10  Recording

By default, the system is set to immediately record video from connected cameras continuously, 24 hours a day. You can customize the recording settings according to your needs.

10.1  Video Recording Types

The system supports the following recording types.
  • Recording—Continuous: Normal, continuous recording. A icon icon is shown when recording is in progress.
  • Recording—Motion: The system records when motion is detected by the camera. An icon icon is shown when motion is detected.

10.2  Main Stream and Sub Stream

The system employs two video recording streams, a Main Stream and a Sub Stream. Both Main Stream and Sub Stream recording are enabled by default.
The Main Stream records high quality video to your system’s hard drive.
The Sub Stream records lower resolution video for efficient streaming to devices over the Internet. Sub Stream recording must be enabled to view video recordings on a computer or mobile device.
You can configure the video quality parameters for the Main Stream or Sub Stream. For details, see 14.1.6 Configuring Recording Quality .

10.3  Setting up Scheduled or Manual Recording

You can set the system to record based on a schedule or you can manually turn recording on and off. By default, the system is set to record on an always on recording schedule.
To configure the recording schedule, see 14.3.14 Configuring the Video Recording Schedule .
To select between scheduled and manual recording:

10.4  Configuring Hard Drive Overwrite

When the hard drive is full, the system will overwrite the oldest recordings by default. This is recommended, as it makes sure that your system will continue to record without any input from you. You can also set the system to stop recording once the hard drive is full.
To configure hard drive overwrite: