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Security Camera Accessories

Security Camera System Accessories

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expand network system with power-over-ethernet cable extensions

Cat5 ethernet cable extensions

Extend the distance of your IP camera from the network video recorder with a Cat5e in-wall rated ethernet extension cable. Available in 100ft, 200ft and 300ft cable lengths.
extend DVR system with BNC extension cables

BNC extension cables

Expand your surveillance coverage with an RG-59 high-grade siamese (video & power) coaxial extension cable for analog security cameras. Available in 60ft, 120ft and 250ft cable lengths.
Extend wireless security range with a wireless extender from Lorex

Extend your wireless range

Boost the range and strength of your wireless signal with a wireless range extender. The antenna can be installed indoors or outdoors to create an unobstructed line-of-site to your camera.
minimize cabling and add additional cameras with a PoE switch

Cover more ground with a PoE Switch

Extend the range of your NVR security system with a power-over-ethernet switch. It can help minimize the amount of cabling and allow you to potentially accommodate additional cameras.
Complete security system with monitor

View your system locally with a devoted monitor

Complete your home security hub with an energy efficient monitor from Lorex. Easily connect to any DVR or NVR security system with included VGA or HDMI cables.
Ward off criminals with a security decal from Lorex

Display your security system

Purchase a Lorex security decal to scare away potential criminals. It can be easily applied to the inside of any window so it will not be affected by the weather.
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