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Wireless security camera with night visionWireless security camera with night visionWireless security camera with night visionWireless security camera with night visionWireless security camera with night vision

Wireless security camera with night vision


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VGA  Resolution

90FT  Night Vision


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Wireless security surveillance camera with Signal Guard technology - Professional

Experience the alternative to wired cameras with the LW2230 series and enjoy simple, clutter-free installation that will save you time and money. The secure real-time video signal is protected by our Signal Guard technology which maintains a steady and reliable connection to your system. These cameras are wireless friendly meaning conflicts with competing signals have been minimized with next generation interference reduction technology. Enjoy clear and fluid wireless footage day or night with night vision up to 135ft. Weatherproof and vandal resistant, the LW2230 series is designed to meet your needs.

Model no.: LW2230 Series

Signal Guard

Featuring the Lorex SignalGuard Technology, the LW2281 wireless surveillance camera helps keep a strong connection between the camera and receiver - if the signal strength is low or the camera loses connection, it will automatically reset to maintain strong video quality.

Long range night vision

Long Range Night Vision wireless camera

Providing up to a 90 feet of night vision range, the LW2281 wireless security surveillance camera delivers the highest level of night vision available on the Lorex Wireless cameras.

Real time video

wireless camera with real time 25fps The LW2281 wireless camera has the highest combination of video quality and smooth video streaming, which results in the best no-lag video quality available


Camera compatibility


Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
ECO Series
Edge Series
Blackbox Series
D1 & 960H DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LHV1000 Series
720p HD DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs

LNR200 Series
LNR300 Series

1080p netHD NVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR100 Series
LNR400 Series
1080p HD NVRs

Model no.: LW2281

High Performance Real-time Video

High Performance Real-time Video

The camera transmits high resolution video signal in real time at 25 frames per second

SignalGuard Technology

SignalGuard Technology

Continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detection of low signal strength.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens

The 3.6 mm wide angle fixed lens incerases the field of view of the camera to 63 degrees;.

Recommended Accessory
Wireless range extender antenna

Wireless range extender antenna

Model no.:ACCANTD9

2.4GHz Directional Wireless Panel Antenna Range Extender

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34 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Hermosa Beach
Date : March 1, 2015

Camera works great, plug and play. Great picture integrates with Lorex DVR seamlessly . % stars.

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Location: Hermosa Beach
Date : February 27, 2015

Easy to install, love plug and play features great resolution. Have system hooked up to my computer ipad iPhone. Grat tech, support as well.

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Location: Massachusetts
Date : February 3, 2015

I Have 4 of these cameras installed. Been installed for almost 1 year. Three of them have lost 50% of the night vision. The leds are not all working. About 1/2 are out. They are great in the day time very clear and I like the wider lens. I will contact Lorex to see if they wil replace them. Not to happy with the quality of the night vision. I thought these where made better.

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Location: Massachusetts
Date : August 28, 2014

This is a follow up to my April review. I did recieve my new cameras. I installed them. They are working fine in the daytime but one of them is getting very grainy on the night vision. It was better when 1st installed. I think it's on it's way out. It seems to be a problem with these cameras. They will replace it for you but they just don't seem to last for more than 1 year before you have problems. I wonder if anyone knows of a better brand of camera. They should not fail so fast.

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Location: Hilton Head SC
Date : June 29, 2014

Purchased a LW-2281 wireless camera to add to my lorex security system of four camera's.. Works as Lorex stateed it would. Easy to install, and get up and running. Good picture, good system all around.
Have the system hooked up to my computer, tablet, and cell phone, workes great.

I have recommended Lorex security systems to several of my friends, and they think it's great.

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Location: Elmira.Ont.
Date : May 30, 2014

Easy to set up right out of the box. Almost fool proof to have this up and running in just minutes. Picture is as clear as regular television pictures. Don't take chances on other brands, just go with this.

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Location: Massachusetts
Date : April 26, 2014

I bought 2 of these cameras to replace 2 of the lorex LW2201's that I had installed. These are to go right back into the same place as the other 2. I Bought these for better night vision. The 1st one would not work over 15 ft from the receiver. The 2nd one worked fine for about 2 weeks and then lost all night vision. I am kind of dissapointed with Lorex at this point. I am waiting for my replacements to arive. I sent my camera's back threw ups and they where recieved by Lorex on 4/18/14. It is 4/26/14 and I am still waiting. I will repost on the new camera's when I get them.

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Location: poplar bluff mo.
Date : April 19, 2014

This camera was extremely easy to set up. I have 4 wired cameras and Lorex Edge DVR. I simply put the camera where I wanted it and plugged in the receiver to my DVR and the pictured popped up on the screen with my other cameras. The daytime picture is great. The picture is nice and wide. The nighttime is a little blurry. It is too close to a security light.

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Location: Texas
Date : April 1, 2014

I bought this wireless camera to add to my other 7 wired cameras. I did not have the ability to get a cable to the location I needed this camera to be located. The camera was very easy to set up, it worked as soon as I plugged it in without even having to push the "pair" button. Reception is great through a stucco wall. The picture, while not as good as my wired cameras, is good quality and perfect for what I was looking for. Great solution to the problem I had with no way to get a cable to that location. Would recommend.

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Location: Los Angeles
Date : February 24, 2014

I have been using Lorex products for approx. 2 3/4 years.
I find their equipment as excellent.
when I first started with Lorex their customer service sucked. Over the years they have completely turned around. Their technical help is outstanding and they go out of their way to help you set up over the internet and make the process almost painless.
I have had only one warranty situation and they replace the defective cameral without any long process.
I give them 5 stars .

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Location: Tennessee
Date : February 14, 2014

I really like this camera. I needed one with long distance range and was shocked when it actually worked 350 feet from the house with full bars. It was so simple to hook up. Just plug it in. After using it for several months, I decided to get another one. Now, for the huge disappointment. After 3 months of use the night vision quit working on the new one. Getting it replaced is an ongoing ordeal and I will be writing another review on my experience in getting it resolved.

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Location: Cape Coral
Date : February 3, 2014

This camera is extremely reliable and very good quality for the price! Although I am unable to record, the picture quality is amazing even at night time. I have flood lights that come on if anyone passes my house and I get a great picture with the night vision all the way to the road (black & white). I plan to add the DVR and another 2 cameras. Great system for the money and extremely easy to install! I would recommend this security system to anyone that is on a tight budget but want peace of mind.

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Location: Dallas, TX
Date : January 29, 2014

I now have 3 LW2281 wireless cameras attached to my security system. I bought them for the long distance that was promised and they delivered it. The picture is great in daylight and dark. These are great cameras.

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Location: Cranston RI
Date : January 28, 2014

Lorex Review ? Wireless Cameras LW2220/LW2281
I purchased a LW2220 and a Edge LH324501 DVR. My installation went very smoothly. I configured my camera for viewing on my PC, my Ipad, and my IPhone. The wireless camera works great. I have since added a second camera LW2281, and I just ordered my third wireless camera. I did extensive research for ?do it yourself? security cameras. I found the Lorex website very good for selecting the product you need and for support issues. I recently experienced a problem with the night vision on one of my cameras (9 months old). After contacting support, they gave me a RMA for returning and replacing the camera. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a home security system.

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Location: Easton, MD
Date : January 19, 2014

This is my 6th LW2281 wireless camera, to which the number of LW2281 I purchased speaks for itself. The camera provides real time images, not choppy like some cameras, and has a wide angel view resulting in a view not offered by other brand names.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 34
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Wireless security camera with night vision
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