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SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
  • SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
  • SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
  • SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
  • SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
  • SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
2.4 inch monitor
2 Cameras included
Two way audio
8 hour battery life
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From the world's best baby monitor makers comes SWEET PEEP™. Rest assured that this brand new video baby monitor will keep you tuned in to your bundle of joy, no matter where you are in the house. No stork could ever deliver so many picture-perfect features in such a small package! One that is distinctly durable and attractive, we might add. Purchase SWEET PEEP™ and enjoy all the value-added benefits including bright, crisp vision by day and night.

Model no.: Sweet-Peep-Series

Expandable Solution

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Built-in lullabies

Built-in lullabies

Soothe baby remotely with built-in lullabies

Two way talk

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor


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61 Reviews & Ratings
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Joseph P. Ulibas "Captain Couth"

Location: California
Date : April 15, 2013

Lorex BB2411 Sweet Peak Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom is a must have product for those who want to keep a close watch on their newborn child or your young kid. The camera looks like a web camera but it has a lot of cool features. The Night Vision works very well and the microphone on it is super sensitive. I really enjoyed the features on it and the fact that the remote 2.4 inch monitor is hand held and rechargeable. It has a life of six hours but its a lot shorter if you don't forget to completely shut it down. You can also operate the camera either on batteries or with a plug-in adapter (which I highly recommend). You can also use it to keep an eye on the living room or monitor your pets. Just make sure the camera is not too far out of the range of the monitor.

I really liked how much bang for your buck you can get out of this monitor. Hide it and scare your friends and family. If you are looking for a baby monitor camera for you newborn, toddler or youngster then I highly recommend the Lorex BB2411.

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Marisa "SoCal Marisa"

Location: Nevada
Date : April 15, 2013

The screens on these things are getting better and better. Our first video monitor was big and bulky. It took up a lot of room and did a poor job of seeing our son at might. Now years later (we will always need a monitor for him for medical reasons) Both of us love this monitor. It is small and compact on both ends. Plays music (which we don't use but parents of very small children may). Has a 2-way speaker. Has a really good night vision. Quietly turns on whenever there is movement. So far after a few weeks of using this monitor we are just as happy with it now as we were when we first started using it.

UPDATE: 4/18/2012

After a few more days of using I find I wish the buttons were illuminated at night time so I wouldn't have to fumble to find the proper one.

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Jeremiah L. Olson

Date : April 17, 2013

While I know this does not have all of the bells and whistles that some video monitors have, I am very happy with this product. It does what I want it to do. It gives me a clear image of my son sleeping in the dark. The screen times out after a while but the sound continues to work so if you hear something you can touch a button and see your child again. I do not use the talk or lullaby feature as this only gets my son excited and prevents him from falling asleep. I also have not tested out the battery yet as I have always left it plugged in. I think the night vision is perfect. I have no problems seeing my son in the dark. It is very easy to use and set up. I would recommend this product for someone who simply wants a video monitor to watch and hear their child.

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Location: Arizona
Date : April 18, 2013

Although my kids are all grown, I picked this up for when my grand children come to visit. I have a fairly large home and this handheld monitor has no problem picking up the signal anywhere within my home and even outside in the yard. The fact it is all digital probably helps in the range and clarity. At first inspection I thought battery usage would be great, but this unit can be plugged in, which is very useful. I haven't used the night vision aspect of it, but just playing around with the features and getting used to it I tried it at night and it works just fine. The entire unit is operated by the hand-held, including the zoom and sound controls. So easy to setup, simply by pointing the camera towards where baby will be playing or sleeping and go about your business, not having to worry because you can not only see what is going on, but hear also. The price is reasonable making this little Baby Sitter well worth the expense.

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Bay Gibbons

Location: Salt Lake City
Date : April 18, 2013

I love my Lorex sweet peak video baby monitor! It was great to finally be able to watch my baby's movements that went along with the noises we had been listening to!

I like that I can charge the receiver and carry it around the house with me. The camera provides a clear picture with night vision when it is dark. I only wish the night vision kicked in when it is a little darker. I have found that our monitor is almost always automatically in night vision mode even during the middle of the day. I obviously have my baby nap with the curtains closed and the lights off but to me it still seems light enough to not be in night vision mode.

I like the fact that I can speak to my child through the receiver. (I'm expecting to use this feature more when baby's a little older). The lullabies are nice, but I haven't really played them much as they seem a little too loud and blaring and I can't adjust the volume of them.

Great product!!

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John M. Alexander "At The Garage"

Location: St. Paul, MN
Date : April 25, 2013

My wife and I love this video monitor. It has truly given us a brand new perspective on our baby. There is nothing parents want more then to know their child is safe and secure, and the Lorex Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor does just that for us. Furthermore, the night vision and zoom features are tremendous upgrades from our previous monitor. We can see as clear at night as we can during the day.

I highly recommend this product.

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CPR "xfilebuffyfan"

Location: Oklahoma
Date : May 6, 2013

I gave this to a friend as a baby gift. This was their first child and they were very, very nervous. This monitor not only offered the basics, but with the intercom, IR Night Vision, Zoom, built in music, AC adapter capability, etc - they fell in love with it. Being able to check in on their child in the dark (with the night vision), carrying the monitor around the house, digitally zooming in - these are the things parents want. This was a big hit!

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Sasha Q.

Date : May 10, 2013

This baby monitor is great. It has everything you need to ensure your little one is safe and secure, and is easy to set up and easy to use. The picture and sound are both clear and clean. I was especially impressed with the clarity of the picture at night, something I had not experienced with my previous baby monitors. What a great feature in an affordable product. I would also recommend that parents try the "sound only" mode during nap time or periodically, as one thing I found is that it significantly reduces the drain on the battery. This is a really nice product and would make the perfect baby gift.

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Dat Hong

Location: Philidelphia
Date : May 13, 2013

This is a very nice baby monitor that is easy to set up and use. It's wireless and can run on batteries so you can carry the monitor around and still have an eye on your precious one. I have never owned a baby monitor before so I didn't know what to expect. The sound and video is crystal clear and even the night vision works well.

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Date : May 15, 2013

I have one other video baby monitor, which actually costs more, and find myself using this set more. It's very handy, easily portable, and visual quality is excellent... especially in pitch dark.

After a very easy plug and play setup, you are ready to go right out of the box with little effort. Place it anywhere and use it anywhere. What more could you ask for. It picks up sound levels to your specifications, and is silent by choice on the other end. With a wide range, I am able to go into the basement or even my driveway, and still have a clear signal. The best appeal is that the monitor goes into your pocket allowing you that much needed extra hand when moving around.

It's plugged in mostly at all times, but you can move it around without wires when you need to. Use rechargeable AAA batteries and you are good to go without waste.

The most impressive part of this is in fact the night vision feature. I put the unit in my linen closet, pitch black, and could see everything clearly. Highly recommended. And a perfect shower gift!

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Location: Midwest, US
Date : May 22, 2013

My 9 year old has a lot of anxiety and is prone to nightmares. Now he stays in his bed all night, thanks to this "baby" monitor. I keep it set on Voice-Activated, so when I hear a bad dream getting ahold of him, I can easily push the button to softly speak to him and within minutes he is relaxed and sleeping peacefully.

This Lorex monitor also helps when he doesn't feel well or gets scared in the night. All he has to do is say "Mommy?" and I can soothe him right back to sleep with a push of the button. When necessary, I can take his medicine in to him or go in to feel his forehead, but in most cases, the monitor tells me what I need to know to help him get back to sleep.

From a technical standpoint, the monitor is very easy to use, and after just a few minutes with the manual I was able to use the various features, including zooming in and panning from side to side. The sound quality is great, and the picture quality is pretty good.

I'm sure this would work wonderfully for a baby, but I have to say in our case, my older child and I have both had many more peaceful nights since getting this monitor. I highly recommend it.

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I Love Online Shopping!! "Deal Hunter"

Date : May 23, 2013

I never got into video monitors until this! The picture is super clear and the audio is the best. I love being able to actually listen to my son breathe. The monitor is across the room from him and if I turn the audio all the way up I can hear him breathe and it is wonderful!! This is just a great product. It holds a charge really well. If I had to think of one negative it would be that the screen scratches relatively easily. Easily if you mean letting your ten month old crawl with it ;)

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Nicholas Dubs

Date : July 4, 2013

This monitor works great! The night vision is clear and I love all the features on this monitor. I also love that you can attach another camera to it so you can have a camera in each kids room and then switch from camera to camera.

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Mama Zing

Location: Elgin
Date : July 9, 2013

We were looking for a video monitor that will grow with our little one from peeking in on sleeping baby to monitoring tantrums so we can intervene if the room is being destroyed. Ha! This monitor seems to do the trick. The screen is a decent size. It captures image well: day or night, and it has a zoom feature we like too (although, that image can be grainy at times). I love being able to talk back to my child to soothe him without having to be right there instantly. It's definitely a good monitor so far & I'd recommend it.

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Ashley S

Location: Philidelphia
Date : July 14, 2013

We were impressed with this monitor and all the listed features worked as described.


-Night vision is cool

-Good resolution

-OK instructions

-Talking through the device works great

-No range problems, was able to use this two stories down

-Temperature alerts are a good idea

Other Notes:

-Need to plug in handheld part for overnight use (batteries only lasted around 6 hours)

-Camera can use 4 AAA batteries which last about 5 hours or must always be plugged in (we just keep it plugged in)

-Cord is a about 6 feet so you may need an extension to mount high on wall or on the ceiling

-Lullaby feature works but isn't very useful

-Night light is not bright at all

Overall we are really happy with it.

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sort by :  Results: 1-15 of 61
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SWEET PEEP Series video baby monitor
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