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Live Sense Series video baby monitors
Live Sense Series video baby monitors
Live Sense Series video baby monitors
Live Sense Series video baby monitors
3.5 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
4 hour battery life
Skype™ Connectivity
Temperature monitor
Play Video

Why not turn a task into something fun? Lorex Baby's LIVE Sense Wireless video baby monitor lets caregivers keep an eye on the baby and capture adorable moments that last a lifetime. Our cutting edge monitoring tool is compact and interactive, allowing mom and dad to engage with their little one with a simple click of a button. Hear your baby and sooth your precious angel to sleep using our portable LCD video monitor. Check the temperature in the nursery from anywhere in the house. Keep tabs on the baby at night thanks to our product's high-tech night vision (included in both cameras). These are just some of the many features at your disposal.

Model no.: Live-Sense-Series

Expandable Solution

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Built-in lullabies

Built-in lullabies

Soothe baby remotely with built-in lullabies

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

View video from anywhere in the world using Skype™

Live Sense Series video baby monitors


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Baby monitor with recording


What parent doesn't want to record their baby's very first giggle or first word? Lorex Baby wants to make sure you have the ability to capture all those precious moments. That's why our cameras come with video and audio recording. You can also set up the cameras to start recording upon hearing your shining star. That way you'll never miss out on an adorable moment! Videos can be viewed on our sleek LCD monitor or uploaded to social media sites like Facebook and Flickr using an SD card. Life is about moments. We can make sure you don't miss them.

temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitor

A cozy baby is a happy baby. The LIVE Sense comes with a high-tech electronic temperature sensor. What does it do? The sensor ensures the temperature in your child's nursery stays exactly the way you like it. That's all thanks to a built-in alarm that instantly warns caregivers if the temperature strays from the desired zone.

Two way Audio

Two Way Audio

The LIVE Sense video baby monitor keeps you connected to your little angel. Our two-way audio between the cameras and the monitor lets caregivers speak to their child from a distance. You can be in the home office or watching TV and still be able to communicate with your bundle of cuteness. The LIVE Sense can even help sooth your baby to sleep with our relaxing built-in lullabies. Be warned: there's no guarantee you won't fall asleep too!

Wireless home security camera system features

  • Portable monitor with rechargeable lithium battery 1
  • View from anywhere in the world using Skype™ 2
  • Don't miss a thing with sound- activated alerts3
  • Room-temperature monitoring with alert setting
  • View day and night with automatic night vision (up to 13ft/4m)4
  • Secure, interference-free, long-range digital signal5
  • Sleep easy with convenient video on/off button
  • Grows with your family (expandable up to 4 cameras)

Additional baby monitor features

  • Portability. Walk around the house freely with the sleek handheld monitor, while still keeping an eye on your home.
  • View Remotely. Connect the handheld monitor to any computer and watch what the camera sees from anywhere in the world using Skype™.
  • Sleep Easy. Be aware throughout the night with sleep mode featuring audio monitoring, indicator lights, and sound-activated recording.
  • Private and Secure. Monitor your home with confidence knowing the wireless digital signal is secure, private, and can't be picked up by neighbours.
  • Temperature Monitoring. The LIVE Sense includes an electronic temperature sensor so you can monitor the climate in the baby's room. A built-in alarm will even warn you if the temperature changes outside of your selected range.
  • Two-Way Talk. Two-way audio between the camera and monitor means you can talk to family members, even if you are not in the same room.
  • Grows with Your Family. Add up to 3 additional cameras. As your family grows, the LIVE Sense can expand right along with you. Have a camera in the baby's room, play room, living room, or even pointing at the front door.
  • Audio Monitor. Conserve battery life and sleep peacefully by using it as an audio monitor. With the LCD monitor turned off, you can continue to hear your child while eliminating distractions for a peaceful sleep.
  • View Day or Night. Keep an eye on your child all night long with crystal clear automatic night vision. Check on little ones without the risk of waking them up.
  • Multiple Viewing Options. Viewing modes include Single Channel, Scan (switch between single channels automatically), and Quad Split-Screen.
  • Private and Secure. Digital signal with FHSS technology ensures a private and secure transmission between the camera and handheld monitor.
  • Audio Indicator Lights. Audio indicator lights on the monitor indicate the level of noise being picked up by the camera. This extra pair of ears helps you be aware of what your child is up to when you are in a noisy room.

1. Battery life: Up to 4.5hrs for monitor.
2. Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC (CD included), a wired USB connection between the handheld monitor and PC (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.
3. Not available during remote viewing.
4. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
5. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.


Demonstrating the LIVE Sense Video Home Monitor.


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61 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Edmonton
Date : October 23, 2015

Amazing best investment ever makes a mom feel secure knowing I can watch whenever

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Location: Red Deer
Date : May 15, 2015

After reading the reviews and doing my research I choose Lorex and this camera as the perfect set up for our house with the new baby coming. Out of the box the set up was great, the app was decent, and everything was great. After a few months the battery went down hill fast - like 15 minutes and it was dead. No big deal, although for $400 it kind of is a big deal especially in this modern world of batteries. But moving on. The next 10 months that time reduced and the app stopped connecting. then we were off warranty. Thats when the picture stopped transmitting and we only had sound. Ok still a monitor. Until the sound failed. So now I have a $400 waste of space. Also they said the range was good for the base, I would say the furthest out I got it to ever work was 30 feet (10 meters). I bought this because I work away from home and nothing makes you smile like your own kid. I can not express how disappointed I am in this product and I do not recommend it to anyone. Save your money, get a normal monitor, we chose the Motorola wireless portable set up which works about 500 feet of range, take your old cell and download a monitor app and use that for video, and save a ton of money.

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Location: Houston
Date : March 10, 2015

This monitor worked great at first, and but the battery stopped working after just a few months use. Customer service is excellent with Lorex and they sent a replacement within a week. After that, we had an issue with the base. Again customer service was great, sent us a whole new unit and camera.Recently, the battery on the new unit will not hold a charge - it has to constantly be kept plugged in. Im thinking there might have been a battery problem with this unit at some point which was a pain but yet again, customer service is helping me with no problems on their part.
When working properly, there is no better camera ut there for the money and rest assured that if a problem does arise that Lorex will help you solve it swiftly and get you back on track.

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Location: Spokane, WA
Date : February 27, 2015

I really liked this monitor (until my son threw the camera, breaking it). I was able to see him, hear him and monitor the temperature in the room. I also really liked the music that I was able to play from the monitor. When my son would wake up, I would turn the music on, and more often then not, he would fall back asleep. I wish the range was a little bit higher (as in further distance). When my son would nap, I would work in the yard and I had to keep the monitor directly under his window or it would cut out. I was unable to visit with a neighbor in front of my house and stay "in range". We used the Skype feature a few times, but without audio it just didn't really fill my needs. Overall, a great monitor though. I'm contacting customer support after this to see if I can get the camera repaired :)

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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date : November 23, 2014

Great system. Love seeing my little one.

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Location: Utah
Date : November 6, 2014

We bought this monitor for our first child last year. It's been a great monitor with a clear picture. My favorite feature is the temperature setting. The monitor has cut in and out since we got it and doesn't hold a charge very long. But it hasn't caused too much problem, it still has been a good monitor for us.

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Happy Mom

Location: California
Date : September 27, 2014

I purchased the Lorex monitor in December of 2013 and haven't really had a problem with it until now. The sound stopped working on the monitors end, but Lorex is already trying to fix it. I use the monitor daily, even now with no sound because I can still see my baby. All in all, I have been satisfied with this monitor.

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Location: waterford wi
Date : September 18, 2014

I am very pleased with lorex! I had a problem with my baby monitor and it is out of warranty and they did what they could to fix things and make them right!

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Location: Buffalo, NY
Date : September 8, 2014

Unfortunately, this monitor worked great at outset, and then we had a connectivity problem with the adapter after just a few months use. They sent a replacement, but the connection is still finicky and the unit will not hold a charge - it has to constantly be kept plugged in. Not very happy about the performance. My son isn't even 2 yet and I bought this when he was a few months old.

Having said the above, the video (both nighttime and daytime) on this unit is excellent compared with the other brands that we initially bought.

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Location: Ventura CA
Date : August 23, 2014

I really love this product. We have 2 grandchildren that we watch regularly. I bought an additional camera so we could have one in each of their rooms. I did have a problem with the battery in the monitor that over heated, but I notified the company and they sent a new monitor out to me right away. We also use the cameras to monitor our house when we are away. The wireless feature was easy to connect to my iphone and works great.

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Location: Alberta, Canada
Date : July 28, 2014

We've used this monitor for the past two years and have been fairly happy with it - clear audio, clear picture. There are lots of additional features that we don't use (lullaby, intercom, recording). My only complaint would be that the battery life degrades after a couple months. Recently we looked into buying an additional camera vs buying a different 2 camera unit. We ended up returning all the other units we tried because they didn't perform as well as the Lorex unit.

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Location: Seattle
Date : July 22, 2014

Good product, easy to set-up. It was working in minutes and fully functional.

Great:ease of use
Very good: Image quality and viewing.
Good: Audio

Overall, for the price, this is a very good system.

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Miss J

Location: Surrey, BC
Date : July 13, 2014

Love our new baby monitor!

It has all the features we were looking for plus some. The only complain I have is its range isn't as far as I would've liked it to be.

I would definitely recommend this monitor to others.

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Location: Denton, TX
Date : May 11, 2014

I don't miss any sleep having this monitor by my side. I also don't have to rush right in to see why he is crying and make things worse once he sees me. This camera is amazing. I also have the pan tilt cameras and can watch my toddler play in his room like a big boy now.

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Location: Montreal
Date : May 9, 2014

I am very disapointed with this product. Before I go on telling the problem with this monitor, I have to say that the cameras are very good. We never had problems with them. The are clear and reliable.

The monitor, however, has a serious defect. It shuts down on its own at any moment. Far or near from the cameras, indoor or outdoor, battery fully charged, it shuts down with no warning. It's worrying when you are in the bassement or outside. You are not always starring at the image. Sometimes we just put the volume on and do what you have to do around the house... But the other day, I was outside. The monitor shut down on its own, with no warning or signal. After about an hour outside I needed to go indoor to get something and I realised that my baby was crying loudly. I ignorer how long hé was crying for... I felt very upset for my baby crying and angry I couldn't rely on the monitor. I do not trust it anymore.

I wrote to Lorex several times. They answer quickly to my inquiries, but they just keep on sending me a new monitor each time it starts shutting down again. It is my fourth one (if I count the one I first bought). I am very tired of that whole thing. I wanted to exchange for another product as this one has a serious issue on ALL of the monitors. They refused the exchange (or upgrade, as they call it). I had to ask for an exchange within the first month I bougth it. We just let it go at first because we thought we didn't charge the monitor correctly... But We obviously did as the charging light gets green when the charging process is complete.

Finally, my advice would be: Stay way from that product because it is a serious issue for your baby security!!!!

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Live Sense Series video baby monitors
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