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Wireless Add-On Camera for LW2750 & LW2960 Series Home Monitoring Systems


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Wireless Add-On Camera for LW2750 & LW2960 Series Home Monitoring Systems

The Lorex SD Pro Add-On Camera is the perfect way to expand your home monitoring system. Expand your view by adding up to 4 cameras to your LW2750 or LW2960 Series Wireless Home Monitoring Systems.

Please note: this camera is an accessory product for LW2750 Series and LW2960 Series.
For more details please see the compatibility chart for wireless cameras.

Indoor/Outdoor Applicable

Camera performs both in outdoor and Indoor applications.

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with Wi-Fi signals.




  • Night time viewing up to 65ft (20m) away in ambient night time lighting conditions and up to 45ft (14m) away in total darkness 1
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Durable weather resistant housing for indoor/outdoor use 2
  • Built-in microphone and speaker two-way audio


  • 1 x Digital Wireless Camera with Stand
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

1. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
2. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow.








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1 out of 34


Location: Oklahoma

I order LW2751 and planned on orders additional cameras for my system. They said it's been discounted so I ordered another system SD72. Now i get an email that additional cameras are available for LW2751. I know have three camera with two different systems due to Lorex incompetence and lies.

2 out of 34


Location: Prince Albert, SK, CA

I am SO, so disapointed in the support/warranty/contact of Lorex.
The initial prodeuct is great, don't get me wrong, but here is the issue.
I was so pleased with the initial system that I bought a second camera directly from Lorex. Unfortunately the camera had a fault. I called the support line as soon as I found the problem. I had already tried the trouble shooting tips given to me over the phone, but humoured them and tried again. Sure enough it was an issue that had been reported before and a replacement would be sent out immediately.
Two weeks later I called again. The replacement had not yet been shipped, but would be, that day.
I received a package from Lorex today ( a couple days later), containing a 7" monitor !
Lorex, my monitor is fine! I need the replacement camera!.
I now have to start this all over again.
The product is fine ( except for the one camera ) support however, not so fine.
A very disappointed customer.

Our apologies for the mix-up with your replacement. We're happy this is resolved for you now.

3 out of 34


Location: Ga

We added this to the system we already had and the camera paired up super easily. Would recommend.

4 out of 34


Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Ordered 3 of these cameras to go with my LW2750 monitor and 1 camera. They worked great right out of the box. The video clarity could be a bit better especially at night. I originally bought this monitor with one camera to use as an intercom with the front door. But when mum, with dementia, moved in with us I decided to make sure that we knew if she falls in the night. We had a baby monitor in her room and ours so we could hear her if she calls for help, which was needed a few times. That worked great, but due to a couple situations we found that having video of the hallway provided more valuable info to help her. Only issue is that at night the motion sensor doesn't always pick up movement of mum. During the day it's great.

Again with some situations occurring we setup another camera covering kitchen, dining room and hallway. Now that I have all 4 camera's, 2 inside, I will setup one as the front door intercom and the 4th will be used outside to cover one side of the house that isn't currently covered.

Lately the video is quite choppy not sure why if it continues I will contact Lorex. Hope the nighttime motion sensor outside will work better than the inside recordings.

5 out of 34


Location: Key Largo,Fla.

Great security system, very easy set up and great pictures on the monitor and really great feature is the app so I can see what's going on from anywhere. I definitely would recommend Lorex Technology with all my friends and family.

6 out of 34


Location: ohio

Bought this unit Sept. 2015 the cameras & monitor work great i would recomend this product very highly the product i bought was the WL2960 with 4 cameras.Had problem with monitor Feb. 2016 tech support was very helpful got it fixed with 1 phone call 100% approval for tech support.
Very satisfied with product.

7 out of 34


Location: Canada

Great cameras. We have added 2 cameras to the system for a total of 4. Good costumer service. I recommend this system for home security.

8 out of 34


Location: Kirkland, Wa

Overall for the price its ok. But after a less than a year the battery on the back of the screen has almost doubled in size. Looked for replacement but no option nor assistance from site. The cameras are great during the day but at night the motion activated recording is spotty. The playback is really slow when watching especially if all 4 cameras were recording. System freezes often but has to be restarted.
BUT as stated before best value for the price.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced and have sent you a replacement battery under warranty.

9 out of 34


Location: Monticello, Indiana

Bought this as an add on for my parents. Love that they can see who is in the driveway. Illumination is awesome in the dark. Would highly recommend this product.

10 out of 34


Location: Grand Rapids, MI.

Great camera, nice illumination in the dark. However, Camera sees nothing at night through windows (reflection from IR) Also, recently had some vandalism to 1 of my cameras and had a power cord cut and I have still not been able to get lorex to reply to my needs. No customer support at all. Not very happy about that.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay in assisting you.

11 out of 34


Location: Fort St John, BC

very happy with our wireless camera system.

12 out of 34


Location: Colorado Springs Colorado

I recommend this add on camera for your system. It was easy to pair and it works as if it was original equipment. I had to call Tech support to resolve a firmware version issue and they were extremely patient and helpful. I like the product and service that comes with it.

13 out of 34


Location: Washington State

Would highly recommend this system. Easy to install and monitor. Customer service was very helpful when needed. My Lorex account very easy to navigate.

14 out of 34


Location: Murrells Inlet, SC

Great product. Met all my expectations. Easy to install. Added two additional cameras to my lw2962h system. No problem pairing new cameras to existing system.

15 out of 34


Location: Manitoba canada

i recently purchased a two LW2960 camera system and was so impressed that i ordered the additional camera also....i have a large brick house and one camera is about 100 feet away so signal has to pass through three walls including a layer of brick with no problems pictures are perfect and night vision is very good....i would highly recommend this system to anyone...p.s. i really like the technology that is in the slightly small monitor too

16 out of 34


Location: U.S

This is the second time i am buying this camera. Works really good and very easy to install.

17 out of 34


Location: Sandston, VA 23150

I think this is an awesome system. We actually bought the system to monitor a Bluebird family nesting on our front porch; In a two hole entry birdhouse. This is not your typical Bluebird house. This is the second year they have nested! Last year I recorded using a video camera, but I was only able to record some of the family adventure. With this system I can record easily from early morning until late evening. It's great. My husband and I had no problems with set up and found it very easy. The few questions I had, Lorex promptly answered. The view is great and quality is exceptional. Glad we made the purchase and plan to use it for many years to come and maybe the Bluebirds will make this a yearly nesting place.

18 out of 34


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Purchased a LW2752 (which comes with 2 cameras). Set up and installation are very simple and worked the first time. Worked so well that I purchased 2 additional cameras the next day and had no problem with the set up. The picture quality is great both day and night vision.

But I'm having a display problem on the monitor. With the 2 added on cameras for some reason they have their own timestamp which is wrong it is set for (06/15/2015) and I can't seem to figure out how to change it to update it to todays date! I have been looking all over for troubleshooting for this but no luck!

Also, with the extra wrong timestamp on the screen, these extra timestamps are overlapping on the monitor with the correct date and time.

I don't understand it at all because the 2 org. cameras that it came with don't even have timestamps on them.

I will have to get in contact with tech support to work this out.

Other than this issue, I'm very pleased with system and how it works.

19 out of 34


Location: Lexington KY

We purchased two additional cameras to add to our initial set up of two cameras and a monitor. Easy to set up. Great visibility. We actually use one camera as a baby monitor for now. Great way to keep tabs on a sleeping infant while we're out in the pool!

We are working with support now for a pairing issue with one camera. They are quick to reply to problems.

I would highly recommend this set up.

20 out of 34


Location: San Jose, CA

This is a good quality product for a do-it-yourself home video surveillance system. These SD PRO Series cameras come with a very long AC to DC power cord for hard to reach mounting locations. The 3-way adjustable Knurled knob mounts are adequate for most viewing location, but might be better if they were on a ball joint type of swivel mount. The screws for the mounting base are bit skimpy as well.

The only improvements that would make this an even better product is a motion tracking capable, motorized camera mount, but this would probably significantly raise the cost.

Line of sight and/or proximity to Lorex's WiFi Receiver and display console is a consideration that affects performance. Try to keep distances short and no more than one wall or ceiling floor between them. Also, the receiver must be in the same location as your Ethernet Router as it must be hard wired in order to use the system with the SD Pro Series mobile apps. If you have a Wireless Router, a workaround for this is to plug in the Ethernet cable to a Wifi Range Extender located in a more favorable room for local monitoring purposes.

The sensitivity of the cameras to motion and/or noise for alert purposes is quite good, which can be turned off if unnecessary. The recorded images have a auto duration timer which adds a few seconds both before and after the image enters the picture.

The only caveat for this system is that your ISP must provide a "minimum" upload bandwidth of 1Mbits/sec. Much less and captured video performance is greatly affected when playback is via the mobile app.

21 out of 34


Location: Miami

Works as advertised! I had four LW2962 cameras installed in my house this past weekend. With the Lorex tablet controller connected directly to the router my wife and I are able to check on things from our Iphones. In fact I'm now on a trip to South America and can see exactly what's happening back home as if I was watching the Lorex monitor. I'm still trying to sync with my PC but the link to the smartphones was as simple as downloading the Lorex app and entering our ID and password.

22 out of 34


Location: Washington State

Great! Purchased this one additional camera to add to my existing LW2752 2-camera wireless system. Sync'd immediately with my controller, and had it mounted and working in no time. We now have 3 working cameras, and eventually will no doubt add a 4th. Great system and easy to add cameras.

23 out of 34


Location: Sanborn, NY

I just purchased to additional cameras for my SD-Pro system and they work great, very easy to connect.

24 out of 34


Location: Sanborn, NY

I find the SD-Pro series very easy to work with.

25 out of 34


Location: IN

Purchased a LW2751 (which comes with one camera). Set up and installation are very simple and worked the first time. Worked so well that I purchased 3 additional cameras and had no problem with set up.

I'm having a display problem on the added cameras with the time being overlapped on the monitor (shows time on monitor and camera) I have been in contact with tech support to work this out.

Other than that I'm very pleased with system.

26 out of 34


Location: Rancho Palos Verdes California

Added two LW2960HAC1 cameras to an existing single camera LW 2750 series system. Following the quick set up instructions provided, both cameras were easily paired to the original system and are working nicely.

27 out of 34


Location: Kentucky

I recently purchased two LW2960HAC1 cameras as an add-on the the High Definition system with two cameras that I purchased a few months ago. The cameras paired with the system without a hitch and are a great addition. Both are mounted outside, under cover and have excellent vision in either HD or VGA - day or night! Highly recommended!

28 out of 34


Location: Pennsylvania

Added this second camera to my system and had no problems.

29 out of 34


Location: Oregon

This wireless system is better then I expected. At first I was concerned with the instruction sheet. However with a little hands on practice, the system to my delight explained it's self. Great capability and versatility. I now run my system with 4 camera for a good visual overview of my property. I have added additional night lighting to improve the quality and distance of night time coverage. I occasionally transfer interesting captured video from the system SD card to my PC for a permanent record. As suggest all my cameras have weather protection over them. This also improves concealment. "'Warning" A camera mounted in an all metal building (in my attempt) was unable to be picked up by the receiver. I have now located all my cameras so that the monitor reads at least 2 +bars or more in single strength. I hope they have a long life expectancy. Nice to have the added security in these troublesome time. Great product.

30 out of 34


Location: Florida

The cameras were easy to setup and worked exactly as they should. After a couple of months, one of the cameras suddenly failed completely - I called Lorex customer service, sent them a fax of my purchase receipt, and they immediately sent me out a new camera (which went in perfectly, with no fuss). Any equipment can fail, but Lorex handled the warranty replacement with no hesitation.

31 out of 34


Location: Cincinnati, OH

Camera works very well. Good clean picture day and night.

32 out of 34


Location: Orange County

Excellent camera works great day and night

33 out of 34


Location: Orange County California

Excellent cameras. I bought the two camera high Def system and bought these two extra cameras to add on.. Very clear cameras both night or day and either VGA or High Definition. I just hope their good in rain and heat long term. So far the 2962 system and 9" monitor working great.

34 out of 34


Location: San Jose

Great product



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