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CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
3.5 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
8 hour battery life
Night Vision
Temperature monitor
Play Video

The latest addition to our technological family: the innovative CARE ‘N’ SHARE Video Monitor. With enhanced, user-friendly features, it is now easier than ever to keep a close eye on your little one from afar. Purchase CARE ‘N’ SHARE to experience firsthand the countless benefits built into Lorex Baby’s ground-breaking surveillance system. This unit is fully equipped with Two-Way Talk, Sleep & Soothe Sounds, and Crystal Clear Night Vision to help you look after your darling newborn from a distance as he or she sleeps soundly - and securely - in the nursery. What’s more, our state-of-the-art SNAP ‘N’ SHARE technology enables parents to digitally photograph their bundles of joy at any precious moment, night or day.

Model no.: Care-N-Share-Series

Snap ‘N’ Share

Snap ‘N’ Share

With one click on your monitor, remotely capture photographs of your newborn!

Sleep and soothe

Sleep and soothe

Five unique sounds from nature that can be controlled remotely

Handheld LCD Monitor

Handheld LCD Monitor

Light and portable monitor that allows you to monitor your loved ones from any place in the house.

CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor


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86 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: KY
Date : November 20, 2014

Horrible! I have only had this monitor for about 9 months and it doesn't hold a charge longer than 15 minutes. Wouldn't recommend this product, and definitely wouldn't purchase from them again!

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Location: warwick
Date : November 18, 2014

Good product. Easy to use and set up. My only issue is with the monitor and battery life. Doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long.

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Location: Mokena, IL
Date : November 17, 2014

We have had this monitor for a few months now. We really loved it at first, but after a while it has stopped working. Some of the issue we have been dealing with are, that the monitor won't charge while plugged in. I have to wiggle the power cord about a hundred times every night to get the right angle to charge, however, it will shortly stop working after a few minutes and I have to try and wiggle it again to charge. The battery usually dies in the middle of the night, because i'm not constantly attending the power cord to try and keep the monitor charging. This is very frustrating.

Even when I manage to get the monitor fully charged, the screen will go black and won't turn on. I will have to hit the reset button to try and get it to work again.

Also, I will consistently get a black screen telling me I am out of range. This happens when I am less than 10 feet away. So really? Out of range??? I don't think so. And if that is the range of monitor it is really pathetic. I am very disappointed with this product and will be trying to get a refund as it has stopped working within just a few short months of purchase.

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Location: michigan
Date : October 23, 2014

I love this monitor! The ability to talk to my daughter and hear her respond is a great feature. Love the temperature indicator and the ability to move the camera. I think it's well worth it.

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Location: USA
Date : October 8, 2014

I've owned this monitor for less than a year and the battery no longer holds a charge. It's also a fire hazard as it's swollen inside the unit making the unit useless to me.Was a first time purchase. I've contacted Lorex I'm still waiting for a reply. I don't think I would
Purchase again. Maybe mine was just defective? I don't know?

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Location: Cary,NC
Date : October 3, 2014

Purchased this product as a gift for my brother and sister in law as they had a baby for the first time. They previously had an old school one way radio baby monitor which to be honest was failing on then only after a few months in! So as an awesome uncle I wanted to gift my nephew some thing that he would really appreciate, but hes too young to know anything! So I finally decided to get the family a top of the line(at the time) Video Baby Monitor. After some time doing research I figured Lorex was a trustable brand in the business. To my luck the model I liked was not available at any local BestBuy Store, so I ended up ordering it online.
The product is amazing, the one I purchased was the 39N39 SHARE Wireless Baby MonitorLB315 . It has a good video and audio quality, the range is fantastic, its two way audio so when the baby is up and tries to wander about, i see my sister in law talking to the baby till she walks upstairs so the baby does not move around or feel alone. The motion sensor is an amazing feature for toddlers , as it follows the movement of the body. the camera is adjustable via a joystick which is helpful. The night time vision is great too. Temperature feedback is on point always. Theres still a couple of features that they have not used as yet, the memory card feature for storage and the skype feature, but these extra goodies is always good to have just incase . The product is also expandable upto 4 cameras which is an amazing feature really! has a AV outpout port which is super.

I really cannot point many downsides to this product, it works just brilliant. Although the one thing I noticed is that the camera moves ridiculously slow when zoomed in, so if you zoom in on something , and want to move the camera focus, its super slow. Thats something Lorex should work on. Maybe a better processor or camera lens?

The purple joystick on the monitor went missing after a couple of months in, thats what my sister in law told me, so I have contacted Lorex for a replacement and Iam sure they will work on that soon. So for future owners take care of the moniter unit!

Def recommend these products by Lorex to every parent as these do provide a peace of mind much better than the old school audio radios. Its 2014 its about time we come out of the audio radios!

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Location: Pennsylvania
Date : September 27, 2014

This is a great product and a great warranty. Had an issue and they sent a replacement to fix the issue!

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Location: Toronto
Date : September 27, 2014

I purchased this video monitor 2 weeks ago from Best Buy. So far I am happy with it. The image is clear and I like the fact that shows the temperature of the room and I can zoom the image. I don't use the music thought as we already use a fan as white noise and baby loves it . Definitely, I would recommend this product !!

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Location: North Carolina
Date : September 23, 2014

We purchased this monitor from Best Buy just a few days after our son was born. We have been very happy with the ease of use. The picture is great and we really enjoy some of the extras it offers such as the night light on the camera and the temperature monitoring. We don't really care for the sound effects it plays as you can't just choose one, and it cycles through all the sounds. The battery life on the monitor was good up until about 10 months in, it now only holds a charge for maybe 30 min. The battery seems to be expanding, and it doesn't seem very safe. But I have contacted Lorex about the problem, so hopefully they will send us a new monitor and we can go back to being very happy about it. As long as the warranty holds good, we are very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend the monitor and purchase from Lorex again.

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to view home

Location: home family room
Date : September 8, 2014

Set up is not intuitive. Pairing is not possible. Lock reverts no matter how many times you unlock. Instructions are absolutely not clear. Can't pair with phone. Really unhappy. I already had a baby monitor that worked perfectly fine. Only bought this to be able to see home from iPhone or computer away from home.

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Location: Ohio
Date : August 26, 2014

We have only recently started using it and so far we love the operation of this baby monitor, but the battery on the receiver end does not hold a charge longer than 8 minutes when fully charged. It needs to be plugged in 24/7 to work properly which does not allow monitoring around the house to be feasible. We have submitted a warranty issue request but haven't heard any response yet & are also bummed that we'll have to send it back and go without or buy an additional while we wait... For now we'll give this 3 stars because we hope the issue is easily resolved and a replacement can live up to the claim of at least 4.5 hours of battery life when unplugged!

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Josh R

Location: Alexandria, IN
Date : August 22, 2014

This baby monitor is a nice product. We can monitor our child's room day or night, use the intercom if needed, and the range is excellent. It has a zoom feature and can easily accommodate more cameras, if desired. The image and sound quality is good. Battery life can be extended by selecting an audio mode which will not display an image until a noise is heard. Overall, I have been very impressed.

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Location: MI
Date : August 18, 2014

This is a horrible baby monitor. I loved the idea of having the ability to record, which is not on many other baby monitors. But this was just not worth it. First, I've had 3 replacements and my most recent one is still having the same issues. The battery gets way too hot (I've had one expand so much it pushed out the back casing), the light that is supposed to be red for not charged or green for charged flashes between the two, it dies after an hour off the charger, or it just stops charging all together. Each time this happens, I have to go without a monitor which I hate because I'm not on the same floor as my baby. So I had to go purchase another monitor for when this one isn't working and getting returned.

Also, the lullaby sounds are pretty useless as you can't just pick one. It rotates through all the sounds. So I will start out on lullabies and when it switches to the outdoors, the sudden birds chirping wake my baby.

I think this model was replaced by a different version, maybe that one is better.

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Location: Alberta
Date : August 9, 2014

I really like this monitor up until the other day when the audio to the monitor stopped working. If that worked it's an amazing monitor. It's very clear and does the job and was a great price

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Location: Everett, WA
Date : August 7, 2014

all in all, a nice product.

1) multi-camera view on one screen is handy. (up to 4 cams)
2) I bought this as part of a woot offer - so the price was very attractive for a multi-cam offering. (monitor & 2 cams)

1) The camera's IR LEDs shine red, dimly, but still visible at night.
2) Camera MIC seems not as sensitive as others I've used
3) Battery in the viewer was problematic out of the box - currently have a ticket in with Lorex Support for this.
3a) because of the battery issues, I'm using my older Motorola monitor in conjunction with this cam/monitor and I believe i'm experiencing some frequency collisions. Lorex picture is choppy and reception seems poor. This wasn't as evident when I was using the unit exclusively.
4) The cams are not the pan/tilt cams. (not really a "con" per se...)

Depending on how Lorex support responds (when/if they respond) ... the rating may go up.

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CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
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