11  Backup

Backup video files to external USB flash drive (not included).

11.1  Formatting the USB Flash Drive

It is recommended to format your USB thumb drive (not included) before using it with the system.
  • Connect a USB flash drive (not included) to a free USB port on the unit.

11.2  Backing Up Video

You can save video recordings from your system to a USB flash drive. Ensure you format new drives before backing up video (see 11.1 Formatting the USB Flash Drive for details).

11.3  Using Video Clip Backup

Video clip backup allows you to select a duration of video during playback mode and save it to a USB device (not included). For full instructions on video clip backup, see 10.4 Video Clip Backup .

11.4  Viewing Backed Up Files

Use the free Lorex Player to play back .dav files.

11.4.1  Viewing Backed Up Files on PC

11.4.2  Viewing Backed Up Files on Mac

11.4.3  Lorex Player Controls