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Wireless range extender antenna



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2.4GHz directional wireless panel antenna range extender

Use the ACCANTD9, 2.4GHz Directional Wireless Panel Antenna, to focus a wireless signal onto one specific camera in order to increase range of transmission (clear line-of-sight between the camera and the antenna is required).

Range Extender for wireless cameras




  • 1 x Panel Antenna
  • 1 x Mount
  • 2 x Screws
  • 2 x Anchors
  • 1 x 20 ft. (6 m) Antenna Extension Cable








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1 out of 60


Location: Mission Hills, CA

Great product!

2 out of 60


Location: Houston, TX

One of my wireless cameras was not getting a signal, I added this antenna and now it is one of the strongest signals I have. Very easy to install and doesn't look bad but I wish the cord was white instead of black. I also wish I didn't have to spend an additional $75.00 for my $600 camera system but at least it works. Rating it 4, good performance, high price.

3 out of 60


Location: Florida

This is the first product from Lorex that has not worked for me, everything else that I've purchased has worked fine. No matter where I place this range extender I get no additional bars and the camera still goes "out of range" just as often as before connecting it. Also, according the Comparibilty chart, it should work on either the camera or the receiver. When I connected to the camera I got no signal at all. Then when I looked at the connector I noticed there is no little pin inside to make the connection to the camera. Please update the compatibility chart. I may return this product if I can't get a better connection.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you further with this. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-425-6739.

4 out of 60


Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

Wireless range extender antenna fixed my problems. I have outside cameras. Receiver is downstairs in the basement. Basement has suspended ceiling. I removed panels in the general area of planned mounting. I move the range extender around until I got a good signal. I then mount the extender to the floor truss for the floor above. Put the ceiling panels back. Out of sight and I get five solid bars! I just bought three more.

5 out of 60


Location: Kentucky

I had trouble with a couple of cameras that where at the edge of their capabilities, after installing this antenna and the the range extender antenna on those two cameras they are working flawlessly...the only trouble I am having now is the first two cameras that where working fine are now coming and going. I am going to add the extender range antennas to them and I should have no more problems...hopefully!

6 out of 60


Location: 12783 Blackwells Mill Rd, Goldvein, VA 22720

I am very satisfied with the LOREX, cameras and the wireless range extender antennas. I have a metal shop and without the extender antenna I had no signal at the monitor. With the extender I now have 3 to 4 bars of signal strength. I also have a wood barn, approximately 400 ft from the monitor, signal would fade in and out, but with the extender antenna I now have 4 bars of signal strength. I am very satisfied with the LOREX system and would give it a rating of 5 stars and would recommend this to anyone. Thank you.

7 out of 60


Location: Dudley Ga

I needed more power to transmit signal from the driveway to the house when the camera viewing the driveway wasn't strong enough. this range booster did the trick. works fine now with no dropped signal.

8 out of 60


Location: Dallas, TX

I have been very pleased with all my Lorex products. I have 3 different systems (wired and wireless). They installed easily and work great!

9 out of 60


Location: O'Neals, CA

This range extender is a piece of crap. It did absolutely nothing on four of my cameras. On two of them it made things worse and the cameras went out of range.

We're sorry to hear it's not working for you. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

10 out of 60


Location: Fresno, CA

This took my camera from 1 bar to three bars. Just what I needed.

11 out of 60


Location: Baltimore, MD

Did not correct my problem. Needs to be installed outdoors in direct line of sight with the camera which I could not do. I would have needed a 50' extension to accomplish that so I sent it back for a refund.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear this did not meet your needs. Our sales team would be happy to assist with finding the right products for you and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

12 out of 60


Location: Ohio

I have purchased two ACCANTD9 range extenders; one I put into operation right away and it increased signal strength from barely one bar, to 3 and sometimes 4 bars, so I'm very happy with it.
The other range extender I purchased to hold in reserve until I purchase additional cameras, which I did at the end of Nov 15. I installed a new LW2297B camera approximately 100-120 feet from the DVR. With the small antenna which comes with the camera, it paired right away, and I got a great picture, but periodically interrupted with "Out of Range" and no picture. I took the ACCANTD9 out of storage and connected it -- and no improvement at all!! In fact, the "Out of Range" occurred more frequently. I disconnected it and put the small antenna back on, with improved results. I've swapped back and forth, moved the range extender to various locations in the LOS plane, and no good results. I think the "new" one is defective, so will report that to Lorex.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

13 out of 60


Location: Edmonton

Really helped with a weak wifi signal. Well worth the money

14 out of 60


Location: Hayter,ab

I have three Lorex camera and would like four. Two camera are outside the house just above doors, and the third inside a metal building. The signal posed no problem from the two cameras, however, lost signal from the third camera to the monitor pass a certain point, where is was to be placed in the house. I orders the Lorex wireless range extender antenna with 20 ft cable. It was connected to the inside camera and the cable was passed to the outside wall, drilled near a vent, and mounted, the signal came into the monitor. I would like a fourth camera in the same metal building, however, I would need more than 20 feet of cable to get to the outside wall this time, and Lorex does not support this. Otherwise I like the Lorex camera and have received Lorex customer support by a phone call.

15 out of 60


Location: Tulsa, OK

I would not recommend ordering this product. It says shipped within 24 Hours. I ordered one on September 17, 2015 and still don't have it. Sales department for Lorex is realllllllly sub standard. No customer support. If I could get the product maybe it would work, don't know????

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay and hope everything is now satisfactory.

16 out of 60


Location: Galesburg, Illinois

Best video system for the money.

17 out of 60


Location: in and outdoor

I really like this this product easy setup and large monitor for easy viewing

18 out of 60


Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

I have four Lorex cameras which work fine apart from one camera in a gated enclosure which keeps dropping the signal. Having just attached the range extender I see that the signal strength has increased from 1-2 bars up to 3 bars and the picture is holding steady. Problem solved.

19 out of 60


Location: Mansfield Ohio

I was having severe drops off of the screen because of several brick walls to get the signal through and this product took the signal strength from 0-1 up to 3 out of four on signal strength.
Highly recommended.

20 out of 60


Location: honesdale, pa.

The cameras work great

21 out of 60


Location: West Coast Florida

After doing some remodel work on my old aluminum sided/roofed mobile home, two of my cameras (series LW2700 & LW2900) lost their signals; both are about 40 feet from the monitor and located under large trees. I bought one ACCANTD9 extender antenna to see if it would correct the probelm and the new signal is amazing; ranging from 3-4 bars most of the time. I'm ordering a second ACCANTD9 now. The extender is very easy to install and does the trick even for this "old beer can laying in the Florida sun".

22 out of 60


Location: Independence MO

We were receiving a weak signal from one of our cameras and with the addition of the range extender antenna the reception was greatly improved. Well worth the money!

23 out of 60


Location: Houston

The extender works awesome, would definitely recommend!

24 out of 60


Location: Upstate SC

I purchased two LOREX security surveillance systems in November of 2014, shortly after my home property was burglarized. One system (LH11453, 4-channel DVR with 4 wired cameras) I set up in my Virginia rental and, except for an original faulty power supply, it has been flawless (LOREX had my replacement power supply to me within 10 days). The other unit (LWL304-4PK, 16-channel DVR with 4 wired cameras and 4 wireless cameras), I installed in late December at my home in SC. After completing the site-plan and camouflage, cover, and concealment (it took a few days because of the complexity of deciding on camera placement, building and painting camera housings, as well as subsequent running of power to the camera posts, elevated 11-12 ft), we were able to focus on operational set-up. The actual set-up to operation time (running wired camera wires thru the attic and hooking up power to distant-end wireless cameras) was about a day. When we powered up the DVR, all 4 wired cameras came up. As far as the wireless cameras (LH-2281s), 1 wireless camera, located approximately 150+ ft from the house with good line-of-sight (LOS) thru a window in the den, coming up 5X5 (4 bars); 2 other wireless cameras, one located 250+ ft from the house and the other 100+ ft from the house, were coming back with intermittent comms (1-3 bars), while the remaining camera, located 250+ ft away was getting bouncing between an intermittent signal and no signal (0-1 bar). Once we assessed this was likely due to the lack of a clear LOS between the receivers and the elevated post cameras (likely given to the fact that due to short cord length on original receivers/antennas and limited mobility for adjusting look angles). At this point, we decided that I would look at obtaining the directional panel antenna (ACCANTD9) and utilizing the additional 20 ft of cord to move the actual point of reception for the signals from those cameras up into the attic to achieve 1) less “clutter” between the receivers and the cameras and 2) get a more precise look angle for the panel antenna facing. I ordered 4 ACCANTD9s in January 2015 and installed during a weekend trip to my home. In order to achieve the best consistent look angle for the flat panel antennas, we used 3 2”X4”X12” wood blocks and attached the mounting brackets to the wood block (lengthwise) attaching 2 nails at the top and 1 at the bottom of the wood block, so that once the antenna panel was mounted to the bracket, the wood blocks were suspended from a nail in the attic rafter, using high-tensile kite string and using the top two nails as the hang points, with the single nail at the base of the wood block tied off to manipulate the direction, declination and look-angle for the panel antenna as juxtaposed to the location of the designated wireless cameras outside (essentially derived from the concept of the “suspension antenna”, similar to setting up mobile comms in the field by using trees or some other devices to achieve increased elevation from the ground/base station in order to obtain clear LOS/positive look angle for maximum Xmit/Rcv). The effect was phenomenal! All 3 of the remaining wireless cameras are receiving 4 bars now without fail. We are currently planning to order 4 more LH-2281 wireless cameras (keeping 2 in reserve and using the other 2 to complete the coverage of my 6+ acre property) as well as 4 more ACCANTD9s (keeping 3 in reserve and using the remaining ACCANTD9s to boost signal reception of the 2 new distant end wireless cameras. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but if you are going to the trouble to spend money and time to get a security & surveillance system, you might as well do it right the first time and maximize your investment. One thing I have learned from my time in the military; proper planning and problem solving + attention to detail + quality products = superior performance! You get out of it what you put into it! Ordering again soon! Thanks LOREX!

25 out of 60


Location: Newark,NJ

Let me start off by saying that I had purchased this range extender and it did not increase my range at all so I called Lorex customer support and they were really friendly so I mentioned to them my situation that the range extender did not work for me so they insisted on sending me a replacement one because maybe it was defective so they did I received it very quickly via UPS and plugged it in and WOW it works beautifully I now get 2 to 3 bars of range to where I was getting 0 all the time thank you Lorex for all your help I truly recommend this range extender to anyone who is looking to extend the range on their wireless cameras the one thing I can say to anyone is to screw the one end of the range extender wire directly to the camera where the antenna is just remove the antenna and screw in the wire directly and you will see a difference thanks again Lorex

26 out of 60


Location: MIssissauga, Ontario

One of the cameras that had to go across several walls to the end of garage had 0-1 bar. The range extender helped some. I was hoping for more but can't complain since I am getting 2 bars, that at least gives me a constant signal. At least I have a functioning camera.

27 out of 60


Location: Kansas

Very happy with the product. Improved my long range signals and intermittent ones. Plan to buy more for additional cameras.

28 out of 60


Location: Colorado Springs

I installed an external camera where the signal had to go through a roof, and three walls. The distance was approximately 65 feet. Normally the camera stayed connected but would drop out on a daily basis for a period of time.

To resolve this, I purchased the vertical Wireless range extender antenna and after making sure that the cable to the camera was tight, this solved most of the problem. To finish the resolution I purchased the ACCANTD9 wireless range extender and that completely resolved the issue. Both antenna are well worth the money for the results achieved.

29 out of 60


Location: Hubert, NC

I bought the extender antenna to work on a camera other than what it was designed for. I have the lw-2232 wireless camera systems. I knew when I bought the extender antenna I would have to make a pin for the connector as it is designed to fit to the receiver. Because it was designed for the receiver it had a female connector installed at the factory. Once I fabricated the pin to turn the connector from a female to male connector it matched up to the camera and works like a charm.

I would recommend Lorex make an adapter to allow the antenna cable to be connected to either the antenna or receiver.

30 out of 60


Location: Wiarton

I purchased 2 of the Wireless range Extender Antenna ACCANTD9 and installed them and they work awesome. Before I had purchased them my wireless camera's would go in and out of range. Very happy with the product.

31 out of 60


Location: Bonita, CA

I purchased and installed the wireless range extender antenna ACCANTD9. It helped a little, but I still do not get the reception I has with the previous camera.

32 out of 60


Location: Woodbridge, VA

Installed ACCANTD9 on 4ea cameras that came with the Outdoor wireless camera system Model no.: LWLH314-3PK. I now have all 4 bars on 3 cameras; the reaming camera has two to three intermittently because of the location. I am ordering a 2.4 GHz Omni-Directional Antenna to attach to the receiver to help boost the strength and range of this one since it is in a bad location. It is mounted in a far corner outside the garage and the signal must go through a number of walls.

33 out of 60


Location: Kansas

Installed this on one camera that came with the LW2932. Have all bars on that camera, and it also seems to work on the other camera too. I use it in the barn when I have a cow that is ready to calve. The barn is approximately 180 feet from the house and now I have no problem with a signal. It would be nice if the cord was a little longer-an extra 5 feet. It was easy to install and mount on the wall.

34 out of 60


Location: Illinois

I bought this extender for one of our cameras that suddenly became out of range. I realized that the 20' cord was too short once I took it out of the box.

35 out of 60


Location: California

I purchased two ACCANTD9 wireless range extenders with high hopes in solving two cameras with o to 1 bars. Upon installing extenders to DVR antennas (per Lorex support) I saw no change to wireless signal. I then installed extenders to camera themselves and I received no signal. I tested extenders on cameras with 3-4 bars and when extenders were plugged in I got 0 bars. Once I plugged stock antennas back into cameras I got 3-4 bars


Will contact support again just to make sure issue can not be resolved.

36 out of 60


Location: Maryland

Added antenna to one camera. Solved a brick wall problem. I now have 5 solid bars on all 4 cameras

37 out of 60


Location: wisconsin

Great help with camera system , easy to install wished it came with camera system.

38 out of 60


Location: wisconsin

The range extender helped a lot. Only thing that would be nice is a longer cord. The siding on house plays a factor in reception. I have purchased three and all are working properly.

39 out of 60


Location: Virginia

The range extender helped somewhat. I was hoping for more. The norm before the extender was no signal to one bar every once in a while. Now I get 1 to 2 bars, which at least gives me a constant signal.

To the range extender's credit I still have many walls to go through, from the other end of the main house to the other side of the detached garage. Knowing what I know now, I'd still buy the range extender. It took me from a dysfunctional wireless camera to a functioning camera.

40 out of 60


Location: N.E. PA.


41 out of 60


Location: Long Beach, CA

Based on the structure of my house (1929) and the Lathe & Plaster walls, the camera that is in the front yard was not picking up the signal from the receiver which is towards the back of the house, and therefore there was no picture on the screen. After I received the Extender and finished the installation, the view of the front yard popped up instantly. The Extender did what it was advertised to do and that's great for the customer. Keep up the good work Lorex.

42 out of 60


Location: Illinois

Once I figured out I could hook it up to the camera or the receiver I had no issues installing the antennae. I did find it to be very directional, in other words a few degrees off and you lose signal. What is great is that it totally solved my signal problems.

43 out of 60


Location: OHIO

This item really did improve signal strength on an outside camera,reception was not obtainable without it.

44 out of 60


Location: New York

We are very pleased with our extended antenna. Our signal was very weak and intermittent but now is great. Shipment was fast and price was reasonable. I would recommend this product.

45 out of 60


Location: Washington State

Helped with viewing the cameras. Camera location was interferring with garage door and now the garage remote is working better.

46 out of 60


Location: Redwood City

We bought a wireless camera system with 4 outdoor cameras and a monitor and one of the
cameras was about 500ft. down our driveway, so it was difficult to see our gate clearly.
We decided to get the extender antenna, installed it in 5 minutes, and now we get a much
clearer and better picture of the whole driveway. It worked so well, we decided to buy another
extender for another camera. Great system and easy to install. Would not hesitate to recommend it.

47 out of 60


Location: Central Oregon

works great I am quite satisfied
I live on a farm and have a camera located at the birthing pen to keep an eye on the cows getting ready to birth. Its about 300 feet I get mostly a 3dot and clicks in and out often usually only out a few seconds. There is Metal Hay buildings around. With out the Wireless range extender antenna I would get mostly 'no signal' with occasional glimpses at the birthing pen.

I rate this a 5 star with a note .. it only has a 20' Extension Cable and not recommended to extend the cable. I would probably get even better service if I could mount it in the opium area and I would need about 50'

48 out of 60


Location: Louisiana

Outside camera furthest away had weak signals. When product installed, reception/signals restored immediately. Would highly recommend the Range Extender.

49 out of 60


Location: Louisiana

Installed product in less than 5 minutes. Signals that were unavailable were made available the instant I plugged in the Range Extender. Highly recommend product.

50 out of 60


Location: New jersey

Just what I needed I was receiving low signal in one camera I received this item hooked it up and it's great .now I get the proper signal that I need. I love Lorax product keep up the great job thank you so much

51 out of 60


Location: Ohio

We bought this wirless range extender for our security camera which we had set up behind one of our metal garages. This was exactly what we needed. This is an excellent system and are very pleased with it.

52 out of 60


Location: wyoming

Extended the range of one camera over 400 ft. Works great and easy to set up.

53 out of 60


Location: San Jose, CA

Great product. One of my WiFi cameras was consistently dropping the signal. I attempted to reposition the camera in multiple areas with no improvement. I installed this antenna extender on the receiver side and the signal went to a full 4 bars. I'm thinking about adding a second one on a camera that fluctuates between 1-2 bars.

54 out of 60


Location: florida

i bought the lw2932 kit. put 1 cam about 400 ft away with multiple trees obstructing. i got like 0 or 1 bar intermittently. when i installed the accantd9 antenna i got 3 and 4 bars with a clear picture. its five acres of trees so i was surprised it worked. the other cam is about 200 ft away with obstructions and it needed no additional antenna. overall i'm happy with the product.

55 out of 60


Location: Valley Stream, NY

Excellent system for the money! Great sound and video quality. This is an excellent system for the money. This system offers a lot of usefull features! I bought this system for the home monitoring and two way audio options (two monitors and six cameras). I would recommend this system to anyone who is the market for a quality system. Very easy to use. the system was Installed, up and running in less than 30 mins.

56 out of 60


Location: Texas

Was easy to hook up and improved the singal real good to my monitor. Was getting a interment signal befor.

57 out of 60


Location: 7oovIrH7i

Wow! Great thniknig! JK

58 out of 60


Location: Chicago, IL

I bought a 2912 system with two cameras. When I installed the system I was having issues with reception. I purchased the extended antennas for my cameras and now have four bars from both cameras. The installation was super easy and the antennas look great.

59 out of 60


Location: Chicago

I was having trouble getting my camera signal to my monitor. When I installed this antenna, I got four bars right away. The antenna is very easy to install and looks very professional.

60 out of 60


Location: Wisconsin

This product was easy to install on my wireless camera and it did provide for a better reception from the camera. I am quite satisfied. I have lost signal briefly, but I believe it is because I did not tighten the connection to the camera enough. It seems fine now, after having done that.











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