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Lorex Live Sense wireless video Baby Monitor Add-On camera


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Add-on camera for the Lorex Live Sense video baby monitor

Additional camera for the completely portable LIVE Sense video baby monitor with 3.5" LCD monitor, one-touch video recording, and remote viewing using Skype™.

Model no.: LW2401AC1


Take snapshot pictures of important moments and events.

Simply Plug and Play

Easily connect the system, simply plug and play.

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.



Camera Features:

  • High resolution image sensor for clear video
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use1
  • Automatic night-vision up to 15ft2
  • Secure, private digital wireless video & audio3
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio

System Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless camera
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

1. Rechargeable battery life up to 4 hours. Battery pre-installed in the camera. Power adapter included for continuous non-portable use.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
3. Digital Wireless range up to 150ft indoors. Actual range may vary depending on obstructions.










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1 out of 20


Good product, wish it looked like the one that came with the monitor, but it has the base for batteries.

2 out of 20


I purchased it to keep an eye on my 90-year-old grandmother who has dementia. I had another Lorex system that died, so I'm hoping this one will outlast it. As with the other system, I have two cameras, one in her bedroom and one in the living room to keep an eye on her. I like that this system has a panning & a recording feature. Also, that I can view via Skype because I like that I can keep an eye on our respite workers that stay with her when I'm out.I have just ordered this system, based on the positive reviews I'm taking a chance. I'll add to this review after I actually have and set up the system.

3 out of 20


This camera is better then i thought. I am very happy. Very easy to use the camera. I recommend The product.

4 out of 20


Easy to use and setup with my existing system. I would buy this again but have already maxed out my current system with 4 cameras.

5 out of 20


Clean, Clear, and neat...

Nice little unit for the price. It is very clear during the day, and pretty good at night, Even better if you use an assist light for night veiwing.

6 out of 20


Location: Warren, MI

Quick and easy to set up. I love the portability, two-way talking and NO WIFI interference! So far though my only complaint might be battery life. It seems that 4 new charged AA's only last about 2 hrs.

7 out of 20


Location: California

I have two of these cameras and one older version camera. They are good cameras, but the support stand on the current models is not as solid as the single metal posts on the older cameras. Neither of my newer cameras will stay in position, even when I tighten the screws on the support stand.

While I had planned to upgrade from the small baby monitor to a larger monitor, the Lorex Sales Dept informed me they do not sell larger monitors that are compatible with these baby monitor cameras. I wish I had known that BEFORE I bought three of them.

Otherwise the cameras are good, easy to set up, and provide a good quality picture.

8 out of 20


Location: San Diego, CA

I was looking for a decent Home Security System for my Apt-House. I live in a nice neighborhood. However like anywhere nice in the USA there are exceptions and my complex is no different. Some neighbors are strange, malicious and outright nasty. This characteristic is passed down from adult to their children. So, a security system was in order. The Lorex wireless system is easy to operate, place and use. My wife secured the Skype account in a matter of minutes. I only had it two days now, but I love it. I plan on adding two additional cameras. Best buy for the money, I researched this for about 3 weeks before I ordered it, it was an excellent decision.

9 out of 20


Location: Utah, Utah, USA

I bought this system so I could see who was as the front and back door because the view is obstructed from the door viewer. I am lovinging it! I just need to figure out how to get the mac # so I can see them remotely.

10 out of 20


Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

The visual coverage and night vision is great but the audio is very distorted. A good overall value if audio isn't the prime issue.

11 out of 20


This system doesn't leave you wanting anything. It is a great product with great features. Night vision is great. It has a setting where you can talk to baby and also plays music. The camera is small and easily adjusts to many angles. It's durable (have dropped it a few times). If I had to criticize one thing it would be that the batter doesn't last long on it. But we love it. We're expecting our second child soon and will be purchasing an additional camera for the new nursery. This monitor lets you display multiple rooms so that is perfect!

12 out of 20


I was kind of nervous spending over $100 on a monitor since my one with my first child ended up messing up the video in less than six months so I didn't want to buy another 'cheap' one like it. So this was great since it wasn't ridiculously expensive but it wasn't so cheap I felt it'd break on me quickly. Thankfully this was a very smart buy. Have never had any problems with it and I love that it's quiet until my child begins to cry. I have always loved 'video' monitors cause it gives the added reassurance if physically 'seeing' your child which helps especially when they roll to the very corner of the crib or get a arm or leg out there (happened once before I bought the breathable bumper). I loved that I could prop it up in whatever room I was in instead of the ones that clip on your waist that I always ended up dropping when I was cleaning or would never look at cause it wasn't in sight. The picture is clear and I loved the talk feature where I could talk to him on my way in through the monitor to help reassure him I was coming. It has so many features for the sd card to record and stream live as well and the video monitor on his end has a little nightlight at the top which was great when entering his room to see but not have a bright light on. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

13 out of 20


This is a terrific baby monitor with a lot of great functionality.

The wall camera works well if you mount it high in the corner of a bedroom. It has good resolution and audio reception. It also serves as an intercom!

The pan and tilt camera has all that too, but you can move the camera around to see what's going on around you. The resolution is good and this camera is a lot of fun to use.

The reciever unit can be set to turn on when the cameras detect motion or noise. It's an attractive unit, with a nice charging station. I get about 4 hours of use between charges. Picture quality was surprisingly good, in my opinion. It's definitely good enough to know what's going on in the room you're monitoring.

In addition, there are features you don't see on most monitors. You can use an SD card (included!) to record video. This is awesome if your kids or pets are doing something funny or interesting.

You can also interface this with Skype, so you can share video with grandparents (I don't advise this, honestly), or just monitor things from away. Being able to take a peek at your home, whenever you want, is an outstanding feature. You have to plug the receiver physically into your PC to accomodate this feature, which wasn't a problem for me, but some probably would like a totally wireless solution.

You can also connect this to a TV.

Also, everything feels very well built and works well. I've used this for some time to test reliability and found it to be top notch. It costs a bit more, but I think it's a great value.

14 out of 20


First let me start by saying I am a stay at home mom with normal baby monitor needs. I am picky but not overly crazy about my monitor needs. I want a working camera that doesn't lag. I'm a firm believe that if you start getting too fancy things start going wrong. But this camera is definitely fancy, for a great price, but works fabulously.

I've had my fair share of baby monitors. I've spent hundreds on a summer infant monitor and when that one broke twice (both times my fault) I was looking for one that I could view from my phone if I went out. I purchased an expensive wifi camera that linked with my phone that was so horrible (purchased from apple store) I returned after a day and tried my luck with the Lorex. I'll never purchase another baby monitor.

Not only is this a clear picture day or night, it's dead on with timing, there is no lag. Ever. I can also call in from Skype (which I can do from the Skype app on my phone) and I can view the camera from anywhere.

I can also speak to my baby through the monitor and play several nursery rhymes with just a push of a button.

I can also scan the camera around the room quickly and easily which will come in handy when my daughter is older and in a big girl bed.

The screen also doesn't go dark after a few minutes which I love compared the the others that you have to keep pushing the button to light up.

The screen is large and tells room temperature which is accurate. It also has alerts to tell me when it gets below or above certain temps that you set.

Overall I have no complaints about the Lorex wireless video monitor OTHER THAN the fact that it advertises that it can be wall mounted but its not included. It is a separate part that you have to order. In the meantime we've set the camera on the changing table and it works just fine. But would have liked if that was clarified more.

As far as the actual product, I'm more than satisfied. I will continue to purchase more cameras for future children. I can't say enough good things about this camera.

15 out of 20


Location: North Carolina

This was a baby shower gift for my sister, and from her reports it works qite well. Pan and tilt are very good, the audio is excellent and everything functions well so far. She hasn't tried the Skype functions yet, but with family in other states, I'm sure that won't be far off. So far we haven;t seen any of the negative issues from the other reviews.

16 out of 20


Location: San Diego, CA

Although I really appreciate the lengthy reviews because they help me, I won't leave my pro and con list and will give a quick review for other parents looking to find a quality video monitor. I will start by saying that we haven't used the pan tilt camera yet so I can't review it which is why I'm giving 4 stars for now. The stand still camera and the monitor work out great. I don't agree with others that say the sound is bad because I haven't had any problems at all with the sound. The important thing for me is that I can see my son in his crib when I need to in the middle of the night, it's clear, I can literally hear him breathing. Such great peace of mind. The picture is clear and I can even tell what expression he has on his face through night vision. (Once I use the pan tilt, I'll update my review, I don't use Skype on it either so I suppose I could be getting more use out of it.) We are about to have our second baby so I'll use the other camera soon but for now, using the standard camera for my 1 1/2 year old has been wonderful. I also had a Samsung but it broke after a few months so I wanted to get a monitor with 2 cameras since I'll have 2 kids soon, I would 100% choose this over my prior monitor.

17 out of 20


Location: TX

I bought this for my sister and brother-in-law about a year and a half ago after my neice was born. They use it daily. It was a scary day when the handheld screen was accidentally knocked into the bathtub, but it survived without a problem. The temperature sensor is just cool, and the night vision + sound actually allow mom and dad to have worry-free time far away from baby's room.

18 out of 20


I recently had my 3rd child, and it's ironic that now is finally the time that I broke down and bought a video monitor. All I can say is I don't know how we survived without one.

I first purchased a Summer Infant brand duel monitor, but I didn't like the picture quality and the fact that you couldn't talk back to the child. That was one of the key perks I was looking for as we have too many stairs to climb. I can just talk to my children without getting up!

Another great feature is that it scans from camera to camera, so I don't have to manually flip back and forth. It does that for you, allowing you to turn off the video to save battery life, yet still listening in on noise in each room. I've got the stationary camera in the infants room (since he is confined to the crib) and the tilt/pan camera in my older toddlers' room. Now I never have to wonder what they're doing, and scold them immediately when they get up from bed. ;)

The Skype feature is neat, but I'm still figuring that one out. I love that I can purchase 2 more cameras in the future and still use the one parent monitor to view all 4 screens at one time. I would not hesitate buying this product again. Very happy with it!!

19 out of 20


Ok, straight to the point.

I use this to monitor my 2 year old while he is in his playroom. And in a few months, we will use it to monitor his new born brother.

1. The day video is superb. Some people complain that the color isn't vibrant. Although it is true that colors in the day do not show up well, this isn't an issue for me because I use this as a baby monitor, not survalliance. I don't need to distinguish colors.

2. Night vision is fantastic. This was the most important feature for me because I am anticipating using this to watch our infant sleeping and I am comforted to know that at night I will see him as clear as a bell.

3. Others have complained about the sound. I have no issues with the sound quality. I read nearly all the reviews for this product before I bought it. And if you read on, you find that the sensitivity setting on the camera works opposite than assumed...with the higher sensitivity creating lesser sound and vice versa. So I just set it accordingly, and no problems.

4. The talk back mode is great and I use it to answer my son while he is in his room. The volume for that function is on the camera. I had it set too high too begin with, so it frightened him. But after adjusted, it isn't my voice of "GOD" booming at him anymore and he than recognized me.

5. The music feature works. I don't use it.

6. The monitor is very easy to use. You don't even have to read the manual to work it. The picture is clear. We have three cameras hooked up to it and I love that I can view three in quad mode or each individually. I also like that I can recieve sound for all in quad mode. The monitor is light weight and small enough to carry around.

7. The temperature gage is wonderful. We live in an older home. Ours sons playroom has a western facing exterior wall and can get quite cool in there. It is nice to be able to confirm the temp. It seems accurate. I haven't brought in another temp gage, but when the temp indicates comfortable tempratures, it feels comfortable in the there.

8. It is still winter here, so I can't attest to the range of this unit yet. I will update when we get back to outdoor living. We are on a farm so we are outside a lot. I hope it lives up to my expectations on that.

9. It doesn't interfere with our wifi AT ALL that I can tell, which is a plus being we have satellite Internet to begin with and that can be slow sometimes. It was nice that it didn't interfere.

20 out of 20


This monitor is great to keep your eyes in your baby and follow all of his/her actions, especially when he/she is sleeping. I like the two-way talking and the possibility to connect four cameras, including a tilt camera model. The setup and installation are very easy and you can see the image through the Skype.







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