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Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna



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2.4GHz Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna

This 2.4 GHz omni-directional antenna can help boost the wireless signal strength and range of a security camera. A clear line of sight between the antenna and the wireless camera is necessary to ensure the ACCANTO8 provides effective signal strength. Objects such as concrete, cement, trees, or other large objects can reduce the strength of your wireless signal.

Range Extender for wireless cameras

Note: You can use the omni-directional antenna along with a directional panel antenna (Lorex model: ACCANTD9) to increase the range of a specific camera. Connect the directional panel antenna directly to the camera. A clear line-of-sight is highly recommended in order to maximize signal strength.




  • 4 x Nut
  • 5 x Spring Washer
  • 2 x Aluminum Tube Clamp
  • 2 x U-Bolt
  • 1 x Aluminum Tube
  • 3 x Screw
  • 1 x Omni-Directional Antenna
  • 1 x 20 ft. (6 m) Antenna Extension Cable
  • Mast (not included? optional for installation)








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1 out of 22


Location: Michigan

You make this product out to seem like it is made for more than one camera at a time! You should make it clear that it is the same as the other available antenna and the only difference between the two is compatibility. Your customer service also leaves much to be desired! For all the money spent here, you should care more!

2 out of 22


Location: NJ

Read the fine print, this is only for ONE camera. I went back and forth with them regarding the system I needed and where the cameras were placed and what I would need (I told them I'd likely need a range extender for a cluster of cameras so they recommended this one). It only works for one camera which in most applications is a waste! I have 4. Now I have to buy wireless range extenders from Best buy to try to correct this. It would have been nice if they were up front with that little piece of information...

We're sorry if you did not find it clear this item is for 1 camera. We hope it works well with your camera.

3 out of 22


Location: Scottsville, KY

I had trouble with a couple of cameras that where at the edge of their capabilities, after installing this antenna and the the range extender antenna on those two cameras they are working flawlessly...the only trouble I am having now is the first two cameras that where working fine are now coming and going. I am going to add the extender range antennas to them and I should have no more problems...hopefully!

4 out of 22


Location: 6030 Lilac Circle, Lancaster CA

I bought the Lorex 4 wireless system and it works very well. One camera required the extend range antenna, the antenna Icon had no bars, now it shows 2 bars solid. I am very happy with the Lorex product. I only wish I could add one more camera

5 out of 22


Location: California

By very careful placement I am able to get a signal from the camera at the other end of my house, about 75feet. It is easily blocked and I am unable to lace the camera where I really want it. I had hoped for better performance.

6 out of 22


Location: SanFrancisco

Very solid product. My biggest concern has been the difficulty in managing a successful service relationship with Lorex. While their products are of quality design and production, including this item, plan to spend a fair amount of time trying to resolve any type of service or product replacement issue.

Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for the difficulty you experienced but glad everything is sorted out now. Should you require further assistance, please contact us at 1-888-425-6739.

7 out of 22


Location: oakley,ca

Camera is within line of sight from the monitor with a distance about 75 feet. Signal has to negotiate aluminum and glass before finding the monitor's ant. Signal not strong enough to maintain any usable video, mostly blank screen. Extended ant offered better line of sight without having to go through alum/glass structure. Signal still as strong as I thought it should be with direct line of sight. Video will hold in the 4 camera mold but will not hold during sequential mode. Seems the design of the external ant offers very little gain for the price. Line of sight of 100' or more does not seem feasible let alone having to go through structures.

8 out of 22


Location: North Carolina

Great product. Didn't have a signal from the camera on the back of our garage. Soon as we put up the antenna the camera had full signal strength. We love this security system.

9 out of 22


Location: Exterior Wireless Camera

This antenna does not improve a signal that has to pass through multiple walls. I probably would work if there was a direct line of sight. Lorex is very slow about processing returns.

I was able to find a solution by using a 50-ft. antenna extension cable. I ran the cable through the same conduit that our phone line comes in from. Since it comes out at the same wall the camera is mounted to, it works great. I just attached the cable to the receiver and then attached the regular antenna to the other end of the cable.

10 out of 22


Location: Midland Texas

Alot bigger than I thought it would be. Didn't help my signal at all. Would not recommend.

11 out of 22


Location: Austin, TX

Antenna works as described. Extends signal range when camera placement is not within line of sight. Works great for home use. Pushes signal through walls for better reception at the receiver. I have 2 of them and they both have increased camera signal.

12 out of 22


Location: BC Canada

Not worth the money. I put two cameras in the same spot as the same time. My DVR could easily pickup the normal camera antenna, but would only intermittently see the extender antenna.

13 out of 22


Location: Lincoln, NE

I ended up returning the Omni antenna due only to the matter of the long cable. I needed a solution and so returned the antenna after relocating a camera to improve my resolution problem. Good product.

14 out of 22


Location: Utah

Sending it back. Did not work as described. Waste of my time.

15 out of 22


Location: wyoming

Worked as promised. I only wish the cable was longer - had to buy an extension from another company and then found they had a nearly identical antenna for half the price.

16 out of 22


Location: Caribbean

I purchased the Accant08 antenna to improve the signal to two cameras that were out of range. Because the cameras were located on a second building about 100 ft away, I installed the antenna on one of the cameras and it now works beautifully with signal strength of 4 bars. The second camera, however remains out-of-range, even though located just 5 ft. from the first camera and 25 ft. from the omni directional antenna. I was figuring that the second camera would benefit from the antenna wirelessly, but it appears not. I would appreciate advice on whether there is an adaptor that accommodate both cameras using the one antenna (seeing that they are so close) or if in fact the antenna should feed the second camera (25 ft. away).

17 out of 22


Location: Valley Stream, NY

After installation my two monitor system, I was having some problem with the signal strength on three of my six cameras. When I installed the Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna the signal strength increased from 1 bar to 3-4 bars on the three cameras. This antenna really works and it was worth the investment I made. I would highly recommend the antenna as an addition to any system experiencing connection problems between the monitor and the cameras. Easy installation!!!!!!!

18 out of 22


Location: FORTLAUDERDALE, FL 33315


19 out of 22


Location: St Louis

Great product!

Here is why:
1. I'm a residential customer looking for basic security on my alley garage
2. The Lorex camera I have are great, but the antenna range is limited and significantly hindered with just a simple wall
3. This antenna tremendously increases the range of the signal
4. It is extremely simple to install, especially for a basic residential use
5. It is much sturdier than I expected: solid construction, feel tough, weather resistant
6. It works exactly as described.

20 out of 22


Location: nw ohio

very well built improve signal thru the 14 in brick walls of the house ...a definite improvement over the std antenna,,gregg

21 out of 22


Location: CA

I have had Lorex cameras and monitors for 2 years and half, it works fine so far.
And recently I added cameras on the side of the building, the original antenna was not good enough to send the signal and I added this antenna. This antenna is able to connect to either one, monitor or camera.
I have a perfect view from side building now.

My security tips here, I am a medium and I feel what robbers think about , they start to have a plan and visit and find cameras , they have thoughts about camera and entrance etc.
So whenever I got their thoughts , I prepared to seal the entrance.

I am using cameras with camera signs, and cameras are only inside of my properties so far.
Some people get together to have a street camera to catch robbers, Of course, I have been sending videos to police officers as tips.

Day time robbers increasing recently, I believe they even visit us early morning and look like working agent but we have no appointment with him, later on he has never called us, a good looking worker like person, I suspect that.

I hate some neighbors have ovservasions they think color people ( In this Era!!!) include me ( I am a Japanese woman) they tend to suspect me, I believe some of unknown neighbors even giving tips about me to police officers.

But when once we use cameras, what we see strangers are not color people.
But Hispanic and White so far.

Without Camera, what they talk about nonsense ever and most of robbers have never cought on that in this area.

22 out of 22


Location: Hanover, Pa.

I was impressed with this omni-directional antenna as soon as I un-packed it. I initially thought it was priced a little high, but this is a high quality outdoor antenna, made from corrosion-resistant materials. I use it for my Lorex SD7+ monitor. It came with a 20' cable. A large N connector screws into the base of the antenna. The other end of the cable has an RP SMA connector that screws directly into my monitor. It comes with a standard SMA adaptor that fits other Lorex systems. ( See compatablity chart on this web site). I recently installed one of my cameras inside my garage which is detached from the house. Both my garage and house are clad in aluminum siding. The monitor is located in the bedroom at the opposite end of my house. The signal varied from 0 to 2 bars and the cam cut out sometimes. I installed this extender antenna in the attic of my house. My signal now varies form 3 to 4 bars and the cam does not cut out. I am still getting 4 bars from the camera located in the basement of my home. This antenna improved the performance of my system and is well worth the price.



Wireless range extender antenna








Wireless range extender antenna




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