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Outdoor wireless security camera systemOutdoor wireless security camera systemOutdoor wireless security camera systemOutdoor wireless security camera systemOutdoor wireless security camera system

Outdoor wireless security camera system


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8  Channels

4  Cameras

1TB  Hard Drive

VGA  Resolution

140FT  Night Vision

Internet Setup Wizard

Play Video

Night vision outdoor wireless security camera system with 4 wireless cameras

Maintain vigilance and experience true peace of mind with the Lorex LWLH314-3PK 8-channel surveillance solution featuring our top-of-the-line DVR and 4 wireless security cameras. Lorex was first to market with the industry leading Stratus connectivity that allows quickly and easily connection of the surveillance system to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Lorex Stratus solutionIntroducing the Stratus solution - an innovative hassle-free cloud connection. Download free App, scan QR code and start viewing your world securely online! The ECO 4 DVR allows you to connect & view your system on any device no matter where you are. Complete setup with your smartphone or tablet, no PC required.

Wireless security camerasView your world with the wireless freedom of the LW2277B digital outdoor wireless camera. With easy installation, place the camera in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the wireless camera and receiver and you're ready to go.

Security certified hard driveRecord all channels in real-time to the specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at VGA (640x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time

LH140 series compatibility chart

Model no.: LWLH314-3PK

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Recommended Accessory
19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

Model no.:L19LE12B

19 inch security monitor that works with Lorex Digital Video Recorders. Energy efficient LED technology

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181 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: b.c. canada
Date : October 31, 2014

Cameras were easy to mount ,plugged into soffit plugs.picture quality is good .No manual came with the system so I had to print it off the website.Will be getting some wired cameras as well .Still setting up the motion sensing alarm as it is very sensitive .

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Location: Houston, Texas
Date : October 29, 2014

Excellent product, simple install only took about an hour. Setting up my phone was simple and works great. No complaints.....

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Location: Windsor
Date : October 26, 2014

This lorex camera's have met all of my aspects .They are great in dark locations.Had no problem with the installation the hook was very easy.The four. camera's took me about one hour to hook up.

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Location: Henderson, NY
Date : October 14, 2014

The system is working quite well. I had a little problem with one of the wireless cameras because of the range. After cutting a few small branches off a couple of trees, the range was working fine. The biggest issue was not the equipment, but providing power to the cameras. I didn't realize how much trouble it was going to be, but with a little ingenuity I was able to connect all 4 wireless cameras. The pictures are not as good as a 1080P would provide but just fine for me. Still playing around with the settings and haven't yet set up my android phone to monitor the area while away. All in all, it is a good system for the money.

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Location: Newmarket, ONTARIO, Canada
Date : October 6, 2014

So far this product is working very well. It was easy to set-up initially. I got my iPhone running quickly, I got the computer connected to it remotely fairly quickly. The only issue is finding and providing power to the cameras. I knew about this PRIOR to purchasing the system, however now that I am physically installing it (and I am a DIY'er with knowledge and experience in electrical) somewhat of a challenge because there is NO POWER near the camera locations and getting power up to the camera locations and through the eves and brick is a challenge..

I am fining the pictures NOT a clear as I hoped, but they are still very good.

I am happy with this system!!!!

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Location: Anniston Alabama October 4,2014
Date : October 5, 2014

I have had this unit for about two months and it is working great. Setting up the cameras were simple as you only have to furnish power to the cameras. I had good reception on each camera to the base station. I did have a problem with the remote setup were you get on internet to check the cameras.I had to call support and get help and the tech. patched into my computer to get it setup, He was very friendly and went through the process in a short. The only problem I had to wait on the phone about an hour and twenty minutes. I would recommend this system to anyone. I would have given it five stars,if it was not for the long wait on the phone call.

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Location: Little Falls New Jersey
Date : September 29, 2014

This system was everything and more than what I expected. It was simple easy to install and I find that the night vision clarity was much better than I expected.I would recommend this series to anyone. I set it up that all the outside perimeters of my house are covered. Great system for the price !!!!

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Location: Edmonton
Date : September 26, 2014

I purchased this system to protect our business. I was very happy with the clarity and performance of the cameras. The DVR is easy to use and works well. Setting up the wireless cameras was very easy.
the online viewing on a tablet is easy but the PC viewing is a little more difficult
This was must first purchase from Lorex and I am happy with the service and the products and have placed a second order.

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Location: Michigan
Date : September 25, 2014

This is a very good system love how it works

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Location: Oshkosh, WI
Date : September 23, 2014

I purchased this system to protect our business. I was very happy with the clarity and performance of the cameras and the DVR is easy to use and works well. This was must first purchase from Lorex and I am happy with the service and the products and will order again.

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Location: Morrisville,nc
Date : September 21, 2014

We loved the camera quality. Also remote login is excellent. Overall this is a good product for someone who is looking for video surveillance security.

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Location: maryland
Date : September 12, 2014

I bought the LWLH314-3PK to monitor the outside of my house. this system comes with 4 wireless cameras. and I have them on four corners of my house. It also comes with a 1TB DVR, which can record about 7 days of data in continuous mode.

Video quality is good(night vision is good enough to tell if it is a person or something else, but not good enough for facial identifaction);

Camera has good range; Audio is good too;

Signal strength is on the average of 3 bars(4500+ sq ft house)

If getting the electrical power to the camera is not an issue, the rest of the of installation is very easy;

If you ever download and install Apps with smart phone/iphone/ipad, remote viewing could be setup and run within a minute.

Con: short power cable(and they don't have power cable extension). the camera comes with a power cable, which is rated indoor/outdoor, is about 3 ft long. and the power adapter cable is about 5 ft long, and it is not rated outdoor. So, your camera can't be too far away from an electrical outlet.

The location of the antenna is in the way when you try to adjust its vertical position.(When I adjust the angle of the camera, I have my smart phone with me, so i can see it live while i am 15 ft above ground. very often, i have to remove the antenna in order to get to the screw, and as soon as i did that, it lost its view)

Over all, this is a good system for its price. If getting to electrical power is not an issue for the camera, you can have a system that can monitor your house anywhere you go within an hour or 2.

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Location: New Hampshire
Date : September 10, 2014

Well packaged, no missing parts, installation was easier than expected, one drawback is the position of the antenna limits the direction of the camera when mounted against the wall. DVR setup was a breeze, camera's have good quality - I have them position not in direct site of the receivers and still have 3/4 bars of signal and good reception. Love the interface on both the TV and viewing remotely. Night vision is very good and even better with the help from my landscape lighting. Time will tell but overall for the price, am very satisfied with the quality of the DVR/Cameras and Software.

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Al P.

Location: San Diego, CA.
Date : September 10, 2014


Out of the box, this system was up in running in about 4 hours of installation and set-up.

I would suggest dedicating a day to making sure you have placement, range, reception, FOV, and wires the way you want, and they should be.

Keep in mind that FOV is only 68 degrees, and the closer, the less coverage. Also, bare in mind the location of both receiving and transmitting antennas; along with the 2 feet of separation on the receiving side.

Also, this is not for the faint of heart when it comes to technology. Some of the information is perceived to being intuitive, and some is not, but a working knowledge is required.

Lastly, make sure to read the instructions, and do a little research on line prior to tacking the installation....this will only help in the in end. Set up, and modifying the specifics to the systems may take a while, and several iterations.

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Location: California
Date : September 9, 2014

I bought this system hoping to cover a good sized home, however due to the limited range of cameras, I barely get a signal. Camera is approximately 40 feet from DVR. Also the base of the camera has a limited range of motion preventing some mounting locations. Even with full signal strength the picture is still choppy at best. Also the picture is pixilated with full signal. Do not plan on placing more than 4 wireless cameras. System only supports 4 cameras. Also each camera has a receiver that needs to be 2 feet apart from each other, otherwise they will cause interference. Cameras will interfere with your wifi signal also.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 181
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Outdoor wireless security camera system
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