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12V regulated DC security power adapter 500MA



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Power supply for wired security cameras

Use the CVA4902 regulated AC/DC power adapter with wired Lorex security cameras.




  • Regulated AC/DC Adapter
  • Input: 120V AC 60Hz 8W
  • Output: 12V DC Regulated
  • Current: 300 mA - 500mA
  • Compatible for all Lorex security cameras under 500MA
  • Not required for Observation System camera’s with 6 Pin DIN connections


    1 x 12V AC/DC power adapter.








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1 out of 14


Location: Colorado

I have had 4 of these adapters continually over the past 5 years or so. Each year for the past 3 years one has gone bad and so I get a new one. The problem for me is the way the company has changed the features of this adapter. Each year there is a small change in the design making it less user friendly. Last year the cord was shorter - significantly enough that I had to use an extension cord. Not a big deal, but annoying that it is a few inches shorter and that is an inconvenience. This year, the replacement model I got does not have a power indicator light on. Again, not a big deal but annoying, because I like the power indicator light, especially because I have multiple adapters I could see which ones were working and which ones needed to be replaced. As for service, Lorex online could not be easier. They are fast and always have some kind of promotion going on. My whole system needs to be upgraded because after only 3 years the drives don't work anymore, but I chalk that up to technology. I loved the product when it worked 100% and now it is OK but doesn't work remotely. When I called this problem into the service earlier this year, I got through pretty quickly and they diagnosed the problem - that it was indeed broken. so I don't have any issue with service or fulfillment, but with the longevity of the product and the slight changes in the design which really don't need to be made except to make it less functional to the user. I really Like Lorex but next time I will probably buy a system from Costco where I can get a better warranty and hopefully better product longevity.

Thank you for your feedback. We now offer a free 2 year warranty on purchases directly from the Lorex website. You also have the option to purchase extended warranties of 3 and 5 years.

2 out of 14


Location: Vancouver

I perchased this power adapter since August 22, 2016 to replace my fail one that lasted just over a year. They took my money the day I ordered but never send me my adapter. Contact them but no answer on this one.
I'm still waiting for it. Today September 28, 2016. Bad service.

Our apologies for the unexpected wait. The order is on it's way to you now.

3 out of 14


Location: ohio

easy to use and so far is working great.

4 out of 14


Location: Montana

Worked well for me no issues.

5 out of 14


Location: Alabama Home

This adapter has worked out real good with my Lorex camera system.Have enjoyed Lorex products for several years now. would recommend to anyone.

6 out of 14


Location: 08535

Works fine. System has lasted about 5 yrs already. No complaints

7 out of 14


Location: Hillsboro,OR

I recently purchased 2 of the 12 volt DC 500 ma power supply. I got a nice discount and when it arrived i installed it no problem. So far it's working perfectly!

8 out of 14


Location: Alaska

These adapters are great and do the job. Although, I use an adapter for wireless cameras and these adapters are susceptible to snow and ice build-up and below freezing temperatures. The cords on the adapters easily snap in the cold weather. It would be helpful if Lorex can also carry outdoor all-weather adapters.

9 out of 14


Location: Minot North Dakota

I have used both the LH040 series and the recently purchased LW2962H. Both system are excellent. I due prefer the LW2962H with built in intercom system and HD quality. The LH040 system is excellent for shorter distance with more clear view. The LH040 picture is much sharper. The only thing I do not like about it, I can not view camera through my computer if I can I have not figured that out. Both System are currently being used at my house. I give both 5 stars. I have only had the two system for a month no complaints so far.

10 out of 14


Location: Ogden, Utah

Both power adapters that came with the cameras failed during the first year and had to be replaced. One of the new power adapter did not function properly when it arrived and had to be returned. Not sure what causes them to go bad but would recommend attaching the system to a surge protector to be safe.

11 out of 14


Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario

I purchased three of these as my previous ones were knocked out in a power surge. So far, they are working as well as the original ones. They are different than the one pictured here. The ones I received go sideways and do not interfere with the other plugs. A great improvement.

12 out of 14


Location: Los Angeles, CA

This product works great. The adapter head is a different shape than expected so it might take up space for other outlets, if you have a battery backup ups.

13 out of 14


Location: San Jose, CA

I ordered 4 dc power adapters and am very happy with this product. They work perfectly for my LH126501 system. Thank you Lorex for quick delivery and the great sales you provide for us consumers

14 out of 14


Location: California

My previous power supply failed after about 4 years I am hoping this one will last longer.





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12V regulated DC security power adapter 500MA
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