4  Basic Setup

4.1  STEP 1: Prepare the Wire-Free‎ cameras and receiver

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the power packs, Wire-Free cameras, and the wireless receiver.

4.2  STEP 2: Setting Up the Recorder

Next, you must set up the recorder.
To set up the recorder:
1. Connect the recorder to your router using the included Ethernet cable.
2. (OPTIONAL) Connect the included mouse to the Mouse / Backup USB port on the recorder.
3. (OPTIONAL) Connect a monitor (not included) to the HDMI port of the recorder (HDMI cable included).
4. Connect the included power adapter to the recorder. Wait a few minutes for the system to start

4.3  STEP 3: Connecting with Lorex Secure

Connect to your system using the free Lorex Secure app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).
To connect with Lorex Secure:

4.4  STEP 4: Installing Wire-Free‎ Cameras

  • Remove the power pack from each camera by pushing both release buttons*, then pulling down on the power pack.

4.4.1  Installation Tips

The wire-free cameras use a Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor to ensure video is only recorded when motion is detected. Follow the tips below for more accurate motion detection and to optimize battery life:
  • See images below for ideal setup. It is recommended to place your camera at least 7ft (2.1m) above the ground and angle it slightly downward toward the monitoring area, excluding any busy areas (e.g., sidewalks or roadways).
  • Ensure the camera image is free of obstructions (i.e., tree branches).
  • Position the camera no more than 20ft (6.1m) away from the area you wish to monitor.
  • For best performance, position the camera so that objects of interest will move from side-to-side across the camera image, rather than moving towards or away from the camera.
  • Install the camera within range of the wireless receiver (noted in the camera’s specifications).
  • This camera is weather resistant for outdoor use (IP65 rated). Installation in a sheltered location is recommended.
  • Battery life will vary based on temperature, settings and number of events.

4.4.2  Installing the Cameras

Follow the instructions below to secure the cameras. It is recommended that you refer to the "Installation Tips" section above to help you select good mounting locations.
To install your cameras:

4.5  Quick Access to System Information

To quickly open a window with system information:
  • Click icon on the recorder’s Taskbar.
  • Press the icon button on the included remote control.