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Add on camera for home camera system Live SD7


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Add-on digital wireless security camera

Digital wireless home camera system with night viewing up to 40ft, built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection and infrared camera lens filter for accurate color reproduction. For use with SD Series, SD7 Series and SD9 Series video home monitors.

Model no.: LW2711AC1

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Indoor/Outdoor Applicable

Camera performs both in outdoor and Indoor applications.

Simply Plug and Play

Easily connect the system, simply plug and play.



Home Camera system Features:

  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Exclusive built-in infrared camera lens filter for accurate color reproduction under all lighting conditions
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m)1
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors2
  • Up to 150ft indoor / 450ft outdoor wireless range3
  • SMA connector allows for the usage of higher power antennas to extend wireless range (antennas sold separately)

Home Camera system includes:

  • 1 x Indoor/outdoor camera
  • 1 x Wireless Antenna
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide


1. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
2. Weather resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
3. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.










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1 out of 52


Location: San Francisco, California

My situation is similar to the others in that I received a two camera set a couple of years ago as a gift and I wanted to buy an additional camera last month because I thought one of the cameras was broken. After an exhaustive search, I discovered that I could not purchase the same camera that I received as a gift a couple of years ago. However, if I bought another two camera set, my existing cameras (As it turns out the camera was not broken, something wrong with the wiring in my house) could be paired to the new monitor along with the new cameras.

As a consumer, the company should be rated one star for the business practice of not allowing the purchase of supplemental cameras (even if about 66% of a two camera set) and forcing the purchase of new sets if need be. However, once you get past that major negative aspect because security and peace of mind can be expensive, the cameras are pretty easy to install and work well. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to download the video feeds into your desktop or laptop with the provided cable. Considering quality and reliability for the price you pay for a two camera wireless set up combined with the disappointment of having to purchase an additional two camera set versus purchasing individual cameras as needed or wanted, I would give an overall rating of three.

2 out of 52


Location: Somewhere in America

The LW2710 has worked well. The reason I am giving it a "1 star" is because I am rating LOREX as a company. Less than 4 years old, you can no longer buy a camera for the system! There is no equivalent camera, or newer model, or backwards compatible model. Worse, customer service just say "we don't have a camera for that." Silence. That's it. Not, "we're sorry but.. or "let us help you..." or "we can offer an upgrade for you as a loyal customer..." Nothing. Nada. Spit. Furthermore, the "On Line Chat" system on the website is dead. No one ever answers it.

So, all in all, as a company, I would stay away from Lorex. It doesn't matter how good their products are (if they are) if customer service and support are non-existent. They definitely do not support their customers. In the security field, I would say "poor customer service" is the kiss of death. There are lots of other competitors out there. I'll replace my system with one of those.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and for the experience you had with service. We hope you are happy with your new system.

3 out of 52


Location: Orlando, Florida

Not worth a darned if you cannot replace or add to the 2 cameras that came with it originally. Are you supposed to just throw your whole system out and buy a new one for several hundred dollars ?

4 out of 52


Location: Orlando, Florida

I bought this system some 3 years ago and it came originally with only 2 cameras with swivel mounts and power adapters plus of course the tablet. I wanted recently to add a 3rd camera for our front door but Lorex has "thoughtfully" discontinued the LW2711AC1 and I cannot find one anywhere - including perusing Ebay, Amazon, Lorex itself, or the Internet. This sucks. This product was bought sometime in 2012 and I find it inconceivable that the manufacturer would discontinue support in just 3 years. It gives me very little impetus to upgrade knowing even if I bought a newer Lorex system currently available, are they going to discontinue it too in just 3 years and why on Earth would they make ANY products that weren't "backwards compatible" so that you always could add to a system you bought earlier ?????

5 out of 52


Location: Macomb,MI

Great camera. I feel much safer since I can't see who is at my door without it. I want to add another camera for the back door..

6 out of 52


Location: indiana

Very good product works well in day and night have not hooked to skype yet but will

7 out of 52


Very easy to use. All you have to do is unbox it and attach the base (with included screws) to any wall surface, inside or out. The infra red works great at night so you can see who is at your door if it's dark. The monitor can be placed quite a distance from the camera. My camera is outside and the wireless monitor is inside. No problem with the signal going through brick!

8 out of 52


Location: Ohio

GREAT lityle camera! Works well at night, and has clear picture and intercom. Love it!!

9 out of 52


Buying a 3rd one because it is a great as part of their system, for monitoring what's going on in and around the house. Left 2 outside over the cold winter and they survived although one of them developed a sort of haze for Infrared reception only in part of the field of view (not due to cold). Not sure why? It doesn't seem to be moisture. Possibly "burn in" damage from Sun??? They didn't seem to have an explanation when I asked.

10 out of 52


Location: Greater Chicago Area

Have owned this system for just over a year now and it has worked flawlessly.

11 out of 52


Location: GA

Bought this system last Christmas and we love it. Only came with two cameras so was able to get two more we just installed and its so very easy and love it! There is no problem pairing the cameras very easy to install. We love having the monitor to display all 4 cameras.

12 out of 52


Location: So. California

The original lorex live sd series camera did not work properly, call lorex and they shipped me another unit. the unit is working fine know. I went to add a 2nd camera to the system. The 2nd camera did not work, I called lorex and they send me another camera and it works Ok. I am thinking about adding a 3rd camera to the unit, but am having problems trying to find a 3rd camera on lorex web-site. Overall lorex customer service is fine, but I question lorex's quality control on their equipment, too many returns to get the unit to work properly, but you can't beat the price. If you intend to purchase a lorex wireless camera you need to be patient with all of the returns that I had to go through. East to set up and install.

13 out of 52


Location: Ohio

Great Camera System.
I bought 2 LW2711AC1 cameras with a monitor and they worked so good, I bought 2 more.
I use them for security around the house.
Easy to install and pair.
I would recommend them for anyone looking for a good low cost security system.

14 out of 52


Location: New Mexico

I have enjoyed this camera very much. It does exactly what I was wanting a security camera to do. The motion detector feature is great for detecting when someone is approaching the house without picking up every leaf that flies by,

15 out of 52


Location: Beach Town, SC

Great Picture, Sound, Microphone and Color too!! I would recommend this camera as an add on to existing system to all.

16 out of 52


Setup was easy, operations and instructions were accurate and easy to follow. Cameras are clear and work well. Very satisfied.

17 out of 52


Camera easy to install

Clarity and resolution of the optics over & than what I expected.

Works perfectly at night time

18 out of 52


Good product but the signal gets lost too easily between the camera and the monitor. Good Night vision too. Don't expect top line surv. video but a good start to a system to learn before you commit to a large scale project.

19 out of 52


My preacher need some camras so I was looking into it and cam up with these im here to tell you they are wearth the money.they realy work good

20 out of 52


I purchased this camera, due to things continually being misplaced around my home. Every time I would leave and come back home , things would look out of sorts, so I purchased this after reading several other reviews prior to my purchase. i must say I was kinda nervous when they were saying you couldn't make out the person. But I think it serves my needs perfectly. You can install it in about an hour after drilling a hole from the outside of your home into inside so that you will be able to use the outlet to plug it in. make sure to put the cameras under an awning or gutter to shelter from rain and snow a little. It is color during the day but when dawn starts to fall, the color turns black and whiter. Which makes seeing at (night) a bit distorted. The intercom feature works fine and clear inside and out. I love the motion sensor ;).. it beeps to alert you whenever someone crosses the sensor path. Oan it comes with @ cameras that are already paired , it's literally plug in and watch! No complaints so far and i have had it for 3 weeks now!..through rain and storms, already!

21 out of 52


A friend recommended this to me who has a two camera system. I choose the 4 camera system for better coverage. It was very easy to install and get up and running, and easy to operate. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a moderately priced security system.

22 out of 52


Great System .....had camera die after 3 months use ....filled warranty info online, got no communication from company but to my surprise a new camera arrived just a few days later. no hassle very impressed (except for the no communication part ((was getting kinda mad)) but am now extremely happy VERY RECOMMENDED

23 out of 52


My house was broken into. I was only gone for two I bought the cameras system so I don't have to worry about when I go

out Or when I go to bed. The pictures on the screen are so clear. I am sure that the next time the guy will be sorry they broke into. my house I am 73 yr. old so I will let the police do the hard work mean time your cameras will help them out.

Thank you

Clair Leonard

24 out of 52


For my home, lorex wireless device is the best on the market. I'm very satisfied with this team. I recommended it

25 out of 52


After some suspected men walked a night around my resident, I ordered Lorex LW2711 Wireless Monitoring System to have my resident secure. Honestly I never try one and was doubting what will work.

I received the package, open it and following instructions, I finalized the installation of the four video camera monitors. Everything works well. From the house monitor, I can see my children buses coming from distance, the alert will come on when someone or a car is closer to my yard, also can talk to visitors outdoor from the monitor indoor. The night vision is almost 7/10. The only issue I had is that the monitor has to be almost equal distance with all cameras in order to have good images in all 4 cameras or buy an extended antenna to cover that little issue in case your residence is big. All 4 cameras are placed upper corner of the 3rd level of my resident.

26 out of 52


Great camera for the price with good video quality. We wanted to keep this camera inside but looking out into our driveway, but motion isn't detected through glass. This is okay since I set it up to record at certain times and it works fine through glass. The remote control kind of sucks though. I have to hit the buttons several times for it to recognize the command. Wish they had made the controls on the monitor easier to work with in that case.

27 out of 52


I bought it to ensure proper viewing of critical areas of my home while insida a saferoom. Saferoom walls are 40cm(15.75inch) thick concrete. The two cameras are less than 32 feet of the monitor. Reception is good, but if I buy an add-on camera the signal will not reach all the way to the main entrance, unless I add a range extender. Please have in mind I am using this system inside a saferoom. Also tried it outside the saferoom and the range was dramatically better.

28 out of 52


I installed this system in a retail store and it only took me about an hour. The cameras paired with ease and I was a little surprised when considering the distance that the camera's were able to communicate with the monitor. The camera's were about 50 feet from the wireless connection and still working just fine. The skype set up feature is great. I also use a dvr to record motion detection and so far everything works just fine.

29 out of 52


After reading all of the other reviews I was a little sceptically on purchasing this, but for the price, and with the wireless ease, (not much wiring to to do), I went ahead and bought this. It arrived in a plain brown wrapped package, as not to let everyone know you were going to be putting up security cameras, and after reading the instruction book (highly recommended), and testing the range of the wireless signal (also recommended as to not be putting unnecessary holes everywhere) to see where would be best for the monitor and cameras, (cameras went outside in a protected area as to not get too much weather exposure), I set about running the 110 power cables for the cameras, (the power cables could be about 2 or 3 feet longer), then powered up the monitor and I was up and running my small security system, after 30 or 45 min I had the Skype feature going for remote monitoring on my Android phone, (you can only view one camera, that's one part I didn't like), I did went ahead and bought the 32 GB memory card, it comes with a 4 GB one, the larger card lets you record longer and not have to worry about running out space as quickly, but I check all video that has been recorded daily. I say if you want a security monitoring system that's easy to setup and operate then this is the system for you.

I plan on getting one or two more cameras later, this only comes with two cameras, four cameras max. Some other people have said that this interferes with their computer wireless systems, but I have had no problems with that what so ever.

Very good product.

30 out of 52


Location: St. George, Utah

Good cameras but if I hadent needed them so badly I would have waited for the price to go down some. screen goes blask after a week plugged in, stil a fair immage you have to be right there and watching close. but range and cameras at night good.

31 out of 52


Location: Phoenix, AZ.

I recently added two more cameras to my system for a total of 4. They paired very easy and installed very well. I have not had any problem with the SD7 system and believe Lorex produces a great system.

32 out of 52


The uses are limitless. works as i expected and i definitely would recommend Lorex products to any one interested

in this type of products.

33 out of 52


Location: Mt. Pleasant SC

The wife and I are retired and are both 70. We live in a condo and felt secure for a good while. I was a firearms instructor for a good number of years and taught a class on Home Protection. Felt pretty good about our security with one exception, couldn't SEE and identify the threat before they were coming in!! Now we can.
About 2 years ago we bought a 2 camera system from Costco. Set up was a breeze. Had one camera on the parking area over our patio fence and one at the back door on our enclosed back porch. About 6 months later I added another camera to the front door in the breezeway. We had a peep hole but at times it was hard to make out who was out there. Two weeks ago I ordered one on lint and added the forth at the patio door.
With the 4 camera set up we had a good view of the coming and goings in our immediate area. Worth every penny, fixed income or not!!! I'd love to see an affordable motorized scanner for the cameras. One that could be added anytime.
Overall it is a winner!

34 out of 52


works great. Definitely made the rest of the neighborhood jealous. It is a great value for the money and I would buy more. Infact, the buyers of my house liked them so much they asked to keep them in the sale.

35 out of 52


Bought this one as a gift because we like ours.

We have it pointed so that it forewarns us when people are coming up the driveway or walking towards our front door. It makes a little beep.

We get regular Amazon package deliveries so when the delivery guy rings the bell ... I know that I don't have to rush to answer the door.

It records for a few seconds so you can review. Would be great to have a recording if your house was robbed.

Quality of the recordings are not 100% like a high quality camera but they are good enough for what we need.

36 out of 52


Bought this as an extra camera to my security system and it paired up effortlessly.For the price it is a superb purchase

37 out of 52


The camera quality is very good and we have been pleased with the performance. We have 3 of them and they were easy to install and the screen is a nice size to view the cameras all at one time. We have hooked it up to our TV so we can view it there as well. The only draw back is that it has to be hard wired.

38 out of 52


Location: West Los Angeles

Good clarity especially during the day. Night views are good, but clarity is a bit less. Easily installed with clear directions.

39 out of 52


the product is good the cameras look good at night, only that skype is only a camera and if you put the camera far away from the monitor signal will not have

40 out of 52


Location: Florida

It's okay as long as you don't try to do too much with it. It serves very well as a simple video/audio monitor for the front door so I know who is there and can speak with them. The auto record does not work for me because the breeze moves the shrubs and that keeps it recording constantly. Fortunately that feature can be turned off. Have not tried to use it remotely and probably won't bother.

41 out of 52


Location: Redding, ca USA

I gave the 7 inch system to my son and purchased the 9 inch one for myself. Same quality just bigger screen.

42 out of 52


Location: Stanleytown, Virginia USA

I liked it so much I got one for a friend!

This is a great security camera.. I mainly use mine for when I'm in the basement so I can see if some one drives up. Incredibly simple to set up get audio as well as video....I don't use the recording end..but it comes with a 2 gig sd card.I've had mine for several months and have had no problems at all. Really good picture at night...also beeps when people or cars come by! I bought this one for a friend who was very impressed with mine!

43 out of 52


Great product for monitor baby. Night mode is a bit blur, but enough for monitoring. recording is smooth with the remote. reconmended if you don't mind pricy.

44 out of 52


This is a GREAT mid priced home security system. It was so easy to set up, but PLEASE take the protective plastic off the lens! LOL, it took me 2 days to figure it out I had left the film on. The resolution was great with the film on it.......but it was AWESOME without it.

I am an experienced carpenter and I intentionally searched for an easy to install wireless system. If you are NOT experienced in home maintenance I would NOT recommend the DVR Sysytems, which has wires and you have to install in the attic.

This is a COMPLETE system and the 9 inch montior is like a PC tablet that sits like a picture frame and it can be moved from room to room like when you go to bed. Just unplug and then re-plug, the wireless receiver imediately finds the cameras with no dely or messing around.

45 out of 52


Great little camera system without spending thousands of dollars. I have no complaints about the motion detection. Some times cars 75ft away set off mine. People set it off at 30ft or so. I bought the four camera system and it's perfect. Don't know about tech support because the system is so easy to set up and operate there is no need for tech support.

46 out of 52


Location: Hawaii

I am using this at our commercial space and it makes us feel a lot more secure when we are not at the business. Picture quality is decent.

47 out of 52


We needed to be able to see who was pulling up in the drive and this was a breeze to setup and continue monitoring day or night. Great product and thinking about buying three more cameras to watch different angles.

48 out of 52


This is a good product, and worked easily right out of the box. The image is clear, but the area your monitoring must must be well lit up (the infrared doesn't work unless the camera is in a well lit area). It says it does not interfere with wi-fi, but he does interfere a little. There's been several times I had to turn it off to use my ipad for surfing the web. I was also hoping that the monitor would be portable, but it has to be plugged in al all times. I will not old a charge to allow you to move from one room to another with it. I do however, love the Skype feature! This is great when I go out of town!

49 out of 52


This is the forth camera for my system, for the money it's a great system being wireless is very nice.

50 out of 52


This set is a great! easy to install and very compact! no need for an external DVR or a mountain or wires. the DVR screen is clean and blends in very easily. it can be mounted on the wall or on a tabletop and function as a picture if you wish! the inner com function would be great near a front door or room thats external from the main house. the quality is decent for both day and night, although the IR night vision does lack some clarity. I am very happy with this set, however, there are a few features that i would have liked to see, such as: better picture quality in both day and night, recorded audio, better range, and reduce the lag when recording is set on motion. the last feature i would have liked to see would be an output from the DRV screen so it could be viewable from a TV. Nonetheless, i love this little set and for the price, its steal!!!

51 out of 52


I installed system using four cameras. The cameras and receiver work together just fine. I have worried a little because I was installing them on the outside of construction trailers and was worried about transmission through the metal sides of the trailers. Three of the cameras came up just fine.

The receiver could not see the fourth camera on the far side of the one of the trailers. However, I was able to solve that problem by getting a 6-meter RP-SMA Extension Cable (typically used to relocated the antenna for wi-fi router)--cheap fix. Using this cable, I was able to remove the antenna from the fourth camera and drag the cable (and antenna) nearer to the receiver's location. Once the antenna was relocated, the camera came up with no problem. I suspect that I could done the same thing with the antenna from the receiver for even moreflexibility/range. If range is an issue, I would suspect that a "powered/high gain antenna from the wi-fi world" might help.

My biggest complaint about the system is the documentation. The documentation did not suggest moving the antenna to help solve transmission problem. Of course, it did not provide information to help purchase the right cable, etc. It would really nice if the manufacturer would work to determine if high-gain antenna, etc would help users.

The other disappointment has been with the using the output of the system on an external monitor. The system has a port for an external monitor and the company even provides a short cable (too short). An extension RCA cables is a quick trip to Radio Shack. It is even more annoying to have hunt down the note that using the external monitor disables the built-in monitor in buried in the trouble shooting section of the manual (as is the note about a five second delay in transferring to the external monitor, etc). In order to have to two monitor locations, you will need two external monitors. I haven't yet set up the two monitor, I worry that I have may to get a video splitter and amplifier to drive two monitors. Again, the manufacturer could do a little testing provide guidance to customers.

The remote control just barely works. In order for the remote to work, it must be pointed directly at the receiver, not too far away, etc. The system is really slow to response to the remote (or any commands via the on-board buttons). However, it works.

52 out of 52


Location: Ill. USA

I needed an extra camera for my lw2702 system... needed 1 more camera to complete the 4 needed for monitor, but could not find this in stores or online.

So I found this 1camera system but could not find information to see if the lw2711 would work with 2702.

Well I took a chance & bought this.

Worked perfect with my existing monitor. Now I can add more camera's to the 2711 monitor.

Picks up signals pretty good, just have to make sure you position this where there is not too many obstructions, including

walls interfering. ( have this monitor as close as possible to camera mounts ).

Picks up a pretty decent range during day & night. With systems like this, nothing is 100 percent perfect, but again this

suits my needs. If you want a better system, you will have to dish out much much more money.

This picks up in SD mode, but quality would even be better if this was in HD mode.

I recommend this product!!!



Wireless range extender antenna








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