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Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
3.5 inch monitor
2 Cameras included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
4 hour battery life
Night Vision
Play Video

Video baby monitor with 2 cameras

The latest addition to our technological family: the innovative CARE ‘N’ SHARE Video Monitor. With enhanced, user-friendly features, it is now easier than ever to keep a close eye on your little one from afar. Purchase CARE ‘N’ SHARE to experience firsthand the countless benefits built into Lorex Baby’s ground-breaking surveillance system. This unit is fully equipped with Two-Way Talk, Sleep & Soothe Sounds, and Crystal Clear Night Vision to help you look after your darling newborn from a distance as he or she sleeps soundly - and securely - in the nursery. What’s more, our state-of-the-art SNAP ‘N’ SHARE technology enables parents to digitally photograph their bundles of joy at any precious moment, night or day.

Model no.: LW243

Night Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera

Turns on automatically when it's dark allowing night time monitoring.

Secure wireless connection

Secure wireless connection

100% digital technology ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

A built-in alarm will warn you when the temperature in the baby room changes

Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras


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sleep and soothe lullabies

Meet the Care 'N' SHARE FAMILY

The LorexBaby Care 'N' Share series of Video Baby Monitors has the perfect solution to meet your every need. Featuring either a 3.5" or 4.3" crystal clear LCD screen and a fixed or pan/tilt camera, we guarantee there is a solution just right for you. Please refer to the product specifications to see the exact camera and screen included with each model.

baby monitor with night vision

Night Vision

Crystal Clear Night Vision allows you to keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out. Check in at any point in the night, knowing that our black-andwhite feed is of the highest quality.

sleep and soothe lullabies

Sleep & Soothe

CARE 'N' SHARE features five relaxing Sleep & Soothe Sounds from nature - a modern spin on the traditional lullaby. Rainfall, chirping birds, and beach waves can all be turned on or off and volume controlled from your monitor

Snap and share technology

Snap 'N' Share Technology

With one click on your monitor, remotely capture photographs of your newborn! Screenshots saved to the camera's micro SD card (sold separately) can be sent to family members and friends or uploaded to your favorite social networks.

Baby monitor features

  • Portable Handheld LCD Monitor... a wider, portable viewing screen delivers real-time video coverage of your loved one when you're apart.
  • Supports Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera with Motion Tracking*... using your handheld video monitor. You can also motion track your child's movements so that the camera follows him or her automatically.
  • SNAP 'N' SHARE Technology... with the click of a button, you can remotely capture still photographs of your sleeping beauty.
  • Sleep & Soothe Sounds... a built-in speaker plays gentle sounds from nature, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm in your baby's crib.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... clear-cut video feed in black and white helps you keep tabs on your child's miniature movements in the dark.
  • Video On/Off... click off the video feed and turn your unit into an audio monitor whenever you wish to extend the battery life.
  • Two-Way Talk... a built-in high sensitivity microphone enables caregivers to speak directly to the baby so that they may tenderly guide him or her back to sleep.
  • Built-In Nightlight... softly illuminate the crib at night-time so that your newborn feels swaddled in light upon waking.
  • Digital Zoom... zoom-in remotely for an even closer inspection of your sweetheart.
  • Room Temperature Alerts... keep track of your angel's sleeping conditions with a quick summary of temperature changes in the nursery.
  • Four Room Viewing... with the purchase of additional cameras, parents can monitor up to four distinct spaces simultaneously. Perfect for growing families with kids of all ages!
  • Up to 450 ft of Wireless Range... stay alert with audio and visual feeds that reach across your entire house and backyard.
  • Expandable up to 4 Cameras... position four cameras at different angles in one room or set them up around the house to give your kids the undivided attention they deserve.
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life!... lightweight and long-lasting, CARE 'N' SHARE's battery rarely takes breaks to ensure that you can throughout your day and night.


  • Portable Handheld LCD Monitor
  • SNAP 'N' SHARE's Technology2
  • Sleep & Soothe Sounds
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision
  • Power Save Mode
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Built-In Nightlight
  • Digital Zoom
  • Room Temperature Alerts
  • Four Room Viewing
  • Up to 450 ft of Wireless Range
  • Expandable up to 4 Cameras
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life!3

1. Accessory Pan / Tilt camera available for purchase separately. Click here for details.
2. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
3. Battery life: Up to 4.5hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 8 hours in audio only mode
* Only available with compatible Pan-Tilt camera


The New Generation of the LOREX LIVE Sense - LW2400 & LW2450 Wireless Video Home Monitors


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115 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Maryland
Date : January 6, 2016

If it wasn't for the battery, this would get 5 stars. I love all the features of the camera. It is extremely easy to go from one camera to the other and see both kids. The picture and sound are both very clear. I love that I can track my toddler across her room and talk to her. However, the battery begins to die after just a few minutes. I read the reviews before I bought, so I figured it was going to happen. But I had the old version of their monitor and loved that one (but I needed another camera and with the sale at the time it was almost the same price to buy a whole new set), so I decided it was worth the bad battery. I would buy this again, even though it is a pain to carry the plug around.

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Location: New York
Date : December 11, 2015

After about a year of ownership, I had trouble with this unit's battery. However, I spoke with Lorex support and they issued me a replacement unit. I think its even a newer model than I had owned. So far this new unit has been great. I'm very pleased with Lorex's customer service and plan to continue relying on their products in the future.

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Location: Regina, sk
Date : November 16, 2015

The size of the screen on the monitor is amazing. We can literally see our baby breathing. Battery life is great and having the option to see two kids rooms at once is perfect. We are very pleased!!

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Mama of 2 peanuts

Location: California
Date : October 9, 2015

*UPDATE* I received a replacement within days of writing my previous review and am thankful to get it. So far so good, thanks for my replacement!

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Mama of 2 peanuts

Location: California
Date : September 3, 2015

OK, so let me start by saying I ordered the monitor with 2 cameras but I received 2 packages containing one camera and one monitor in each. So I thought alright, I will use one monitor for backup...well I needed it and now I need a back up for my back up. The battery in both monitors expanded and the back cover came off. I continue using it but it doesn't keep the charge for more than 5 minutes, so I have to walk to each room with the plug to keep it going. I called customer service in June 2015 then again in July 2015 I called back to see the progress of my request to get a new monitor,they said they were working on is now Sept 3 and I still don't have a replacement. What a pain in my butt to carry around the cord plugging it in to every outlet just to keep an eye on my baby. I really really need a replacement, PLEASE.
Other than this ridiculous wait, the monitor is very clear and toggles nicely between both my kids rooms.

LOREX :   Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the delay and inconvenience this may have caused. We hope the replacement is working well for you.

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Location: Vancouver, BC
Date : August 2, 2015

We picked this monitor because we would like to view both of our kids in different rooms. We like it. But now I personally think that the higher priced camera might be even better, which allows you to tilt and control the camera to view wider ranged area, especially when your baby is more mobile and be able to move to the area that the camera wouldn't see originally.

We have used it for about 8 months, and recently found that the battery has swelled so big that it pushed the back open. After contacting the Lorex, we were offered a replaced battery on the way. Hope to receive it soon. The current battery doesn't last long either after charge, definitely not 4 hours as advertised. So far we are happy with the customer service for prompt responses.

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Location: Michigan
Date : July 30, 2015

We just received this model as a replacement because our battery expanded on our other lorex monitor. So far we are happy with this one and are hopeful it lasts a long time. Even though our previous model was under warranty it took several months to get a replacement. I had to call regularly and push to finally talk to the right person. If I hadnt invested as much as I had I probably would have given up. I'm hoping I don't have any more issues.

LOREX :   Our apologies for the delay in this matter. This is not a typical wait time for replacements. We're pleased to hear you are happy with your system now.

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Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Date : July 5, 2015

I have only just received this monitor but I love it! My baby is 9 months old now and I am kicking myself for not ordering it sooner. I can see my baby crystal clearly and yes I can see her breathing, didn't believe it when other people said it. Easy to use, High Quality, less expensive than the ones you will find at the baby box stores and I feel like it works better. I love the private connection which I feel is a must because with other baby monitors I have heard people can see each others kids, not cool on any level with me and doesn't happen with the Lorex private connection. So far I am 100% satisfied and I have no complaints or improvements to make. Lorex has made me a happy, better rested momma and that is priceless!

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Location: Edmonton, AB
Date : July 2, 2015

Very good product, works well and clear picture. Battery doesn't last very long, but other than that, I have zero complaints. Thanks!

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Location: alberta
Date : June 12, 2015

This product is wonderful. Super easy to sync cameras and picture quality is great. I will never use a different monitor than Lorex!

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Location: New jersey
Date : May 20, 2015

Great baby monitors! The picture quality and sound are perfect. The only issue is the battery doesn't last long

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Location: Windsor, ON
Date : March 29, 2015

My wife and I, are happy with the with the monitor. We got this model because of the two wireless camera's. One for our toddler and one for the new born. Its very nice to check in on both of them. We have had the unit for a couple of months now. The only issue we are having is the battery pack not lasting more then 30 minutes, once you unplug the monitor. When we first got it, we could go a few hours; unplugged with the screen on fulltime. Now we are lucky to get 20 minutes. Lets hope I get my new battery that is covered under warranty. Otherwise we are very pleased with the our Lorex units. :-)

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Location: FW, TX
Date : February 26, 2015

We love our Lorex monitors! The only issue I have had is that the battery life wasn't good and then the battery finally went dead altogether where I couldn't even unplug it. I called customer service and they are replacing the battery pack so I'm happy! Thanks Lorex!

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Location: Canada
Date : February 26, 2015

We love our monitor!! It's the 2nd one we've used through lorex and would never buy another brand! Picture quality and sound are top notch! Allows us to rest easy being able to check in on our little ones whenever. Very easy to work. And shipping was very fast! Was here in 2 weeks!!

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Location: Lehi Utah
Date : February 24, 2015

I reviewed this product right after I got it and I absolutely LOVED it. However, now, less than a year after getting it, I am not having an issue with the device staying powered on. The second it gets unplugged, it starts blinking at me telling me the battery is going to die. Sure enough, within minutes, the battery will die. I have submitted a ticket as it's still under warranty and NOBODY has responded to me. Lorex, your customer service is CRAP. I am highly disappointed in this entire ordeal.

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Wireless baby monitor with 2 cameras
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