14  Smart Motion Detection

The system supports detection of people and vehicles with compatible IP cameras only. This helps deliver more relevant notifications when using the Lorex Home app for remote viewing. You can also link white light deterrence to person and/or vehicle detection on compatible Lorex deterrence cameras for an added level of smart security.

14.1  Ensuring Accurate Person & Vehicle Detection

The following are important camera installation notes to ensure accurate Person & Vehicle detection. Refer to the documentation that came with your camera or search for your camera model number at for full mounting instructions.
  • Choose a location where objects of interest will be no further than 50ft (~15m) from the camera.
  • Angle the camera so that objects of interest appear in the bottom ⅔ of the camera image.
  • Angle the camera between 30~60° down from the level position.
  • Install the camera between 8-16ft (2.5-5m) off of the ground.

14.2  Configuring Person & Vehicle Detection

Set preferences for person and/or vehicle detection per channel.

14.3  Searching for Person & Vehicle Detection Events (Smart Search)

Smart Search lets you filter recorded video to search for person detection events, vehicle detection events, or both.