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100FT Cat5e Extension Cable


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100FT Cat5e Extension Cable

Expand your surveillance with 100ft CAT5e in-wall rated extension cables for high definition NVR IP security systems.

Why do you need UL certified cabling?

  • Safely install cabling inside walls/ceilings and be in compliance with NEC (National Electric Code) standards.
  • Helps prevent fires from spreading due to special cable jacket material.
  • Complies with insurance company requirements.

UL Rated CAT5 ethernet cable

How can you be sure it’s UL certified?

  • Regular inspections of the cable content by UL certification body.
  • Compliance mark added to each cable identifying UL certification details.
  • Valid UL file number is printed on each cable. Lorex cables are certified under FLIR UL file #E470751.  Some companies claim UL certification however the UL file # leads to an unknown company.




  • Connect or extend IP surveillance cameras, or use as an alternative to coaxial cabling with optional balun.
  • Ideal for running along walls, inside walls and between floors.1
  • Meets or exceeds UL / cUL communication cable standards - CMR type (Riser).
  • Meets or exceeds National Electric Code (NEC) and Canadian Electric Code (CEC) standards for CMR type cabling.
  • Also available in 60ft, 200ft and 300ft cable lengths.


  • 100ft (30m) CAT5e in-wall rated extension cable


1. Cabling run in Plenum areas require a Plenum rating. Check your local building code for location specific cable requirements.








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1 out of 5


Location: Moraga, CA

Beware!! The cat5e cable being sold by Lorex is NOT rated for outdoor installation!
If you have outdoor cameras and need to run some cable exposed to the outside...don't use this cable.

I'm actually upset at Lorex that it couldn't include appropriately rated cable when its bundled with outdoor cameras.
Actually, I called customer service at Lorex and a lady (Ms. Josephine) reassured me that the cable is rated for outdoors...WRONG!

Got an excellent deal through Costco...system of four(4) outdoor cameras for $499.99. Now I will have to sort out the issue of cabling.

Gave it a one star rating, only because of the cabling issue. I will update when its all resolved.

Thank you for your feedback. Cat5e cables should never be exposed in a security system installation as doing so makes the system extremely vulnerable to tampering. Cables should always be concealed within walls or soffits, rather than on the outside. If any cabling must be outside, it is recommended to use a junction box.

2 out of 5


Location: Livonia, Mi

Purchased three 100' lengths of Cat5e for the longer runs on my HDIP833 eight channel NVR HD home security system. Cables are of high quality, well packaged and shipped quickly. It would be helpful if LOREX would allow buyer to specify how many of each length were required for their installation while still offering bundled pricing. Same goes for specifying the size and quantity of HDDs. Ended up with extra 60' lengths that I could not use.

3 out of 5


Location: KS

I ordered some 100 feet Cat5E cables to use in my attic for connecting security cameras to the NVR. They were exactly what I needed and seemed to be high quality cables. I ordered 8 cameras with an NVR. The 8 camera system came with 60 feet cables, but most of my cameras needed 100 feet. I would suggest allowing the option to choose the cable length on security system sets so you don't end up with several cables that are not long enough.

4 out of 5


Location: Canada

I received this cord during the winter season it looks high quality I am waiting for warm weather to install my system so I hope this equipment is what they say it is.I hooked everything up inside to my TV all looks and works well so far.

5 out of 5


Location: iowa

Lorex has been an amazing company to work with.
Excellent Customer Service always willing to help.
We need to order this extra cable and had no complaints.
We highly recommend Lorex to everyone needed security cameras.



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100FT Cat5e Extension Cable
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