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English security decal



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Very cost effective deterrent

Use the Lorex Security decal to ward off potential criminals. Conveniently applied to the inside of a window so it will not directly be exposed to weather. Installs in seconds.




  • Very cost effective deterrent
  • Installs in seconds
  • Actual Size: 5 inch (w) x 3 inch (h)
  • English


  • 1 x English Decal








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1 out of 11


Location: CT

My wife purchased the Lorex 4 camera, 2TB LNR4082 system for me for Christmas, and I love it! works great! No issues, easy setup, camera imaging is excellent, pc and mobile phone/tablet apps work perfectly so I can check my cameras at any time, from wherever I am - very happy with the purchase and product performance! Would definitely recommend this system! The cooling fan IS a bit noisy, as others have mentioned, but I have this running in my home office along with my custom-built PC, which has 5 120mm fans of it's own, so I don't really notice it anyway... when I'm not working, I'm not in the home office, so the DVR fan noise doesn't bother me, can't hear it unless you're actually in the same room. Great product!

2 out of 11


Location: ON

Excellent qualify - great buy given the sale unbelievable sale price! Great job Lorex!

3 out of 11


Location: Israel

I purchased a Lorex Security System and I love it. Easy to instal, high quality.
I still didn't fully operate it (moving to a new house soon) with the App.
So far it's amazing

4 out of 11


Location: Granada Hills, CA

I purchased my Lorex Security System in late Nov. 2014 and had it installed professionally earlier this year and i couldn't be more pleased. The picture quality is amazing and i love the visual mobility. i can check in from anywhere, at anytime on all my devices. also, i appreciate the wide views...

Good job Lorex!


5 out of 11


Location: Ann Arbor MI

These are the icing on the cake. Put it in visible locations and people will know that your house has eyes. The NVR and cameras are also pretty sweet. Had some issue with accessing the NVR with my iphone but the tech support was top notch. Highly recommend.

6 out of 11


Location: Redmond, WA

The stickers don't come with any installation instructions. They're not the simple "peel off the back" type.

7 out of 11


Location: USA

The reviewers just installed the stickers. They will all notice that after a few months, they fade and after a year, even those with partial sun will fade entirely. Mine are good for garbage now, you can't even tell the writing. Lorex needs to change the material of its decals.

8 out of 11


Location: Orlando< FL

We recently installed one of your HD video surveillance system in our Florida residence. Throughout the self installation we were pleased to find that the instructions were clear and easy to folllow. When we did hit a slight snag in viewing the camera transmissions on our home monitor we found the technical support person to be very knowledgeable and able to provide a speedy solution to the problem we experienced. Later in the installation process we found the programming of the entire system to go flawlessly and we were especially pleased with the clear, crisp images transmitted to our monitor; even providing great night time views of our premises.
We would highly recommend a Lorex system and their exceptional support staff to anyone interested in installing a surveillance system second to none.

9 out of 11


Location: Yuma, AZ

We just installed your Lorex system and we were impressed with how easy is was to install. We have already ordered extra warning decals for our house. The distance the monitor works is amazing. When we travel we will be able to leave the monitor with our neighbor as it works clearly from her house.

10 out of 11


Location: Tolland County, CT

This review is for the security decal. I have four of the LNC116 cameras throughout my house and I'm very satisfied with the simplicity of the installation, portability and ease of viewing via the cloud technology. However, my wife won't let me put up the WARNING decals on the doors and windows because they are too "in your face" signage for a home. And I have to agree; can't you make a more subtle "warning" decal, you know, one a little less screaming "WARNING"? Especially for an in the home application. The cameras are a great product, just dial it back a bit on the WARNING decals.

11 out of 11


Location: oxford. pa

just put system in and we are very impressed with the ease of installation, use and the quality of overall system. Would recommend it to any one who wants to see what's up at their place.





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