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60FT BNC security video / power cable



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Connects a camera to a security monitor, DVR, VCR or TV

Satisfy your installation needs with the MCBL-BNC 60ft video BNC and power extension cable. Connects a surveillance camera to any standard DVR, monitor or TV with BNC or RCA input (BNC/RCA adapter included). Dual shielding protects the cables from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

This cable is not rated for installation inside walls or between floors. If you need to run cabling inside walls or between floors please see our 60 foot CVA7060UP solution instead.


  • Cables are not compatible with HD-SDI DVRs.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with and adhere to local building codes.




  • Connects Specialty Cameras to any Security Monitor, DVR, VCR or TV
  • Intended for cameras with video only.


  • 1 x 60 ft extension cable for Power and Video

Please note that the MCBL-BNC does not include the BNC security couple Female to Female, if you are looking to extend an existing extension cable you will need to purchase the MCBL-BNC and BNCC.

MCBL-BNC has replaced the CVA6930.

Model no.: MCBL-BNC










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1 out of 19


Location: Sacramento, CA

Shipping was fast and was well packaged. Product was easy to install, works perfectly. No complaints. Definitely recommend.

2 out of 19


Location: Outside security cable

When I used this product it left a ghost images on the camera

Please contact our technical support team for assistance at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

3 out of 19


Location: Ontario

This product was shipped and arrived within a couple of days. Very easy to replace the damaged wire I had and installation was a breeze. Lorex customer service is always great to deal with.

4 out of 19


Location: Boise ,Idaho

I have had 8 camera's installed for 2 years. I installed them myself and put the Flir Cloud on my smart phone. Twice in the 2 years my system has needed a tune up. Both times I have gotten real capable help. I have taken and printed pictures taken from my camera while I was 1500 miles away, I get perfect pictures on my smart phone or the monitor at my desk comr day or nite, rain or shine. I have a 4T HD with battery backup. Never off line in 2 years. DVR is set to overwrite and does . I have about 60-70 day of recorded motion at any time. The camera's are sharp outside and inside day or nite. 2 camera's are pointed down dark hallways and always have a clear picture. The support if you have a problem is better than any help I have ever had. They even gently suggest things to improve the system. By the way I am pushing 80 and operate and love this system.

5 out of 19


Location: Los Angeles

I have always had great customer service and quick response to my questions and orders.

6 out of 19


Location: Orlando Florida

recieved my cable in the time they told me that I would receive them. The sale department was very nice and helpful, customer service was also very helpfull.

7 out of 19


Location: Grand Forks, ND

Shipping was fast and product works great.

8 out of 19


Location: Newark,NJ

Great Product & simple to install

9 out of 19


Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Great Shipping and product works great i would buy again

10 out of 19


Location: NC

My eight camera system needed longer cables so I ordered them. They came quickly and were easy to connect to the original cables. There was no loss of signal. The best thing for me was being able to route them on top of my roof. I was told that sun weather exposure would not harm them. That was a great time saver. I would highly recommend Lorex products.

11 out of 19


Location: Colorado

I recently purchased Lorex 8 camera security system for our home. At first, I was a little apprehensive of trying to run all the camera wires through thu the crawl space and attic of the house. It went much smoother than I had anticipated. Hooked up six of the cameras and they worked as advertised the first time. I had to order a couple of 60' extensions video cables for two other cameras. The extenson cables arrived in a just a few days and hooking them up only took a few minutes to complete. I already had the two cameras in place. The system is working great. My next project is to run a phone line to the DVR so I can hook it up to my Wi-Fi and monitor it remotely

12 out of 19


Location: Humboldt, IA

I just opened a Gun Shop, knowing that security would be critical and quality would be a Priority I market the CCTV products that are offered to my business.

When I cam across The LH-150 Series from Lorex, I found a system that covered all in Picture, installation and cost. Thou Lorex was not the least expensive it has been said that savings at time could hurt you at the wrong time.

Installation was not challenging at all, placing the wires were easy in keeping them in the right order and Quality of picture was Great. The cable wire was perfect in size thou the only set back was I had one camera that need a longer cable rather than the 60ft standard that came with the package.

Talking with tech support was very minimal due to the symplicty of installation and needing an additional 60ft BNC cable was easy in obtaining with quick service. Cost was very reasonable also.

I would very much refer you to others and will be putting one system in my house.

13 out of 19


Location: Lehi, Utah

I recieved my cable in the time they told me that I would receive them. The sale department was very nice and helpful.

14 out of 19


Location: Lehi, utah

I just brought a new 8 camera system from Cosco, and it was very easy to install. I did need one extra cable to finish my job, but I new that when I brought it. I really love my system, I am able to watch anywhere I am in the world. Thanks Lorex.

15 out of 19


Location: VA.

Needed this to complete my install had several long runs of cable over 100 ft.This really made the job easier.

16 out of 19


Location: b9ljPjIe

I did'nt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

17 out of 19


Location: Jacksonville/Orange Park, FL

I received your email ref: SURVEY about the additional 60FT BNC security video / power cable

CVA6930. Upon completing survey I would receive a 1 year extended Warranty for the Cable. Huh? Just the cable? Why not the 8 wired Camera System Extended Warrantee?

I do have a few comments about that?

18 out of 19


Location: Canada

Well it's 60ft of cable...... Does the job......

19 out of 19


Location: VT

Recently installed a 10 camera system. Works great. Easy install. The Lorex folks in sales and tech support were super. Only confusing part was the instal for remote viewing. Manual that shipped was out of date by what seemed like two versions (at least). Refer to the website for latest updates. Given this only glitch the tech support folks were great to work with and got me online in a snap. Really pleased with the system.



BNC security coupler


RCA - BNC security video connector


BNC - RCA security video connector



English security decal


Spanish security decal



French security decal










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