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Range Extender for LW2110 and LW2175R wireless cameras



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Receiver with SMA connector + directional antenna

This Range Extender for LW2110 &LW2175R (Receiver with SMA connector + antenna) can help boost the strength and range of your wireless signal. A clear line of sight between the antenna and the wireless camera(s) is necessary to ensure effective signal strength. Objects such as concrete, cement, trees, or other large objects can reduce the strength of your wireless signal.

Range Extender for wireless cameras

Note: Connect the Range Extender for LW2110 &LW2175R by replacing the existing receiver with the provided KIT. A clear line-of-sight is highly recommended in order to maximize signal strength.



System Includes:

  • 1 x LW2110 / LW2175R receiver
  • 1 x Panel Antenna
  • 1 x Mount
  • 2 x Screws
  • 2 x Anchors
  • 1 x 20 ft. (6 m) Antenna Extension Cable








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1 out of 26

Martin R


September 21, 2016

Location: Santa Cruz CA

The extenders work very well. Just as advertised - I can now use cameras from all those important places without having to run video cable

2 out of 26



January 11, 2016

Location: waynesburg,ky

would be better if you could add a little more cable length.otherwise very good product.

3 out of 26



November 21, 2015

Location: Girard, Il

I had a camera in a remote location that could not send a strong enough signal to work reliably. After installing the range extender, I have almost a full signal and it works perfectly. I would never have thought I could have a camera in that location.

4 out of 26



February 25, 2015

Location: Houston Texas

Have used Lorex wireless 3 camera system for about 1 year. All of the cameras had a weak signal and would often need to be rebooted. Just installed the range extender for this camera and it now is showing a full strength signal. This has solved the problem and it was very easy to install.

5 out of 26



February 25, 2015

Location: Houston Texas

Boosters work great I have 3 wireless WL2110 and they would fade in and out. After adding the boosters they have at least 3 Bars during Rain or Shine

6 out of 26

The Hatch


August 5, 2014

Location: Central Fkorida

Does just what it says it will.

7 out of 26

Galena skier


December 12, 2013

Location: Reno, NV

Have used Lorex wireless 4 camera system for about 3 years. One of the cameras had a weak signal and would often need to be rebooted. Just installed the range extender for this camera and it now is showing a full strength signal. The instructions say it must be line if sight, but I am shooting through two walls and about 100 ft. total. This has solved the problem and it was very easy to install.

8 out of 26



September 22, 2013

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

I had a wireless camera installed at the fringe of the wireless range and this extended brought the reception in solid

9 out of 26

Gary C


September 1, 2013

Location: West Branch, MI

Product performed the job of extending the range as advertised.

10 out of 26



March 26, 2012

Location: Plano, Texas.

Wireless Digital Security Camera System                 

Plug and play. Very little interference.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

11 out of 26



March 12, 2012

Location: Lafayette, LA

Worry Free when away...                               

We have our Lorex system mounted both inside and outside of our home. The quality of the video is really good and it's very user friendly. I ran electrical outlets in our attic in a few different places so I would have a power supply for each of the cameras mounted outside (following local codes) and they have held up well through some really strong storms. It was pretty simple to also set-up the Internet service so we can view the cameras online as well. This also allows us to back-up any portion of the video from a foreign PC or laptop.

The night vision is great, but the IR lights glow like a stove-top when you look directly at the cameras. LOL!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

12 out of 26



February 17, 2012

Good camera

I have been using these cameras for almost a year monitoring a remote location. They work fine unless you mount them too far away from the DVR. Then they disconnect and often won't reconnect. In my case, the range seems to be about 50 feet or less if there are a lot of walls between the camera and the DVR. Of course, you also need to be able to run a 12V power supply to the cameras.

For distant placements, I'm switching to wired Lorex cameras.

13 out of 26



February 17, 2012

Location: Anderson, SC

Exactly what I needed

I was able to rely on an excellent sales/technical team at Lorex and get the system that fit my needs. Product, price, and service (then and now) could you really ask for more?

14 out of 26



February 15, 2012

Location: Union County, NJ

Great purchase  

Easy to install, just needed someone to coordinate location and distance to cameras and main unit. Customer service helpful, they would call back if you left a message on voice mail.

15 out of 26



February 15, 2012

Location: Brockton MA

Best thing we did  

We are very pleased with this purchase. There is only one thing since it is wireless the camera do tend to lose connection from time to time we just have to unplug them and and reconnect them and then they reset. Everything goes back to normal.

16 out of 26



February 15, 2012

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Wireless LW2110 camera  

The price was right on this camera. Not sure if there is a series that offers a wider angle view or higher definition in wireless. I would definitely want better clarity. But for the price, easy set up and operation.

17 out of 26

Video sentinel


February 15, 2012

Location: Lancaster, CA

Great Daylight Cameras  

The LW2110s work very well in daylight but at dusk they switch to black and white which has bright spots that cause blurring unlike the Lorex LW2710 setup we already have. Overall we are satisfied with them but if we could have sound included in this price range, they would be Great.

18 out of 26



February 15, 2012

Location: California

LW2110 review  

Image quality is nice and stable if you have strong signal. If signal is lesser, then there is some distortion and dropout.

Occasionally, camera will indicate "connecting" and can only be resolved by power cycling the camera.

I have camera initially connected to TV, but later have moved it to a DVR.

I would like to see the camera have a wider angle of view.

19 out of 26



February 15, 2012

Location: ELGIN, ILL.

Great wireless system

I use this wireless system for home, love the fact you can simply look at the Cameras thru the web!  I have a four camera system now and plan on buying four more wireless cameras to a total of 8-Cameras. Great night vision too.

I give this system an AAA++++.

Thanks Lorex. :-)

20 out of 26



February 8, 2012

Location: Kansas City

Great Camera

Works great. Easy Setup. We are pleased with how this camera works.

I would recommend this to a friend!

21 out of 26



February 5, 2012

Location: North Carolina

O.K. for the price                                           

Not a true outdoor camera and when they say max range "line of sight" they mean it. No windows, trees, glass, brick, wood, or drywall. If these barriers are in the way they will substantially reduce the signal. Best use is inside close to receivers. I am using these cameras under soffits or some kind of shelter right next to the receivers otherwise they will get moisture in them and fog up the lens. The software is pretty good and allows multiple permutations with regard to communication off site, movement and sensing options. They just need better/sharper image cameras that are moisture resistant. Night vision is better than most. I am happy with that.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

22 out of 26



January 24, 2012

Location: IL

Nice System                                             

Bought system to be used for surveillance on farm.(Barn to house, 250ft) Works as described. The range is very good if you have line of sight. Range is ok through anything but metal. I don't think this system would work at all even with short distance if you have a metal barrier. But it's wireless, and [$], so it can't be a commercial grade wired system. All in all, if you want an economy system, and are not worried about specific details, this is it.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

23 out of 26



January 12, 2012


Great camera. Easy set up, connection and installation. Great night vision and online monitoring. Perfect for the not-so computer savvy.

I would recommend this to a friend!

24 out of 26



November 10, 2011

Location: Fresno, CA

Great camera

What's great about it: Quality, easy set up

I was really impressed with the clarity of this camera. It lost is signal once and needed to be reset. However, the quality seems great.

I would recommend this to a friend

25 out of 26



September 22, 2011

Location: Grass Valley, Ca.

Not too shabby                                         

Fairly easy to set up, works fine with my Swann equipment (DVR) good picture. Has to be a pretty open line of sight for the camera and receiver to pair up. Very nice night vision. Would not work with camera outside of house, had to use as inside camera.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

26 out of 26



July 14, 2011

Location: Hartford, CT

GOOD BUT NOT GREAT                                         

It is a good unit for the house. It is not so good if you need to see in detail. Like a face or a license plate. Not so hot in darkness. I give it a middle grade.



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