21  Troubleshooting

When a malfunction occurs, it may not be serious and can be corrected easily. The following describes the most common problems and solutions. Please refer to the following before calling Lorex technical support:


Possible Causes


  • System is not receiving power, or is not powering up.
  • Cable from power adapter is loose or is unplugged.
  • Confirm that all cables are connected correctly.
  • Confirm that the power adapter is securely connected to the back of the unit.
  • Cables are connected, but system is not receiving sufficient power.
  • Confirm that the system is powered on (LED indicators on the front should be ON).
  • If the unit is connected through a power bar or surge protector, try bypassing the bar and connecting the power directly to the wall outlet.
  • Confirm that there is power at the outlet:
    • Connect the power cable to another outlet.
    • Test the outlet with another device (such as a lamp or phone charger).
  • Hard drive is not detected by the system.
  • Hard drive cables are loose or not properly connected.
  • Remove the housing and check that hard drive cables are firmly connected.
  • There is no hard drive in the system.
  • Open the housing and install compatible hard drive. Make sure to format the drive after installing. For details, see 19 Replacing the Hard Drive .
  • Hard drive is full (0%) and the unit is no longer recording.
  • Overwrite is not enabled.
  • There is no picture on monitor/TV after connecting it to the system.
  • Monitor/TV not detected by system.
  • Power off the monitor/TV and system. Power on the monitor/TV, and then power on the system.
  • Input channel for system not selected on monitor/TV.
  • On the monitor/TV, select the input channel the system is connected to.
  • Video cable is loose or has become disconnected.
  • Check the video cable connection to the system and monitor/TV.
Camera is not compatible with the recorder.
Visit and navigate to N881 Series for a list of all compatible cameras.
  • Mouse not detected by system.
  • Mouse cable is not firmly connected to the system.
    Mouse is not connected to the system.
  • Firmly connect the mouse cable to one of the USB ports.
  • System needs to be reset
  • Power off the system (disconnect power cable). Firmly connect a USB mouse to one of the USB ports. Reconnect the power cable to the DC 12V port on the rear panel.
  • There is no picture on selected channels / camera picture is not being displayed.
  • Camera cables are loose or have become disconnected.
  • Check the camera video cable and connections.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable at the system and at the camera.
  • Try moving the camera to another channel or use another cable.
Camera is not compatible with the recorder.
Visit and navigate to N881 Series for a list of all compatible cameras.
Power output of the recorder’s PoE switch is being exceeded.
If you have multiple PTZ cameras connected to the recorder’s PoE ports, the camera power requirement may surpass the recorder’s power output. Lorex PTZ cameras come with a power adapter, which you can use to power the camera instead of the recorder’s PoE ports. See 17 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras for full instructions.
  • The system beeps at startup.
  • The beep at startup is normal.
  • The system beeps during motion detection.
  • Motion detection is enabled and the alarm buzzer is activated.
  • See 12 Motion Detection for instructions on configuring motion detection options. Uncheck the Buzzer option in the motion detection configuration screen.
  • I am not receiving email notifications.
  • Email notification is disabled.
  • Send Email setting not enabled in Event menu.
  • Make sure that Send Email is checked for any events you want to be notified of.