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LW3451X Wireless Home Monitor - Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant Models / Series: LW3451X


Q: Why are only 2 power adapters included with this product?

A: The product comes with one power adapter for the camera and one power adapter for both the Wi-Fi cradle and handheld monitor. The power adapter for the Wi-Fi cradle and handheld monitor is meant to be connected to the Wi-Fi cradle, and it both powers the Wi-Fi cradle and charges the battery in the handheld monitor when the handheld monitor is placed in the Wi-Fi cradle.

You can tell which device each power adapter is for by looking at the labels on the power adapter cables.


Q: How does the remote connection work?

A: This product includes a unique Wi-Fi cradle that can stream video from the camera(s) to a smartphone or tablet over the Internet when the handheld monitor is placed on it. The system allows remote connectivity to your cameras in the following way:

* You must connect the Wi-Fi cradle to your router using the included Ethernet cable to connect the system to your wireless network the first time.


Q: What devices can I use to connect to the system?

The Lorex Care app supports the following devices:

  • iPhone®/iPad®: iOS v.5.1 and above is required.
  • Android™ smartphones and tablets: Android™ v2.3 and above is required.


Last Updated: 8/2/2013

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