale, CA
Date : January 6, 2014

Bought samsung cameras at costco. Software was unreliable. Could not access cameras half of the time. Picture quaility just ok. Returned to costco. Love the lorex ping. Picture quaility excellent. No problems accessing cameras. Much happier with these cameras.

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Location: NY
Date : March 13, 2014

A friend bought two at Costco and recommended the LNC204. I bought three from Lorex and they were easy set up. There is a little confusion with the documentation because it covers many options. I am using with a computer and android phone.It is not clear how many of the options affect the performance such as bandwidth, etc. I used trial and error to find the best settings including setting two of the cameras that look out the window to "Outside".

I tried another brand of camera a year ago and never got it set up. This was surprisingly easy.

I wish there was a way to view the cameras on other computers (not my own) such as in a hotel or library that do not have the Lorex software.

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Location: home
Date : March 14, 2014

We now have 4 cameras and the LNC204 is by far better than the LCN116. The LNC204 cameras have great picture quality as does the LCN116 but the LNC204 goes beyond picture quality with temp control and great nite vision. Easy to hookup on either model and have no problems checking on home while away or on our IPhones. We have one of our cameras facing the outside deck off our bedroom so we can monitor the door and see the entire deck which extends from on end of house to the other. Our downstairs camera faces door and outside area and I'm very impressed that the night vision is so crisp I can read the caption we have above the door when it's pitch dark and we can also see outside. Great cameras for the price and peace of mind.

We have our home on the market and these cameras are another safety precaution that has been put to the test (lights left on that were not suppose to be on even the outside lights showed up when viewed on the L-View.

Great Product and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to keep an eye on there home or the elderly or kids.

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french frog

Location: ma
Date : March 23, 2014

Awesome product!! Bought it for some extra security and we are totally amazed at what this product does. Easy set up, for someone who is not computer literate like me. Not sure what the bar code does but plugged into the Ethernet just fine for the set up. After the intial set up with the Ethernet cable, the wireless worked great. I phone connectivity is perfect and we really like the email alerts. Picture quality is good. So far no problems. This is a good quality product. Highly recommend to anyone!

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Nhan Vo

Location: CA
Date : March 31, 2014

I picked up the 2 pack for a great deal (199). Excellent little cameras. I use mine with a laptop so I have no experience with a tablet or smart phone. Fairly simple to setup. Great features including e-mail alert, record to NAS, temperature alert and two-way audio - all of which can be tweaked to your own personal preference. My only complaint is that the infrared light is visible during night viewing but other than that all lights can be turned off for stealth mode. I will definitely pick up a couple more if that deal comes around again!

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Location: Morris
Date : April 6, 2014

I had the first camera up and running about 10min after opening them and the other 2 were about 2min each. Viewing and record options are just as easy to set up and great! I'm using an iPhone 4 with no issues. Love the email notification and the PIR option which senses body heat and not just movement. I have 3 PVR systems at the office and like this better because of the 2 way voice and the alarm notifications. I would be interested in an outdoor model. Only thing I would like available with the "Ping app" is that if you could still hear the sound from the cameras when turning the screen off on the phone.
Very impressed

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Location: Maryland
Date : April 20, 2014

Great camera! Really easy setup. Night vision is just great. I find the temperature display and the built-in speaker really useful. I'm really happy.

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Location: Pittsburgh
Date : April 23, 2014

Love the cameras. Purchased the 3 pack and they were easy to install and the quality was even better! Great cameras!

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Location: Michigan
Date : May 8, 2014

Just installed mine and been running a week. Very easy to set up. I installed three. Installed Lorex Ping applications on my phone, my Tablet and my Kindle.

The Kindle version of the app crashes when you try to display. I found others that had the same Issue. Lorex and Kindle need to work this out. Not a biggy for me though.

I also loaded the L-View on the PC. It works well. I lost my password for the L-View and could not reset it even deleted all of the application and reloaded it. I had to call Lorex Tech support to get it resolved. They were very friendly and helpful. It took them 5 minutes to locate the password and get me going again.

Thanks folks.

So far, I like what I see and how easy it is too monitor from PC, Pad, and phone. I would recommend it.

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Location: Florida
Date : May 19, 2014

I just wanted to say, your IP cameras saved me a lot of money. My security system company wanted to charge me $450.00 per IP camera. The company would mail me the cameras with instructions to set them up, then I could locate them anywhere I would like. Sounds like your product, except for the cost. My security company actually was here for a battery change, saw your cameras, and thought they were their product. I like being able to check my house activity whenever I want, this is why I purchased your cameras.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 39
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