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Home Security or Home Monitoring

Cheap, quick to set up, and flexible - some of the reasons homeowners might choose a small-scale home monitoring camera. At first look, security cameras like these might seem like the ideal home security solution. They can be user-friendly, and may have the features that make them good enough for your monitoring needs.

easy to set up home monitoring camera

Simple set-up

It only takes minutes to have these products running. Some simply need to be plugged in. Other products don't even need that.

low cost wifi camera

Start-up cost

The up-front cost of a home monitoring camera is generally low, compared to more permanent security camera systems.

 HD Wifi security camera

HD video quality

Most are capable of recording 1080p HD quality video. Some models may include basic night vision capability as well.

versatile home security camera


These cameras are meant to be completely portable. They can stand up on flat surfaces or are easily attached to walls.

wifi home security camera with live viewing

Live streaming

They offer 24/7 live viewing from your phone, tablet or computer so you can check in from anywhere, anytime.

WiFi monitoring camera with motion detection alerts and push notifications

Push Notifications

Most can "push" notifications to your smart device. These alerts can typically be triggered by motion or sounds.

How does a home monitoring camera compare to a wired security system?

How does a home monitoring camera compare to a wired security system?

Home monitoring cameras can be a simple and effective security tool. With their straightforward functionality, HD quality video, and total versatility they are useful for small living spaces (such as condos) that don't require outdoor monitoring or long-range night vision. But do they really have everything that a truly reliable home security system needs to have?

How many security cameras do you need?

Coverage Concerns

How many security cameras will you need for your property?

A single home monitoring camera is generally an affordable security option for many homeowners, but is a single camera enough? One camera may only provide you with minimal security coverage.

Lorex by FLIR offers a wide variety of multi-camera systems to fit every budget. Choose anywhere from a 2 to a 32 camera system depending on the size of your property.

Where do i need to put security cameras?

In what locations will you need your security cameras most?

Home monitoring cameras can be placed easily and set up quickly. Most need to be placed close to sources of power, such as on tables, or shelves ? but this leaves them exposed to tampering, or even theft.

Both analog and digital wired systems provide power directly to cameras through BNC or Power-over-Ethernet cables so positioning is not determined by their proximity to a power outlet.

Are wire-free security cameras good?

What about these new "Wire-Free" security cameras on the market?

"Wire-free" monitoring cameras run on batteries but only work when motion is detected. If placed in active locations the batteries will drain quickly and you will have to constantly replace them.

All types of security cameras are typically the most effective in busy areas (doorways, front yards). With a wired security system, you will never have to worry about the batteries being drained when you need them the most.

Wifi cameras require cloud storage for recording

Wireless Concerns

Will you need to record and store your security footage?

A monthly cloud storage service plan is typically required to record video. Furthermore, each additional camera typically needs its own plan. Cloud storage is also prone to hacking and privacy issues.

Always have the option to record 24/7 locally to a secure and reliable surveillance recorder with a wired security system. Our free FLIR Cloud basic plan also offers free cloud storage for one camera.

Wifi security camera interference

How far away do you need your security cameras to be?

Most home monitoring cameras have a maximum wireless range of 300ft. This can cause a drop in signal strength, especially if other structures (walls, furniture) are between the camera and router.

Wired security cameras are not subject to wireless interference. Their distance can also be expanded far beyond 300ft to ensure you can put your cameras where you need them most.

wifi cameras use a lot of bandwidth

How much bandwidth do you have before incurring overage charges?

The average monthly upload rate for 1080p resolution to a cloud storage is around 140GB. This upload rate tends to force people to record at a lower resolution, making the cameras 1080p feature impracticable.

A wired security system completely avoids high upload rates. Footage is directly stored on a security grade hard drive and can be easily reviewed and saved without incurring any bandwidth charges.

Video Quality 360 - SD resolution 720P - HD resolution 1080P - Full HD resolution
Monthly Average 18GB 60GB 140GB
Monthly Max 48GB 160GB 380GB
Can weatherproof home monitoring cameras keep up with weatherproof security cameras?

Technical Concerns

Will they continue to operate in all types of weather?

Home monitoring cameras typically come with an IP65 rating, which essentially means they are just waterproof. The cold climate operating temperature for these cameras is typically only around 14°F / -10°C.

The vast majority of Lorex security cameras are rated IP66 - weatherproof. They can withstand virtually all weather conditions, including freezing temperatures as low as -22°F / -30°C.

what kind of night vision do home wifi cameras have?

Do you need outdoor monitoring with good night vision capabilities?

Virtually all home monitoring cameras have night vision abilities. They can usually see around 25ft in total darkness, which is adequate for a small room or entranceway.

An Lorex HD security camera typically has a total darkness night vision range around 80-90ft. Adding ambient light around the camera will increase this range up to 190ft. Some cameras even have Color Night Vision.

HD wifi camera

Will they capture the details you need from your security cameras?

The fundamental purpose of a security system is to capture useful details for evidence. 1080p is the current absolute maximum resolution on home monitoring cameras - outdoor models are typically only 720p.

& are now available from Lorex by FLIR.

These top-of-the-line security cameras offer a whole new level of detail and clarity, along with a greater digital zoom ability.

The choice is yours

There are plenty of reasons why a home monitoring camera can be useful - check in on a dog, use it as a baby monitor, or see when the children come home from school - but their usefulness decreases quickly as security cameras. Even though they are extremely convenient and offer plenty of the same features, they just can't keep up with a wired security camera system when it comes to protecting the things that matter most.

protect your family with a wired security camera system
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