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Lorex Launches new web experience
The Brand New Experience  now at
Here at Lorex, we have taken 7 years of customer feedback and have implemented a brand new look and feel to our new state-of-the-art website. The functionality of the website is customer focused giving a very easy and user-friendly experience.

The new Lorex homepage welcomes visitors with a clean, uncluttered design focused on our mission to provide our clients with the most accurate product information, to strengthen partner relations, and to share our knowledge and expertise in home & business surveillance technology.

Shop and navigate through our product categories easily. Browse through what we have to offer or be more specific using the search tool and product facets to zero in on the products that are more suitable to your requirements and needs. Look through overviews, features, videos, reviews and documentation about the product on its page to make an informed purchase.



In need of support? Look no further. We have completely revamped our support section offering everything you may require. With articles, guides, case studies, how-to videos, and much more, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. Whether it is technical support or customer service, we are ready to serve your needs; all you have to do is push the button.
Single Login
Register and create your very own My Lorex account and have a fully customized Lorex experience. Register multiple addresses, create a variety of tickets, review product warranties, and register your products to Lorex’s Dynamic Domain Name Service all under the same account for quick and easy access.
Lorex offers two product lines: LIVE and VANTAGE. The website includes a solutions page for both LIVE products designed for home monitoring, and VANTAGE products designed for home and business surveillance. The solution pages give more insight on what Lorex products can do for you.
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