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Wireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera system

Wireless home security camera system


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4  Channels

4  Cameras

7"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision

Two-Way Talk

Play Video

Includes 4 cameras and monitor

Keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home or business with this home security camera system from Lorex. With 4 digital wireless cameras and a 7-inch LCD monitor, this is the perfect easy setup, no hassle video monitoring solution. Lorex LW491 is an easy to install video monitoring for home.

Home monitoring simplified: no video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring! The effective wireless range is

picture frame mode

Picture frame mode

Be discreet and secure. Lorex monitoring system features a picture frame mode that conceals the fact that the unit is actually a surveillance recorder. Personal photos or pictures can be uploaded to the SD card from any PC computer. The monitor will display them when the system is idle. When the motion is detected, the system will display the triggered camera in a full screen mode.

wireless home camera system with remote vieweing

Remote monitoring

View your home while you are away. Connecting your system through Skype™ is a convenient and free way of viewing your camera from anywhere in the world using the internet connection. Connect the wireless receiver to your computer using the included USB cable and set up your Skype™ app. You will be able to see a live video from your camera #1 on any Skype™ compatible smartphone or computer.

Built-in recording

Lorex home security system allows to choose between movement activated or continuous recording, only one camera can be recorded at a time. The recordings are kept on a regular SD card (2Gb card is included, maximum supported size is 32Gb). Every video file is time and date stamped for easier access.

Plug and play wireless

Plug & Play Setup

The LW491 camera system includes 4 digital wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras with audio and 1 monitor with built-in wireless receiver. The cameras are easily paired to the receiver: activate the pairing function on the monitor and press the button on the camera. Then mount the cameras to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface and connect to a power outlet. The monitor will pick up all cameras right away.

Multiple viewing options

Multiple Viewing Options

The wireless receiver is paired to all 4 cameras and supports single-channel viewing and quad viewing. This means you can view the cameras one-at-a-time in full-screen, or view all cameras at once using Quad View. There is also Auto Scan mode, which cycles through all 4 cameras individually in full-screen automatically.

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Night/Day Video

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

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249 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Miami
Date : January 29, 2015

My purchase arrived on time that it was informed on website. Now, I'm learning the functions. I recommend it for my friends, once I could install the equipment fastly and without difficult. The images are very clean and with high definition. I'm happy with my new stuff.

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Mark Casanova

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi
Date : January 16, 2015

I bought this after some issues with thing being stolen off my property. Very easy install, I had one operational camera out of 4. Absolutely no hassle from Lorex with replacing the camera. The screen kept freezing during record I took a guess the supplied SD card was defective (it should have been bigger the 4 GB anyways) and purchased the larger 32gb card which resolved the problem. All in all I like the systems easy install. The mobile connectivity leaves allot to be desired. The inability to make the receiver appear as a digital picture is disappointing too.

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Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Date : November 19, 2014

My purchase arrived in a timely fashion everything was in working order installation was easy. Currently learning the functionalities and I have already recommended to family and friends. I did have to complete the order over the phone. The wait time was long but with the system in place I can say it was worth it. My only concern is when going through registration it tells you to have the registration number assigned and the receipt if you need assistance and to date I have not received a receipt and hope the statement from my credit card will suffice if I need to make a claim. So far I am a very happy camper will learn the durability while bracing for east coast winter.

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Location: So. California
Date : November 13, 2014

I purchased the LW491 system two weeks ago and I could not be happier. The entire system was up and running in my test mode within 30 minutes. I spent about an hour installing the cameras in my desired locations. The cameras are easy to pair to the monitor. One of the "pre-paired" cameras would not give me a picture after plugging and unplugging several times, so I simply re-paired it to the monitor and it has worked perfectly since. The 3rd and 4th cameras also paired without difficulty. I found the cords to be plenty long enough; matching the two ends allows greater than 10 feet to a power source. My distant-most camera from the monitor is about 75 feet on the opposite side of house and across the yard, but works well. Night vision is excellent; day vision is in full color. The literature states it comes with a 2mb card, but mine came with a 4mb card. I upgraded to 32mb card for $12 on Amazon. The controls are very easy to operate. Set-up took about 2 minutes. It's fun to see what goes on around my property; I can record when anyone comes or goes with motion activation, simply run the moniter for live feed, or turn off altogether when at home during daytime. I highly recommend this system for home security.

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Location: Waleska, GA
Date : November 13, 2014

This 4 camera Lorex is the second wireless system I have purchased We wanted additional cameras and the price was right. My husband and I installed the cameras in an afternoon paired the cameras that needed that. Hooked them to a TV in the house and now all 6 cameras are working and we just love the Lorex products. I would recommend purchasing the 4 camera system in the beginning it is well worth the expense. My husband and I are over 65 and this was very easy to install. We had company over from church yesterday and they were amazed at this set up we have

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cams cams

Location: canada
Date : November 12, 2014

this product was easy to install and set up,haven't used the skype part of it yet as it seems a little more technical for me to figure out

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Location: Wilkes Barre pa
Date : November 11, 2014

The system is worth the money. Everything works as the literature states. Set up was easy and simple. The mounting of the cameras took a little more time and if you are using them for outside surveillance they need to be mounted outside under some type of cover.

I order the LW 491, with 4 cameras. What they sent was model# LW2932 with two cameras with the 9" monitor and then 2 extra cameras packaged separately.

There are minor problems with the plate that holds the camera. The nut under the plate gets loose and the camera swirls. You have to make sure it is tight. A wing nut would have been better than the nut that they supply.

I did expect a remote with this product and none was given or listed in the parts list.

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Location: Winnipeg
Date : November 11, 2014

Since purchasing this system in June 2014 it has caused me problems. But so far, Lorex has done well in helping to resolve these.
My initial problem was with the memory overwrite. I wanted the cameras to run 24/7 and have the memory automatically overwrite previously recorded files. This system claimed to do this, but after hours on their support line, we still couldn’t make it work. Lorex suggested that their 4GB was the problem and that I should buy a 32 GB card, as this would enable the system to properly overwrite. (Initially their representative said they would send me a 32GB card, but then they later reneged on this.) So I bought a 32GB card, but this didn’t resolve the issue – but I did my best to manage the situation regardless.
For the first few months I had only three cameras connected to the system. Recently I went to add the fourth camera. For whatever reason, this resulted in a catastrophic failure of LCD/screen console and nothing worked at all.
So I reported this to Lorex via email.
To their credit, they very quickly sent me a 2 camera replacement system with components that were supposed to be compatible with my current system. Unfortunately, of the 4 cameras from my original system, only 1 camera would pair with the new system they sent me. This is a major problem because I’ve already spent hours fishing wires to install my original system and don’t want to do this again with new cameras.
I called their support section (was on hold for nearly an hour) but Hana in BC was very helpful and help me pair the cameras. I wrote most of this review while on hold….It is clear to me that the instructions for pairing and the troubleshooting section of the website need to be updated – as this would have saved me a few hours of hassle. You need to disconnect everything to start, then wait 30 seconds. Plug in the LCD, and go to the pairing section. Start the pairing process on the LCD system, THEN plug in your camera, and hold the pairing button for only a second. A second is all you need. If I had known this, my life would have been much easier.
Thank you Hana.

As far as the system itself is concerned, it could be a little more robust. I wish it were possible to turn off the LCD monitor when in Quad-view mode.

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Location: Augusta
Date : November 10, 2014

Very good system, no trouble installing this unit, all 4 cameras work great. paring was very easy too, took monitor to the camera with in 1 foot and push button and there it was

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Location: Wisconsin
Date : November 7, 2014

My first impression when I opened the box was that the monitor looked really small. It I,s but it is functional. The pairing with the 2 extra cameras went well. The menu and setting are pretty easy to walk through. The quality of the video and photos are OK, not great but not bad for the price. I ordered the extra antenna for the unit but didn't realize it only worked on one camera at a time and doesn't boost the entire system. I put one camera about 75 feet away and it would not connect. Put the antenna on and it works fine but you would need to buy 3 more antennas if you want to boost the entire system. Overall, I got what I paid for. For the price, it does do an awful lot for your home security.

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Location: Pittsburgh,Pa
Date : October 19, 2014

I first purchased cameras and system noted below LW491, that didn't work for me. I sent those back and purchased Model LW2277 with LW482. These new camera's were brand new and in sealed box. This new system has a hard drive that records constantly when the wireless cameras are connected. I have placed the DVR main box in center of house and still have problem connecting to wireless cameras sometimes. Also our house is open spaced with large windows. Technicians offered us to purchase a range extender that we don't feel there is a need to purchase. Good camera's when they are connected. Also if returning anything, take pictures before sending. I almost didn't get my money back on my first purchase. Logistics company said that we only sent 2 cameras back. Luckily I took pictures of entire return box.

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Location: pittsburg ca
Date : October 18, 2014

The camera system is a perfect system for you home security. The quality of picture was good at a short enough distance. The features where good such as the two walk talking and the wireless connection. Some of the things i would be cautious about would be how you plan to get power to the cameras because they are not your universal DC tips they have to be ordered from lorex so you cant cut corners with that. Also the house brackets could be a little longer being that they are not fully weather proof you are limited on where you can place them. Overall for the price they are good buy for the every day home security system.

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Location: Mo
Date : October 16, 2014

I bought this system to catch my crazy neighbor. However, the mention sensor is not sensitive enough to pick anyone that walks by around 25 feet away in my driveway. Now I have to put it on scheduled recording, but it won't pick up any audio when the recording is not on single channel mode. I wish the sensor was more sensitive than that.

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Location: Kentucky
Date : October 16, 2014

We got the 2730 with 4 cameras for a great price. The initial instructions seemed very easy. Camera installation was very easy. The screws included are crap, I had to buy new. The DVD did not work so we called the toll free number and waited 15 minutes for a response. The" English speaking" person, who i could not understand, just told us to go online under lorex technology website, he was zero help. I had to go online also to look up how to set up cameras 3 and 4, the directions they send are not specific enough and did not work. The images on the monitor are very clear and overall the whole operation went smooth or you could figure how to make it work.
So far it is operating well.

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Location: Pittsburgh
Date : October 7, 2014

The Lorex system LW491 was not the correct system for the outside of my home. I mounted the camera's under the eaves like instructed to and the sensors would not detect until someone was standing exactly under them. One camera didn't work. Very little distance for motion or heat sensors. After talking with a technician, I then purchased newer model with a recording hard drive. Works perfect. Thanks to the technicians. Plan on spending some time reaching anyone at anytime.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 249
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Wireless home security camera system
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