12  Storage

Your recorder has multiple storage options for video files. Depending on your system configuration, your recorder may have come with a pre-installed 2.5” hard drive or a pre-inserted microSD card.
You may also connect a USB storage device to the USB port labelled Storage on your recorder for redundant storage. This means the system will automatically create a backup of the most recent recordings on the USB drive as well as recording to the primary storage.

12.1  Configuring Storage Overwrite

By default, your storage device is set to overwrite automatically, meaning that the system deletes the oldest footage when storage is full to make way for new recordings. You can also select a number of days or hours the system should retain data for. For example, if you select 30 days, only recordings more than 30 days old will be overwritten.
To configure overwrite:

12.2  Formatting Storage Devices

Formatting deletes all saved files from the selected storage device. It is recommended to format any newly-installed storage device before recording.
To format storage: