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Video Baby Monitor Camera

Expand your BB7011 unit with the BB7011AC1 night vision camera featuring a nightlight, lullaby playback and two-way talk with your monitor.

Model no.: BB7011AC1

Night vision camera

Keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out.

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Secure wireless connection

100% digital technology ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor.



Camera Features:

  • Soothing Lullabies
  • Nightlight
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision1
  • Crisp Sound
  • 450ft Outdoor Wireless Range2
  • Two-Way Talk


1. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
2. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.








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1 out of 19


Location: Taiwan

We got two sets of this products for my babies, either one can only least for 8 months.
After 8 months, the camera and the monitor can't pairing anymore. Big waste of money to buy their product.

We're sorry to hear this and have attempted to contact you to resolve this. Please reply to our email for assistance or call technical support at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

2 out of 19


Location: Fairfax, VA

Great product. It offers up to 4 camera split screen, motion detection, night vision, two-way speaking, temperature monitoring, etc. And set up is easy.

The only issue with it is the split screen only does 4 way. If you have 2 active cameras, you still get a 4-way split, so the screen size is a little small. Minor in the scheme of things and great options considering a lot of other products I've seen (and used).

3 out of 19


Location: Long Beach, CA

The primary issues with this monitor, and why we have discontinued its use along with our other lorex, is the awful and limited range of the handset. As if the short range weren't frustrating enough, it's infuriating when it happens because it emits an incessant beep whenever you're out of range or the camera base is off. There is no way to toggle that sound, so even though the screen and video features are indeed stunning, it's all moot when you consider the auditory nuisance that this device poses.

4 out of 19


Location: West Michigan, USA

This is hands down one of the best video monitors out there. We recently had our fourth child and our experience with video monitors to this point has been iffy at best. This has a motion sensor so you don't have to watch the screen 24/7. It has a two way voice monitor. It's easy to use and set up (my 10 year old did it). It's just a fantastic camera. I cannot say enough good things about it. Buy it, you'll be glad that you did.

5 out of 19


Location: South-Central, PA

This Lorex StarBright Wireless Baby Monitor is a decent choice for those needing a remote camera with a wireless display. Here are my observations:

Includes: Camera, 7" Video Viewing Pad, 2 Power Supplies, & Instructions

Pros -

+ Setup; We had this up and running within minutes of opening the box, the menu was also fairly intuitive to use

+ Clarity; Reasonably sharp color during the day and decent Black & White night vision

+ Two Way Talk; you can hear the remote side and also transmit your voice through the camera, a very nice feature

+ Night Light; while not something we use often, it does have a nice built in night light

+ Alerts; Audio and motion alters can be set so you know when there is "action" in the area being monitored

+ Lullabies; again, not something we use but it is nice to have built in

+ Range; we tested this out to 300' and were very pleased with the fidelity of the picture and sound


- No Video Out; this is becoming a standard feature a lot of baby monitors we looked out

misc -

* Expandable up to four remote camera units

Overall, this a solid choice in a video monitoring system.


6 out of 19


Location: Silicon Valley

This monitor has some good features, the night vision, the two-way audio, motion detection. Some silly features like the lullabies, the "nightlight", but I think the range is a big drawback and the terrible video resolution. For the same price, you could get a camera that will connect to your wifi and allow you to view it from your smart phone or any computer, with HD picture. If you spend a little more, you can get a REALLY GOOD monitor that will connect to your phone and computer. If for some reason you can't do that, or if you know you only want to use this to view from a nearby room and you don't care about the image quality, this could be an okay setup. Plus, the price has dropped recently, making it a better value.

7 out of 19


If you have a precious young one in the home, these are your extra eyes around the house. Work anywhere from the house and keep a close eye on the young one while he/she is awake or sleeping.

High resolution, wide screen and user friendly, costly but worth it, specially with current deals on Amazon/multiple purchasing options. Recommended.

8 out of 19


Location: Richmond, VA

LorexBaby StarBright is a great all around baby video monitor. The LCD screen is big (7-inch) which is very nice. It also has a lot of additional features such as night light and motion/sound alert. You can also set the LCD screen off until there is motion detected to save on battery. It also allows 2-way talk so you can hear and talk with the baby/the other side. It also have a night vision mode to see in the darkness, and temperature sensor to monitor climate in the room. Overall great video monitor, and should you need another camera to watch other room, the system is expandable to 4 cameras. You can view all 4 cameras on the LCD screen, with split view. Best of all, this video monitor system is very easy to set up.

9 out of 19


Location: Washington, DC

I won't say it doesn't work, it does. The quality of the picture is decent and the audio isn't half bad either. It wasn't much of a pain to set up and the camera and handset paired without issue. However, a lot of the extras leave something to be desired. The little nightlights don't serve much purpose and are more glow in the dark than independent light. The music it plays isn't of the best quality or very soothing, and while the picture likes to show four way split would cost hundreds to get to that setup.

And that's my biggest gripe with the unit: Cost. There are sets out there that do more for less. This unit doesn't allow you to access it remotely or even pair it with a tablet or smartphone, two features that should be no-brainers at this point.

But if you read the box, you know what you're getting and I won't count it out for things it never claimed to do.

10 out of 19


This is certainly a great choice for a baby monitor with a plethora of features, many common, and a few extras. The star lights and music are novelty and make this more about baby. But I am currently using it as a security camera and intercom for my front door. I'm on the second floor and it is very convenient to have this on my home office desk. I can see what is going on in front of the house, see the UPS guy, ignore solicitors etc.

I only have the one camera connected, but you can have up to four. The picture quality is fine for being so compact and portable. The range seems to be a little limited. I cannot go to the back of the house, for example, and expect it to work well with the camera at the front door on the bottom level. But works perfectly in my home office in the center of the house.

The sound quality both ways is very good. Seems to weed out excess background noise and enhances voice.

Night vision is the most impressive I have seen from any baby monitor. I tested it in a closed closet with lights out and could see everything in closet very sensitive. The screen is larger than most baby monitors, but still easy to carry with you around the house.

11 out of 19


Location: Rexburg, ID United States

excellent monitor

I'm really glad that I had the chance to discover this brand of baby monitor. The picture is clear and the sound is clean. The set-up is not too difficult and for your needs, this may be the perfect baby monitor for you. It's not complicated to use, which I very much appreciate. This monitor demonstrates the best of modern technology to ensure the safety of our children so without question, every parent should have a device like this one to keep their kids safe.

12 out of 19


Location: Key West, FL USA

An Excellent Baby Monitor

We have twin grandbabies, girls, just four months old now and my wife and I have them during the day, because our son and his wife both work. In this economy in this day and age, both parents often need to work if they want to build a better life for themselves. Fortunately we love watching the girls even though they're so small. However, sometimes you need a break and we take that break when they're napping and we feel like we're not shirking our duties baby watching duty, because this baby monitor is on the job. The picture on the monitor is excellent and the sound is too. When either one cries, we know it. When they stir, we can see it. This is an excellent baby monitor and one both my wife and I can heartily recommend.

13 out of 19


Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Decent system with good performance

Gave this as a gift to our niece's household, for her daughter's first birthday. They loved it, but also didn't have any experience with a different model to compare. I still thought it was pretty good once set up, and took a look myself so I could write a more informed review. Here are the highlights: Pros: * Night vision works very well--you can actually see the room in the dark. * Range is good, and covers my niece's fairly large home. * Two-way speaker actually works, though there's a tiny bit of lag. * If your child likes the lullabies, you can turn them on from your end. * Monitor is portable. * Option to plug everything in instead of eating batteries. * Night light. (I know, other reviewers slammed this. But it's enough of a light to find the unit in the dark if you need to. I don't think it was ever intended to light up the room. It's not that much different from the light you get from a digital clock.) * Motion detector works to activate features, and you can set the sensitivity on it. Cons: * No ability to adjust where the camera's pointed from a distance. When the dog ran through and bumped the dresser where the camera was, niece couldn't see anything useful until she went in to fix it directly. That also means that a small child could conceivably move it accidentally or intentionally. * Digital zoom is a joke on any device, as all it does is show larger pixels of the same image on the screen. (Don't confuse digital and optical zoom; just like on a camera, "optical zoom" uses lenses to give you a "real" zoomed-in shot, and digital just changes what's on the display. I thought the resolution on this was fine for ordinary use--knowing what's going on in a room--but it's not good enough to give you anything extra by zooming in. Odds of you having the camera perfectly aligned on whatever you want to see are nil more closely anyway. * Shows a fairly small area of the room; no wide-angle setting. Note: What the monitor does do just fine, like any other system, is let you know when you really need to go to the monitored area physically. You can do a little bit from a distance, especially since there's voice communication and lullabies available. But mostly, this just lets you know when the bump you heard in the night is nothing worth worrying about so you can go back to sleep--or that you need to go be Mom now.

14 out of 19


Location: NY, US

Feature-packed video baby monitor

This is a feature-packed video baby monitor. Let me list the rich set of features you get:

-- color video feed

--7" non-touch color LCD monitor

-- attractive camera

-- two-way audio so you can listen to and talk to your baby

-- motion detection

-- the camera can play lullabies

-- temperature alert

-- night light on the camera

-- voice trigger to turn monitor back on from sleep

-- finally, you can pair additional cameras to the same monitor

The setup works well right out of the box. The wireless communication here uses the 2.4GHz band, same as cordless phones. While we don't have any cordless phones, my neighbors do, yet as long as we don't keep the camera a whole house away from the monitor, reception is fine, subject to very occasional interferences. The monitor is a little hefty at close to 1 lb., and the buttons are a little difficult to understand, so you'll need to read the included printed manual to figure out everything, such as navigating the setup menu system. The camera and its built-in mic are both sensitive. My issue with this product, hence the four star rating, is the camera and monitor could have used a higher resolution. The pixel counts are not listed in the specs. To me the resolution feels like QVGA, at best VGA. I feel that at this price point, the manufacturer could have opted for a higher resolution camera and screen, such as 800x600. I can't imagine that would have added much to the cost. I actually like this system a lot, just that its low resolution kind of disappoints.

15 out of 19


I am using this LorexBaby StarBright 7" Video Baby Monitor and Wireless Camera to spy on my children while they are upstairs on their computers. We have a "common area" that the kids' computers are at and this camera is pointed to their screens so I can see all of them at the same time while using the portable monitor since they are upstairs and I am downstairs. I can even move the camera from the monitor.

I can easily talk to them by pushing a button on the monitor. I can listen in and adjust the volume from very low to high enough. I can even play some sweet lullabies for them. :) If I push the baby movement button, it will send an alarm through the monitor when it detects movement. That's great for those times when the kids gets up in the middle of the night when they aren't supposed to be up.

I would like for the monitor to hold a longer charge so I wouldn't have to plug it up as often, but it's ok. I would recommend this for anyone with kids of any ages that need to be monitored.

16 out of 19


I really liked this monitor because of some of the extras it has and because it has the ability to add on extra cameras. I already have one other system but wanted some extra security, and this allows me to feel better about things. The monitor will split-screen or allow you to check an add-on camera out one-by-one, which seems pretty nice of you want to not only utilize this to keep an eye on baby but their environment as well.

Speaking of environment, I like a few other things about this monitor that add to that. First, it has a motion sensor setting that allows you to know when baby moves, or allows you to put it elsewhere to use if you don't want baby moving toward doors, or whatever fear you have rational or otherwise. Peace of mind is priceless, and it adds that for me. You can set it to detect slight motions, or to detect movement based on sensitivity settings. There is also a temperature gauge, and the thing is pretty accurate. I don't keep my house hot so I'm not sure about that, but the low 80s in rooms that were not for the baby and the temperatures in the baby's room where accurate to within a few degrees. You can set them to warn you if it gets too hot or cold, and you can increase sensitivity. That's good because we recently moved, and I didn't know how the rest of my home's temperature was impacting the baby's area but now I can see it.

I have tried it out in a two-level condominium and in a single level home, and had no issues with range. Some people reported they did in larger houses, but it has done me well wherever I've set it up thusfar. I tried it out in a pretty spacious country home as well, and it picked up beautifully. You can work with the picture, zooming it in until it looks good, which i had to do at first. It still has a bit of grain to it but nothing terrible - were they to fix something here I'd like better resolution but can still see pretty decently, and the night vision picks up wonderfully as well. The sound picks up and the alarms can be set to piercing, which is good because we sometimes sleep the deep sleep.

There's also the nightlight setting, with the camera having little stars on the outside, which is cute and makes it look like less of a surveillance device, and the the songs it plays add a little extra to calm baby. So many odds and ends I thought might not be needed, but were nice.

I really liked this, and will add more cameras in the next month or so.

17 out of 19


Location: NY

I have owned two Summer Infant Day & Night Monitors before, and this isn't even in the same class. This is worlds better.<br />

The camera looks like a cute little robot with reddish-orange light-up stars on its helmet as a nightlight. The monitor is large and sleek.<br />
<br />
MUSIC<br />
<br />
So sweet! You can press a button on the monitor and the camera will play really cute chime lullabies that are not at all the cheapy, tinny sound most devices give off. The songs repeat until you turn it off. The only thing I would have liked here was the ability to also start the music from the camera itself.<br />
<br />
SOUND<br />
<br />
When the child's room is quiet, you won't hear anything at all. I thought it was defective! My Summer monitors all gave off a static sound even when there was no real noise in the baby's room. This one turns its sound off after a few seconds when there's only low background noise, so you don't hear static or anything else. It comes right back on if there's a sound (crying, talking, music, etc.).<br />

This isn't one to use as a handheld monitor for long periods. It comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can use it that way, but the battery doesn't last more than 4.5 hours, so it has to stay plugged in overnight-- but at least you can wander around the house with it at naptime!<br />
<br />
<br />
I love the fact that this shows a temperature reading. Like another reviewer mentioned, though, it's not accurate-- mine is reading about 5 degrees hotter than the room actually is. But just keep that in mind and adjust the number accordingly. You can set an alarm to tell you if the room gets too hot or too cold. I love this idea because I leave the air conditioning on when my daughter goes to bed and sometimes don't realize until morning that it got really cold in there!<br />

Good on both ends. I can clearly hear things on the monitor side and my daughter can clearly hear me on the camera side when I use the intercom feature. The only problem is if we're both talking at the same time; it picks up only one or the other.<br />
<br />
<br />
Could be better, but it's perfectly adequate for me and even allows for zooming and panning. It's not like a high-definition camera image, but you can clearly see what's happening in a room both in light and dark conditions.

One cool feature is the "moving baby" alarm, which you can set or not as you choose. If you want to sleep peacefully, but you want to be alerted the minute the baby gets up, before he or she tries to climb out of the crib, then you may want to try out this movement alarm.<br />
<br />
ZZZZZ<br />
<br />
The "zzzz" button turns off the display to let you sleep, but when it hears a sound, the display and sound come right back on to alert you.<br />

I have a small house, but it's so far worked fine for me with no interference or loss of signal at all.<br />
In short, I think it's the awesomest thing ever. Aside from bacon.

18 out of 19


Location: New York, NY

This monitor works in both daylight and night. During the day, the colour is crisp and sharp. At night, it switches to black and white mode, and can see in the dark. As long as there is some little bit of light, the night vision mode boosts it, and makes it possible to see what's going on. The two way audio is useful, and the sound quality is respectable.

The best part is that the display screen comes with a battery that you can keep charged, so that you don't have to plug the viewing screen into your already overburdened night stand's power strip.

I can't get over how crisp the picture is. It's like physically being in the same room without having to leave your room. I'm also surprised that it works great through closed doors, walls, etc. I live in an old building, made of solid brick. I can still get reception on the view screen all the way in my bedroom, with all the doors between it and the monitor firmly shut.

Initially, the view screen's battery came charged about half way, which made it possible to use immediately. Overall, an excellent product.

19 out of 19


gave this to my wife's neice with her new baby. she said that she loved it. for now she doesn't have to stop what she is doing around the house to check on the baby. she said that she can monitor the baby and see him start to wake up and she will go to him before he starts to cry. she said that she gets all her work done around the house without having to check on the baby.







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