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Monitor & Watch Your Baby Safely

100% Secure Wireless Baby Monitor with Crystal Clear Audio & Video.

Now you can easily watch your sleeping baby from anywhere in the house with the Portable Monitoring System from Expandable up to 4 cameras, you'll never have to worry about "growing out" of your safety investment. In addition:

100% Wireless - 450 ft range Secure signal ensures complete privacy
Complete Satisfaction Guarantee Trusted Brand in over 10,000 Retail Locations
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Crystal Clear Audio & Video

This monitor uses the latest digital wireless technology to provide you with excellent image detail and sound clarity.

Night Vision Viewing

Infrared technology allows for low light viewing of up to 15 feet away.


Completely Portable System

The LCD receiver is powered by a rechargable battery and the camera can be powered by batteries as well giving you a truly free-roaming monitoring solution

Connect to External Monitor or TV

In addition to being portable you have to option of connecting your baby monitor to an external source such as a TV or computer monitor to give you a larger viewing screen.


Secure Signal for Complete Privacy

The wireless signal is encrypted so you can safely monitor your child without fear of anyone else tapping in.

Expandable up to 4 Cameras

Your monitoring system can grow as your family grows - more cameras allow you to watch more rooms, all from the same receiver!


What Others Are Saying:

The portable monitor looks nice and has a real solid feel to it. It comes with a base so that keeping it charged is easy. When you take it with you, it even has a little flip out piece of the back so that you can sit it on the counter and it holds itself up like a picture frame. The camera also has a good range of motion so you can put it pretty much anywhere in the room and point it at what you want to see and hear.
What really blew me away though was the night vision. I didn't really understand that these things see in the dark. We get to put the little one down and see absolutely everything even when the room is pitch black. Very cool."

Wilson, NC

"We are thrilled with our Lorex Portable Monitor! It is a pleasure to use and works beautifully. It's so great to be able to watch the baby from another room/floor. The picture and sound quality are excellent. We researched and tried many other systems and were very disappointed in them. The Lorex monitor is far superior to all other video monitor systems. We highly recommend this product!! "

LM & J
Toronto, ON