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Wireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera system

Wireless home security camera system


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4  Channels

4  Cameras

7"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision

Two-Way Talk

Play Video

Includes 4 cameras and monitor

Keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home or business with this home security camera system from Lorex. With 4 digital wireless cameras and a 7-inch LCD monitor, this is the perfect easy setup, no hassle video monitoring solution. Lorex LW491 is an easy to install video monitoring for home.

Home monitoring simplified: no video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring! The effective wireless range is

picture frame mode

Picture frame mode

Be discreet and secure. Lorex monitoring system features a picture frame mode that conceals the fact that the unit is actually a surveillance recorder. Personal photos or pictures can be uploaded to the SD card from any PC computer. The monitor will display them when the system is idle. When the motion is detected, the system will display the triggered camera in a full screen mode.

wireless home camera system with remote vieweing

Remote monitoring

View your home while you are away. Connecting your system through Skype™ is a convenient and free way of viewing your camera from anywhere in the world using the internet connection. Connect the wireless receiver to your computer using the included USB cable and set up your Skype™ app. You will be able to see a live video from your camera #1 on any Skype™ compatible smartphone or computer.

Built-in recording

Lorex home security system allows to choose between movement activated or continuous recording, only one camera can be recorded at a time. The recordings are kept on a regular SD card (2Gb card is included, maximum supported size is 32Gb). Every video file is time and date stamped for easier access.

Plug and play wireless

Plug & Play Setup

The LW491 camera system includes 4 digital wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras with audio and 1 monitor with built-in wireless receiver. The cameras are easily paired to the receiver: activate the pairing function on the monitor and press the button on the camera. Then mount the cameras to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface and connect to a power outlet. The monitor will pick up all cameras right away.

Multiple viewing options

Multiple Viewing Options

The wireless receiver is paired to all 4 cameras and supports single-channel viewing and quad viewing. This means you can view the cameras one-at-a-time in full-screen, or view all cameras at once using Quad View. There is also Auto Scan mode, which cycles through all 4 cameras individually in full-screen automatically.

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Night/Day Video

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

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220 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Toronto, CAN
Date : January 27, 2009

Wonderful Helper!!

"My sister bought this for our newborn son and it's wonderful!! I can easly keep an eye on him in the dark and hear every noise he makes!"

Pros: clear night visionlooks niceclear sound

Cons: camera+receiver within a foot = noise


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Date : March 4, 2009

better than typical baby monitors

"Great low light and seems well made. Only used it a few times, but so far it's awesome!"


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Location: WA
Date : March 14, 2009

Best video monitor

"I was skeptical at first as I tried a analog video monitor before but this one is outstanding. It is easy to set up and the picture quality is outstanding. There are 3 walls between the camera and the monitor and I get 5 bar reception."

Pros: excellent picture quality ease of set upgreat range

Cons: if anything price for a 2nd camera

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Location: Wilson, NC
Date : April 7, 2009

This is a great monitor

"This has been a great purchase!

The portable monitor looks nice and has a real solid feel to it. It comes with a base so that keeping it charged is easy. When you take it with you, it even has a little flip out piece of the back so that you can sit it on the counter and it holds itself up like a picture frame. The camera also has a good range of motion so you can put it pretty much anywhere in the room and point it at what you want to see and hear.

What really blew me away though was the night vision. I didn't really understand that these things see in the dark. We get to put the little one down and see absolutely everything even when the room is pitch black. Very cool."

Pros: great rangeclear pictureexcellent sound sensitivitydidn't need to read the manual



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Location: Toronto, ON
Date : May 19, 2009


"We are thrilled with our Lorex Portable Monitor! It is a pleasure to use and works beautifully. It's so great to be able to watch the baby from another room/floor. The picture and sound quality are excellent. We researched and tried many other systems and were very disappointed in them. The Lorex monitor is far superior to all other video monitor systems. We highly recommend this product!!"


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Date : October 10, 2009

excellent purchase

"Very clear picture, so far no interference with any of our other electronics. Has a good alarm that goes off if any sound is made by your child. Good night viewing capability. Highly recommend this unit. Had purchased a Mobi unit for $99, absolutely worth the extra money to get a Lorex."

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Location: Roswell, NM
Date : January 31, 2011

Nice Little System

Bought this system for my elderly mother. She really likes it. Very easy to use and the video, both live and playback, are great. The PIR is nice. It will handle 4 cams but the extra cams are kind of high when compared to the price of the system, might as well buy a whole extra system if you want 2 more cams.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Location: Ypsilanti, MI
Date : September 21, 2011

Very Pleased

Installation was truly "plug and play". Power the components up and go. Great depth of field. I have them mounted within 5 ft of each entrance covered. Triggered record works well. Triggering is a little slow, one door hanger presented itself as only the blur of an arm moving out of camera range. Night vision produces usable images up to about 20 feet. No interference from wireless router but one 2.4 portable phone will cause signal failure from cameras when in use. Mounted under eaves and cameras have been through a full week of rain, no problems. Two way intercom works well for folks with good hearing. My hearing is poor and I need to really concentrate to hear from the camera. Camera microphones are very sensitive. We can hear crickets. The monitor screen scratches easily. Mounted the monitor under a shelf as we have cats who knock things over. Cob webs in front of the cameras at night will produce an weird glow like something from ghost hunters. Furthest camera is approx. 20 feet from monitor with 4 walls between. Get full four bars of signal. This is a great product for my application. I will be purchasing two more cameras and two IR illuminators (non-Lorex) to cover complete front and back yards.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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jmp614 "jmp614"

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date : December 31, 2011

Easy, quick, reliable

Simply put, this system is exactly as described. Yes, you need to run the wireless cameras to an outlet because how else would you power them? That should not be a question or issue for anyone so I find it remarkable that some have commented on that as an issue. I've installed one of my cameras at least 100 feet away, on the other side of a large garage and have the receiver/monitor inside the kitchen and there are no signal issues.

I am very impressed with this system and I think some of that is because after reading a number of reviews (the due diligence anyone should do before making a purchase like this) I had very grounded expectations. To this end, my expectations have been exceeded in every way because you can tell the design and construction was well thought out. For example, when running the power cable from the camera to the inside of the garage to an outlet I was worried I'd have to bore a hole in the wall big enough to run the plug through, but instead the actual plug itself is not attached to the camera and rather is connected to the power cord on the camera via an adapter just roughly the same size as the cord itself and therefore no hole boring needed, only a drill hole the size of a cord.

On other note, the ability to capture images by trigger activated motion is awesome. I was concerned this could be an unreliable feature but so far it is working brilliantly. The rabbit that runs by does not get recorded, but the teenager cutting through and over my fence does. They've designed it well. And, the night vision works great! It is pitch black in my backyard at night, but looking through the monitor it looks like the early evening before dusk.

Again, I'm very impressed. 

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Location: Sacramento, CA
Date : January 16, 2012

This system was very easy to set up, once power is supplied to the camera's which was easy to tap into other power sources, simply mount the camera, turn on the LCD receiver and it all sync's automatically. The two way audio is very handy for an intercom and the automatic movement activation works very well.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Date : January 19, 2012


This was excatly what I was looking for!! Motion detector, two video cameras and 9in screen!! Wow, it works GREAT and I am so GLAD I bought it!! So worth every penny!!

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Clear Blue "clearblue"

Location: Oklahoma
Date : January 23, 2012

Lorex Live SD9 Wireless Digital Security System LW2092

I love this little security system. It is easy to set up and the wireless function is flawless unless you happen to unplug the cameras. Make sure you have a good electrician who can install a weatherproof electrical outlet either under the eaves of your house or in the attic. I happen to be married to one so it was no problem for me (smile).  Anyway here is the ins and outs on this system. There is a line of buttons on the right side just behind the screen that gives you access to intercom, the bottom button, menu the top button and the middle toggle guides you around in the menu. So far, I have only found access to the Quad screen from the little remote control. The range of the remote isn't that far away from the screen but who is going to stand in the other room to program it anyway. I want to see what it is doing! The video is all in color with sound and playback can be done in either Windows media player or Quick time. I like Windows media player best. The screen has NTSC and PAL available. You can hook it up to your TV or computer and just let it sit along side if you want or hang it on a wall like we have done. It comes with an SD card but I chose to use a 16GB SD card to hold more video. The cameras have night vision and switch to wherever the movement is detected. We have one pointed at our front entrance and one pointed towards our driveway. We are going to buy two more for the east and west backside of our house. Make sure you keep the camera lens clean as bugs or other bits of trash blowing in the air might get stuck to it. It just needs to be looked at, checked and cleaned periodically as a maintenance routine.

PROS- In color even at night if there is light otherwise it looks black and white at night.

It is wireless, the cameras communicate wirelessly with the screen

It is reasonable in price

The cameras are sturdy

The screen can be used either mounted on the wall or it has its own stand

It is capable of recording in quad mode, however in quad mode you cannot record scheduled recordings

It is dependable

It comes with 2 cameras but is capable of four

It has a remote

Cons - The remote is tiny

You can only view Quad using the remote unless someone knows another way 

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Date : January 25, 2012

Real good

This set (SD9 Lorex ) is the best set for the money, it is real clear during the day and really good at night. The view is great and in color and you can hear everything going on outside. 

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Date : February 1, 2012

Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System - LW2902

The shipping was fast!

The cameras are excellent!

All sealed in its box!

The reach of the cameras is 100 meters!

I recommend these cameras for your home or business! 

Was this helpful? Yes (9) No (21)

Guy Clark

Location: California
Date : February 7, 2012

Works for me!

I am pleased with the unit. It is very easy to setup and just as easy to operate. Camera quality is good enough to give me updates on the animals and barn that I was concerned about. Night vision works well, as does the motion detect. One camera is 350' away behind a barn wall and I still get signal to the unit. I had to put the unit up higher to achieve that, but that was no problem. Two months of 24/7 operation and the only failure was the memory chip which I wanted to upgrade anyway. For the cost and ease of setup I would recommend this unit. 

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 220
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