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In wall rated security camera cables - 120FT video BNC and power



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BNC-RCA and power extension cable

Satisfy your installation needs with the CVA7120UP 120ft video BNC-RCA and power extension cable. Connect a surveillance camera to any standard DVR, monitor or TV with BNC or RCA input (BNC/RCA adapter included).

This professional-grade coaxial, in-wall-rated cable meets National Electrical Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code(CEC) standards for CMR type cabling. The cable can be installed inside walls and even between floors (non-plenum areas only). Dual shielding protects the cables from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. It also contains a fire-resistant jacket, providing you with a durable and reliable cable.


  • Cables are not compatible with HD-SDI DVRs.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with and adhere to local building codes.




  • Ideal for running along walls, inside walls and between floors*
  • Connect or extend BNC surveillance camera to BNC/RCA monitoring or recording device
  • Meets UL / CUL communication cable standards - CMR (Riser)
  • BNC/RCA adapters included
  • Extend up to 180ft (55m) with identical Lorex cable type


  • 1 x 120ft BNC/Power extension cable
  • 1 x BNC female to RCA male adapter
  • 1 x BNC female to BNC female coupler


*Not Plenum rated. Check your local building code for location specific cable requirements.










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1 out of 37


Location: San Jose, CA

I purchased these cameras when a rash of car break ins were happening in our neighborhood. They were very easy to setup and configure.
I love the ability to view the cameras from my tablet or smartphone. I have used the DVR playback function multiple times. One time we accidentally left our garage door open when we went out of town for two days. I was able to go back the two days and view all of our camera footage to see if anyone had go into our house, no one did and I was relieved. I also have the cameras setup to our TV in the family room. If my kids are home alone and someone knocks on the door, they can switch inputs on the TV and see who is at the front door and decide if they want to answer it or not. Great investment for peace of mind.

2 out of 37


Location: ct


3 out of 37


Location: Los Angeles, ca

Easy set up, easy log on etc... Customer service is awesome, quick and easy to deal with. I will definitely be back. Thanks Lorex.

4 out of 37


Location: De Pere, WI

Received our 8 camera, 16 channel DVR quicker than we thought. The system was easy to install. We were able to install and get running with a minimum of trouble. Running cable is always fun - yeah right!!!! We believe the system will work very well for our needs.

Only one problem - We received no DVR manual with the product. Had to download it which takes a lot of paper to print. Parts of the manual are a little lacking in detail i.e., set up for "Motion" activation - Does one camera motion detection start the whole system?

5 out of 37


Location: MA

These extended 120ft cables were perfect for my Lorex system I was installing. 2 of 5 cameras were placed at opposite ends of the house so the standard 60ft cables were just short of what I needed. I ordered 2 of these cables and they shipped right away and I had them at my door within a few days. Great customer service!!! Quality on the cameras are very good (day & night). I would highly recommend this system along with these extended length cables.

6 out of 37


Location: mashpee MA

I purchased this cable to extend the cable length of the cameras I purchased. They worked real well, The pic was as clear with these as it was with cameras with no extended cable.

7 out of 37


Location: Charlotte

We are rehabbing a house. So kind of busy. Put in 8 cables before insulation and drywall. After finishing noticed the cable ends need to be switched in half of them. Didn't think that the ends were not the same. One for the box and one end for camera. So be advised what end goes to what. They also don't have a way to correct it. This is my fault thinking that thee ends would be the same.....why wouldn't they?
This company has good product but horrible support. Sit on hold forrrrrever.

8 out of 37


Location: Orlando

Received an e-mail about my opinion of the 120' cable I ordered. Haven't installed it yet but did test it. If I had a dollar for every wire or cable I have install, I would have more money than Bill Gates. Inspecting the cable gave me it is par with most on the market. Looks good and saw little or not loss in voltage or video. Installing this type of cable requires a little bit if thought when pulling it through an attic, walls, etc. Any cable with connectors on the ends requires careful attention so as not to damage it. Most diy's will not get the message that you have to take special care of the ends so as not to damage them. I expect mine to work just fine as long as I respect it when I install it. I will let you know. For now = 5 stars.

9 out of 37


Location: Twin Cities, MN

It is 120 of cable. Casing is a little thicker than what is on the cables that came with my system, which I thought was a good thing. But here is the bad: if you ware going to sell 120' of cable to someone at this price, especially if you know that cable is going to be fished through walls, it should be wound around a cheap plastic spool. The way it is packaged, means that all 120' need to be unwound and laid out to make fishing and pulling the cable work. It was kinda cold out (5-10 degrees) when I was running the line in my garage, and the casing cracked in two places just from unwinding the spool. Unfortunately by the time I noticed the cracked casing, I already had the other 1/2 of the line fished through the attic. Not the best cable out there, certainly not the most thoughtful way to package. I expected more for the price tag.

10 out of 37


Location: Land O Lakes, Florida

I needed an extension due to the length of my camera from my receiver. I order two sections of the above cables. I really appreciate the ease of connections, the quality of the cables and certainly appreciate that do not tangle like many cables do.

11 out of 37


Location: Shawnigan Lake

Prices are better than most stores and its super ease to connect together.... Couldn't be happier and will defiantly shop here first.

12 out of 37


Location: Missouri

The cable came in the mail faster than expected and with all the adapters that were to be included. It gave me the length I needed to finish my install and we are pleased!

13 out of 37


Location: Ohio

WOW!! Easy set up, easy log on etc... Customer service is awesome, quick and easy to deal with. I will definitely be back. Thanks Lorex.

14 out of 37


Location: Medford OR.

I purchased some extra BNC Cables 2 of the 120 ft long, Plus I used what came in the
Lorex system. The cables came rolled up easy to unwind, the quality of the pictures from the camera to the Monitor is excellent, I just wished I would have purchased a larger system, I feel much better knowing if anything happens at home I can Review it clearly. thanks Lorex.

15 out of 37


Location: Denver

While not in-expensive, these cables are cheap. They are not made well at all. When running cables with a Lorex kit we purchased, one cable broke. We ordered this one as a replacement, and when running it broke as well. Looking at the cable tells why, insulation is extremely thin, wires very small and they just cant take any stress whatsoever. Be very careful when stringing cable especially if you have to pull it through ceilings etc.

16 out of 37


Great wireless camera with a few small disappointments.

Overall, this camera works well both during the day and the night. The image is pretty clear in both situations. The fact that the system is expandable to up to 4 cameras is a plus. If you do have more than one camera, you can display sources one at a time, automatically rotate between them, or show four images at once in a quad view.

There are a few minor disappointments with this camera though:

- The red LEDs can be seen at night, so if you're looking for a camera to be stealth, this isn't a good choice. Not to mention that it's also a little girthy.

- The red LEDs seem to drown out the edges of the image at times. Not to the point of being unusable though.

Still, I give this camera 4 stars for the image quality and simplicity, as well as for being able to be linked to 3 other cameras.

17 out of 37


Location: pelzer, sc

So Easy A Cave Man Could Use It!

Well I have been wanting one of these babies for some time to help keep a 24-7 watch on my rural property. This one certianly fits the bill.

The wireless part is a must have too me.

I had this thing up and running in less than 10 minutes. Mounting it took alittle longer.

Very well built looks commercial quality.

The night time range is much better than rated. Atleast 250 ft.

The image is pretty good.

I just plugged it into my DVR and instant recordings.

Wireless signal is a big bounus, less wires.

18 out of 37


Location: Northwest USA

Does What I Wanted

Bought this and two additinal cameras. EXTREMELY easy to set up, I'm finding a range maximum of about 60 feet or so. I DID purchase a range booster antennae for the receiver to get 500FT, I'm very happy with this and will be purchasing a 4th camera.

19 out of 37


Location: CA United States

works like a charm

Everything came packaged nicely and the instructions were very well laid out and easy to understand. I had no trouble whatsoever connecting the power cords to both the camera and wireless receiver, and the video cable from the receiver to the RCA video input jack of my television. I used the supplied BNC-to-RCA adapter jack.

I haven't decided where to place the camera yet so I didn't mount it but connected it to its stand then placed it freestanding on the ledge behind our front window in the living room, looking out to the porch and across the street. The video is better than I expected. I was expecting something rather fuzzy and choppy, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well detailed it is, with accurate colors and it also picks up movement well. Naturally it is not as good as watching a television or DVD picture but for monitoring purposes it is just fine. I don't see the need for any higher resolution.

The television is about 120 feet from the camera. Not a direct line-of-sight but there are open doorways between the two devices. The signal strength meter showed a strong connection.

20 out of 37


Location: PA

Very satisfied customer

I purchased the Lorex product with the intent of adding it to my 16 channel dvr system that already had 8 cameras connected. I installed the lorex camera to the back of the system and in a couple of minutes had it fully operational. It worked so well that I ordered a second lorex camera. No reception issues, no issues with my wireless Internet and no issues viewing remotely, recording remotely or utilizing it from a an iPhone or iPad. The product was delivered quickly.

21 out of 37


Location: Washington DC

door-to-door salesmen beware, i have a great wireless camera now

my wife and I mounted this camera outside our front door and have been thrilled with our ability to screen those who knock on our front door ever since. Brilliant

22 out of 37


Location: Colorado

Wireless camera works like described

My use of the camera is in a Theater setting to enable us to see the stage from a backstage hidden location with lights on or off. Viewing the actors getting into position.

23 out of 37


Location: WA

Amazing Value, very impressed

Rock solid wireless video. I'm amazed. I've used 900 mhz and other 2.4 ghz transmitters in the past and nothing compares to this. For the money you can't beat it. I have the camera in my garage and the receiver upstairs on the opposite side of a 2500 sq ft house and have no clarity issues at all. The night vision works perfectly and the resolution is acceptable. This would make a good front door camera or garage shot. Well done Lorex.

24 out of 37


Location: west monroe, la

Wonderfully Designed

I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I received this camera in the mail, but I do have to say that installation was so easy I was sure that I must be doing it wrong. This is not one of those products that is difficult to put together or has extraneous parts and pieces. Everything fit together perfectly and getting it set up completely took less than 30 minutes.

We hooked ours up so that we can view our front door area. We plugged the receiver into the back of the bedroom TV, so all we have to do to check out the front porch is to change the channel of the TV. Also, the night vision is excellent.

If we ever have a need to change which TV we would like to view the camera on, all we have to do is to unplug the receiver and move it to the next TV.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a security camera for their home or office.

25 out of 37


Location: North Georgia

Better than we were expecting

We needed a way to get audio/video from our church sanctuary (in a log cabin building) to our fellowship hall and nursery, across over 100 feet of open space with two thick exterior log walls between the unit and the receiver. We are very pleased with the range, the video and sound quality for the price. We also just plugged it in and were able to use it without any complicated setup. The video is a little jumpy - not very smooth - but since our main purpose was audio, that's not a huge complaint.

26 out of 37


Location: tacoma, wa United States

Wireless security camera

This camera is easy to use and set up, and believe me, I'm not good with stuff like that. It's plug and play and wireless and you can connect it directly to your TV, monitor, or a surveillance recorder.

The resolution isn't great, but I guess I'd expect that from a security camera. It covers a good amount of area and the night vision works well.

It comes with 2 power adapters, a BNC female / RCA male adapter, 3ft BNC extension cable, Quick Start Guide, Instruction Manual,Mounting Kit, 1-Year Warranty and toll-free technical support (with product registration).

27 out of 37


Works Great!

Works great and fast shipping!

28 out of 37


Good cables

They are cables. What can I say. They work just fine so far after about three weeks.

29 out of 37


good cables

Never bought any BNC cables before, so this to me are good so far

30 out of 37


A good wireless camera

The camera is up and working outside. The distance from the camera & DVR/receiver is about 40ft and I have a good strong signal thru several walls. It works as advertised and am quite satisfied with it. If I need another camera I will definitely keep this one in mind.

31 out of 37


Q-See original part

Does what it is supposed to do. A bit expensive but they have them in stock.

32 out of 37


We showed them no mercy, and they worked great!

We pulled these wires through the most unfriendly attic space, complete with sharp HVAC ducts, and metal beams. We were pleasantly surprised that the signal was still strong. Strung these cables out to the max, and they did not mind at all. These are a must buy if you are going long distances with your camera. We paired them with a Q-see kit.

33 out of 37


Video quality is very good

I found it a little high priced as I needed more 100 ft. cables than I had purchased so I got some RG6 locally for close to the same price. The cable is easy to work with and I cannot tell the difference in video quality from the RG6. The two BNC couplers that come with it are not of the higher quality kind.


34 out of 37


Wish I would have known

I bought the night owl 7450 and it came with 60ft cables. I wanted to use the 100ft but couldn't had to use both the 60 and the 100ft because the 100 ft. comes with male and female ends and I needed 2 male ends. It does come with 4 inch extension not a gender changer which is unusable and only fit for the trash.

35 out of 37


100 Ft calbe price is very good

Good quality cable and I am very happy.

36 out of 37


Cable performed as expected

It’s somewhat pricy considering the cost of the package.

37 out of 37


I was a little hesitant after reading reviews of other cables like this stating they were flimsy. But this cable was just fine. I pulled it through 2 walls, a garage and a basement with no worries. It was white not black but no big deal.




BNC - RCA security video connector



RCA - BNC security video connector


BNC security coupler


English security decal


Spanish security decal



French security decal








60FT BNC security video / power cable




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