6  Using the Recorder’s On-Screen Display

Use the system’s graphical on-screen display to navigate menus and configure options and settings.

6.1  Using the Taskbar

The Taskbar along the bottom of the recorder’s main display allows you to access the Main Menu and control basic functions of the recorder.

6.2  Using the Quick Menu

The Quick Menu gives you quick access to functions which can also be accessed using the Taskbar.
To use the Quick Menu:
  • Right-click on a camera channel in the live viewing screen.
  • The Quick Menu appears:

6.3  Using the Mini Menu

The Mini Menu lets you perform quick functions for a specific channel on the recorder.
To use the Mini Menu:
  • Hover the mouse near the top of a channel with a connected camera.
  • The Mini Menu opens at the top of the camera’s live display:

6.4  Using the On-Screen Keypads

The Full Keypad is used to input alphanumeric characters, such as in user name or password fields. The Number Keypad is used to input numeric characters only, such as in the time or date fields.
To use the Full Keypad:
To use the Number Keypad: