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Dome Camera DVR Security SystemDome Camera DVR Security SystemDome Camera DVR Security SystemDome Camera DVR Security SystemDome Camera DVR Security System

Dome Camera DVR Security System


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960H, 34% more video
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12  Channels

8  Cameras

1TB  Hard Drive

900  TVL

130FT  Night Vision

960H  Resolution


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Home security camera system with night vision cameras

For professional-grade security that performs without compromise, nothing compares to a premium Lorex dome camera security system. 8 weatherproof dome cameras are at the center of this first-rate home security system, and the powerful 12-channel LH160 ECO6 Series allows you to stay connected to what matters most. View and play back recordings while recording real-time video on every channel. Securely check in on your property using our free apps for iOS® and Android™ devices.

8 weatherproof dome cameras boast 900TVL resolution, resulting in stunning 960H recording quality and accurate color reproduction. Long-range infrared (IR) night vision makes this system ideal for 24-hour monitoring. Stay connected wherever you go with free remote viewing software for smartphones, tablets and computers – view your world from anywhere in the world with no recurring fees.

Remote home monitoring
with Stratus Connectivity

Introducing Stratus Connectivity – our quick, innovative cloud connection service that allows you to monitor your property from anywhere, as if you were there. Stratus Connectivity will have you viewing your system remotely in minutes on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Simply download the free Lorex ECO Stratus app on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device, scan the QR code on your DVR and start viewing your world securely over the Internet with no recurring fees!

Lorex Stratus Connectivity

960H resolution security cameras

Record detailed security footage from the 900TVL cameras in stunning 960H resolution. 960H is a new standard for security cameras and security DVRs that provides high resolution images using advanced image sensors. The result is superior images that are 34% larger than D1 and more than 500% larger than CIF. Record at 960H to improve recording efficiency while capturing true-to-life, non-stretched security footage that leaves nothing to the imagination.

960H recording resolution

World-class night vision

Even on the darkest nights, stay confident that these security cameras will never miss a beat. Experience clear, detailed images up to 130ft (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions, and up to 90ft (28m) away in total darkness. ClearNight imaging technology ensures clear night vision and improves recording efficiency up to 30%. Auto-light compensation prevents wash-out effects, enabling close-up recognition in the dark.

LDC7722 night vision dome camera

Cold climate weatherproof security cameras

Our durable, weatherproof security cameras are IP66-rated to ensure protection against the elements. Designed to withstand harsh climates, the cameras hold their own against any type of weather in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). The rugged dome cameras have a lightweight yet extremely durable Polycarbonate housing. The dome cameras here can withstand heavy impacts, making them nearly impossible for vandals to destroy.

LDC7722 weatherproof dome camera

Security grade hard drive

Record video to our 1TB security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at the highest resolution for the most detailed footage, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

1TB HDD pre-installed

 Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and PC

Image resolution comparison

960H image resolution comparison

Model no.: L9-128D

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Free Lorex DDNS

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Recommended Accessory
19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

Model no.:L19LE12B

19 inch security monitor that works with Lorex Digital Video Recorders. Energy efficient LED technology

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Reg.  $179.99


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20 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: New york
Date : April 12, 2015

Great system. Much better than I anticipated. Very easy to install and program. Will be buying more systems in the near future for other locations

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Location: Texas
Date : March 16, 2015

I replaced another brand with this one. I was able to use the same cables, so no drilling or climbing around in the attic. The color and picture quality are great. The phone app is great also. Setup was as easy as could be.

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Date : November 12, 2014

Supper Package with outstanding phone app

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Location: AB,Canada
Date : May 20, 2014

Affordable camera system,simple to install & set up,the only thing not working is the speed control of the play back on the Client software.

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Location: AB,Canada
Date : May 10, 2014

Good product,easy to install,no need to do any adjustment.

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Location: NV
Date : September 16, 2013

I purchased this product after months of research and finally had enough time to install it this last weekend. These camera are superior to the others in there class. for the price and what you get the quality of the product is pretty exceptional. I am pleased to have purchased this product. Set-up was a little difficult only becuase I have some different type of devices already on my network. making sure that you you know what devices is using what port is the biggest key. the tech support was a breeze to deal with. after being a know it all and spending 6+ hours trying to figure out which device was confliting with the DVR and why on my own, they were able to resolve my issue for me in aboiut 15min once I got someone on the phone. I will update the review as things progress with my product familiarity.

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Location: Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
Date : April 26, 2013

Today I called Tech support and the automated message said I was in a que for the next available tech. Afte about 10 minutes another automated voice came on saying if I left my phone number I would be called back as the que time was about 30 munites. That was over 5 hours ago and I still have not got a call back. Telephone system sucks.
Tech support I gave an e-mail to tech support and got an incident number on Apr 23/13 I replied on apr 24/13 outlining the problem and even sent images showing the weird cable ends on the dome cameras as compared to the regular ends on the cables of the standard power adapters. I have yet to hear back from them. It;s now been 3 days of phone calls and e-mail trying to get the problem solved. No Luck So Far - I am beginning to think I will have to drive 4 hrs to the factory and show them what the problem is and demand satisfaction.


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Location: california
Date : April 9, 2013

we bought the 6 camera system. Two are outdoor motion detectors. We also installed the indoor ones under the eaves. They are working just fine. We love the system. It was a bit confusing configuring the DDNS but the helpline is good if hard to get in touch with. For the price, the quality is very good. The monitor works well , very clear. We have still not programmed all we can do into the DVR, still learning. We are very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend this system and would order again.

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Superdesi (USA)

Date : February 20, 2012

easy setup

The lorex Edge was easy to set up. Plug everything in and your set. I like how it works on ie safari iphone and blackberry. However it does not work on android phones as of yet. Also their auto port forwarding feature didn't seem to work. They have a proxy service from yoics which the lorex manual directs you to sign up for. While I did sign up for it the yoics wizard never found my lorex and I wasted about 20 min trying to get it to work but no luck. Eventually I decided to do the old fashioned way and port forward on my router. It seems like you only need to open one port and you can get remote viewing / playback on ie safari and mobile phones but I have yet to setup remote viewing on iphone. Good for the price. Easy setup and easy to use, Comes with ir extended and is beds standard two you can mount it to a monitor.

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Location: Chicago, IL USA
Date : January 29, 2012

Great motion light camera security DVR 

Old PC-based security system died, so re-connected the same cables into this Lorex Edge - and we were back in business. completed the the whole setup in about 20-mins without needing to read the manual. interface is very intuitive, remote monitoring works great. I had one technical question that I asked over the phone with Lorex support, they actually answered the phone, registered my serial# and gave me a lot of good info. Excellent support!

I would definitely buy again, this is a great inexpensive little device.

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Location: Spokane WA
Date : January 25, 2012

Adequate, not great

If you are comfortable stringing wires in the attic or basement you will do fine getting the cameras set up. Have to think carefully about placement. Can't use them in locations that have a mix of high and low light. Make sure they are close enough to the subject to be able to see details. At night this is particularly important. Had to move cameras after I reviewed the output and realized that the quality was low enough that no ID could be made. Over the garage will probably be much too high. ANY motion triggers the email function, including rain or snow. The masking function and sensitivity functions for motion sensing during set up is a joke. For straight continuous recording it works fine. I use Apple products at home and the software really doesn't work well with them. The Mac world was an afterthought for the company. More than anything else, the cameras are visible, the alarm system I had installed is visible so hopefully the bad guys will stay away. Customer service is nonexistent. YOU MUST READ THE MANUAL. If you are going to use the Internet functions you need to be savvy. Having a geek friend to help set it up will be necessary unless you claim that title for yourself.

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Michael Danconia

Location: United States
Date : January 10, 2012

More features and better image than most...

I have been told by a few salesman that the Lorex Products are overpriced without justification. After studying complete systems for a few weeks, I have learned that Lorex offers a few significant benefits over other brands. One of them is the auto-port forwarding software that comes with their dvr surveilance systems. This proprietary software automatically configures just about any router to enable remote internet viewing of your system. This is complimented by offering their own exclusive DDNS access to Lorex customers at no additional cost. For example, if I choose a username of homesec, my internet website would be From any computer, I am now able to access my system, reliably. I have streamed it simutaneously from two remote locations for over 24 hrs straight and still have a live feed. I am very happy with the high level of thoughfulness that went into the interface. I do not know if this is a feature available anywhere else, but I am able to control every possible feature and function from a remote browser and can set multiple permissions for multiple users.

Aside from the DVR, the cameras are also better than most comperable systems. They include 480 lines of resolution, 122 degree f operating temp, IP66 (very high) weatherproof rating, and a proprietary auto mechanical IR filter cut that helps display the best image at all times. The image is also remarkably flat with a 50 degree field of view. The viewing angle is average, but still better than many. I purchased an additional 4 cameras (sg7530) that have a 73 degree field of view to compliment the system. The cameras also use less power than most at 250 mW with IR on. The LED monitor makes this deal outstanding. It is so light and uses only 9w of power. I have 4 cameras connected along with the DVR, gigabit switch, and monitor to a 900VA Belkin UPS. It only uses 6-7% of load. I ran a 2 hour deep cycle test and the battery only dropped to 62%!!! I can run the system and view the display for a very long time if power were to go out. It would be nice to run this system off of a solar/deep cycle bettery setup to make it completely grid independant for an effectively perpetual security surveilance system.

Anyway, I am not going over all of the features that everyone else has already mentioned. Instead I thoughn it important to diuscuss the ones that sold me after very extensive research and comparison. One other thing I learned about CCTV systems, in general is that cat5 wiring is easier to run and better than coax. It also allows you more options (audio, ptz control, etc) all in a single smaller cable (use solid core 24ga). "Videosecu" offers cat5 breakout dongle sets that convert rj45 to cctv power, video, and audio. The last of the 4 prs can be used to control a PTZ or as an alarm or sensor input. With an understanding of the importance of security and a stubborn never give up mentality, this system can be incorperated to any home and provide commercial quality performance (assuming th HDD is truly 100% duty cycle).

I only gave it 4 stars, because I would like some of the logitech wilife/alert features and options to be incorperated into the software. That being said, at least I do not have to pay a yearly fee like with the Logitech system. Overall, outstanding and well thought out grab and go package. When choosing a system, make sure you seriously consider the number of cameras you may need vs the number of channels on the DVR. IF you are going to put 4, then get an 8 channel. If you are going to put 7 then get a 16. Too late for me, but here is the issue. A 4 channel system provided a max of 120 frames per second, 8channel=240FPS, 16channel= 480 FPS. That effectively means that at the highest resolution and picture quality, you will have only 7.5 FPF if you max out that system's cameras. I dont know about you, but 7.5 fps is very choppy to me. If that does not matter to you, then dont sweat it, but I want the smoothest, biggest, best picture possible on as many cameras as possible. Study it further if this means anything to you. FYI- none of thes systems are "easy" to setup, if you plan to use all of the features, but the instructions are excellently detailed and use proper English. Anyway, if there are any problems,I will update. So far, so good.

Hope this helps!!!

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Glenn Thompson "Glenn"

Location: Seattle, WA
Date : December 8, 2011

Nice DIY security DVR system,, December 8, 2011


This security DVR provided clear markings for hook up. The UI interface is awkward but understandable so navigation for set up doesn't take long. I purchased this DVR because of it's IP capabilities and it delivered. It requires a few hoops to set up on it's supported devices but after that, it just works. I have it working on Apple Mac's, Apple iPads and Android phones. A bonus for me was the free provided remote capabilities. You go through Lorex's DNS service and then, you have the same IP capabilities but outside the home.I would have rated this a 5 except that there was no composite video out (it's actually the one marking on the back that is unclear).

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T. Hicks "twah"

Location: Grand Rapids Michigan
Date : November 19, 2011

Mine System Works Fine, Happy With It,


I purchased the system even though it had a couple of negative reviews. I had the system installed in a property I have in Mexico a couple of months ago. I did have it installed by a professional installer in Mexico just because I ran out of time to do it and wanted to get it operational. I can view pictures on my computer via Internet Explorer (Google chrome is not supported) and my android phone without any problem. At this point I am very satisfied. The pictures are clear and motion caught without being too jerky. I have not had any problems.

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Location: Quebec, Canada
Date : November 17, 2011

Great Support and system, great price

Thank you for the great support when I was installing the system in my store!  The support provide me with a fast set up for internet viewing from my house. I did not know much about IP addresses but support fixed it for me within a couple of minutes.  Great company, great investment and again thanks, Support!

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