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FLIR FX Cloud 30 Day Trial Plan

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FLIR FX Cloud 30 Day Trial Plan

FLIR FX Cloud 30 Day Trial Plan


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FLIR Cloud 30 Day Trial Plan

FLIR Cloud 30 Day Trial Plan is a free plan.



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37 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Coulterville, Calif.
Date : September 18, 2014

Happy Camper

The LH48LH 4PK is the 2nd Lorex system I have owned. I was so happy with the LW2910 that I upgraded and purchased two additional cameras. Everything worked as advertised and the system exceeded my expectorations. The quality of the cameras is exceptional and the wireless system works very well in the forested hilly area that my property consists of. Can't beat the no questions ask return policy and Lorex has exceptional technical support.

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Location: New York City
Date : June 6, 2014

I recently purchased ECO4 with 4 camera system after extensive research. The website was full of professional and useful information. Other companies, didn't seem to offer a full line of products or minimal on-line support. The package came 1 week after on-line purchase. Everything was neatly packaged. I setup the system easily and everything worked as promised. I would like to use the wireless cameras outdoors, but the electrical adapters do not fit into standard weatherproof outdoor GFI receptacles. Therefore, I will need to purchase different adapters for this purpose. I also setup the computer and phone Lorex Stratus Connectivity. This worked very well too. Overall, very satisfied and would like to purchase more cameras and accessories to broaden my security coverage.

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Location: Milton, Ontario
Date : April 13, 2014

Great quality. Cameras are connected in minutes (hardest part was drilling the holes in the bricks). I love the internet connection - while in Florida recently, I could see if any problems had occurred. Front door is frosted glass - the camera let me know who is at the door without having to open it. I recommended this unit to my brother-in-law and he ordered it yesterday.

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Location: Maryland
Date : March 29, 2014

Very Good Product

This product is very good. Day light has excellent color and distance, excellent night vision at least 45' to 60'. We bought LW338 system with 4 cameras and looking to add 2 more cameras. Can record all 4 cameras at once!!! I just had it for few weeks. Continuously recording, so far so good.

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Dan F

Location: Michigan
Date : January 4, 2014

The LH 1581001 DVR was easy to install, as were the four LW2281 wireless cameras. The camera pix came up easily and quickly onto the monitor screen, with good color and a wide field of view. One camera on an outside building has a weak connection, and loses signal frequently, so I apparently need a signal extender (not easy see exactly what I need on the website). The connection to my iPhone was very easy with the Lorex app and Stratus system -- the pix on my phone are quite good. I have tried to set up the DVR to send me emails when the cameras detect motion, but that's not working yet, so I'll re-read the instructions. On the whole I'm very pleased with the system, so far.

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Location: Louisiana
Date : December 7, 2013

Had my system for over a year & still happy with my purchase. Very easy set up. Works great.

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Location: Howell mi.
Date : November 10, 2013


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Location: Houston
Date : November 5, 2013

Product came very quickly and with an edge 3 DVR. Easy to set up cameras but setting up the DDNS was pretty difficult. I followed the instructions but still no luck in getting it to work. Would also be nice if the customer support hours were available during weekends. The footage on the cameras is good. Overall, I would recommend the system.

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Location: Central PA.
Date : November 4, 2013

I'm pleased so far with this security system. I have heard that Lorex is one of the better security systems and that is why I purchased this one. The system was very easy to get up and running but I'm a little slow when it comes to learning all the features that Lorex provide. I think it is amazing that every little detail of adjusting the system for anyones particular needs. One that amazes me is that you can blot out the alarm sensors to prevent a false alarm such as a cat or dog moving across the cameras path or your flag blowing in the wind. I really am happy with this system and will recommend Lorex systems to my friends.

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Location: Dallas, TX
Date : November 2, 2013

The LH338 LED, 4 camera system arrived in good shape with a few minor exceptions. The screen electrical cord would not properly fit in the screen plug and the end of the IR wire was bent and can not be used. All the main parts arrived in great working condition. The technical support people have been very helpful and have helped me configure my security system, despite what the sales representatives told me. The Sales department representatives that I talked with told me that the security system would do several functions that it will not do. I like the security system and it is much, much better that the Foscam IP cameras I have at another location.
Pros: Good recording options, email with motion, Android app, large recording capacity
Cons: Can't adjust motion buzzer, screen will not sleep, long wait times for tech support, no
software option to flip cameras

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Location: Fort Worth, Tx
Date : October 14, 2013

I purchased this unit primarily for the wireless cameras and the large hard drive storage. I was was really shocked at the image quality and refresh rate. It was much better than I ever expected. Prior to installation I tested this unit in a large commercial building made of concrete and steel. I was shock when the wireless signal pushed through numerous walls for a total distance of about 300 feet. I suspect it would be outstanding outdoors or in a normal residential construction.

I have used several other DVR systems with cameras. Most are cumbersome at best. After learning the Lorex system, I found it to be much more user friendly. The mouse roller and on-screen prompts allow you to change your setting much quicker. I am very please with this system.

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Location: New Jersey
Date : September 5, 2013

Hopefully I can update at a later time with a better review. I was sent an Edge+ dvr instead of the Edge2. I was not asked if this was ok with me, nor was I given a credit for the lesser model. I had to call seven times before I was sent a replacement. I was told they are sending the Edge3, because of all my aggravation. Well I finally did receive it, but it was not new. The "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION'" seal was broken and the box has the remnants of a yellow label that had been taken off. The accessories had several layers of tape on the packaging. This was clearly a return, open box or reconditioned dvr. I don't know what Lorex is trying to pull, but it is certainly a poor reflection on the company. I am in the process of writing a letter to a Lorex CEO. I certainly do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with the phone reps again and I would like to get a true answer on why I am not receiving what I ordered. I ordered new.
The signal guard was recommended because I wanted 6 camera and was assured they would not interfere with each other. I have constant problems with cameras 5 & 6.

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Location: Monroe, NH
Date : August 13, 2013

I bought the LX338 led 4 pk camera system. It is easy to hook up and seems to work fine, I don't get as clear of a picture on the monitor as your picture on the web shows. Maybe I need a better monitor.
As far as hook up goes, it is easy but having to put electrical outlets in for each camera was a pain in the butt. I had to crawl around in my attics in the insulation to find wiring I could tap into and run new wiring to make up outlets.

I am not sure about the night vision yet, it seems clouded when it first gets dark the seems to get better.
So far I am happy with the system.


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Location: Las Vegas Nv 89104
Date : July 31, 2013

excellent camera system. Easy install

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Desert Paradise

Location: NM
Date : July 11, 2013

This product works like the description says. Getting it to remote viewing was much easier than previous camera systems we have utilized. Great product!!!

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